Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.3: With lightning speed~

Prideful Maid Nanaki-chan

How is it Friend, do I look good?


I put on the work clothes I was supplied with and stood in front of the full-length mirror that was installed in my the room I was given. It seems to have belonged to the maid working here before, it is slightly big but it is in the range that can be hidden. No matter how you look at it, the Nanaki reflected in the mirror is a splendid maid. Dignified Nanaki.


From today I am changed from Lightning Empress Nanaki to Nanaki, the maid in service to my master, Zean Alfred.

not even final form

Beloved and respected Mother, Nanaki has worked hard to be useful to many people as Mother has said. But it seems the treasure known as the imperial capital is too large for Nanaki. Because of that I think I will return to the beginning and be useful to one person first. I don’t mind if you scold this bad daughter. Nanaki will take that as food for growth.

start from basics

“I have made you wait, my master.”

“Don’t mind it, you look good.”

“Thank you very much. But as long as there are no flaws, there is no need to mention it. There is no need to be considerate of me.”

maid after all

Nanaki is his servant. It is putting the cart before the horse for the master to be considerate of the servant. Even if he is a weak aristocrat, since he an aristocrat he should act like an aristocrat. Nanaki does not like people without pride. If you have no pride, then just be proud. But humans without pride are just animals.

nanaki’s mindset

“I will act as such. But I will not be a tyrant. Here is not before the public eye after all. Like other nobles have their ways, I have my ways.”

“Splendid, good master”

private vs public

As long as he has a basis I don’t mind. The timing to be proud is something for him to decide, it is not for Nanaki to decide. It is Nanaki’s wish that he stays a likable person to me. I must not interfere. Let’s work hard to become a good servant fitting for a good master.


“But still, you have the atmosphere. If you were a former Five Emperor you should have been superior to me in position.”

“I am referencing the people working in the royal palace of the imperial capital.”

“I see, the Empire’s servants.”

high quality

Even now I still remember their conduct. Even if it was oriented for something other than combat, that conduct was refined. Although right now it is just an imitation, Nanaki has pride in this body. I will catch up soon.

maid see maid do

“There doesn’t seem to be any worries as a maid, but just in case I will be checking.”

quality check

Of course. It has been one day since I’ve met my master. I would be shocked if he said he understood Nanaki in just one day. First I want you to make use of me. Then I will have you approve of me.

sincerity in actions

My master rang a small bell on his desk. A clear, beautiful sound rang out. A good sound, as I was preoccupied thinking that, a knocking sound was heard from the door. It is probably the presence I felt in the garden earlier. Quite fast movement.

gotta be quick


“Excuse me.”


The one who entered after receiving permission was a tall male. He is around two meters and in a neat tailcoat that hugged his large figure. I see, just having the servant look good is good for appearances. He has flaxen hair and amber eyes.

giant butler

I met those amber eyes. The formal introductions have not been done, there is no need to lower my head.

stand strong

“I see, she has guts.”

“Right? After that is whether she is useful as a maid. Test her.”


kakatte koi!

I can see master’s trust. He is probably a person worthy of it. Nanaki can’t lose.

in serveant skill

“I serve as the head butler of this house, I am called Ridolf.

“I am called Nanaki.”


When I reported just my name and bowed, head butler Ridolf let out a sound of amazement.


“You did not say, ‘I will be in your care'” (T/N: yoroshiku~)

“Since it has not been said, I have judged that I have not yet been employed.”


From both my master Zean Alfred and head butler Ridolf, I have not yet received the words ‘I will be in your care”. This is my own opinion, but those are words that promise the future. Those are not words that should be used in this place. No matter how this reflects on me, Nanaki prioritises my own pride.

pride first

“You seem to call the master, ‘master’ though.”

“It is because I have no intention of discouraging him.”

(T?N:I think…? 落胆させるつもりはない)

When I said that head butler Ridolf widened his eyes like he was a little surprised and laughed.

Thats why its called pride

“Hahaha, this is quite……”

“How is it, you can’t deal with her normally right?”

“It seems so. Really, you have brought back quite an amazing person. As the one testing I felt a chill.”

