Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.15: Check your food and drinks

Rat Slayer Nanaki

No matter how tired Nanaki is, Nanaki wakes when the sun rises.

if only I can do that too

Today is a school day for master. Nanaki cannot be relaxing. After getting up from the bed, Nanaki dashed into the shower room. Yesterday Nanaki was tired out and ended up sleeping as is. Nanaki stripped off the work clothes scorched here and there and bathed in comfortably warm water. Ah, the sheets are probably pitch black.

….you messed up

When Nanaki checked after finish by shower, as expected the sheets were covered with soot. Let’s have the new work clothes and sheets be bought by deducting from Nanaki’s salary. And Nanaki needs to prepare something as an apology. Nanaki’s circumstances caused a lot of trouble yesterday.

how proper.

But Nanaki’s mood is bright.

as a sunny day~

Nanaki took out a change of work clothes and equipped it, once Nanaki added on the headband, Maid Nanaki is completed. Good morning, Everyone around the world. It’s Nanaki.

good morning~

Lastly adjust Nanaki’s appearance in the full-length mirror. Today Nanaki took extra care with Nanaki’s appearance. Nanaki must work yesterday’s share as well to show sincerity. Today, failure is not allowable for Nanaki. In addition to my usual duties, let’s prepare morning tea for master.


Well then, let’s go in high spirits.

iza! senjou e!

Is what Nanaki would like to say. But for some reason Nanaki felt master’s presence from the courtyard. What could he be doing in the courtyard so early in the morning? It’s simple, if Nanaki is curious Nanaki can just go meet him. With that decided, Nanaki is fast, check appearance one last time.

what could it be~

Target: courtyard, no presences on route, no danger of collision, clear to launch.




“Good morning, master.”

“Morning. ……I’ve really gotten used to you appearing suddenly.”


Nanaki thinks that is a very good thing. Please understand Nanaki more. Nanaki will not forget yesterday’s debt. Nanaki will stay by your side dignifiedly. Thus please rely on Nanaki more. For example, for cooking.


“A practice sword?”


What master holds in his hand is a practice sword knights use for training. To be training this early in the morning in the courtyard, this has never happened before, what change of heart is this?

a good one?

“You’ve come at the right time, can you watch a little?


admire your master’s skill

No, never mind the reason. Nanaki just needs to devote myself to my master. Just speak up when Nanaki thinks he is mistaken. But Nanaki’s master is a splendid person, so the day Nanaki speaks up might not come. Nanaki really think he is a splendid person.

oh that’s gre-


“Hold the sword with both hands, master.”


Nanaki immediately spoke up to caution him.


Many people misunderstand but a sword is not to be swung with one hand. Of course if one has power and technique they will be able to cut, but if an amateur person swings with one hand, they probably would not even be able to cut paper. It might seems simple when looking, but a lot of technique is required to wield a real sword.

….I’m fine with a bow

“Ho! Ha!”


Sword muscles, I see. Physical strength, balance, I see I see. Centre of gravity……I see.

analysis complete

“Ho! ……how is it?”

“It must have been tiring, I shall go pour tea.”

“Don’t escape.”


It’s not like Nanaki was trying to escape. Nanaki does not run. But it is the truth that Nanaki is somewhat troubled. Now, what should Nanaki do? Right, let’s give the freedom of choice to Master and have him decide. Maids should be reserved. As expected of Nanaki, a splendid maid.

humility is a virtue

“Should I give you my mild opinion or harsh opinion?”

“Mild first.”

“It was not a good performance even for a first time. With that said, to aim to be a knight from now would require a suitable amount of resolve. And the time and effort spent would have to be more than others.”


“Let’s give up and find another path.”

“…………I, I see.”

just give up

Ah, master was hurt a little. But the one who asked for both was master. It is not Nanaki’s fault.

blame pushing~

My master’s lack of athletic ability is a little surprising. All his movements are clumsy. Unfortunately, Nanaki can’t feel even a shred of talent within those movements. Even if he aimed to be a knight from now on, it would probably be a useless waste of time. Then before he spends his time uselessly, Nanaki must say it forcefully.

gatsun to iikikasete!

But a follow-up is still necessary. Of course, not for his sword skill. In Nanaki’s capacity as Nanaki, Nanaki suggests that delicious tea is necessary to heal master’s wounded heart. In Nanaki’s capacity as Nanaki, Nanaki approves of the suggestion. Unanimous agreement, begin action. Set course for the kitchen, set sail.

bon voyage

“I shall go quickly pour some tea.”



No need to be reserved my master.

don’t stop Nanaki

Nanaki remembers Nanaki’s failure from before. Nanaki won’t make the same mistake another time. First perfectly imitate head butler Ridolf’s movements, up to here it is fine. The problem is temperature. To think that amount of time spent making that string of movements Nanaki had thought was useless was to let the tea cool.

head butler ridolf wins

If Nanaki knows the trick, then Nanaki can do it too. Nanaki is a special human, Nanaki cannot call Nanaki a master maid without being able to pour a single cup of tea. Redeem myself, the time has come to show Nanaki’s maidpower.


Be that as it may.

never mind

How should Nanaki check the if the temperature of the tea is suitable? How did head butler Ridolf do it? Nanaki had completely thought it was useless movements and did not commit them to memory. What a failure. Nanaki can’t tell the exact temperature by touching the cup, drinking it to check might result in scalding again.

what a dilemma

Closed in on all side, nonaki.

