Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.0: Happy (Re?)birthday

 Nanaki from Today Onward

—-Dear Mother.


The world is beautiful, Mother has told me that. You must not hate the world, become a person who can affirm the world.


Taking those words to heart, I have worked hard even in this world where Mother is gone. I have worked extraordinarily hard. Using unreasonable things as food and overcoming predicaments, I have grown. But even so, it seems it is not enough. To the me now, I cannot see my path.


“We deplore you Nanaki-sama!! Please!! Please release your armaments!!”


Could you grant this foolish daughter your guidance?


I have worked hard to affirm the world. I have obtained the strength to be able to affirm the world. But that was all a misunderstanding. The things I believed in, my own pride, was it all a fake?

all lies?

“Ha, have the Five Emperors not arrived yet!? There is no way just us alone can stop Nanaki-sama……guaaa!?”

“Why is Nanaki-sama, one of the Five Emperors, committing such violence!? Please answer!!”


What did I do wrong? The me now cannot understand anything.

not your fault

Mother said this too, Nanaki is a special human. So be helpful to a lot of people. I have also become aware that I am special a short time after mother passed away. And thus, in order to be help even more people, I have wielded my power in this imperial capital.

worked hard

The people were happy. I was loved by my countrymen.


And yet, why——

why did it become like this

“You have fallen to the demon’s path, Lightning Empress Nanaki.”

the fallen

Why would they, who were my comrades, point their swords at me?


“I’m on the demon’s path? Sword Emperor Silver”

“Look at your feet. There is no way that path made of the corpses of your countrymen is the path of a human.”

“No, this is a human’s path, Silver. This is the result of various paths colliding. They were just, weak.”

“A dirty heart”


Ah, Sword Emperor Silver, Martial Emperor Raicou, Flame Empress Envy, Sky Empress Salia. Why must I confront them, those who were known as the Five Emperors with me, stood together, watched each other’s backs?


“The prophecy was right. You will die here, Lightning Empress Nanaki.”


Within their hearts, I no longer exist.

no more

That the world is beautiful, it made me doubt Mother’s words. What on earth are you saying that I did. I devoted myself to the capital and eliminated the enemies of the capital. And yet, and yet because of some prophecy, with that one vague sentence my world was changed.

just because of some prophecy

“Don’t let you guard down Silver. Even she is a child, she is the same as us, one of the Five Emperors.”

“I know, it’s shameful to gang up as four against a brat of sixteen but……this one is a monster.”

“She defeated the Ice Emperor at the age of twelve in a duel after all. If you underestimate her we will be done in.”

“Envy, that wasn’t a duel. That was murder, that Ice Emperor was killed by a mere twelve year old child  without being able to do anything.”

you have become strong

Is this world overflowing with enmity really so beautiful? Could it be that the world is denying me because I am unable to affirm the world? Ah, Mother. Even your warmth has already become a faint thing. I can’t remember it, the happiness from that time.

you have done well

I have already worked hard enough.

good job

Mother, please forgive this incompetent daughter. From the start, I did not like this world which stole my beloved Mother. I have been covering it up all along, this dark emotion smouldering in my heart that has not disappeared. I cannot love this world.

It’s okay

Have I disappointed you?


But, just for a bit longer, let me stay as Mother’s daughter. Please, just one more time. From that place where my strength cannot reach, please watch over your unsightly struggling daughter, Nanaki.


“Ah, world——Goodbye.”

be free

I cannot love the same world as them. So I will change it, I will change my own world. I have finally realised that what was necessary is farewell. Goodbye, world that I wanted to like. Since it seems I am hated I will go, to find a world I can love.




Let us sing our farewells together. And then please celebrate with this foolish Nanaki.




I heard Silver’s bellow. He is enraged. With an unparalleled strength that led him to hailed as a Five Emperors, he closed in on my with a speed that can be said to be godspeed, and swung the sword that is said to cut everything at me. I liked his kind strength from his love of the capital. But I must make my farewells.


“Guh!? I didn’t make it!!”

“Back off Silver!!”

