Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.12: Naming regrets

Sad Strength

Nanaki knew we would meet again but Nanaki had hoped it wouldn’t be you.

(T/N: we=Five Emperors and Nanaki)

If only it wasn’t you who, excluding mother and Friend who sticks with Nanaki, is the one with whom Nanaki has spent the longest time together with since Nanaki’s birth. Nanaki is grateful to everyone of the Five Emperors. Nanaki respects the pride that each of you hold. But Envy, you, you are the only one Nanaki wished would not come.

I had to come

Your existence is too strong for this world. You would know where Nanaki is or when Nanaki called for you. As expected, you are noble, Envy. You are being concerned for the surroundings of this Nanaki that has left the imperial capital. If Nanaki had to fight with master behind me, there would be nothing Nanaki could do. My thanks.

dou itashimashite~

Envy, Nanaki remembers.


The day we first met. The day Nanaki became a Five Emperor. The day Nanaki met the emperor. The days we fought together. The days we laughed together. The days we argued. And the flower we saw together at the capital. Even so, Nanaki was unable to affirm that world.

I remember too

The world that Nanaki affirmed is this world. Envy, Nanaki wants to convey to you this world that Nanaki has seen and affirmed. But that will probably never come true. That day, it was denied, Nanaki denied it. So there is no choice but to fight. For our own prides.


“……It was a promise.”

that should not have been made

My master is a wise person. He understood from Nanaki’s expression and single sentence. The situation now is different from then. This is not the capital. Envy can probably use her power as much as she likes. If two Five emperors clashed for real, Freyline won’t even last a few minutes before being wiped out.


Just that Nanaki is also different from that time. Master promised me. If this day comes, abandon me, is what Nanaki said. But that day we only had a temporary relationship. There was no trust then. But now it is different.

you have changed.

————I will return here.

I won’t let you

“I have no intention of letting you go yet. Come back later.”


Nanaki smiled. It feels like he peeked into Nanaki’s heart. Thank you, good master. Nanaki has intended to express the wish to remain here. To make the master say it, Nanaki really cannot be said to be a good servant. Nanaki must return to make up for this.

a good reason to return

Nanaki has accepted it, this place where master is.

your new home

As long as Nanaki receives permission, it is fine, there is no need to reply. That would be doubting master’s trust. What Nanaki should do is with all of Nanaki’s gratefulness and respect, bow Nanaki’s head to master. But if Nanaki just replied mentally, could it be forgiven?


Nanaki will definitely return, to your side.

go forth nanaki

Let’s go Friend————tonight will be a death match.



What should the first words be?


An apology is wrong. Thanking her for everything would be wrong too. Neither is it to talk about my pride nor show enmity. Nanaki thinks this should be correct. Then at least, let’s report.


“I had a good encounter. Envy.”

“————Haha. That’s good. I was worried about you.”

whether you were fine alone

After a pause, she laughed. That is the same smile she has shown Nanaki multiple times. Flames do not just burn, they give people warmth. But she is one of the Five Emperors, Flame Empress Envy. In the capital it is said that her hell fire would turn all her enemies to ash.

no difference

“I think it probably had to be me. Silver and Raicou are out of the question. Salia is slightly better but is still no good. The first one to meet you again, probably had to be me.”

it is destiny

Nanaki did not even think of interrupting Envy as she spoke while leaning against a tree. Nanaki just listened to her words. This is most likely, going to become our last memory together after all. Most likely, after this is a future where one of us is gone.

say your farewells….

“I had things I wanted to say. A lot of things.”

I will say them now

Envy might have the same feelings. She spoke as she looked up at the ruby sky.

my last chance

“You were cute. I thought of you as a little sister. Really, you were a stupid kid but had the strength to not lose to anyone despite being a child, thanks to that you gave me a lot of trouble and wasted a lot of my time. But I liked taking care of that idiot. This time is the same. Nanaki is bad at too many things.”

not perfect

Don’t raise me up only to drop me.

it’s the truth

“Nanaki you see, your heart is too strong. You face things you don’t have to face. There was no need to intentionally go out the front gates. If you had silently disappeared, it would have ended with me being lonely. But as expected Nanaki was Nanaki. That was too forceful.”

if only 

Yes, Nanaki is one of the strong. Nanaki must be so, Nanaki must be so or else. Nanaki must become strong or else Nanaki cannot survive. Even Mother that held that much strength fell to the fate of this world and lost her life. Nanaki will survive. That is one of the promises that Nanaki made with Mother on that final day.

you left quietly

Even if Nanaki’s older sister to whom Nanaki owes a great debt points her sword at Nanaki, Nanaki will live.

