Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.1: Ouch

Meeting You Under the Moonlight with a Headbutt

——I was led by the blue bird of happiness, just kidding.


I have gotten enough composure to be able to spout such poetic expressions.


Mother, today Nanaki is still on a journey to find a world I have not seen, a world I can love. I am looking up at the beautiful sky as I am rocked by the cart that is advancing slowly. Ah, if it is just the sky, this world is beautiful. In the current developed situation, Nanaki’s heart is being healed by the feeling of being rocked in a cart pulled by a horse. Do your best, Horse-san.


It has been three days, it seems that pursuers from the empire are not coming for now.


In that case, while this peaceful time continues, I would like to make a report. It is about me after beloved and respected Mother passed away. There was no happiness in a world where Mother disappeared from. There was only suffering. I have suffered a lot. So just a little bit is fine, but please praise Nanaki.


Like Mother said, Nanaki was special.


When I was ten, I met god. Please be surprised, he is the famous Lightning of Legend, Ilveng=Nazgul. I heard it has been a thousand years since the god world war ended, but the age where gods ruled humans has ended, this is the age where humans rule gods. That was quite a fierce battle.


Please laugh, I have not prayed even once. Even though humans pray to god. I somehow always think thus, that is just convenience. If you pray only when necessary, is it really faith? If I were god I might crush those people, heavenly punishment.


At the end of the death match, I defeated Ilveng=Nazgul and we became what could be called friends. Please be happy Mother, even this incompetent daughter has made a lifelong friend. That made me think of Mother’s words, that I really am special. But the one who is special is not just me.

transcended beings

Yes, the other Five Emperors I parted with a few days ago. They are also transcended beings that have dominated gods. The strongest five people on the continent, that I was chosen for such an honourable title is something I was proud of. In order to repay that favour, Nanaki has devoted herself to the imperial capital.

good work

But with just one sentence from a prophecy, Nanaki has become an enemy of the empire.


——It seems I will destroy the world.



An aristocrat’s town that has existed since ancient times, Freyline.


In this age where humans can fly, this town uses carriages for transportation, could the world that I can love be here? Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it’s Nanaki. I have various circumstances but I will be intruding.


“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mind it, it’s just helping each other. What has ojou-san come to Freyline for?”

“I have come in pursuit of happiness.”

“Hahaha, it would be nice if you can obtain it.”

grab it

It was a nice sociable smile. So I left with a smile too. Thank you uncle, thank you horse-san. Thanks to you it has been a blissful time, I pray that one day I will be able to return this favour. Please be well until that day.


“Now then.”

Now what

The current Nanaki is just Nanaki. Even if I am looking for a world I can love, if I have no funds I cannot go on a journey. Since there was a death match with the Five Emperors, I had left my fortune in my home in the capital. If I keep passing the time idly, I will have to sleep while looking up at the pretty night sky tonight.


That would be nice too. For a while after Mother passed away, I have desperately survived in mother nature. To be able to touch the great earth again is not bad.


But Nanaki is already of an age that could be called an adult. If I am an adult, I must take the actions of an adult. For the time being, let’s earn enough to get through today. This is an aristocrat’s town, I heard that wealth is transferred around in the millions regardless of day or night.

rolling in money

There is probably a job or two lying around. Do not worry Mother. Something of this level is not even suffering. Please watch over Nanaki with the feeling of riding a large ship. No, even a boat of mud is fine, if the ship sinks just swim.

(T/N: mud boat)

But, I was made to realise.

too late

Nanaki cannot swim.


“The moon is beautiful.”


When I realised it, the veil of night has descended. Good evening moon-sama, I’m Nanaki. How are you?


In the end, it came to having to sleep on top of a thin cloth spread on the cold concrete in a dark alleyway. Although I said I could be called an adult, from the viewpoint of the world, Nanaki seems to still be a child. They all turned me away at the door.

child labour

There was just one job that would hire me, but it was at a brothel. In order to protect Mother’s prideful lineage, Nanaki has chosen the concrete of the alleyway. If possible please praise me. But please scold me occasionally. Today I think I will try to see a dream of Mother, because I want warmth.

concrete be cold

And so, good night. Mother.

good night

“Hehe, it’s really the ojou-chan from noontime.”

“Isn’t she quite a treasure? Tonight seems like it’s gonna be a good night.”

good morning

Nanaki wakes up early, please praise me Mother.

good girl

Even if it is the aristocrat’s town, ruffians are everywhere. Ah, even though I was able to fully enjoy my new days, this is such a waste. I don’t want to love such a world, people should be kind to people. Or would these two people extend a hand to Nanaki sleeping on the cold alleyway?


“Hey young lady, it’s sudden but play with us a bit.”

“It will be an unforgettable night.”

for you

The extended hand was that of a low-life. It will be cut off.


Ilveng=Nazgul is getting excited saying summon me, summon me. But friend, these two are not something you need to dirty your hands for. Please believe and trust in Nanaki. Actually you have a habit of being too strict on humans. It would be better to try to have a more affectionate heart.


Even like this, I am a former Five Emperor, they are too lacking to be opponents. What are those amateur steps full of openings? Would you learn if I kicked you flying a little? If you take another step, both your faces will become ugly. Although it was originally like that so it cannot really be undone, but please do not resent Nanaki.




But they never took another step.



“Mo, monster……!!”


The night sky is lit up by lightning. The delayed thunder shook the world.


What are you doing Friend, I told you to trust Nanaki. What, you didn’t strike them? An affectionate heart? You don’t understand, Ilveng=Nazgul, you don’t understand anything.Your affection is bad for me.

hitting is love

Take a look Friend.


The beautiful night world is being lit up by man-made lights after your intense flash and thundering just now. This is like, ‘what the heck is going on in the middle of the night!’, this is the anger of humans. And do you remember? For one, I am being pursued. Lightning struck in Freyline,.anyone who heard would know it is Nanaki.


And I intend to earn money tomorrow without giving up. That means I cannot provoke the anger of the people of this town. Who would hire the person who caused a lightning strike in the middle of the night, Friend, please reflect.


Ah, how has it become like this? Those two people from before turned tail and ran from this special Nanaki, Nanaki who is Mother’s daughter. Before anyone else comes, I escaped the alleyway, and headed deeper into the darkness. Newfound respect for my former bitter enemy in nature, the rat.

thx qianweijia

Advance at full speed, hard starboard.

engine boost

——When I ran through the alley at full speed and turned right, there was a prince.


Shining golden hair lit up by the moonlight and sapphire eyes. To turn the corner in an alley and meet a prince, this world might be a fairytale. The prince’s expression became surprised, even in that instant, just that change in expression had an elegance to it.


But I’m sorry, prince.


Nanaki cannot stop suddenly.




Forgive me


Hecate kinda translated this and the prologue listening to sad music and got slightly depressed~It should pick up from here…?

Edited(10/3/2017): didn’t listen to sad music this time, so the headbutt was more hilarious~



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