Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.5: Maid>Knight

Trembling Knight Heart

A week has passed since then, Mother.

time skip

Nanaki has safely been recognised as my master, Zean Alfred’s maid, so in order to not be an embarrassment, Nanaki has been receiving instructions from head butler Ridolf and studied. And today, Nanaki is finally allowed to appear before others as my master’s maid. Please praise Nanaki, Mother.

erai erai

Nanaki has learnt, Nanaki must not ask for applause from friend. Nanaki had to spend the following day completely removing the after-effects of Friend’s applause. As expected, there is no one else other than Mother that can praise Nanaki. Friend is sulking a little but please rest assured. Friend and I get along well.


“Now then, you’ll be accompanying me to school today but……”

I missed this entire part the first time I tled

In the carriage on the way to the magic school my master attends, my master spoke out hesitatingly. Nanaki did not know that my master was a student until a few days ago, but this is also the first time Nanaki has seen him so uncomfortable. Could he have be feeling uneasy about Nanaki?


“Is there anything you are uneasy about regarding me?”

“No, that’s not……entirely untrue.”

“Then please say it. I will work hard for my master.”


It’s one thing if our hearts are connected like between me and Ilveng=Nazgul, but things cannot be conveyed between people except through speaking. No matter how special Nanaki is, even Nanaki cannot see into master’s heart.

no mind reading

“Like I said at first, my family is weak. Because of that reason, the servants before Nanaki got harassed and resigned. I think they will make a move on Nanaki too.”

“No problem, please leave it to me.”

“Even though I said that I don’t want a large incident.”

“I will take that to heart.”


When Nanaki thought he was uneasy about Nanaki, he was being worried for Nanaki. Thank you very much, good master. But do not worry, Nanaki is strong. Nanaki also understands that, being in a weak position, a large incident would be undesirable. Nanaki wants to become master’s strength.


“After that……there is just one person, he will come to openly pick a fight, but Nanaki……”

“I have heard from head butler Ridolf. I am only to intervene when there is danger towards my master.”

“Please do that.”

bodyguard maid

Honestly speaking Nanaki cannot bring Nanaki to stay silent and watch as Nanaki’s own master is insulted. But that is not something that can be changed by Nanaki’s intervention. Nanaki should just know Nanaki’s place and endure it, the one who is truly suffering is my master.

violence is not always the answer

The atmosphere became slightly heavy in the carriage. The  announcement  of  our arrival  at  the  school  finally  blew  away  that  heavy  air. Nanaki descended first and opened the door, then took master’s hand. Usually the roles would be reversed, but Nanaki is a maid. This is right, it should be, but in that moment Nanaki felt quite a lot of gazes.


Nanaki has confidence in Nanaki’s conduct. That means these gazes are probably those of the people that do not think well of master. Nice to meet you, I am Nanaki. It may be presumptuous, but Nanaki is the maid of my master, Zean Aldred-sama. If possible Nanaki would like to get along.

let’s all be friends

“……there seems to be people with knights attending to them.”

knight servants~

When Nanaki looked around while walking humbly behind master, many people who do not seem to be amateurs entered Nanaki’s eyes. Nanaki tried to make conversation in order to avoid dragging out the heavy atmosphere from before.

mood change

“Having knights attend to you looks rich right?”

“I see, the knights also seem to be quite free.”


so free to follow kids around

He laughed. Has Nanaki been useful?

a great conversatonalist

Nanaki was a little worried but from what Nanaki can see there doesn’t seem to be any imperial knights. Which means these are the local knights that failed the imperial knight examination. Nanaki had wondered how those people make a living, to think they were being used as ornaments for display by nobles. Their swords must be crying.


“But I am concerned about the fact that they are armed.”

“There is no need to worry, nothing much will happen. They are adults.”


Is what master said, so Nanaki refrained from mentioning about the nothing much that is happening right now. School has started, yet for some reason more people than before are passing by. That way is the school gates.

The gates of hell are this way

Simply put, Nanaki is popular.

must be because of your wonderful personality

The people passing by from just now had been reaching out to Nanaki. But your movements are bad, so Nanaki will discipline you a little.

too slow

The ones reaching out quickly are the local knights. I see, if Nanaki were an amateur, Nanaki’s chest buttons would have been stolen without Nanaki noticing. But I am Nanaki, a handshake for you. The other party stiffened with a shocked expression. Be happy that you were able to shake hands with Nanaki.

it’s an honour

Nanaki passed by one after the other. For those hands that reach out, slap slap, down. Beloved and respected Mother, maybe because Nanaki’s appearance is similar to Mother’s, Nanaki is popular.

good looks

The last person calmly walked over with an expression full of confidence. When he passed by, the hand that reached out, I see, it is definitely remarkably faster than the people until now. You have done very well, for you Nanaki has a present. Nanaki took his hand and gave him a button as a present. It was the button that was just attached to your chest.

 faster than you~

Whether he confirmed his chest area or not, he ran towards the school gates like an escaping rabbit. You will be late you know?

wrong way~

But still, for the local knights to become so depraved, it makes Nanaki want to sigh.