“The opponent is a former Fiver Emperors. Knowing that and being able to put out such pressure, you are sufficiently amazing.”

pressure pressure

The two of them laughed as if having fun. As I started feeling a little left out, Ilveng=Nazgul comforted me. Thanks friend, Nanaki will work hard to join this circle. So if Nanaki seems like she is going to be crushed, I want you to cheer me up again.


“Now then, you have been acquainted. From now Ridolf will——”

“——Please wait.”

something the matter?

I interrupted the words of my master Zean Alfred. This cannot be said to be the actions of a good servant. But before apologising there is something I must confirm. Friend, prepare.

for battle

“There is one more person, what about that person?”


That instant, my master and the head butler exchanged looks.

couid it be

“——orders please, my master.”

“Don’t kill.”

capture alive

An immeadiate decision, well done.

gd job

Let’s go, Ilveng=Nazgul.


Nanaki is a special human, Mother’s words are right. The distance a person takes a minute to walk does not take this body even a second. In this age where people fly in the sky, there is nothing strange about this human body turning into lightning and dashing. Even so, the insolent person was severely shocked by my existence.

most people would

I had thought it was someone repairing the roof, but I had not thought it was an enemy. Although I had noticed the presence earlier, what a failure. I should atone quickly.




Not an amateur.


The insolent person took a stance. The confusion at my sudden appearence is shorter than a normal person’s. Due to the outfit, the face cannot be seen but it seems that this person has not done this just once or twice. In that case I will stake my pride and deal out judgement. To someone beneficial to master a blessing, to someone harmful to master the iron hammer.



too slow

She has trained abit. But the stance is bad. The form is bad. The center of gravity is bad. The guard is bad. Most of all the opponent is bad. And so insolent person, you are bad. The insolent person’s voice was cut off by the air flowing out from her own lungs. When she noticed it, she had already been struck, that’s what it probably felt like.

strike fast

“I have returned.”

strike hard

Catch the insolent person and return to master’s room quickly. A normal person probably cannot handle my high speed movement so I protected the body with magic. Mother, Nanaki has grown up to be a person who cares for others. Please Praise me.

erai erai

“……this is what ‘with lightning speed’ means huh.”


It wasn’t Mother but master that praised me, Ilveng=Nazgul. What? That’s not a maid’s job? I see, that’s right, Friend is a wonderful god that says correct things. But Nanaki wants to be praised by you too. So it’s fine to praise me.

good job

“Wh, what……”

maid caught you

Maybe her lungs finally recovered, the insolent person who had been violently coughing spoke. I had noticed from her voice before, but it really seems to be a female. I removed the cloth covering her face without allowing objections. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki.

nice to meet you too

“……A familiar face.”


Master sighed and head butlet Ridolf stayed silent with a complicated expression. It seems like there are some kind of circumstances. Even so, this is not for Nanaki to interject. The one to make a decision is master.

your decisioon?

“Release her”


Since I wasn’t holding her or anything, it probably means to let her escape. I won’t do something like ask is it fine. It is the master’s decision. Also she doesn’t seem like she will become a threat.




She showed an apologetic expression for an instant before quickly jumping out the window. You are not perfect yet, humans other than Nanaki must not do the impossible.

but nanaki can

Silence hung in the room for a while until master let out a breath and said.


“I will talk about it one day.”


I will be waiting.

Hecate’s Changelog: Zane Alfred changed to Zean Alfred




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  1. thanks!
    ooh! i like it, i like it! seems the household itself is filled with rather interesting people! and people who don’t care about that other girl’s identity, lol! oh well, nanaki’s doing well as a maid already! i rea—–lly like ilveng! really really!


  2. “You seem to call the head, master.”

    “It means I have no intention of being discouraged”

    (T?N:I think…? 落胆させるつもりはない

    This isnt making sense because you have the speakers backwards, or at least it’s unclear.

    Nanaki says, “Since it has not been said, I have judged that I have not yet been employed.”
    In response, “Yet, it appears that you are referring to your master, as ‘Master,’ though.”
    Nanaki replies, “Because I do not want to discourage/disappoint him.”


    1. Oooh, thanks, that makes a lot more sense~ I think I tried to differentiate the two terms of master that Ridolf used since he said “主人のことを主と呼んでいるようですが”, I guess ‘the master’ works


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