Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.4: Do your chores quickly

One must not ask for Applause from Freind

————Dear Mother.

how are you

It has been a short time, a mere three days, but Nanaki has safely finished Nanaki’s journey and successfully found a new home. I still don’t know if this path is connected to a world I can love, but even so Nanaki is thinking of advancing down this path.

go forth

A few days ago Nanaki complaint that life does not always go well. Nanaki apologises for that. But please watch over Nanaki, Nanaki will devote myself to becoming a person suitable of being beloved and respected Mother’s daughter.

to achieve enlightenment

It will probably still require many long days and months. Nanaki really is still just a child. It is only sixteen years after receiving life from Mother, it is too early for Nanaki to talk about life. Please laugh at this immature daughter. But Nanaki also wants you to have expectations of Nanaki. Daughters are that type of thing.

how about sons

Even if it is shameless, when Nanaki thinks you have expectations of Nanaki, Nanaki feels like Nanaki can work hard today. Nanaki will report again soon. Until then, please rest peacefully.


“Good morning, head butler Ridolf.”

“Good morning Nanaki-san. Did you sleep well?”

“It was a pleasant rest.”

“That is great. Good work yesterday. It was not a maid’s job, but it was helpful.”

“My pleasure.”

catching intruders is not a maid’s job?

A faint light is entering through the mansion’s windows. The time is early morning, Nanaki exchanged morning greetings with head butler Ridolf in the quiet morning. Due to yesterday’s disturbance, the time for the judging of my suitability has been changed. If asked if that is fortunate or unfortunate, Nanaki will say it is neither.

there is no luck

Nanaki is always Nanaki. If one chooses the time and place, that is second-rate, only a maid that is ready to serve the master at any time is first-rate. Friend, what is that expression like you have something to say? Certainly it is knowledge learnt from a book, but books are there for learning.


“Nanaki-san, please do some cleaning until it is time for breakfast.”

early morning exercise

Cleaning, I see, it is a maid’s basics. Come to think of it, the cleanliness of Nanaki’s home in the capital was maintained by the capable maids.

master to maid

“First, as much as you can do in this room is fine so please proceed.”


After a short explanation of where the tools are, Nanaki was quickly introduced to Nanaki’s job. This is probably to minimise any inefficiency. Is it that there is so much work that unless this is done, the work cannot be completed? Or is it head butler Ridolf’s personality?

prob latter

“Then I will see you later.”


The fact that it was one-sided is natural. Nanaki is the one being tested. Nanaki has been given the necessary information so there is not a single reason to stop head butler Ridolf. But, head butler Ridolf does not understand Nanaki at all. This assignment is not suitable, Nanaki is a special human.


But it cannot be helped, head butler Ridolf does not know Nanaki. In terms of finding a job suitable for the new maid, this is a passable decision, but it will be troubling if Nanaki is made light of. There is no choice but to prove Nanaki’s ability in order to change his recognition of Nanaki. Please be prepared.


The time Nanaki has been granted for cleaning is until breakfast. When Nanaki checked the schedule Nanaki has been taught, there isn’t much time. Good, blitz warfare is Nanaki’s speciality. Produce the best results in a limited amount of time, no problem for this special Nanaki.


When this body goes as fast as lightning, even flight becomes possible. Nanaki will give you the best efficiency with this mode of movement only allowed for transcended ones. Fast, faster, but carefully, conscientiously. Ceiling, wall, window, furniture, ornaments, floor, to the next room. Permission is necessary to clean the personal rooms, so Nanaki will prioritise cleaning up the rooms that master uses more.

living room

With the rooms done, the corridors are next, and then the entry hall. If guests visit, these are two important places that will enter their eyes, for just these two Nanaki put in a little extra effort in cleaning. Nanaki has already received an explanation about the specific use of each tool, the cleaning was done without any problems.

fast learner

It seems that cleaning is done regularly, the place is relatively clean. But as expected, dust has collect in the places that are hard to reach such as the ceiling and chandelier. This cleanliness-loving Nanaki will not allow this, it shall be cleaned quickly. There is nothing more convenient than being able to make use of inhuman speed. As expected of Nanaki, a splendid maid.

fast maid

With the corridors and entry hall done, Nanaki would like to do the kitchen, living room and dining room, but head butler Ridolf’s presence is in the kitchen. Probably preparations for breakfast. A maid that stirs up dust in the middle of food preparations is a disgrace, let’s prioritise the living room for now. When Nanaki checked the time there is still some left.


Formerly Lightning Empress, now Maid Nanaki, sets forth.



“It has become something amazing.”

“Yes, I was surprised too”


Voices of amazement from my master and the head butler, it was worth devoting Nanaki’s all to the work. Without making a single mistake, Nanaki has displayed Nanaki’s ability. If one holds pride in being a special human, one must show that one is special. People call it dignity.


“Even if you do such amazing things, I can’t raise your salary.”

“Do not mind it.”

narcissists have their own pride

It’s not a problem of salary, it’s a problem of Nanako’s pride. Nanaki is thankful just for receiving daily meals and a room to keep out the wind and rain.

basics for living

“Breakfast was made by Ridolf huh, it’s the usual taste.”

