Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.17: Iai slapped

For Nanaki to Receive a Sword Blade

Three hours is an unexpectedly long time. While our masters were having lessons, Nanaki and Akiha deepened our friendship and took our meals. That’s because when lessons end we have to watch over our masters’ lunches. There is no servant that takes their meals with their master.

lonely masters~

After taking our respective meals, it became that Nanaki and Akiha-san will have a small bout. Nanaki has no objections to this. Nanaki will happily lend Nanaki’s chest. This is a good thing if it would help Akiha-san grow.

(T/N: Lend chest(胸をお貸し)= be (training) opponent……not some other strange meaning)

“I’m coming.”


….somehow this sounds weird

An old technique, or ancient arts, iai. With an abnormal sword draw speed, slice the target in two. Nanaki has no interest in the theory or reasoning. Look and feel, this is how Nanaki grows. This bout is beneficial to both sides.

mutual benefit



The instant she stopped breathing, the sword had already been drawn. The initial velocity is great, an average knight might have been sliced in two. But since it is a bout she is probably holding back a little. This level is something most imperial knights can react to.

imperial knights sugoi~

Even one step was unnecessary. The length of her step wasn’t enough, the length of her weapon is quite long but that way it won’t reach Nanaki. As if, conceit is fatal. The mana at the tip of the sword is not normal. That flew towards Nanaki. A slash cloaked in mana, Nanaki slapped down the mana that came flying with a hand. Peshipeshi.


Without even a moment’s delay,  a second strike approached. The sword blade shook. It is probably magic, or possibly a technique, to make it hard to read. I see, there is not choice but to avoid this. And when it is avoided a fatal blow would be dealt. What a wonderful scenario.

best plan

But I am Nanaki, peshipeshi for the sword blade too.

….don’t break it

“……th, that’s ridiculous.”


Nanaki is told that a lot. Akiha-san relaxed her stance, giving up. Nanaki must not ruin the atmosphere because of a crushing gap in ability. Something needs to be done here to soften the atmosphere. This is a good chance, It seems the time has come to display Nanaki’s new technique. Shining double finger. Friendly nanakipeace.

(T/N: peace sign)

“Nana-san really is a former imperial knight……is that right?”

kind of…?

It was ignored.


“……That is correct. I will be troubled if you spread it around too much though.”


Not a lie. The Five Emperors can roughly be categorised as imperial knights. The only difference is the power they have and the influence they are granted. The hierarchy of emperor, Five Emperors, imperial magicians and then imperial knights does exist though.


“I’ve heard the rumours but……imperial knights really are all geniuses.”

“Thank you very much.”

geniuses vs genii?

Nanaki will not be humble, that is an act that taints Nanaki’s pride. That Nanaki is very talented is the truth, so it should be praised openly. But thank you for praising me, Akiha-san.

heil nanaki!

Fundamentally, those able to become imperial knights are humans that are known as geniuses. The destination that those known as geniuses finally arrive at after hard work is known as an imperial knight. And the place in the heavens that even those geniuses cannot reach even if they spend their entire lives putting in unparalleled effort is known as the Five Emperors.

the transcended gods

Those stuck within the framework of a human definitely cannot become a Five Emperor. One must have a proud belief and the power to enforce it even against god. That is why they are transcended ones. The power of Nanaki and the other Fire Emperors have brought down gods. And subjugating those gods and obtaining even more power makes them heavenly existences.

people that are stronger than god

Although Nanaki doesn’t subjugate a god. He is a precious friend after all.


“From Nanaki’s point of view, do you think I can become an imperial knight?”

“I honestly think you can pass the exam. Are you interested in becoming an imperial knight?”

“Yes. In the imperial capital there seems to be a tree that we Japanese love called the sakura. I want to see it.”

that one is beautiful yes

Nanaki knows that tree. When Nanaki first arrived at the capital, Envy had shown Nanaki that beautiful tree. Nanaki cannot forget that scene of those pink flower petals dancing. The jappenise have good taste. That tree is certainly beautiful and pretty. Among the flowers Nanaki has seen, the sakura is the most pretty.

I like lily of the valley

“But seeing Nanaki-san’s movements I’ve lost a bit of confidence. It seems it really is better to make an effort to train a little more.”

