Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.9: Slow and steady wins the race

I don’t like that Face

Today is a holiday, though that may be so, Nanaki’s morning starts early.

(T/N: holiday for the general people~ sadly not for Nanaki)

It is desirable to rise with the sun. Greetings to the still gloomy sky, good morning. I opened the window and let a little of the cool morning air into the room. It doesn’t smell like rain, the weather today seems good.

but…rain is good….

Nanaki is a maid, there are mountains of things to do in the morning. I quickly cast off my sleep-wear and washed my face in the bathroom. I got the urge to take a quick shower, but a battle with the hated dust awaits Nanaki. Showering twice would be a waste of time, quick transformation into work clothes.


Since I finished changing, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. Hair check, clothes checks, spirit check. Lastly I put on the new headband that was bought for me and maid Nanaki is complete. Everyone of this affirmed world, it’s morning. And it’s Nanaki, good morning.


Preparations complete, deploy.

to the front lines!

The morning’s work begins with laundry. I collected the laundry baskets in each room in a second, one for each person. I understand separating the master’s laundry from the servants, but it’s just extra work to separate even that of head butler Ridolf and Nanaki. It’s just that the head butler strongly recommended it so Nanaki consented.


Head butler Ridolf is still young, his gentlemanly appearance is one that is well-liked by women. He is surely of that age, since it’s just extra work and not troublesome, I should be mindful of head butler Ridolf. Friend, why are you shaking your head. Was Nanaki mistaken about anything?

I don’t think so…?

You probably want me to care about you. But Nanaki is busy right now, I will get some time later, so let’s talk a bunch then. Nanaki wants to treat her friend preciously.


Now then, while the washing machine is spinning around, let’s wash the high-quality clothes. Wash the high-quality cloth gently by hand. And so move from indoors to outdoors, double time.

quickly quickly



I arrived. But I think head butler Ridolf was greeting me so put the high-quality clothes in a laundry bucket for now and once again double time. Hurrying Nanaki.

get back here!

“——od morning, Nanaki-san”

“Good morning, head butler Ridolf.”

“An amazing speed as usual.”

“It is my redeeming feature.”

“How lively. Today is a not school day for Zean-sama so we will be working in two shifts. I look forward to working with you today.”

“Likewise, I look forward to working with you.”


Bow. And then after confirming that we had both raised our heads, double time for a third time. While filling the large laundry bucket with water, prepare the detergent and fabric conditioner. Estimating by eye is forbidden, measure it out. Slight error, permissible, pour it in. Mix it without delay. This special Nanaki is not inferior to even a washing machine, spinspinspinspin——I got covered with foam. Awawa.

washing machine Nanaki

After getting wet once, I quickly, but gently washed the high-quality clothes. But no matter what there are some that became faded. That can’t be helped for an amateur, let’s leave it to the specialists. Clothes for the washing machine, lightning for Nanaki.

maids don’t need lightning…maybe?

With the high-quality clothes done, back to my personal room at the fastest speed. And then purge, strip and fold everything in the dressing room, then slid into the bathroom. It’s dangerous so people other than Nanaki must not copy this. I would like to slowly soak myself in the bathtub, but that is something to look forward to at night.

don’t run on wet floor

I quickly washed my body and carefully washed my hair a little. Nanaki’s hair is long, so no matter what maintaining it costs time. But I still have time until the washing machine finishes its role. I will enjoy this blissful time a little more. Unlike in the wild, warm water, my thanks to mankind’s intelligence.

only cold water in the wild

Refreshed. As expected it takes time for my hair to dry, and so the answer is magic. I’m thankful for Nanaki’s talent. Take out a change of underwear and work clothes, instant equip. I have returned, it’s Nanaki. Take more laundry and bring it to the washing machine. Quickly take out and the contents and dunk in head butler Ridolf’s laundry. Once again to the courtyard.

Nanaki not wet anymore

I have come. Quickly and carefully hang them out one by one to dry. Today will definitely have good weather. It seems like it would dry immediately. After drying the laundry, while the washing machine is working hard, I set about cleaning. Since Nanaki has showered, be careful about the dust, recite.

(T/N: She showered before cleaning anyway….)

Please look Mother, this is Nanaki’s morning. It may seem slightly busy, but Nanaki likes this kind of morning.



What is a meaningful holiday? To relax and rest your body, to spend time with family, it differs for each person. But both do not apply in my master’s case. In the early afternoon of this holiday, Nanaki stands by master while playing a staring game with documents.

one thing Nanaki can actually lose at

“Things have become easier since there is no longer any more obstruction from Arkahn.”

