Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.2: 1 Headbutt costs 1 braincell

Use Your Head to Find Employment

If the world I live in was a fairy tale world, the prince might have splendidly caught and embraced me. But this beautiful moonlit night is undoubtedly reality, a voice of anguish leaked out as Nanaki’s head slammed into the chest of the golden-haired prince.




Flight distance, about three meters.


This is bad, Mother. Nanaki’s headbutt is unexpectedly brutal.

Nanaki ran to him in a panic. I don’t know about imperial knights like me who trains everyday, but there is no way an average person who doesn’t do any training at all can be fine after taking a headbutt that sent him flying three meters through the air. At best his ribs might be crushed, at worst his heart having stopped is also quite plausible.

one hit kill headbutt

Ilveng=Nazgul is laughing his heart out from somewhere else at me panicking. What do you mean HeadbuttNanaki, just because it sounds good don’t be so proud. Weren’t you the cause of the problem, not more than 50% is Nanaki’s fault.

headbutt nanaki

“I’m sorry about my head! Is your body okay!?”

“I, I’m okay……”

no you are not

There was a response, for now that’s a relief. But the voice is weak and breathing seems painful. Please forgive Nanaki, from now let Nanaki show you Nanaki’s sincerity to be forgiven. If it is still not okay than Nanaki will frantically lower Nanaki’s head. Nanaki did a bad thing, like this Nanaki can’t face Mother.


“Excuse me”


Saying that, Nanaki tore open his coat. From the side would Nanaki seem like a pervert? How improper. But there is no choice but to be resigned and accept it. Nanaki placed Nanaki’s hand on his chest to ascertain his condition.


As expected, ribs are poking out here and there. Nanaki felt the urge to press him for what he meant by he was okay, but for now Nanaki will let him act tough and prioritise healing. Humans aside from Nanaki are weak, that’s why they must not do the impossible.

But nanaki can?

“It will hurt a bit, but please endure it”

“……I’m not enduring anything.”

definitely are

Then without restraint.


Honestly speaking, with his ribs is such a paradise state, normal magic cannot heal it. But it’s okay, my magic is different from others. In order to prove that, lend Nanaki your strength, Friend.

(T/N: Literally says paradise state (パラダイス状態) someone explain this to me)

I am friends with a god that has power unimaginable for humans. That is why we, the Five Emperors were called transcended ones. To have a god obey you, you have to win against that power that is unimaginable for humans.

god slave

Ilveng=Nazgul was reluctant at first, but he listened to my request. Thank you Friend. I like the kind you. That’s why Nanaki wants to stay as the Nanaki that likes you. Leaving that aside, there is really something Nanaki cannot accept, so let Nanaki say it, the one pulled the trigger this time was you.


During the healing, me and Friend cursed at each other within my mind.



Beloved and respected Mother, today Nanaki has learned that occasionally things do not go well in life. Was it like that for Mother back when you were young? Or is it that Nanaki is lacking in strength? When Nanaki tried to serve the capital, Nanaki got treated as an enemy, when Nanaki tried to earn money, Nanaki got turned away, when Nanaki tried to respect the rats Nanaki headbutted a prince.


What should Nanaki do to become a person like Mother?

be a maid

Lately Nanaki has been making failures after failures. Could you please teach Nanaki? Nanaki is extremely aware that this is being spoilt, but could you grant this daughter that has overcome suffering until now a reward? Just once is fine, Nanaki wants to rely on Mother.

not yet

Nanaki knows. First, finish up with everything in front of Nanaki. But that aside, Nanaki is deeply thankful to Mother for giving birth to such a sturdy body. Nanaki’s head is fine.

hard head

“I am truly apologetic about having caused you trouble.”

thick skull

Prostrate, kowtow, headbutt the earth.


“Ah, don’t mind it.”


“Before that, is your head alright?”

mentally or physically?

Human words are difficult. Nanaki understands well enough that he is worried about Nanaki. What a gentleman. But Nanaki does not understand in which sense he is worried about. For now, Nanaki’s head is alright for both meanings. Thank you for worrying.

you sure?

