Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.6: Nanaki GET

Fools Dance and The Brave Stand

With the teacher entering the room, the various servants exited the classroom. Nanaki was followed them, after making a bow towards master who looked over with a silent look of protest, Nanaki exited the room. If the explanation from master was correct, for about three hours from now there would be lessons without breaks. When it ends Nanaki will have to make a defense. Solemnly.

explain thine self

In this approximately three hours, what Nanaki should do is to grasp the layout of the school buildings. Although this is more of a habit of an imperial knight than a maid, if something were to happen, Nanaki wouldn’t be able to do much if Nanaki doesn’t know the area. Therefore Nanaki will quickly confirm the geography of the school buildings and the surroundings.

know the land

In front of such a busy Nanaki, three knights blocked the way. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki. Nanaki is in a hurry so excuse me. Don’t mind Nanaki.

know thine enemy

“Please wait.”

know thyself

Rejected. Nanaki is busy.

and never know defeat

A Nanakismile in response to the restraining call. When Nanaki passed by the three knights, they froze for a while, and they raised their voices as they recovered.

do not challenge

“Wh……!? I, I said wait!!”

“You bastard, that’s rude!!”

someone you can’t beat

They probably didn’t think that Nanaki wouldn’t stop. I see, the maids serving my master before Nanaki probably accepted such harassment like it was natural. The opponents are nobles and the prideless knights serving them, it’s no wonder their hearts broke.

but not nanaki

But, if they just accepted the current situation, then they were weak.

strength is everything

People have wills. There are ways to convey it. Words is one, actions work too. Unknown previous servant, did you try to do convey it? If your will didn’t get through, that is weakness. The weak should ask for help from the strong, that is not shame. If there is no one strong by your side, did you make the effort of searching?

if you are weak 

Master said, the previous servant were harassed. To make the master to worry about the servant, what are you doing?

obtain strength

“I said wai——Uoh!?”

only then can you challenge the strong

Listen well, Nanaki is one of the strong.

but don’t challenge nanaki

No matter how angry they get, no matter how they exhaust all the techniques at their disposal, those hands shall never touch Nanaki. If they want to stop Nanaki’s advance, they have to get down on their knees and lower their heads. They should learn from the only knight in that classroom that still had pride in her heart, and beg for forgiveness.

nanaki is merciless

“Wh, Why……!!”

“She just keeps moving!!”

mistakes were made

The strong advance calmly, the weak dance like clowns. Friend, is Nanaki wrong? No, there is no need to ask. Nanaki is right, Nanaki is righteous. This one will respect and devote myself to my master alone. Who would respect prideless insects. Nanaki does not understand the words of insects, speak human words you dirty bugs.


“I said stop……!”


Nanaki won’t stop.


“Listen to people……!”


You are not people.


“This rude person!!”

The mirror is over there.


Nanaki has learnt pride from beloved and respected Mother, Nanaki has learnt the strength necessary to survive in the wild. From who and what have you learnt. What was that fine body and good sword prepared for. The fools that do not know the answer should just dance like fools.

dance of fools


“That’s enough!!”


just give up

Thus, the fools dance. They extend their hands, move their legs, occasionally use magic. To them who are dancing without song, Nanaki shall sing for you. In the past, beloved Mother hummed this song a lot. Now dance, Nanaki is special, so Nanaki will do Nanaki’s job while watching you.



clown song?

Friend, would this song reach Mother?

fools arc

braves arc

“She was skilled.”

too skilled

The time to make a defense has come, Nanaki shall do so enthusiastically.

try hard

“Did she realise?

“…….I wonder.”

“The one you should serve is me. And there is no one else here.”

just the two of you~

As expected of my master. He quickly saw through that Nanaki had chosen Nanaki’s words carefully. Nanaki likes humans with pride, that’s why Nanaki was being mindful of the knight with pride. What a failure, Nanaki apologises. Nanaki will take your words to heart and vows that Nanaki will report the truth from now on.

no lies

“She probably won’t realise with her ability. But still, there are a few rare people with sharp instincts. Like her.”

