Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.7: Don’t play with lightning

My Compliments, That is Beautiful



The king of foolishness yelled.


That pompous body was trembling, displaying its anger. His eyes are wide open and his breathing uneven, he glared at my master with those murky eyes. That relatively good-looking face is hideously warped with anger. That’s why all his followers are trembling. They fear the anger of this classroom’s absolute ruler.

don’t draw attention

“Duel me, Vilmott.”


Is stepping out reckless? No, this is the first step towards glory.


“You dare say it twice!! To this me……Aaalfred’s fallen……! Yo, u, aaaaaaah enough!! I’m an Arkahn!! Zean you dare to!! Against me!!”

….i dont understand

His anger swelled up so much that it affected his words. The sight of him tearing at his golden hair like a mad man is funny, no matter if you are foolish, if you are a king you must show dignity. That body has probably never suffered. He has probably never went through hardship either. That’s why he doesn’t know.


Weaklings, I ask you.

are you brave?

Do you have the bravery to burn down the stable present and step forward? You’ve had your sufferings, you probably had your hardships. At that time, did you reach out? Despite all that, did you reach out? That one step you have to take because the resolve to burn away the present is not enough. Do you know how much fear there is in taking just that one step?


Nanaki knows. Nanaki made that step the day Nanaki lost beloved Mother, Nanaki will not forget the step Nanaki took that day.

that impressive?

————we will prove it, that we are master and servant.

show me

Exactly because he is weak, the pride he bears shines brighter than anything else. That is respectable, that is something that must not be lost. When the proof is complete, Nanaki will ask you all again. Ask yourselves.


Are you people, or animals?




King of madness that has even forgotten words, surrender that throne to my master.


Master looked at Nanaki slowly while maintaining a dignified posture. His sapphire eyes are clear. There is no impurity, no fear, there is only one thing. That blue held a clear pride. A bow to my prideful master. Nanaki shall act in accordance to that spirit.

as you will

Unfortunately Nanaki not wearing gloves. So Nanaki took off Nanaki’s headband. This is the proof Nanaki is master’s servant. It is sufficient to serve as the signal for the duel. Nanaki intentionally used it to slap Vilmott Arkahn. That face warped even more hideously.

((T/N: …that…white…frilly…maid headband…I guess it works….?)



The ones conducting the duel is us servants, that action was not correct. That is fine. How long do you intend to watch from up high, Vilmott Arkahn.


This is an insurrection. Hurry up and get down.

get off your throne

“Go and————killlllllllll her!!”


The king’s emotions broke down. The king’s servant quietly closed her eyes and put her hand on her sword. In that bearing, there is no wavering like this morning. Nameless knight, Nanaki shall show respect to you.

ok kinda getting old

Nanaki looked at my master. My master nodded quietly, now, he has taken the first step to glory. The stage is not here. Mad king, proud knight, let this be decided under the beautiful ruby sky.

sunset alr???

The tides have turned.



“It is dangerous here Vilmott-sama. Please back off further.”

“Don’t give me ordeeeers!!”

I’m in charge~

The mad king who is being controlled by his fury kicked the servant that has a beautiful heart. He is displaying such an unsightly sight before so many spectators that know the full story. The headband gripped tightly in that fist belongs to Nanaki. Nanaki will be troubled if you treat it too roughly.

don’t bend it

“Hurry up and go kill heeer!!”

calm the fuck down

Friend is enraged. Thank you, Ilveng=Nazgul, my friend. But leave this place over to Nanaki. It’s a celebratory day. Today, Nanaki has gained a master. Now, Nanaki has confidence in this path. In order to know the world that Mother saw, please leave this to Nanaki.


Friend pulled back without a word. Nanaki is grateful, Friend. As Nanaki looked up, it was an expense of red. Nanaki felt that that was beautiful. This red is blessing Nanaki.

good luck

Nanaki turned around.

 turned your back on the enemy?

My master stood there confidently. That’s right, hold your chest high. That expression, that conduct, that figure is no longer that of the weak. Master has entrusted everything about himself to Nanaki.


