Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.13: Fire vs Lightning

Kind Weakness

————This is a curse.

it must be broken

This must be the punishment for denying the world Mother loved. Nanaki could not affirm that world. And even on this path that Nanaki has arrived at, the curse followed Nanaki. It will probably keep on following Nanaki anywhere, everywhere. As long as it is not ended, as long as Nanaki lives.

if you want to be free

Sword Emperor Silver, Martial Emperor Raicou, Sky Empress Salia and Flame Empress Envy.

the four curses

Due to their high pride, they will come to Nanaki as curses. Then Nanaki must dispel it. No matter the sacrifice, Nanaki must live on. There is no good or bad in pride. The proof of pride is whether you can be proud of yourself. Whether you can recognise yourself.

everyone has their own prides

Nanaki affirms Nanaki.

That pride is self-affirmation

Nanaki has things Nanaki cannot go against. Nanaki has things Nanaki cannot overlook. Nanaki has promises. Nanaki has reasons why Nanaki must live. Even if that world and even if this world rejects Nanaki as well. Nanaki alone must affirm Nanaki.

so she must be proud

After all, it is too sad.

no one else can do it

The promises Nanaki made with Mother, the pride Nanaki learnt and the strength to live. Has Nanaki been born for all those to be denied and killed by a mere prophecy? This life, this name and this pride that Nanaki received from Mother, were they born for something like that?

only Nanaki

No. Nanaki will not accept that.

that is why nanaki has become strong

What has Nanaki obtained this strength for. What has Mother made Nanaki stronger until she lost her life for.

to be strong enough 

————to be able to crush it.

everything in her way

Be it fate, be it the world, be it difficulties, be it prophecy. This is strength to be able to crush it all and for Nanaki to keep on living. Ah, I see. Nanaki was still lost. Because that world was the world that Mother loved.

nothing will stop Nanaki

Goodbye, world that Mother loved.

Nothing can stop Nanaki

The world had pointed its blade at Nanaki. Then Nanaki shall respond. Yes, now, the world has become Nanaki’s enemy. No mercy, no compassion. Pay attention, Nanaki’s enemy. If you want this Nanaki’s life, come at Nanaki with the resolve to lose the entire world.

the resolve to bet everything

The one who raised their blade first was you, so have the corresponding resolve. Even if that results in the prophesied conclusion, what ever you do, do not regret it. Nanaki had left, yet the one that chased was you.

prepare to die


even you

That’s right. That’s why you are also an enemy. Envy.

Nanaki’s sister

“Ahaah……from the start I couldn’t even get through that last gap. The switch has completely been flipped……”

enemy recognised

Nanaki brushed away the descending sparks. If those blocking Nanaki’s path do not yield, they shall be cut down. Even if it is the older sister Nanaki owes a great debt to, even if it is justice in order to stop the prophecy, that has nothing to do with Nanaki. There is only one important thing, those are all Nanaki’s enemies. They are unnecessary. They are unnecessary for the world that Nanaki has affirmed.

an eyesore

So disappear.

come, Ilveng=Nazgul

Armament manisfestation————‘Almighty lightning knight-Magia Chevalier’.

end it 

This once, let’s show Nanaki’s strength. It would be great if you cower, trembling, do not stand before this Nanaki. But Nanaki will not stop you if you hold on to your pride and stand before Nanaki. Be assured, this Nanaki will help you in your suicide. Die holding on to your pride.

once and for all

“Now, let us begin——Envy.”

“That, really is a sad strength.”



The crimson flames that attacked one after another changed the ruins of the finished age to ash. But those flames will never reach Nanaki. The approaching sword, the flames that turn everything to ash, they are all too slow. That is excessively conceited. For you to think that you can catch lightning.

nobody can catch nanaki


not even god

The world was covered in flames.


Envy is probably aiming for a fatal blow. Oxygen deprivation will not work on this Nanaki. Did you think you could defeat Nanaki using a blindspot? If you lose the initiative, you won’t stand a chance. If you want to enforce that pride, attack with you full strength. Like this Nanaki.



nanaki’s power

The lightning that was produced erased the hellfire that burns everything to ashes and filled the surroundings with flashes of light. This armour that was manifested with a fraction of his power contains the will of Ilveng=Nazgul. A unity of god and human, you are not fighting Nanaki alone.

is not her’s alone

Unlike the Five Emperors, Nanaki has never treated a god as a tool. Against us whose hearts are connected, you who treats your god as a tool had no way of winning.

it is 1 against 2

“Will you surrender, Envy?”

but no

If you want to break through this situation, there is no way but to fully manifest Hiyent=Helios. There is no one here, no one will come either. The one who said that was you, Envy. Now, summon it.

even if it is useless

Nanaki will destroy it all.

the effort must be made

“I already knew, but this is a little ridiculous……”

for pride

Envy grumbled as she wiped her sooty face. The armour covering her body is covered with many painful scars. It was a mistake to even challenge Nanaki in close quarter combat. If people expose themselves to lightning, even children know what will happen. But even so, she had come.

she will not run

Prideful Flame Empress, Nanaki will at least send you a tribute.

in honour of that bravery

“————Burn all of creation. Manifest, Golden Inferno Hiyent=Helios!!”