I wouldn’t have to

And Envy, it should be the same for you.

hunt you down

“I am a Five Emperor. One of the Five Emperors, Flame Empress Envy. Just like Nanaki, I have things I must protect. No matter how cute I think you are, no matter how much I wish to not kill you, I must kill you. That is the duty that a Five Emperor must bear.”

my duty

Both sides have something we cannot yield. That is enough, Envy.

is opposed to what you must do

It’s fine for the method to decide whose pride is superior to be primitive. It is the rule of this world that the stronger one survives. But that is why you should not have chosen this method. Because you are noble, because you are proud————you came alone.

out of my own choise

Why did you not bring them?

I needed to do this alone

Silver, Raicou, Salia. That is no good Envy. Even though you know Nanaki.

I know

“This is a curse, Nanaki. You understand right?”

you get it too right?

Those were kind words. She is warning me that Nanaki bears a curse that will continue forever if Nanaki does not end it. If Nanaki wishes for the present, Nanaki must end it. Nanaki cannot avoid it any more. That’s probably why she said it. That this is a curse. To break it off.

show me your resolve

Thank you, Nanaki’s soul sister.

you’re welcome

This time for sure, let’s make our farewells.

yes, so

“Let’s change locations, Nanaki. Come.”

here is no good.

The decisive place is not this remote mountain depths. It is because we hold power that exceeds human imagination that we arrived at that place in an instant.


The stage is, the Ruins.

of the world

“The Ruins of the Finished Age. Here there is nobody. Nobody will come either.”

A fitting place

The ruins of the time that people lived with science. The huge buildings built in the ancient past, they are now rotted and half-collapsed. The goddess that once signified freedom has become an ornament that no one worships anymore. The finished age. The age that people ended.

in a rebellion?

“Let’s talk about the past, Nanaki. This place used to be the country that held the most power in the world. But just one human ended that age. That also seemed to be part of a prophecy. ……And now, the same prophecy has come out. You see, this world……no longer has the strength to endure the next one.”

it will end for real

The start of the god world war. It was a nightmare caused by just one human. That was all taught to me by Envy.

That is why

“So let’s end it at this place where it all started————Come, ‘Hiyent=Helios'”

I must kill you

The Golden Inferno Hiyent=Helios. The hell fire that Envy subjugated and now serves her. That hell fire enveloped Envy’s body and she transcended into Flame Empress Envy.

with my own hands

“Armament manifestation————‘Flame knight of Creation-All Chevalier'”


The fuse of battle has been lit, literally.


The flames that was no longer restrained roared up towards the sky, the hell fire shook the very atmosphere. Any and everything is returned to ash before this hellfire exceeding tens of thousands of degrees. Crimson knight armour and an enormous sword of flame. In front Nanaki, Flame Empress Envy has descended. She has come.

time for talk is over

“Nanaki is strong. I know that. Even with me as an opponent, you definitely won’t hesitate. No, no matter who it is you won’t hesitate. But Nanaki.”

strength is not everything

Yes, Nanaki is strong. Nanaki won’t run anymore.

for that strength

“That strength is too sad.”

you have lost too much

Let us sing our farewells together, Ilveng=Nazgul. We won’t be able to meet anymore. We won’t be able to laugh together anymore. In order to break the curse, a song of farewell————

goodbye sis

“————too slow Nanaki.”

The end

Hecate’s bad naming:

Envy’s name in Japanese is エンビ, romaji form is Enbi, and the way it is pronounced is basically how ‘envy’ would be pronounced with a japanese accent….doesn’t fit Envy’s personality though ;-;

Edit(16/12/2017): someone pointed out for me that enbi was also a reading for flame in japanese. So, yeah, there’s that.



11 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.12: Naming regrets

  1. Thanks for the chapter and supporting our laziness.
    エンビ could be a punny name: 炎火 just written in katakana instead. But then the other emperors don’t seem to do that…


  2.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
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  3. Well… a certain maid story’s male lead is named Greed
    (Japanese author logic)
    So I’m fine with ignoring the name’s definition… or you can leave it at [Enbi]

    Thank you for the translation, poor Nanaki get damned by a random prophecy… At this point, I’m seriously wondering if the prophecy is a self-fulfilling type since Nanaki herself wouldn’t randomly destroy without reason… like…

    [without prophecy] : Lightning Emperor Nanaki
    [with prophecy] : Runaway (maid?) Nanaki that destroy the world in order to keep on living



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