Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.16: Smile variety

Nostalgic Samurai Sword

Friend got back his energy.

Ilveng=Nazgul is back!

Thank you for protecting Nanaki yesterday, thanks to that Nanaki is healthy. What? Protecting a lady is the duty of a gentleman? As expected of Nanaki’s Friend, you are a manly god. But sometimes Nanaki thinks despite being strict on humans you are more human than humans. Owow, stop, don’t hit Nanaki.


He got angry because Nanaki wasn’t respectful enough. Good manners even between friends.

(T/N: A Japanese saying(?), meaning is exactly as it says)

“We have arrived.”

at hell school

Hearing the voice of the coachman uncle, Nanaki quickly descended the carriage and opened the door. Devotedly escort my master. The first day Nanaki escorted master as a maid is nostalgic. By now, people sending contemptuous gazes at Nanaki and master has decreased a lot. Of course it is not zero. But it has definitely decreased, so this is progress.

less enemies

My master is definitely advancing down the path to glory. That conduct and expression already has no trace of back when he was weak, there is only a figure of the strong. Walking dignifiedly with your chest high is unexpectedly difficult. It’s because for some reason people fear shame. It is because of that that you must be able to be proud about yourself.

any friends though?

Have the resolve to accept everything, in order to affirm the world.

even scum

“Yo Zean. I’ve been waiting.”

“……morning, Vilmott. A new attendant?”

like this

Of course Nanaki will accept you too, Vilmott Arkahn.

and similar idiots

“Ah, that’s right. You know what I want to say right?”

sry I dont understand idiots

He is plotting his comeback, to not have his heart break and rot away in this situation is worthy of praise. No matter who the opponent, what should be recognised must be recognised. Nanaki has a more favourable view of Vilmott Arkahn than those classmates that approach without apologising for their past rudeness.

a determined idiot can be admirable

Ignoring his personality, it seems he has the pride of an aristocrat. It seems to be of a different vector though.

nobles have pride?

“————to think there was someone other than me to have inherited eastern blood…….”


Vilmott Arkahn’s new servant let out that mutter as she looked at Nanaki. Same black hair as Nanaki. Similar skin colour. Her brown eyes are looking at Nanaki. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki.


“Vilmott-sama. This person’s attendant appears to be a maid.”

“So what?”

“Do you mean to say, fight an unarmed opponent?”


Even as she spoke with Vilmott Arkahn, her eyes looked only at Nanaki. Her strength is not average, but it falls short of Nanaki. With that said, Nanaki has no intention of being conceited. Nanaki shall be your opponent if you point that strange weapon this way.

don’t point weapons randomly

But if possible Nanaki wants to get along. Friendly Nanakismile.

the first steep to relationship building is to be friendly

“Don’t be fooled by her appearance! This maid is a monster!”

how rude

Unfortunate, Nanaki is used to being treated as monster. Friendly Monstersmile.

important to keep smiling

“I’m not interested in fighting someone of the same race, but if you tell me to fight then I shall fight. But is it okay?”


“If I just fight like that, you will taste defeat again. If you want to triumph, you must know your opponent.”

know thine opponent

What a refreshing person. Pride can be felt in her movements. Nanaki thinks this person really has a personality befitting her skill. For Nanaki, that can be said to be likeable. But it cannot yet be said that Nanaki likes her.

don’t judge too early

“And with that, I am Akiha Shinohara. Let us get along.”

yes let’s

Nanaki likes this person.

like at first sight

“My name is Nana Nana. I will be in your care.”


Nanaki immediately took the proud hand that was extended. Ah, Shiel-sama. Thank you for having granted Nanaki an opportunity to create a fake name. As expected Nanaki thinks you really are a wonderful person. Your heart is.




Again, why are you laughing, my master.



While the masters are in the middle of lessons, there is nothing for the servants to do. Thus it can be said that it is natural to use this chance to deepen our friendship. Akiha-san seemed to have the same thoughts and we ended up talking on the roof of the school building. No matter where master is or what happens, Nanaki is able to come running. The skill of a master maid.

how about the male toilets?

“……are you curious? About this weapon, the katana?”

not again

Katana. A familiar name. An ancient weapon recorded in a very old book back in the capital. A thin blade with almost no durability. Yet if an expert handles it there is nothing it cannot cut and it will not break either. It should have had another name.

not a very practical sword….

“It’s the legendary samurai sword.”

“Well, yes. This is not the real thing but something made to fit the present era though.”

magic katana?

Made. If Nanaki remembers correctly, according to that book the creation of a samurai sword is extremely difficult and the methods have been lost. If those methods are not lost, then Akiha-san might be an important existence in history. She might revive lost arts in the present.

I personally think katanas are horrible swords

“Does Nana-san know about the race known as the Japanese?”


“As expected. It’s about yourself. That black hair and looks are from the east.”

and the chinese and the korean and the thais etcetc

Jappenise. In truth, since Nanaki spent Nanaki’s childhood in mother nature, Nanaki is not familiar with history. Due to Envy’s efforts, Nanaki is gained enough knowledge to roughly answer most things if asked, but Nanaki doesn’t know about ‘jappenise’. In any case it’s something from more than a thousand years ago, Nanaki had been thinking of learning more only if Nanaki had the chance.