“Nobles understand the best what happens if they take revenge after losing a duel after all. But we cannot be negligent, Zean-sama.”

“I know. Now is the chance while he is being docile. I cannot fail here.”

good luck

Stay silent.

Nanaki’s golden silence

My master and head butler Ridolf are at work. Nanaki was originally a military officer, honestly speaking I probably cannot help when it comes to talks about finance. Having spent my youth in the wild, until I met the Five Emperors, I did not know numbers beyond a thousand.

you dont need them to live

The one who granted me the skills necessary to live in the imperial capital was you, Flame Empress Envy. Envy, you were something like a sister to Nanaki. But you probably will not forgive Nanaki. The day of the prophecy, you became heartless towards me.


All that time spent with Nanaki was cut off immeadiately for the sake of the capital. Please be proud Envy, you were noble. Nanaki does not resent you, even now I miss you. We parted that way so I wasn’t able to say it, but thank you for taking care of Nanaki for those four years.

bye sis

Now then, I have made you wait Friend. Nanaki has free time now. Let’s talk about something.

conversational partner god

“For now, let’s try asking Nanaki’s opinion.”


“Well she was a military officer so it’s not like I don’t understand your reaction but……an unexpected answer might come.”

good or bad way?

I’m sorry Friend, please wait a bit.


“If Nanaki has limited money, what would you buy in order to amass wealth?”

“……likely meat.”

“Food……the reason?”

“If I’m hungry, I can’t figh——”

“Thank you, I will consider it. Nanaki go pour some tea.”


food is important

Nanaki will not be crushed. From today Nanaki thinks she will obligate herself to study finances. Wrong, I’m not mortified. Nanaki is different in mother nature, it’s not an excuse. It’s just that Nanaki, no as I said Nanaki was originally in that big forest ah never mind, shut up Friend.

exscuses~ excuses~

Okay, this conversation ends here.

don’t escape!

Focus on pouring tea for now, this is good. Usually head butler Ridolf is in charge of this, but maybe because they were excessively shaken, no one protested at Nanaki making the preparations. This is a good chance. If Nanaki shows her skills here, she might allowed to stand in the kitchen once again.

banned from kitchen

Nanaki is a special human. I have watched head butler Ridolf’s movements closely everyday.  It will be fine if I do it the same way. Easy. Use as much as possible of my talents to imitate head butler Ridolf’s movements. With this is it complete, as quickly as possible carry it without spilling a drop.

too fast

“I have made you wait.”

not long enough

Look friend. This is master maid Nanaki. Slowly and elegantly, I placed two people’s portions of tea on the table. Limited to this, speed is not necessary. Be elegant, Nanaki. Now, please drink up, and please allow Nanaki to step into the kitchen.


“……Nanaki-san. Please, try drinking my share.”



taste your own medicine

Head butler Ridolf, I shall accept that challenge. You have misunderstood Nanaki. Nanaki is a special human. I will be troubled if you compare me to the average. This red tea has been poured by perfectly replicating your movements. Defeat does not exist for Nanaki in this match.

….you sure?

“Then excuse me, I shall drink up……Ho”




I bit my tongue and killed off the scream that rose up. This prideful Nanaki must not scream, that is more suitable for bloodshed. Don’t change expression, yes, that’s fine. Nanaki is as usual. But I will admit my failure. I shall leave calmly and plot my recovery.

…dont push yourself

“Hai whale go hee four heh hee.” (I will go repour the tea)

“……Na, nanaki-san please take a break. And don’t forget to cool down.”


burnt tongue

I thanks him for his concern and returned to my room.

strategic retreat

I cooled my tongue in my room and was soon able to move it. In fact the damage from the bleeding caused by me biting it was bigger. But more importantly, I must reflect. Until this afternoon, I have failed in laundry, finance and tea. Three incidences, that is too much. This is no a fitting result for the special Nanaki.

special, not perfect

But be assured my Friend. Nanaki won’t be broken by something like this. What? Fall seven times, get up eight? Friend, you have extensive knowledge. But that is slightly wrong, those words are not suitable for Nanaki. You are curious? You should be.

what’s better?

Then please listen quietly, Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul.


I will now teach you the words fitting for me.

bade feeling

“Fall Nanaki times, how is it Friend——hebuu!?”

(T/N: someone help me pun it in english, 七転びナナキ= nanahakobinanaki)


The end

Yes, they fight with swords, yes, there is magic, yes, it’s a washing machine, yes, it’s Nanaki.

It will be explained in later chapters so please ignore the discrepancy for now

and Hecate doesn’t know what face, that’s exactly what the title says



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