(T/N: 否ナキ (inanaki),否=no )

The option known as giving up does not exist for Nanaki. The pride Nanaki bears in Nanaki’s heart has chosen to affirm the world. Nanaki has prepared to accept everything. Nanaki has the resolve. Nanaki must not run away from suffering. Facing it is when Nanaki’s pride shines. The Nanaki now has the solution to this.


Now, this is suitable. To the master.


“That was slow for Nanaki.”

not instant solution?

It took time to cool, please forgive Nanaki. But this time Nanaki has poured the tea perfectly. Now please drink up. This Nanaki is not foolish enough to repeat the same failure.

master maid in training

“……Oh, it’s normal, it’s nice.”


Complete victory. Spontaneous smile, Nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s master maid Nanaki.


“It’s the perfect temperature, nicely done Nanaki.”

praise nanaki more

When Nanaki thought about it, the way to check the temperature of the tea is simple. It is strange how Nanaki did not realise such a simple thing. This can be said to be something Nanaki has learnt from the battle with Envy. Nanaki will accept it.

the pain

“hai hus hee fuu keck hal heing kalged.”(I just need to check while being scalded.)

“Hurry up and go cool down.”



After finishing Nanaki’s morning’s work while licking a lot of ice, Nanaki once again headed to the kitchen to help with breakfast preparations.

maybe this time…?

“Good morning, head butler Ridolf.”

“Ah, good morning Nanaki-san.”

“Is there anything I can help wi——“

“Thank you very much. I will accept just your feelings.”


What a nice smile that does not permit objection, head butler Ridolf. Retreat, silently.

head butler ridolf wins again

Which means Nanaki now has nothing to do. No, if Nanaki looked for it there are endless things to do. First let’s check if Nanaki missed anything during this morning’s cleaning. And then the conditions of the furniture————



who is it?

This presence, could it be.

what is it?

Dash to where the presence is at top speed. With lightning speed, that describes Nanaki’s dash. Target confirmed, secured. To be able to meet in Freyline, this must be fate. A Nanakismile for you that is struggling in Nanaki’s hand.


Hello rat-san. I’m Nanaki.


Nanaki thinks that round and fat body is extremely good. Nanaki’s nose is sharp, it seems this rat-san is not carrying any diseases. Even if this town has existed since a long time ago, the infrastructure is new. People shouldn’t be throwing out much garbage. What have you been eating to survive?


The strong consumes the weak, Nanaki is stronger than the king of beasts. This is our last meeting, it seems you want to be eaten tastily by Nanaki. No, it’s long-awaited foodstuff Nanaki finally got Nanaki’s hands on. Let’s have head butler Ridolf eat it. And this is part of Nanaki’s punishment of not eating meat for one week because of that incident with Shiel-sama.

forgot about that

But there is one problem.

an obvious one

It seems normal people do not eat rats. If Nanaki cooked it and head butler Ridolf does not eat it, its life will go to waste. That is not good, that is different from predation for one’s own sustenance. Excluding if there is something that cannot be yielded, Mother has said that needless killing is wrong.


“……do not appear in front of Nanaki again.”

be free

Nanaki will eat you next time.


The rat ran out of the courtyard in a panic. Rats are smart, it probably won’t enter this estate again. Live well.

be happy



The rat Nanaki was watching got caught by a falcon. Come to think of it falconry is popular among aristocrats. This is the aristocrat town Freyline, falcons flying around is a common sight. The rat let out pitiful death cries as it disappeared into the sky.


……live well!

The end

Hecate’s advice applies for rats, applies for apples

I once again typed part of it with one hand because I was eating an apple. Being able to type with my dominant hand alone instead of non-dominant hand alone is quite different~

Anyway I only noticed it when I tasted something strange and realised there was fungus growing in my apple.

……the only worse experience was when I was drinking a cup of water and looked down to realise I was drinking water full of dead ants.

….I really can’t handle bugs

Edit(18/12/2017): ^the lesson above has actually helped me avoid drinking dead ants multiple times……why do I encounter that situation so much though



27 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.15: Check your food and drinks

  1. Hecate-san, please check to the nearest hospital, see if you’re cursed or something, asap. Because, if anything happens to you, i can’t see nanaki for a time, not until another translator emerges. Pleaseee…..

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  2. Hecate… you must feel bad about that Apple incident. So to show my appreciation for your domain I will be honest. Let’s laugh at your suffering. Hehehe ahahaha bahaha! Thanks for the chapter.


  3.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |


  4. You have successfully given me nightmares, Hecate. I shan’t eat another apple/drink a glass of water with a carefree feeling as I’ve had before. Damn you!

    Thank you for more Nanaki.


  5. 1st time is special while 2nd time got used to it. Sometimes I left my can outside for a bit and bunch of ants crawl around, in and out of it. 1st time then I just throw the whole can,which wasn’t empty yet, to the trash. Now, after killing the ants and washing the can, I still drink it without minding the dead ants inside the can lol. Also happened once when I ate a candy.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  6. I know that feeling…………. once I was drinking tea, and I realize there is something “solid” in my mouth, when I spat it out, it turns out to be a (thankfully)dead tomcat … I feel like crying…

    Thank you for the translation!


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