(T/N: In Nanaki’s thoughts it’s in katakana (ニッポンジン) instead of kanji (日本人) like when Akiha pronounces it. Basically, Nanaki’s pronunciation is off.)

She had said it was a race. It is true Nanaki has not seen anyone else with this black hair other than Mother. Could it be that the jappenise are rare? Nanaki is a rarity? As expected of Nanaki, a special human.


“The ancestral homeland of us Japanese seemed to have sunk in the god world war.”

“Sunk……? A continent?”

“Since you were born on a continent, I understand that you would think that. But our ancestral homeland seems to have been an island country. I have heard it was small but still quite a strong country.”

national pride is great

So that would mean that during the god world war, Nanaki’s ancestors moved from that island country to the continent, something like that? In that violent age when gods were warring, an island or two would have sunk.

but sometimes the japanese view that Japanese people are so special is irritating ==

“It seems the asian people that abandoned their home country and fled to the continent couldn’t fit in. They received terrible discrimination and their numbers were fell. Well by now with the numbers reduced too much, the discrimination has naturally disappeared.”

death of a race

Nanaki really is a rarity.

Rare nanaki

“In order not to forget the pride of the Japanese, my family has passed down that spirit through the generations. The country of the rising sun, it seemed to have been a very wonderful country.”

well that one is true

Envy might be a jappenise too.

doesn’t she have red hair…?

“This is the first time I’ve met someone of the same race outside of my family. It makes me very happy.”

“I have unexpectedly learnt about my own roots. Thank you very much, Akiha-san.”

“Our masters are, or more like my master is one-sidedly, fighting. Even if we have to have a duel one day, I would like to continue this good relationship even after that is over.”


so formal though

Maybe this could be called a friend. This is amazing, Mother. Nanaki has made a new friend. Please be surprised, she’s a jappenise. She seems to be the same race as Mother and Nanaki. The ancestral homeland seems to be gone, so Nanaki is thinking of hearing about more of it from Akiha-san.

friend GET



There is a bad bug above Akiha-san’s head. It is a type of aggressive insect that stings people. This is not good, Nanaki must protect Nanaki’s friend. What? ‘I am your first friend’? Of course Friend. No matter  what happens in the future, the relationship between Nanaki and you will not change.

first friend advantage

Now then, harmful insect extermination————as Nanaki thought that, the bug was cut in two.


It hasn’t quite reached godspeed. She is not a transcended one so that is obvious. But that speed can be said to have reached a certain limit for humans. An instant sword draw with the goal of slicing. That brilliant series of movements contains an ability that is not inferior to that of imperial knights.

akiha too stronk

“It’s a technique called ‘iai'”

“Is it okay to show your hand before the duel?”

“You are not an opponent that would work on anyway.”

(T/N: iai , have to admit is impressive…………..editting and now I realise I could’ve translated it as sword-draw, nvm leaving it)

That is pretty smile. Nanaki also has confidence in her smile. Glorious Nanakismile. Reach the world, Nanaki’s smile.


“A cute smile.”

“Thank you very much.”


Let’s keep it secret that Nanaki was aiming for a pretty smile.

The end

Hecate’s rant: one thing that triggers me about Japanese stories are when they have some part about Japanese being ‘superior’ or something. Like “I’m Japanese so I have to be kind and care for others”. No, even the Chinese, Americans, Europeans can do the same thing. If it is a trait special to Japanese people then fine, but when they take basic stuff like that and make it sound like only Japanese people have that trait and foreigners are barbarians which don’t it kind of triggers me.

Edited (30/12/2017): oh god….I remember when I messed up with jappenis….



25 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.16: Smile variety

  1. “A thin blade and almost no durability” well said, katana sharpeness is great but traded greatly for durability … if you bring it to Europe medieval war, it would not even survive a battle when the bulky dull long sword could be sharped again and again after days of days smashing metal armors


    1. Let’s make one thing clear, european longswords were (in general) neither bulky, or dull.
      In fact, longsword and katana are rouhly the same weight, with katana’s often being heavier, while also having shorter blades.
      Katana’s are easier to cut with because they have a stiff blade that does not bend on impact, while a longswords generally bend like a spring, making them less good at cutting, but also less likely to simply break.

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      1. Its more like Weapons are made for one’s skill.
        Long Sword are made Long and flexible to target enemies weakness because no one in the right mind would target a full metal armor that will probably not make any damage at all, Long sword are made to thrust at full armored knight weakness like the slit between the chest and the head for short the throat and if used by a cavalry it usually to target the horse and Long sword wasn’t sharp at all because they knew its useless to cut a plate armor, Axe or War hammer are usually used to penetrate plate armors.

        Katana aren’t that long like the Long sword but its sharper and more compact that using penetrating attack the sword wont spring at all.