“Calling down a god in the middle of the capital……!! What have you done……”

“That’s not armament manifestation……She called the real body!!”

as one

Lightning of Legend, Ilveng=Nazgul. The jet black lightning god gently embraced me. Come to think of it, that day you comforted me too. Even though I was the one that defeated you.

It’s okay now

“This is……the Lightning of Legend……!?”

“It’s the monster that killed a hundred gods during the age of the god world war, there is no way but to defeat it with all of us!!”

“To defeat such a monster alone……Nanaki……”

“Unless you do that you can’t make the contract. This is her full strength……This girl, she’s really been hiding her real strength.”

physical but emotional?

It is just that there was no opponent where I could go all out. After all the Five Emperors were comrades. But now it has become a situation where we have to fight each other. This four people are really strong, so to make it hard to find me I have to use my full strength.

shall we go?

“Let’s go, Ilveng=Nazgul”



Greetings, Mother.


Nanaki will leave on a journey. Could you pray for me, for this incompetent daughter? Nanaki wants to take a look, a look at the beautiful world Mother spoke of. I was unable to accomplish it, unable to affirm the world that Mother loved. Thus I will go to search.

bon voyage

“Until now I have been in your care, Silver.”


“Please convey this to her majesty and everyone else, ‘Please take care of yourselves'”

“That’s just a threat to not come chasing after you……”

“It is my true feelings.”

I returned the cloak of the imperial knights by draping it over Silver. Like this, I have become just Nanaki. When I looked up at the sky, a blue bird flew like it was inviting me. Happiness might be in the west.

journey to the west

From today onward, the world will be reborn.

from the ashes?

No, the one that is to be reborn is definitely Nanaki.

a new life

And so, everyone from the world I could not love, everyone from the world I want to love, the you over there, the you over there too and everyone looking at me from afar too, please, applaud.

clap clap

And please celebrate with me.

“——Happy Birthday, Nanaki.”

–The end

Hecate’s new series, hopefully it can be kept up ( also I couldn’t find anyone else working on this, but if there is someone please tell me )


22 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.0: Happy (Re?)birthday

  1. Story might be good, but writing is awful. Very very awful, it is probably the author’s fault. The writing is horrible based on the first few chapters. Things are happening and only the author knows what exactly is happening. That is why. Dont know where, dont know how it looks, dont know who talks to whom or dont even know where the hell is this scene is happening right now? Or even better do not know what exactly they are doing. You can only fathom. Guess, reread, make sure… Even if the story would be enjoyable that is annoying as hell.

    Like something amusing happening and not even saying it ended next moment someone saying something to someone and also just later will you know the one is talking should not even be there. You can only guess the amusing things ended long ago.

    I can only say the author CAN’T WRITE. Or dont want cuz japanese stlye to not understand the story even if you understand the words.

    I had to say this to vent my anger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t say the writing of the author is awful just because you don’t like that style of writing, you’re not the center of the world you know…

      If you don’t like this style of writing, it’s your fault, not the author’s. There is a lot of people which it doesn’t bother.


    2. It’s not because the story is bad, but because the style of the story is unique, different from another novel. Personaly I like this new style, it’s somewhat fresh. you can somewhat feels the MC emotion.
      this chapter is somewhat sad, oh…


  2. thanks a lot—!
    well, right and wrong…but i like nanaki! she tried hard! ooh, the powerful lightning, huh?! y’all are lucky she didn’t kill you!


  3. I think you mean ‘implore’, not ‘deplore’. I normally just read past errors, but considering it’s the very first line of dialogue and changes the meaning of the sentence completely, it feels important.


  4. So all those times we were together… you thought of me as a monster… was I the only one who thought that we’re real comrades? But still thank you for the memories. Farewell.

    Ehem. I kinda got too into it. Haha.


  5.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |


  6. I’m a bit confused, but maybe it’ll clear up in a few chapters. Will there be romance?
    I hope she can find a place she belongs, it seems she’s been faced with the classic scenario of those who are too strong and can’t be controlled, are destroyed. :C


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