“The servants that Arkahn has is of that level, huh. As expected, they are of a different class.”

class divide

The difference is in dimension, my master.

woole other dimension

“Vilmott was in a horrible mood.”

temper temtrum

To be bitten by his own servant while picking on a person from a family he looked down on, that would put him a bad mood. His personality is so twisted it makes Nanaki wonder if it has snapped yet, what kind of revenge would he be thinking of? But the problem is not Vilmott Arkahn, it is my master.


“……Now then, what should we do?”

strike fast

As usual, my master’s expression doesn’t change.

strike hard

Due to just one skilled knight, my master has fallen into a predicament. The one who hired Nanaki while knowing Nanaki is the Lightning Empress is my master, this is not Nanaki’s mistake. Like how master tested Nanaki, Nanaki will also test master, what will you do? Will you hang your head? Will you offer Nanaki to that lowlife? Or————


“Right……I’ll brace myself then.”

for defeat?

————that’s how it should be.

or victory?

Nanaki involuntarily smiled. Really, they are amazingly similar. It makes Nanaki remember Mother who said let’s make a lake when Nanaki told her we had no drinking water. Ah, Mother. Because of that, Nanaki wants to stay here.

test passed

“Confirmation, Nanaki. How much can you handle.”

“As much as you wish.”


Even if formerly, this is the body that bore the name of Five Emperor. This power that defeated god solo and became a transcended one is not something that humans can imagine. Because it is a power that exceeds human knowledge.

2 stronk

“Is that for sure?”

“I will bet my pride on it.”

for nanaki

Now, please stand my master.


Congratulations, my master. You have arrived. Master has answered Nanaki, for that Nanaki shall answer again. To that spirit.

the weak

“Even if it was coincidence, the power to turn the tables is right here. Then there is only one answer. I will use anything I can use. That’s fine right, Nanaki?”

 just neeeds to acquire strength

Yes, that is good. You were hesitant of Nanaki’s power. You were afraid of whether it was okay to use this hand that can turn the tables on everything. To fear power, to fear talent is human instinct. But to show that you will use it is why you are my master.

Nanaki likes those with pride

You have it within your hands, my Master. One of the unparalleled powers that originally no one but the one at the summit of the Flygel continent could wield. To be resigned to the current situation is weakness, to stand against it is bravery.

and so Zean Alfred

————-right now, you have pride.

so Nanaki shall

“Please call my name, my master.”


Here and now, let’s form the true contract.

for as long as you hold pride

“That name is the name of the one who serves you. I want you to carve it into your heart. I shall come running at any time. I shall defeat all your enemies. I shall remove all that stand in your glorious path. Now, please say it my master. The name of your sword——“

Nanaki shall be

Look, prideless beings.

your sword

This is what a sword is.

and cut 

“……you’re right, I won’t hold back anymore.”

all enemies

Master smiled. It was a very bright and a good smile. That is good, you have endured enough. You have resented enough.

the vow

“The one who stirred it up was you. I will have you follow me——Nanaki.”

has been made

Today we became master and servant.

The end

Hecate has quite a lot to say this time:

My hand has recovered~ and also there seems to be some misunderstanding~ I was resting my hand XD that’s why I only had one hand to type with :P. I should have been specific that the hand that hurt was the one that hurt because of osu.

Don’t worry I wasn’t forcing myself, just that after playing osu I was feeling bad because I’m bad at osu .-. translating is good, doesn’t make me feel bad like gaming does. Thanks for the concern though.

And sorry Loki for copying your words but I can’t stop myself and it’s important: Nanaki is Love, Nanaki is Life ❤

Edited(9/12/2017): Nanaki is love, Nanaki is life ❤



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  1. The entire time she was “dancing” with the Knights. I was imagining Alicia from Aria the animation dodging them while saying “Ara ara” and giggling.


  2. The dimensions thing is like how things in the first dimension can’t perceive the second dimension and things in the second can’t perceive the third so it’s pretty much the same as what you changed it to.


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