        Katana is made for one basic attack “One swing hit attack” or “One slash attack”, unlike when using a normal European sword when they attack they usually can swing it freely because their sword is a double edge one, unlike the Katana where its a single edge sword, so the usual pattern of their attack is Slash Stance Slash Stance but if you compare the two, a double edge sword style is a attack with different pattern but lacks compact power unlike Katanas even tho they lack variety of attack they can unleash a powerful slash to compensate with.

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      2. Earlier versions of the longsword were less triangle shaped and more straight bladed. They are generally superior to katana for at least two reasons: reach and the presence of a guard. Don’t underestimate guards/crossbars. Pardon the pun, but a tsuba just doesn’t cut it.


  2. Just go and read those Racist CN novels. “Chinese bla bla lba. Chinese bla bla lba….” and Chinese Supreme in Everything. JP novels couldn’t even come close to CN novels when compare to their Racist, Bragging and Be little all others. Heck, cause of World War II, Japanese is Devil to Chinese while Chinese is like some Fantasy Heroes(LOL).
    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I sympathize with your rant, in general. In the specific context of this novel, though, I do have to say that it’s just a legend from a thousand years ago. I couldn’t begin to guess what my ancestors’ lives were actually like, one thousand years ago… 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  4. showing loyalty to your own nation? well I didn’t think anything of it (until you point it out), but isn’t it good that they can write that lol, if I were to say something about my own nation, only negative thing would comes out xD

    besides, this web novel is intended for Japanese people anyway, so it might also be a form of flattery to reader, we (as other nation’s people) might not like it, but honestly speaking won’t you be happy if someone say nice things about your nation/people?

    Thank you for the translation 🙂


    1. No, I mean like, I’m fine with people being proud of their own nation and stuff. What annoys me doesn’t really come up in this series but its when basic stuff like “helping other people” is treated as a uniquely Japanese trait, well it would also annoy me if it was treated as a uniquely (insert random country) trait though


      1. I know what you mean. Remember Gate? The writer just glorifies Japan to an irritating degree. Everyone just goes on and on about how “Kind and noble” the Japanese are. And the Emperor even makes a weird comment about how the Japanese’s weakness is they “love their people to much”……SERIOUSLY!?! Then of course every other country on earth only gets attention when we’re apparently infiltrating with strike teams to abduct people.

        Like when they bring the princess and others to Japan every country just sends in a strike steam to kidnapp them and the Japanese team just slaughters them. To make it worse the enemy even goes “OMG it’s the legendary JSDF!?!” Like really? I can get behind wanting to treat your own people as awsome but you don’t have to treat everyone else like incompetent idiots. At least write it so that others put up a fight dammit!

        Take America for example. Of course when we portray ourselves in movies we generally write ourselves as the heros and winners in the end. That much is obvious. But we also don’t treat ourselves like saints and generally write other countries as equal or at least not that far behind us.

        Even old propoganda films only treated the enemy army as evil and didn’t act like american’s as a race were somehow naturally better in ever way.

        It’s easy to forget because of how pleasant anime seems and how kind those that come to America are. But if you go to Japan itself they are racist as hell over there. They’ll look at foreigners like they are all idiots. Thankfully this doesn’t show too badly in MOST of their anime and LN, we only get occasions like Gate where the writer was a former JSDF member that they just go WAY too far.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, “Hospitality” is one of the primary Japanese virtue though. How primary? Enough that even a convenient store worker generally isn’t allowed NOT to smile when they are in front of the customers. I’ve heard that if they are found to fail at smiling in front of the customer, they’d be fired on the same day. That is how much Japanese put pride on their hospitality.


  6. I’m really confused of what comment should i write after reading this novel in one go and chatch up to the latest translated chapter, and after some minute thinking what should i post in this chapter since i have no idea what i am thinking, i should say this…

    Hello… I am Hazery, the loli hater, nice to meet you, i love nanaki. Nanaki is kinda cute in this chapter.


  7. Mah. Most writers do that. They tend to be very nationalist in writing unless it has a love for everybody or fuck the government type of undertone. I think the worst case would be My ranch and a American criminal novel that I can’t remember the name that was equally racist.


    1. Japanese writers seem to be more guilty about it than most other countries.

      and that’s not an exageration. If you listen to stories about people going to Japan and interacting with locals a lot of them view foreigners with absolute contempt and will treat them like fools that they have to force themselves to deal with.

      It’s why many that go there will sometimes warn anime fans to not actually try visiting Japan. Of course not ALL of japan is like this and most writers either opt to just avoid talking about other countries entirely or at least talk more humbly about themselves. Most likely so that their work gets more appeal in the global market. But once in a while you’ll see that racist side of Japan show itself in it’s work.

      I think the worst example of this is Gate which just acts like Japan from it’s people to it’s leaders are all saints of the highest moral character and they will all devote their lives to what is good and just.


  8.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Nanaki Love!!!
        /  l |    Nanaki Life!!!

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    1. I think I will finally just ask directly since I still can’t figure it out.
      what is
           ∧_ ∧
         ,ノ^  yヽ、  
         ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ   
          /  l |
      supposed to be .-.


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