Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.11: Shiel or…?

She came


….deep breath

This isn’t the time to space out. Nanaki is being greeted by master’s fiancee, what are you doing Nanaki. Nanaki, the servant of prideful master, must not show such inappropriate behaviour. Bend my waist and deeply, respectfully bow. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki. Nanaki has been extremely rude, Nanaki apologises.

how polite

And Mother, please forgive Nanaki for falsifying this name that Mother gave Nanaki. But this is all for the sake of seeing the beautiful world that Mother spoke of.


“My name is Nana Nana. Hereafter, if there is anything you require please say it. Shiel-sama.”



Why are you laughing my master.

no im not

“My, what a wonderful servant! As expected of Zean-sama, his servants have class!”

what a nice girl

Aah, Nanaki apologises. Nanaki apologises, Shiel-sama. You have praised Nanaki’s dignity. And yet Nanaki was rendered speechless by your appearance, by that great physique. People cannot be judged by their appearances. The proof of that is that she is a human capable of praising people. She’s a person with a beautiful heart.

the inside is what’s important

And yet just because she did not match Nanaki’s ideal, what foolishness. This is conduct that taints Nanaki’s pride, Nanaki must make up for it. Even though Nanaki said that, to apologise out loud would only hurt her. Then there is no choice but to display Nanaki’s sincerity through Nanaki’s attitude. Give her the best hospitality such that she will think of this day as the best day.

nanaki service

Additionally, Nanaki shall grant Nanaki a punishment. A week from now, eating meat is forbidden. With this lesson, Nanaki shall strive to serve Shiel-sama with Nanaki’s whole heart. No Friend, Nanaki is not thinking anything like she seems delicious. Nanaki does not eat people. But Nanaki like pork, it’s delicious.


“Come, I have prepared a carriage. Let’s talk about our days when we couldn’t meet as we head home, Zean-sama!”


“Of course, Nana-san too. Now, please sit beside me, Zean-sama.”

what a sweet girl

A wonderful thing was said to Nanaki. But Shiel-sama, there is no longer space in that carriage for Nanaki to enter. Please enjoy yourselves together. Nanaki has something she must do after all.


“Thank you very much. But please do not mind me.”

“Is that so? There is no need to hold back.”

“Na……Nana has an errand to run. Don’t mind it.”

nice save master

As expected of master, what a good way to avoid pointing out there is no space. A gentleman must be like hat. After bowing the two of them, Nanaki closed the door. And then the horse carriage set off————did not.

….poor horse

“……I’m sorry, can you help me?”



Nanaki nodded at the driver uncle that asked for help with a tearful look. You are facing difficulties, please leave it to Nanaki. Nanaki shall be your strength. Nanaki went behind the carriage and slowly putting in strength, pushed. Nanaki’s strength is not that of a human’s, if Nanaki pushed with all of Nanaki’s strength the carriage will become a star.

blasting off again~

The wheels moved. Once it moved out, it’s fine. After that Nanaki leaves it to you horse-san. Nanaki still has something she must do. That single wheel that seems like it is going to float up any moment, Nanaki must quickly do something about this tilt. Nanaki can tell, at this rate it will definitely overturn.

….thats not …good

The wheels that turned once quickly caught on. But the weight balance problem is serious, the carriage’s trajectory is extremely dangerous. But be assured, Nanaki is here. Nanaki quickly jumped onto the side of the carriage that was floating up and weighed it down. This way is a little more stable. When Nanaki looked to the front, the driver uncle was giving Nanaki a thumbs up with a nice smile.

gud job

It felt slightly improper, but Nanaki also smiled and returned the thumbs up. To safely finish this return trip, Nanaki’s and uncle’s teamwork is indispensable. For the sake of our respective masters, let’s work hard, uncle.

2 heads are better than 1

Thus the carriage set off.

well nanaki did everything though

Nanaki that hanging onto the side of the carriage was eye-catching. Nanaki is sorry to trouble you, everyone of Freyline, I’m Nanaki. It feels slightly embarrassing to be under these many stares, but this is for the sake of my master and his fiancee, Shiel-sama. This is not shame, Nanaki will hold Nanaki’s chest high.

you dont have much of one

The wind feels good right, Friend?

it’s nice and cooling~

Come to think of it, one of the books Nanaki borrowed from Salia back when Nanaki was in the capital had a scene like this. But that was not a carriage but a bus. In the present when people have stopped pursuing science and is pursuing magic instead, that will probably never be reproduced.