“————Let us fulfil the promise we made that day here, let us go together. Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul.”

a clash between two five emperors

Now, two gods have descended.

a clash between gods

The heat of the goddess clad in golden flames turns all to ashes. No, that heat does not reach the jet-black divine knight clad in lightning. God of fire and god of lightning. Just the two of them materialising in this world scattered an absurd amount of energy around. The ground cracked, the ruins melted, lightning shattered the sky.

this is how the world ended once

“By the name of the Flame Empress, defeat the enemy of the capital!! End it with a scorching blow!!”

the power of gods

That was the sun descending on the earth.

everything shall burn

The shine of the sword that Envy holds would burn human eyes and melt everything. Even with the armour of Ilveng=Nazgul that heat cannot be blocked. If that strike lands, it would mean death. Her absolute full strength, this cannot be defended against.

it has come

No postponement. The time to decide it has come.

the end

“————Sword of the Sun.”

is here

The Sword of the Sun became a huge pillar of light that extended to the sky. I see, this is something that cannot be dodged with speed alone. This is Flame Empress Envy’s prided attack. What a beautiful light. Although there was such a beautiful thing, Nanaki was not able to affirm that world.

now then

Let us answer, Friend.

Nanaki’s turn

Engrave Nanaki’s strength into your mind, world. And from now on, remember it as many times as you like. The meaning of fighting Nanaki. After receiving this scar, if you still come and face Nanaki, Nanaki shall destroy everything. If Nanaki does not take anything, nothing will end.

you have touched

Now, the Lightning of Legend’s.

the lightning empress’

————————‘Destruction Lightning – Dio End’

reverse scale


it is too late

The Lightning of Legend that poured from the entire visible sky. This heavy lightning will erase this entire battlefield. Envy’s sword has come before Nanaki’s eyes. She probably aimed for a simultaneous strike with the resolve to die. But Envy, Nanaki is not alone. Nanaki is different from Envy.

to regret


thank you

Ilveng=Nazgul protected Nanaki with his body. Even if it is Friend, that one strike cannot be blocked, but an instant is enough. Since he stopped that sword for an instant, the lightning raining from the sky will end everything. Thank you Friend, you really are kind.

all for nanaki


silence of the end

The end is always too quick. All the descending lightning pierced Envy’s body. But as a final resistance, just like how Nanaki and Friend did, she used Hiyent=Helios as a shield and managed to avoid a fatal blow. But this changes nothing. Even if you survive, you no longer have the strength to fight Nanaki.

final blow

————Let’s end it.


I walked towards her who could no longer move her body well.


‘After thousand(千) is ten thousand(万), after ten thousand is a hundred million(億). Aah you are so slow.’


Nanaki is strong


‘This is the money of the capital. You can’t buy anything without it. Hey, don’t throw it away!’


If not Nanaki cannot survive.


‘See, it’s pretty right? It’s called sakura. It’s a tree that cannot be found anywhere but the capital.’


Because that was the promise.


‘————Come, Nanaki.’


Something flowed down my cheek.


This is not something that Nanaki as one of the strong can spill. Even so, Nanaki cannot stop Nanaki’s vision from blurring. Nanaki denied it, Nanaki was denied. The one who fought in order to bid farewell, in order to steal, was Nanaki, It’s cowardly, these tears are for cowards to cry. It is not something this prideful Nanaki can cry.

but you cannot deny

And yet, although that was how it should be.

your feelings

It won’t stop. It won’t stop it won’t stop. The days we spent together won’t leave my mind. The memories gouged at my heart. It hurts, it hurts it hurts it hurts ithurtsithurtsithurts————it hurts, Envy.

I feel it too…


I’m trying not to

If it will not end without taking her life. In order to end it to break the curse. I must swing this sword down on Envy. It’s a curse, it’s to end it. Because of that, because of that Nanaki will swing it down.


Ah, Mother. Please, just for now.

don’t force yourself

————is it okay to be weak?


“……bye, Nanaki.”


The end




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24 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.13: Fire vs Lightning

  1. What kind of capable twisted messed up common logic head does she follow? Why the hell do they have to follow some dumb prophecy? They fucking subdued gods!

    Yeah, lets push ger over the edge, so she doesnt become a demon king. Damn logic! What kind of writting is this?


    1. That’s always how it is. A prophecy’s true power isn’t actually the ability to see the true future, the future is always changing from people’s decisions, a prophecy’s true power is that it locks one of the many future possibilities in place, for that reason they really shouldn’t ever be used.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hmm I can’t feel emotionally attached because I feel she was just brought in to lose or die. Why should I get attached to a random monster encounter in the first zone if I can’t even tame it?


    1. Then you’re missing the point quite clearly. The narrator is Nanaki, and its implied heavily that this person is important to her, that after her mother’s death, Envy was the one who was like her parental guardian figure of sorts. They were closer than she was to the others. We aren’t meant to nor do we need to be emotionally attached in Envy. However that doesn’t change that (despite it being really new) since the beginning of the series this is Nanaki’s first major outburst of emotion, its significant. This shows the emotional impact it has on her, and as others are already saying, this is looking more and more like the people who gave the prophecy are setting it in motion even if they’re doing so unintentionally.


  3.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    七木!!!
        /  l |


      1. Don’t we all… Damn Nanaki. My man tears are streaming down my face while I’m sat here in a cafe on college campus. The embarrassment is worth it.

        Thanks for the translation.


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