Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C. 14: Envy 4eva!

What it means to Affirm

——The sword of lightning I threw away disappeared into the empty sky.


“————That was stupid……Nanaki……”

good choice

I know that. But still Nanaki……I do not want to kill Envy. After all those tears were suppose to have the meaning of separating from my family. Why must I be separated from my family again, why must I have these kind of emotions a second time. Even if it is not through actually blood, you are definitely Nanaki’s sister.

you are family

“This……cannot be……helped……Nanaki……”

yes it can

If I can only choose one, my sister or my master, if I can only choose onhe. Then what does it mean to enforce my pride. This is suffering. Again, it is going to become this kind of world again. I should have resolved myself, I should have affirmed it already. But despite that Nanaki is still lost.

but now you have seen it

“End it……this way……one curse will end……”

the correct path

Is this the world that Nanaki affirmed? Is this Nanaki’s pride?

the path only nanaki can take

——No. That’s not it.

Nanaki is special

That’s right, can Nanaki be proud of this kind of result? Can Nanaki really accept this kind of thing? No, this is not fitting for Nanaki who is Mother’s daughter. There is no way it is okay for there to be a daughter that yields to this. This isn’t it, the world I seeked for is not something like this.

never give up

Remember the words from that day.

word for word

‘Become a person that can affirm the world.’

become strong enough

Will I break my promise with Mother again? No I won’t.

to crush

Aren’t you one of the strong, Nanaki? Aren’t you stronger than everyone else? What have you obtained that strength for? Remember, Nanaki’s basis. What is my pride, what does it mean to enforce that? Can the weakness of giving up because it can’t be helped in this situation be called strength? No.


Why is that it has to be one, Master or sister, that is because Nanaki is weak. I was told to be strong, I vowed to become strong, despite that Nanaki still ran. Hating difficulty, hating pain, I have been chasing a convenient dream. That’s right, it is not so simple.

and open your own path

——How long will you be spoilt, wake up already.

to the world

Can Mother rest peacefully with this state of affairs? No, there is no way Mother won’t be worried about Nanaki having this kind of weakness. The pride I received from Mother, the strength, wasn’t everything I received for this day?

you can love

Aren’t you one of the strong, Nanaki.

the world 

Aren’t you a special human, Nanaki!!

you wish for

Then prove it!!

make it

Be it the curse be it the prophecy——I will accept the entire world!!

don’t give in

“I……won’t kill!!”

to fate

What it means to affirm, is not something like that!!

if you are strong

“——I, Nanaki!! does not wish for a world without Envy!!”

if you have pride

To be strong, to be proud, is something like this!!

then crush fate

No matter how much suffering awaits, no matter how many curses I have to bear, Nanaki will keep being proud of herself. Isn’t that being one of the strong? Isn’t that what it means to be proud? It was for that that I obtained this strength. It is for that I have learnt this pride.

anything that stands in your way

Don’t run from suffering. Don’t run from difficulty. If you are strong, prove it. Accept it all and overcome it all. That is Nanaki. That is Mother’s daughter, Nanaki. Escape is not permitted.

is not needed

What prophecy, what curse. Isn’t it fine, bring it all on. I will accept it, I will receive it. There is no meaning in advancing down a path without pride, there is no way I can reach Mother’s greatness that way. And also, do not forget the strength to make that one step.

to love

After all——The world is beautiful.

the world

To see the world, I must not forget my pride. I must not forget my strength. I will prove it now, that Nanaki is a special human. I will affirm it now, this world.

if you are strong

“Envy, let us meet again. If I can meet the you that I love again, I will cross swords with you any number of times.”

“……haha. ……that stupidity doesn’t seem like it would be cured even by death.”

“I just realised, but I think stupidity isn’t something to be thrown away like that.”

you can do waht you want

After all, I could meet you again.

the world is harsh

“Even if Silver and the rest lose, they will come again and again. Me included.”

“I will accept it.”

“Things is important to Nanaki might be targeted.”

“I will protect it.”

the world is cruel

Thanks to you I now know what is true strength.


“You have intention of breaking the curse?”

“I will shoulder it. All of it. Because Nanaki is strong.”

“Hahaha, stupid~”

“Yes, I am stupid. That’s why please hug me. I heard stupid kids are cute.”


(T/N: ^not a typo)

Today, Nanaki became strong. So it should be fine to be praised.

there are things

“——Come, Nanaki.”

worth protecting

I leaped into that tattered body.

in this beautiful world

Ah, Mother. I think what Mother said really is correct. If I didn’t become strong, I wouldn’t be able to protect this warmth. Now it seems I don’t doubt those words. This world might really be beautiful. After all——

there are those you love

——it is this warm.



I’m tired out.

good work~

At some point the sky’s colour had become navy blue. Ah, Moon-sama is beautiful today too. Good evening, I’m Nanaki. I’m sorry for being selfish, but shall we talk a little? What does Moon-sama think of the sun? Nanaki thinks it is very beautiful. I think people cannot live without its radiance.


Moon-sama was hidden by clouds.


I think it’s sulking because we keep praising the sun only. Let’s apologise tomorrow night.

yes, remember to do so

A lot happened today, Friend.

There was no reply from Friend. He is currently recovering the energy he lost by blocking that one strike for Nanaki. Thank you for saving me. Rest at ease, Nanaki’s precious friend.

good night~

I see, that means tonight will be the first night I’m alone in a very long while.

That is lonely. Nanaki is no good at being alone. It makes me remember the time when Mother disappeared. Nanaki thinks that is definitely not weakness. After all, if I don’t think about it, I will forget it. About when Mother was in this world.

don’t worry

Ah, I really hate being alone.

but you are not

The estate is right there. Tomorrow let’s apologise to a lot of people. To master, to head butler Ridolf, to Shiel-sama. Because I think it is happiness to have people to apologise to. Because that means I am not alone.

you have a new family~

“So tattered.”

welcome back

——that’s no good, master.

to wait for Nanaki

“I have returned, my master.”

“Is it over?”

“No, the same day will likely come again. But I——“

dont want to leave

Even so, I want to stay by your side. Because I vowed to walk with you that day.

for now

“Hurry up and sleep. Tomorrow is going to be tough.”

i need you to work hard tomorrow

Master interrupted Nanaki’s words and returned to the estate.

A kind master

Thank you very much, good master. For promising a tomorrow. I shall repay this debt. Since master wishes it, Nanaki will stay by his sideunreservedly.

until he fulfills his desire

Mother, I think today I will see a dream of everyone.


Of my master and head butler Ridolf, of Envy, Silver, Salia and Raicou. And a dream of Friend who was injured for Nanaki. I think that is definitely a dream of happiness. I shall report to Mother again on another day.

good night

Good night, Mother.

the end

No! Envy shall not be killed off! Envy is Hecate’s second fav character in this series! Envy 4eva!

(1st is ofc Nanaki~)


srsly though, if she really got killed off, I would be very depressed



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  2. thanks!
    yes! that determination! that will! nanaki, you are great! indeed! what is the use of your strength, if you cannot protect the ones you love?! the strength to be able to protect! i love it, nanaki! so awesome!


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        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
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  4. I just realize it, but why there is an invisible word there like “A kind master” after “Master interrupted Nanaki’s words and returned to the estate.”


      1. Oh, so they are you then? I was never sure, they seemed to fit in so naturally, as like her mother’s ghost’s voice and/or the voice of friend.

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