“Please work hard.”

good luck!

There is no need to apologise. This is Akiha-san’s mental preparations. Nanaki slightly sorry about hiding the fact that Nanaki a former Five Emperor, but this is also a trial, Akiha-san. When you overcome it, you will become stronger again. So the words I gave her were appropriate.

of coyurse

“Our master’s lessons will end soon. Let’s return.”


How could it be, it is already that time. To meet the master who has been diligently taking lessons is a maid’s duty. Running Nanaki is like lightning. Nanaki must not be late Nanaki has arrived. Nanaki made it, Friend.

just in time

“……teleportation really existed.”


Akiha-san that came later on muttered something strange.



“How was it.”

“The previous one was a wonderful knight but Akiha-san is of a different level. She rivals the imperial knights.”

a prodigy

When dismissal time arrived, master asked about Akiha-san in a small voice. Akiha-san is probably being asked the same thing by Vilmott Arkahn around now. It is natural to be concerned since the act of a duel has such a special meaning among nobles.

not just a game~

“If there is a duel again, we cannot lose. I’m leaving it to you.”

trust nanaki

Nanaki has received words of deep trust. Nanaki displayed Nanaki’s loyalty with a bow. This Nanaki is master’s sword, Nanaki will get rid of any obstacle.

cut open a path

“But to rival imperial knights……he spent a lot of money again.”

“I believe it is fine to remain confidant.”

because nanaki is here

If you are one of the strong then do not hesitate. Because you have a power that money definitely cannot obtain. The one step you made that day, you must not forget that bravery and pride. You must remain dignified.

as nanaki’s master

“From Nanaki’s point of view, how is she?”

“Both her skill and personality are wonderful. As I said before, she is not inferior to imperial knights.”

“How would the duel be?”

“Complete victory.”

“……thinking about it again, what an outrageous maid.”

too late

It is a bit of a stretch but Nanaki will take that as a compliment. Thank you very much, good master. Hm, whats wrong Friend? What? In front?


“Zean-sama~! Nana-saan!”


Devu. No, Deja vu.

(T/N: Nanaki almost said Debu which is pig/fat in Japanese)

When Nanaki looked towards the school gates, Shiel-sama is running this way. Framed with beads of sweat, her nose breathed out with a ‘bumomo’. Even still she is running to close the distance with my master, she really is a very loving person. How about waving your hand a little, my master.


My master placed his hand on his head with a slightly troubled expression. Hmmm, he might be embarrassed this his fiancee came to meet him for a second day in-a-row. There are a lot of classmates around. Displaying this passionate love for all to see might not be good.


But his fiancee has specially came to meet him. Even if her footsteps are boomboomboombom, should you not meet her with your arms wide open? There were many such scenes in the books Nanaki borrowed from Salia. Should Nanaki convey that to master?


No, that would be intrusive. A maid must be humble.


“……Hifu! fufu……!”

….breathing or laughing?

Tr, try harder Shiel-sama. Just a little more. Just a little.

a few more steps~

Shiel-sama ran without giving in to the sweat that flowed like a river. Nanaki thinks that her running towards her love is cool. But that meat that shakes as she runs is really unacceptable. Doesn’t it become a hindrance in various ways in daily life? Particularly health, humans must be healthy or they cannot live long.

secret top a long life~

“……hiihii……Na, Nana-san…..!”


Just three more steps, Shiel-sama. But having come this far is already enough. First, let’s apologise for yesterday’s rudeness. Even though Nanaki thought of giving her the best hospitality such that she would think of it as the best day, due to Nanaki’s circumstances, that was not to be.

a shame

“Shiel-sama, I am deeply apologetic——“


“——about yestergumu!?”


Nanaki was covered in meat.

The end

Hecate’s change log: on second thought, changing jappenis to jappenise, once it has been seen it cannot be unseen.

Edited(6/1/2017): there were a lot of errors in this chapter….



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  3. You know what, after writing an emotional comment at the previous chapter, i feel really embarassed right now, why the hell you translated the next chapter so fast!?

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    (T/N: Lend chest(胸をお貸し)= be (training) opponent……not some other strange meaning)
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