“……It’s no wonder they couldn’t become imperial knights.”


Never mind being tools, to even wag your tails, know shame you mongrels.


“Did you say something?”



Mouth zipped.



“Hey Zean-kun, where did you pick up that beauty of a maid.”

“She came flying out from an alley. I almost died.”

“Hmmm, you don’t want to talk about what really happened? How strange, I thought there was no one else willing to serve the Alfred house.”

“It’s the truth.”

it’s not really belieavalbe

It is the unblemished truth, Nanaki almost said that out loud.


When we stepped into the classroom, a young man with an evil-looking face came to pick a fight. He is probably the Vilmott Arkahn Nanaki has heard of. He seems to do as he likes using his family name.

spoilt brat

“Hey Zean-kun, won’t you give me this maid? She really is my type.”

“Ask her yourself. I have no intention of saying anything about my servant’s love affairs.”

“That’s how it is, so? Won’t you become my lover? How much?”

not a whore

Nanaki’s ears feel like they will rot. But Nanaki cannot make an unpleasant expression, Nanaki stuck on a smile and just said, ‘please excuse me’. Mother, humans can really become extremely unsightly.

sad guy

“It shouldn’t be ‘please excuse me’. I’m the Arkhan’s eldest son you know?”


He caught Nanaki’s hand.

bad idea

Now then, what should Nanaki do. Nanaki was given orders on what to do when a fight was picked with master but not if Nanaki was the target. Twisting this weak hand would be simple but master said he didn’t want to cause a large incident. Even so, Nanaki cannot give Nanaki’s chastity to such a vulgar human.

kill him

“——please give up.”


A helping hand came from an unexpected place.

unmentioned person



The Arkahn’s eldest son raised a displeased voice as he glared at the owner of the voice. That is as expected, after all, she is Vilmott Arkahn’s servant.


“What did you just say? A servant? To me, the master? Hey?”

to give up

Vilmott Arkahn released my hand and faced his own servant. It was dirty so Nanaki wiped it.


“What are you thinking? Who pays your money? Oi, try saying it bitch.”


What a dirty mouth. Nanaki cannot see that figure that spits out insults in rapid succession as a human. This is a noble, how unsightly.  She is probably serving him out of her own will so Nanaki won’t pity her. But Nanaki will be grateful for her helping Nanaki. Thank you.

u r wlc

“Shaming me like that! Say something already!”

“——I have!!”

a will?

It was a loud voice.

a loud voice?

“The duty to protect you!! Because of that, I said please give up!!”


As expected even the tyrant was taken aback, he stiffened as he opened and closed his mouth.


“Wh, what are……”

“Just get behind me!!”

I will protect you!

My praises to this brave knight.

hard to receive

Nanaki will not recognise those who had fallen to being the tools of nobles as knights. But she is able to live on with a  solid heart without forgetting her pride, in deference to that pride Nanaki will forgive you.


——for taking a stance against Nanaki.


“……please be merciful.”


While both her body and voice were trembling, the knight asked for mercy. But that stance is a battle stance where she is able to draw her sword at any moment. She is skilled. Nanaki has no intention of doing anything. But no matter what happens don’t draw that sword. I like humans with pride after all.

would be a waste


to kill you

As Nanaki felt a gaze and looked, master is trying to say something while staying silent. Nanaki shook Nanaki’s head. Shake shake.

furi furi

Nanaki would be troubled if you misunderstood. Nanaki really didn’t do anything. It is just that she is skilled, my master. But Nanaki understands what you want to say. Probably, how should we deal with this. There is no need to worry, my master. The person that would settle this has already arrived.


“What are you doing. Sit down.”


Teachers are great.

The end

Hecate’s hand hurts: osuing right before translating made my right hand unusable and I had to type half of this with one hand ;-;

Edited(27/3/2017):I’ve improved the way  I  grip  my  mouse  while  playing  osu since  then 😀  doesn’t  hurt  after  a  few  hours  of  osu  anymore, still  gets  a  bit  stiff  though

Edit(8/12/2017): How did I miss an entire paragraph and also not notice it during the first edit!!!??? Also I’m plateauing just below the at around 204k ranking in osu……why can’t I plateau above rank 200k.



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  1. TL for the chapter.

    I keep thinking of her Friend “Ilveng Nazgul” as similar to something out of the Cthulu mythos (or perhaps more likely out of Nyaruko’s version of it), living in the mind of the purple-haired shoujo used for your background image, who is wearing a maid uniform resembling lavender pajamas with a yellow crescent moon on her frilled cap.

    And somehow, thinking of it this way, everything starts to make sense. Wouldn’t anyone whose mind is in constant contact with a Cthulian entity develop an altered state of consciousness, a strange understanding of her surroundings and situation? And her innocence helps keep complete insanity (barely) at bay while helping to create a sort of gap moe between her childish adorableness and her borderline-psychopathic ruthlessness. All while talking to a Cthulu as if it were a Pete’s Dragon.


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  3. Make sure not to injure yourself, im sure most of your readers would prefer slow and steady releases instead of no releases due to pain or injury.


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