His has placed his trust in Nanaki. All that is left is to respond to it.

have faith


en garde

Wielding her sword, she doesn’t move. Yes, she is skilled. That is why Nanaki will recognise you as a knight.

an honour

“What are you doing!! Hurry up and just kill that maid!! You, and you!! What are you looking at!! Hurry up and go cut down that maid!! I’m an Arkahn!!”


What a thing to do, Vilmott Arkahn gave orders to third parties. What a foolish thing to do. To send reinforcements to a duel. To make such a foolish move and not place trust in your servant, know shame. And the livestock that drew your swords at those words. What you are gripping in those hands are not toys.

be careful what you do with them

“Vi, Vilmott-sama.”


She, who had her pried tarnished, called the name of her master like she had given up. Proud knight, Nanaki shall protect that nobility of yours.


Nanaki stepped through the ground.

u w0t




The tremors stopped the herd of cattle. Even animals should understand what this broken ground signifies. Beasts without pride, if you can point your blades at this Nanaki, do it. Do it while overcoming your fear. Then the conditions would be the same as the prideful her. Now, knowing this power, try standing in front of Nanaki.


“Those who drew their swords, please, a step forward.”

who the hell would

But be prepared. That step is not connected to the path to glory. It’s fine if you take the step, but Nanaki shall cut you down before your foot reaches the ground. Those that choose retreat, get on your knees and abandon your swords. The only ones that can stand on this stage are those with pride. Prideless ones, begone.


No one made a sound.


No, only one person was yelling.

who would be …

“What the hell……What the hell is thaaat!! Zean, you, what have you brought heeeere!!”

..stupid enough…

The king that has caused the collapse of his own castle yelled. At the very end of the end, he showed his foolishness. Now, let’s end it, prideful knight.



gd luck

The knight loosened her arms and looked up at the sky. Having looked at the ruby sky, the knight once again locked her strong eyes onto Nanaki. And then——




She made that one step.

no regrets

The world must praise her. With no luck in master, no luck in opponent, she did not throw away her pride. There is no one who can praise her in this place. That’s why please, anyone, just one person is fine. Someone please give her some applause.


Nanaki cannot do it. Nanaki must respond to her pride.


Proud knight, you have made another step towards glory. Suffering probably awaits you after this duel. But Nanaki will not sympathise. That is the worst possible  action that will tarnish your pride. That’s why please overcome the suffferings that await you in the future.

I will try

Nanaki will await the day you stand before me once again. You will become strong. You have pride that is not inferior to Nanaki’s. To display respect for your nobility, Nanaki will send you a tribute. This flash is a flash packed with emotions for my prideful master and you, prideful knight. Please receive it.

stand fast

May both of you be bathed in glory————here, a strike from the heavens.

holy judgement

————a flash of lightning.




The flash of lightning that exceeds human understanding struck the prideful knight and her master. The knight silently fell in the red dusk, the master collapsed in an unsightly manner.


That one strike was repayment for the rudeness towards my master Zean Alfred as well as tarnishing the nobility of the proud knight. The conclusion has achieved. So Nanaki walked to the knight who had lost conciousness and collapsed and lifted her body. This exalted body should not be seen in such an unsightly manner, quickly heal her.

hnoured opponent

Friend, lend Nanaki your power once again.


Ilveng=Nazgul quickly lent Nanaki his power. Ah, proud knight. You were recognised by god, please be proud.

an honour

Friend, today is a good day.


At my words, friend nodded————didn’t. Why, friend. Do you have any dissatisfaction? What? Something important? What are you————wait.


At friend’s words, Nanaki looked at Vilmott Arkahn.


……that’s strange, where did Nanaki’s headband go?

The end

Don’t play with lightning or you might lose your life, or more importantly your headband.



19 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.7: Don’t play with lightning

  1. I love how our MC while OP as all get out, isn’t drowning in it. She can respect those weaker than herself, of course her respect as a warrior is to nuke you with a one hit KO. I wonder if knight-san is going to be her little Genos.


  2. Wow, I honestly was starting to think that Nanaki was going to declare her love for Miss Nameless by the end this chapter… And, oops, maid headband has become a casualty. Oh well, I’m sure your master will give you another one. After a fierce scolding. 😆


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        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
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