But since there is a similar situation, even if it is not perfect, Nanaki can try to imitate it. If Nanaki remembers correctly, reach out like this and feel the wind on all of your body. And then embrace the lover that jumps out of a bus passing by in the opposite lane.

what a romantic

And then the two pledged their love on the outside of the moving bus.


“I love you Katherine……Me too Mike————rugo!?”

are you en’light’ended on the dangers now?

When hanging off the side of a carriage you must not reach your body out. There are lamp posts.



“That really helped, thank you.”

“No, it is I who should say so.”

this politeness is something I wuill never get

When the destination, master’s estate, came into view, the driver uncle thanked me with yet another nice smile. Humans should help each other when troubled. So Nanaki responded with a smile, Nanakismile of gratitude. But Nanaki is sorry uncle. Nanaki just realised.


Nanaki could have used magic.


Nanaki forgot. Nanaki was entranced by the story from the book Nanaki borrowed from Salia and needlessly added onto uncle’s troubles. And to add on top of that this embarrassing failure, Nanaki should reflect a little. If it wasn’t Nanaki, that impact would have caused death.

lamp post op

It really is good Nanaki has this sturdy body. Thank you for giving birth to a strong body, Mother. Thanks to that, although it hurt a little, Nanaki is unharmed.

….too sturdy

“Fuu, we have arrived.”


Soon, the carriage stopped. With this the uncle’s role is over, thank you for your hard work. When Nanaki got off the carriage and looked towards the estate, head butler Ridolf is already standing by. As expected of the head butler. Well, the only servants at the mansion are head butler Ridolf and Nanaki though.


Nanaki opened the door of the carriage and first took my master’s hand. Nanaki does not know what you talked about in there, but that face is unacceptable. The spirit in those eyes in that tired out face has become sluggish. Right now we have a visitor, you must be more dignified. Next Nanaki took Shiel-sama’s hand. Nanaki’s hand was enveloped in meat.

small hand?

Seems delici————What a big hand Nanaki thought yes. No Friend, Nanaki did not say anything Nanaki did not think of anything. From close up, due to her tall height for a girl, she seems like a wall. Because she is well-padded, Nanaki cannot tell where is the chest, where is the stomach and where the torso extends until.

meat wall

“Thank you, Nana-san.”


Since she specially thanked Nanaki, Nanaki smiled and bowed. And quickly move, double time. Stand next to head butler Ridolf, bow Nanaki’s head and standby. Welcome to the family house, I’m Nanaki. But this is head butler Ridolf’s line so Nanaki must not say it out. As expected of Nanaki, Nanaki understands.

yesyes, good girl

“Welcome to the family home, please enter Shiel-sama.”

“It has been a while, Ridolf-san.”

it’s been a while~

Since she is my master’s fiancee, of course she has met head butler Ridolf. Nanaki is a special human, so Nanaki made a prediction. Seeing as the sky’s colour is changing from blue to red, Shiel-sama will probably be joining us for dinner here.


Yes, that is what Nanaki wants to know, head butler Ridolf.


If you have met her you should know, how much does Shiel-sama consume? Nanaki cannot imagine it, but would not a considerable amount be necessary? Could you mass produce that amount while maintaining quality, with just you alone?

don’t underestimate the head butler

Nanaki thinks that is quite impossible. Humans other than Nanaki must not do the impossible. People really should help each other. If you would give Nanaki the orders, Nanaki has made preparations to secure foodstuffs. Nanaki knows very well the place that that foodstuff frequents. Now, head butler Ridolf, let us help each other.


“Please have dinner at this house for today. We have called in a skilled chef.”

“Well! I look forward to it!”

What a high-spirited girl

Nanaki is not looking forward to it.

Don’t be a spoilsport

The day that Nanaki stands in the kitchen is still in the future. For the sake of that day that will eventually arrive, let’s prepare some prospective ingredients. One day Nanaki will make you say it is delicious. Once you eat Nanaki’s hand-cooked food————


“————na…….What’s wrong? Nana.”

nana be distracted?

————-Ah, this is bad. To miss prideful master’s words, what a failure. Nanaki apologises, my master. But before that, Nanaki would like to thank you. For these good days that Nanaki obtained after meeting you. Nanaki must use her full strength to protect the present.

sounds like a flag

If Nanaki has pride in the decision Nanaki made that day, Nanaki must enforce that pride.

death flag?

“————Can I be excused? My master.”

do’t go!

I see, of all people you came.



The end

Hecate keeps mistyping Shiel as Shield……….meat shiel(d)?

……I’m sorry

Edit(15/12/2017): ….already getting slightly depressed since I know what comes next



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