“I did not think she would finish cleaning so quickly. So I have not seen her cooking skills.”

“I will look forward to it.”

get ready to be amazed

After my master finished his meal, Nanaki quickly finished up breakfast with the head butler. Based on the conversation from before, it seems next it would be time to display Nanaki’s cooking skills. The proof of that is that head butler Ridolf did not take much of the very delicious breakfast. It is probably so he can taste test Nanaki’s cooking.

poison check

After breakfast, Nanaki quickly did the laundry, time-wise it probably took around two minutes. The head butler that was peeking from behind widened those big eyes of his. No need to wory about it, Nanaki is doing it carefully, please rest assured. But in the end he still checked with a finger. Well, after that I got a flower circle, so I guess it’s fine.

(T/N: basically a gold star for kids or seal of approval)

“Then I think I will have Nanaki-san show me your  skills in cooking. This is originally not a maid’s job but we do not have many people in this household, so I would like to distribute labour as efficiently as possible, but if there is anything you are dissatisfied with I will reconsider.”

“None in particular. I shall begin.”

mastercook nanaki

When it comes to aristocrats, they probably have a cook or something. But Nanaki is not really familiar with that so Nanaki doesn’t really mind. If talking about work distribution, it is natural for people that can do more to work more. If you consider salary then one might worry about it, but Nanaki is not that attached to money.


Nanaki has survived in the wild for a while after Mother passed away. Money was not useful at all then. What humans need are the skills to survive in the environment. If that is money then people other than Nanaki can obtain it. Even small snakes try to swallow humans, Nanaki is special. (T/N: an idiom along the lines of an excellent person is more motivated even at a younger age.)

is it delicious?

Nanaki peeked into the large refrigerator. Inside there were a lot of foodstuffs Nanaki has never seen before. They are probably quite high quality goods. But Nanaki does not know how to cook these foodstuffs. In that case, Nanaki just needs to get ingredients Nanaki know how to cook.

use what you are familiar with

“Head butler Ridolf, I will be going out for a short while.”

“Is there something lacking?”

good food

That’s right. Nanaki’s main food during childhood and the original cause of the incident where Nanaki headbutted my master.


“I will go catch rats.”



Nanaki was stopped.


“Nanaki-san, rats cannot be eaten.

“It’s not good to be prejudiced against food, head butler Ridolf.”

“I got it, Nanaki-san. People, do not eat rats.”


Nanaki doesn’t really understand what is being said.

differences in perspective

Rats can be eaten. Rats have terrific vitality and fertility, so they are a valuable food source in the wild. Even so, rats are smart animals. Even against a human opponent that is dozens of times their size, they will come biting when the person is asleep. Even against their natural predator the owl, they will cunningly aim for it during the day when the owl cannot see well.


But no matter how smart rats are, Nanaki is smarter. Nanaki devoured all the rats that attacked Nanaki. And since they were smart and rats could learn, they started avoiding Nanaki. In mother nature, Nanaki became king.

king of the jungle

“I think you will understand if you try a bite.”

“Yes, I have understood. I will take charge of meals.”

no kitchen for nanaki

I have seen the extremes of complete rejection.

no trust

In the end Nanaki was unable to make head butler Ridolf listen and was removed from kitchen duty. Mother, Nanaki really is a bad daughter.

It’s okay

After that Nanaki finished up the laundry and the other household chores, in the end Nanaki was to be given more instructions tomorrow and then dismissed. Nanaki returned to the room Nanaki was given and threw myself onto the bed. There is almost no fatigue, this is nothing compared to the exhausting work of an imperial knight.

good night

How was it, Friend? Has Nanaki accomplished the role of a splendid maid? If you saw it as such, Friend, applause please.

no wait

————lightning struck the garden.

too late

……What are you doing, Friend.

The end

Hecate’s reply(?): I would love to respond to certain comments about this series but I feel like I will end up spoiling stuff .-. but I will just put this out there, Nanaki definitely doesn’t have a normal view of the world (should be obvious by this point~) don’t think I would ever be motivated enough to translate a series where the mc is a normal good guy or something. The random switching between third person and first person in her internal monologue is also just how she thinks. I personally find it kind of cute. I think that’s about all I can say without accidentally spoiling anything.

(random extra: Nanaki’s internal monologue is very casual, including talking to Ilveng=Nazgul, but when she speaks she is very polite.)

Edited(16/3/2017): Yep, still love her internal monlogue

Edited(8/12/2017): ^never getting sick of it



17 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.4: Do your chores quickly

  1. Thanks for the story…I really like how simple minded she is. Naivery has this freshness to it in the world where chaos reigns.


  2. logically, you cant clean or do laundry with her inhuman speed … the house would burn as the clothes would torn lol
    and … simple-empress … she could do a contest against Tohru Kobayashi to see who could be more simple mind maid …

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    1. True, but she was asked to cook food, and she did not have to cook her own meals as one of the Five Emperors. So she considered what she cooked before then… which was rats. Come to think of it, that sort of redefines the phrase “rags to riches”….


  3. thanks!
    lol, yes, clearly nanaki’s view of the world is different! nut as long as she doesn’t do anything wrong, what does it matter?-thumps table- hmph hmph, precious nanaki and ilveng are great!


  4.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
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