“I am fine thanks to you, thank you”

“Then it’s fine.”


What a well brought up person. People that are able to worry about the other party even though they were almost killed are quite rare. Furthermore what is strange is that Nanaki can’t feel any anger in his voice. In fact, it is a very calm and nice sounding voice. Mother, Nanaki has met a strange person.

beware of strangers

“This is extremely hard to say, but I am currently in a state where I am lacking even daily wages. I cannot prepare anything as an apology.”


Nanaki judges that he is a good person. Because of that Nanaki has no intention of presuming upon his good will. Nanaki’s pride does not allow that. That is why Nanaki conveyed the truth as it was. Shame is not in appearance. Shame is not in wealth. Shame right now is to rely on his good will and lie.

good values

“I don’t need an apology. And please raise your head. There is also no need to kneel. If I made a girl do that I won’t be able to face my father.”

“But I also won’t be able to face my mother.”

asian parents

Nanaki will not yield on this. The one at fault is Nanaki. Nanaki will only accept your good intentions, gentleman.

moral compass

“……Understood. Then please listen to one thing I have to say.”

“I will listen.”

listen well

After a brief silence, he gave in. I am extremely grateful, a headbutt for the Ilveng=Nazgul that is laughing.

gods heads are hard though

“The truth is, right now there is something I’m a little troubled about.”

speak your will

Could it be Nanaki?


“I’m looking for an attendant but my household is a weak one on the brink of ruin. In this town, nobles are everywhere. I can prepare a sum of money that can only barely be called wages and a meagre salary. There aren’t many people that want to serve such a household.”

poor rich people?

It doesn’t seem to be self-depreciation. He is probably speaking the truth as it is. The proof of that is that his expression has not changed at all from before as he continues speaking.

poker face

“I brought this up because you said you are lacking even daily wages. But honestly I’m not interested in forcing a debt on you or anything like that. Noble society is something where appearances is more important than anything else, there is a large difference in the standings of those able to keep up appearances and those that cannot. Well I was never of a great standing in the first place though.”

judge a noble by its cover

Mother, is this path connected to a world I can love?

it might be

“Please let me ask two things.”

“Ask them”

what doeth thine desireth to know

Nanaki will confirm it. Please watch over Nanaki.


“I am a former Five Emperors of the Frost Empire, Lightning Empress Nanaki. Knowing that truth, are you able to employ me?”

“No problem.”

great in fact

I couldn’t even see a shred of hesitation.

strange guy

“Are you aware of what happened in the capital?”

“I know. I heard that many died.”

who cares

An immediate reply again.



are you sure

I have déjà vu. His existence is familiar to me.

how resolved are you?

“On the occasions that pursuers from the empire appear, are you able to abandon me?”

can you do it?

He is a good person.

does he have the resolve?

Because of that, Nanaki must ask this last. But for some reason, Nanaki already knew what his answer would be.

of course

Ah, I see, this person————

he has the resolve

“I will abandon you”


————resembles Mother.

what does that mean!?

With almost no change in expression, he gave an immediate response while staying calm. He is deviated. Nanaki has missed this helplessness. It feels like tears will start spilling out. After all, he is similar. To me, and to Mother.


We do not mesh with this world, to a fatal extent. It’s like a mirror, this feeling of helplessness and longing flooded Nanaki’s heart. It’s like something Nanaki has lost is right before Nanaki’s eyes.


“Your name————My master.”

I am yours

Mother, Nanaki does not know if this path is the right one. Nanaki will definitely have regrets. But Nanaki thinks that humans are creatures that regret even if they are right. So Nanaki is thinking of advancing down this path. Here, there is a shadow of Mother.

I will devote myself

Nanaki is sorry for always being a spoilt daughter. Nanaki is sorry for always making you worry. Nanaki is sorry for being an unreliable daughter.

This I swear

————I’m off.


“I’m Zean Alfred.”


Prince is a strange person 😀


Edited again(6/12/2017)



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