Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.8: My sky is cloudy though

Feels like a Legend has Begun

————Dear Mother.


Do you remember that day? Yes, the day we were separated. You were probably troubled by Nanaki who was crying all the way until your life ended. But Nanaki will not apologise. Nanaki thinks crying when a daughter is separated from her mother is natural.

It’s okay dear

That was much too early. Nanaki still needed Mother.

I’m sorry

Young Nanaki didn’t know, but Mother probably found out about your own time of death. Nanaki remembers that one day you suddenly became stricter towards Nanaki. Nanaki remembers the love Nanaki received from Mother. You were must have been suffering.

its nothing

Thank you for being strict. Thank you for scolding Nanaki. Thank you for thrusting the crying spoilt me away when all I wanted was to be loved. Nanaki was sad. Even so, Nanaki apologises that Nanaki realised that that was love so late.


At that time, Nanaki was actually awake. The night Mother became strict, when you embraced me as I slept and apologised endlessly. At that time Nanaki was such a child that Nanaki did not understand why Mother was trembling, why Mother was crying.

But, after Mother passed away, ten years worth of days and nights have passed. Nanaki is still a child, but Nanaki is no longer that daughter that just keeps crying. Please watch the current Nanaki. And please be proud that this is your daughter.

I am

Nanaki is a foolish daughter that was complaining just a while ago, but there are two things Nanaki would like to report.

number 1:

Nanaki had the best encounter, Mother. It was a situation where that meeting could be called a miraculous coincidence, but now Nanaki serves that person. And Nanaki is able to hold Nanaki’s chest high and say that this was the best encounter.


Simply put, he is a strange person. To put it a bad way, he is terribly deviated. But Nanaki still feels it. After meeting him, Nanaki became able to remember Mother’s warmth which had been fading. No matter how much time passes, Nanaki is a daughter that cannot become independent, please laugh at Nanaki.

no ,it’s fine

And Nanaki is unfilial.

not really

The day Nanaki left the imperial capital, Nanaki denied the world that Mother said is beautiful. None other then Nanaki, the daughter of Mother did. No doubt Nanaki disappointed you. No doubt Nanaki made you lament. But Nanaki thinks even apologising about that would be off the point.

you have been a good daughter

Thus today Nanaki has a report to make.

what is it?

Does Mother remember the five promises you made with Nanaki in your dying moments? Today, Nanaki would like to speak about fulfilling one of those promises.

so soon?

A while before, my master faced a trial.

how did it go?

He was weak. But he was a true weakling that did not mistake weakness for shame. Nanaki will not deny that our meeting was a coincidence. But he grabbed that coincidence. In that one instant, just once, he caught it. And with courage, he chose to stand up with pride in his heart.

a brave master

At that time, Nanaki only served as strength. The one who decided everything was my master. The bravery to choose to fight while being weak, that easily overwrote the world he was in. My master is now boldly advancing down his path in a new world as one of the strong.


Nanaki is thinking of following after him. As a servant, as well as as Mother’s daughter. Nanaki no longer has any doubts, Nanaki is now confident. The day Master changed the world, Nanaki also changed that world. We became master and servant.

you will do greater things

Now, Nanaki has fulfilled one of the promises from that day.


Nanaki————has affirmed this world

you have done well

This might be hasty, but even so, Nanaki cannot stand still. My master has started walking. A servant must not fall behind. It is only halfway, no, only the beginning. From here on, even if there is suffering, Nanaki will become a strong human that can continue affirming the world.

you are strong already

Thus, please, Nanaki wants you to celebrate your daughter’s departure.


And in truth, there is one more thing. Nanaki is sorry for being a selfish daughter. But please listen to these words Nanaki couldn’t say back when Nanaki was always crying. When Nanaki thinks about it, Nanaki was just thinking it and has never said it out loud even once.

what is it?

“——I love you, Mother.”

I love you too

Nanaki will walk on together with my master.

live well

Mother liked blue. The colour of my master’s eyes is the colour of lapis luzuli, the colour Mother loved. And also please look at this sky. Today is a clear day. Can you see it from that place? The blue that Mother loved continues on forever.

Yes, I see it

“Nanaki, we’re gonna be late.”

“I’m sorry, I will come now.”

“Was there something strange in the sky?”

“No, just——”


Nanaki will be going, Mother.

beloved daughter

“—— it’s good the sky is blue.”

The end

Author’s note: Preface -end-

Hecate’s add-on: quite a short ending to the preface…which somehow has a lot of feels TT^TT. Well, the real story starts now~

Edit(13/12/2012):….why was I pretending to be her Mother in the white font….well it was prob because it felt sad that no one was responding to her…….



13 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.8: My sky is cloudy though

  1. thanks!
    there is indeed a lot of feels! ah—! so her mother and zean have similarities, and i get such a wistful feeling from this chapter!


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        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
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