Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.10: Even Nanaki is stumped

Legendary Pig

“Zean-sama, may I have a bit of your time?”


ask away

After that day, the situation around my master completely changed. When he enters the classroom he is greeted, and more people have come to talk to him between lessons. Nanaki wasn’t here at the time, so Nanaki doesn’t know, but master has probably endured for a long time.


Nanaki wants to ask him, what are his feelings now.

about nanaki?

Constantly looked down upon as weak, constantly spoken ill off, even so you reached out. And caught it, fought, and won. Is this position suitable for master’s pride? If that is so, be happy. That is not shame, it is the right of the winner. If you are happy, Nanaki would be able to congratulate you.

just do it?

A servant cannot one-sidedly congratulate the master. That is not an action of a good servant. Nanaki knows. The will that dwells in those sapphire eyes. Prideful master, you are still aiming higher right? In that case, Nanaki cannot do something that would cause you to relax like congratulating you.


Respected and beloved Mother, my master has become a prideful person. I want to support him. Such that he does not veer from that path. Bearing pride is not a simple thing. That is why Nanaki wants to congratulate master. Nanaki still a novice as a servant.

novice maid nanaki

“Zean-sama, thank you very much for the business with my family recently, .”

“It is I who was saved by it, thank you.”


Yes, having pride is not a simple thing. Not everyone can make that step like master did. After the day master became one of the strong, his classmates changed their attitudes. Nanaki will not say that that is a bad thing. Approaching the strong is not shameful.

there is no shame in survival

But they are not apologising for their impoliteness until now. That’s why they are animals.


Now that Vilmott Arkahn’s influence has fallen, they should first apologise. They might have something they have to protect, it might have been a time when they couldn’t hold pride. That is why Nanaki will not scorn that behaviour.

….did you not just do that?

But Nanaki will not recognise them, those who did not take the step when the chance was there, the step in order to bear pride. Well, these are just Nanaki’s feelings. Even if it is just an act, there is nothing wrong with appearing to have more allies for master.


Hm, what’s wrong Friend? What, Nanaki’s expression is scary? That’s not good. There is the danger of proud master’s servant, Nanaki, becoming an obstacle in master’s building of connections because of a grim expression. Nanaki should change it quickly.

smile nanaki smile

Reach the world, Nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

say cheese

“Gu……gigii……laughing at me……!!”


You planned this didn’t you, Friend?


The fallen king who had many people waiting on him just a while ago, is enraged. The foolishness he showed that day revealed Vilmott Arkahn’s true nature to many people. Despite making such a foolish move, the next day he blamed everyone in the class. No, everyone excluding my master.

even he honours the duel

To aristocrats, duels seem to be special. Vilmott Arkahn never made a move on master. But by blaming everyone, people distancing themselves is inevitable. Nanaki will not sympathise with that lonely figure in the classroom. And Nanaki will not be let down Nanaki’s guard.

negligence is your greatest enemy

Nanaki, who was brought up in the wild, knows. How scary a cornered beast is. This applies to humans too, Nanaki will make light of those eyes filled with madness. Come at us anytime, by master’s side there is this Nanaki. And make sure to not forget. The proud knight that protected you that day is gone.


Despite showing such loyalty, the next day when Vilmott Arkahn attended school, her figure was not at his side. Please overcome it somehow, that suffering. You are strong, do not forget that. Let’s pray Friend, for her, whom no one else can pray for.


Glory to that proud knight.





————what’s that.

boom boom


boom boom boom

It was not a voice. This Nanaki, this proud Nanaki, is shaken? Wrong, this is being speechless. How long has it been, that Nanaki has last become speechless? Nanaki’s pulse sped up at this emotion Nanaki has not had in a long time. First calm down, let out Nanaki’s voice. And ask. It’s calling master’s name after all.


“ah…….Master, that woman……”


It came out. Keep going, try hard Nanaki. Trying hard Nanaki.

that bad?

“…………She is kind of my fiancee.”



Nanaki became speechless again. After Nanaki finally got out Nanaki’s voice, what have you done my master.

…what’s going on?

When Nanaki looked at master who had responded after a short silence, he was silently closing his eyes. Which means that woman at the school gates waving her hands towards us is master’s fiancee. That means standing here and making her wait is rude. But master is keeping his eyes closed and not moving.

….tell me

To come to pick up master herself after school, what a loving person. Nanaki thinks that is a great thing. If she is master’s fiancee, Nanaki must support their relationship. But this is————


Mo, Mother. Can you listen to my confession?

Yes, dear (finally)

Nanaki seems to extremely inexperienced as a servant. The current Nanaki is not suitable to be a servant of prideful master. Nanaki cannot support their relationship. It is for an extremely personal reason. Nanaki begs you, please scold Nanaki. Could Nanaki ask for some harsh words? Nanaki doesn’t seem to be able to support their relationship.

bad girl

Like my master’s heart, his appearance is quite splendid. Nanaki thinks there are many girls who would like that golden hair, sapphire eyes and good-looking face. Even from an unbiased viewpoint, Nanaki thinks he has the appearance of a prince.

prince charming

In that case, Nanaki wants to ask for his partner to be of a suitable appearance. Nanaki won’t ask for a peerless beauty, but Nanaki wants her to be an existence that can shine standing next to master. Of course, Nanaki is extremely aware that this is Nanaki’s personal feelings.

don’t just people based on aappearence

But, but Mother.


Na, Nanaki knows. Nanaki will not do something like judge people by their appearances. But Nanaki cannot imagine this woman standing next to master. No, if Nanaki actually got her to stand next to him, Nanaki might be able to accept it. No, that’s a lie, Nanaki has no confidence in accepting it. Why not just hit Nanaki, Mother.


“Aah, Zean-samaa!”


It cannot be conveyed accurately through words alone. It is shameful, but Nanaki thinks Nanaki will use the appropriate expressions to describe it. Nanaki not used to it, so there may be many parts unpleasant to hear, but please forgive Nanaki. Then this unworthy Nanaki shall try Nanaki’s best to convey it.

try your best

“Aah, Zean-sama! It is me! Your Shiel!”


Dosun! Dosun! Dosun! ……It is the sound of footsteps Mother.


“Ah, I could finally meet you! Please give Shiel a good look at that face!”

its a nice face after all

Bugaah! Bugaah! Bugogo! ……It’s the sound of breathing Mother.


“Shiel’s loved one! I missed you!”

what a lovestruck maiden

Nichaaaa…….It’s a smile Mother.


Has even a little of Nanaki’s thoughts been conveyed? And now my face is very hot. Even if it was in Nanaki’s heart, to make this kind of sound effects like a child is embarrassing. If Nanaki said it out loud, Nanaki might die. Nanaki will hit Friend who is roaring with laughter later.

…it’s okay dear

“It’s been a while Shiel. I’m happy to be able to meet you.”

“Me too, Zean-sama!”

“Oh yeah, let me introduce you. This is the new maid Nana————Nana.”


Until now Master has yet to introduce me to someone. He is probably concerned about Nanaki’s identity. Thank you very much , good master. But for some reason Nanaki feel like Nanaki is being used as a shield. No, of course Nanaki doesn’t mind. Nanaki is the servant of master after all.


“I am Shiel Mercury. Please treat me well, Nana Nana-san.”


Master, Nanaki’s name has become something amazing.

The end


Edit (15/12/2017): Nana Nana-chan (笑) , forgot about this



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