Lightning Empress Maid

Someone asked for it, so here it is

Character illustrations

(From author)


best maid

Protagonist of the story.

A transcended one that the Frost Empire boasts of, one of the Five Emperors, Lightning Empress Nanaki.

The name of the god that serves as her proof of being a transcended one is Ilveng=Nazgul

The youngest successor of the title of Five Emperors to date, her strength is said to be the strongest in history, a talented monster.

Chased out from the capital due to a prophecy, met Zean at Freyline.

And there it begun, the legend of the master maid.

  • Likes: Mother   Nazgul   Envy   Meat
  • Dislikes: Enemies



(Top left: Nanakismile

Top right: Nanaki: “Ai habu pept bu faifing.” (I have kept you waiting) Zean: ” Hurry up and go cool down”

Bottom left: …Guuguu

Bottom right: It’s war.)


strongest god….not

God that follows Nanaki.

The mythical ‘Lightning of Legend’that is said to have slaughtered over a hundred gods during the god world war.

Of a different level from the gods that follows the other Five Emperors, his is not in a servile relationship with Nanaki and is a friend.

Hates humans other than Nanaki and gods other than himself and so has a habit of wanting to quickly kill them.

Having lost to the young Nanaki solo, has lent his ears to Nanaki’s words a little and softened his attitude.

But will definitely not listen to anyone other than Nanaki

  • Likes: Nanaki
  • Dislikes: Humans   Gods


and combo!

And picture from LN confirmation


Character tones

(By Hecate because it’s hard to convey in English)


Speaking: very polite, except….certain situations. Uses pronoun “I”

Internal monologue: casual, unless thinking about master. Tends to refer to herself by name, except in serious situations.

is a rabbit


Doesn’t speak…?

very expressive

◇Master (Zean Alfred): Casual towards servants and family, polite otherwise

◇Meia Alfred (Younger sister): Casual, slightly commanding

◇Fio Laygen (Meia’s servant): Polite

◇Head butler Ridolf: Polite

◇Shiel Mercury (fiancee): oink oink…….just jk, pls don’t kill me. Polite, ojou-sama speech. (Wa and all that at the end of sentences)


◇Vilmott Arkahn: Rude, coarse

◇Nameless Knight: Polite

◇Akiha Shinohara: Polite, slightly more casual tone towards Nanaki

arkahn camp^

◇Sword Emperor Silver: Casual, Rude towards Nanaki

◇Martial Emperor Raicou: Rough

◇Flame Empress Envy: Casual

◇Sky Empress Salia: Casual

◇Five Emperor Candidate Leon: Rude, more polite towards the Five Emperors (not Nanaki)

◇Successor(?) Aiysha knightleigh: Rough

Someone asked for illustrations which I intended to add after the second (third?) arc because I thought there were spoilers, then I checked again and not that much so I guess it’s fine. Unfortunately that is all there is ;-; I want more too

The Characters tones list is something I created for the reason stated above, kind of serves as a character list, will update it as more characters are introduced…….have I missed anyone so far?

Edit: I definitely missed a lot. Well the important people should be there


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