Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.18: Bon Voyage!

A Maiden’s Instincts

“Ah, Nana-san! Thank you very much!”


Sticky sticky Nanaki.


“I have heard about it yesterday from Zean-sama. Thank you for helping my very precious person!”


Nanaki became sticky after getting covered by the sweaty Shiel-sama. Of course dodging it was possible, but if Nanaki had not caught the already exhausted Shiel-sama, she would have headbutted the earth. Humans other than Nanaki must not headbutt the earth. At worst they may die.

The earth may headbutt you back

I was finally released from Shiel-sama who had been overcome with emotion thirty seconds later. If it was not for Nanaki’s lung capacity, there would have been a chance of suffocation. A shower is necessary too. Right now Nanaki has definitely become something outrageous.


To Nanaki who has a sharp nose, the smell is also quite hard to deal with. Her faint perfume is already at death’s door. In fact it has mixed with the vicious smell of sweat and has become a chimera smell. I will say it honestly. Right now, Nanaki is feeling faint. The sense of smell that was useful in the wild is inconvenient in many ways in civilised life.

no wonder humans have bad sense of smell

“My apologies Shiel-sama. I do not really understand the situation.”

“Like I said, I heard everything! About the duel with earl Arkahn.”

oh, that one

I see, that incident.

not Envy

But that is a misunderstanding. Nanaki has not a single memory of ever telling master he should do this or he should do that. It has become this path all because master had possessed pride and embraced his courage in order to make that one step. Which means the one that should be praised is not Nanaki but my master.

heil de master

But explaining that to the Shiel-sama overcome with emotions seems extremely difficult. Since she is still calling me Nana-san it seems Nanaki’s true identity has not been spoken off. Now then, what should I do?

continue hiding i?

“How about we continue this after returning to the estate Shiel. If you are too late, your father would be worried.”

“Ah, that’s not good. I unintentionally got overcame with emotion……I’m sorry, Nana-san.”

don’t be out too late~

Good master, I am grateful.

Dads be worried

“No, please do not mind Shiel-sama.”

don’t mind the maid

Nanaki likes Shiel-sama’s beautiful heart. That is why I want the best smile I can make right now to reach her. For reference, it has to be Mother. That beautiful and tolerant smile. Fortunately, Nanaki’s appearance is identical to Mother’s. Here and now, a miraculous expression. Reminiscent nanakismile. Beloved and respected Mother, it’s Nanaki.

yes, a good smile

“Seeing Nanaki-san’s cute smile heals me. I think it is a nice smile.”

“……thank you very much.”

nanaki can only smile cutely

It seems I have not reached Mother’s greatness yet. Please scold this incompetent daughter, Mother.

just learn and catch up with Mother~

“Then let us go Zean-sama, Nana-san.”


As Shiel-sama turned around, I looked at master. When I met his gaze, he nodded quietly. Understood, my master.

a conspiracy!

“My apologies Shiel-sama. The truth is that I have been tasked to do something by master again today.”

“Today too? ……oh? Wait, Nana-san. Did you not return to the estate faster than us yesterday?”

she realised!

Oops, this is a problem.

gloss it over!

Thanks to master’s gentlemanly tact, the curtains of the horse carriage was closed yesterday. That’s why she doesn’t know about Nanaki struggling the with carriage’s weight problem. But Shiel-sama caught on to that point. Is there a good excuse?

master save nanaki!

“It’s simple Shiel. It’s the maid that won the knight hired by Arkahn in a duel. She can use magic.”

“Ah, come to think of it, that’s right.”

oh there was that

That’s true. Why did I not realise it.

because Nanaki is an idio-no pls dont kill me

Nanaki is a shameful maid that requires my master to follow-up. I will dedicate myself. In order to proof that I am a special human. I opened the door of the carriage and stood by as I vowed in my heart. After waiting for the two of them to board, I quietly closed it. Now then, I will be in your care today as well, uncle.


The driver uncle gave me a thumbs up over his shoulder. There is already no need for words between Nanaki and uncle who have overcome predicament together. War comrades are great, Mother.



“Please do not blunder.”

“I will engrave it on my soul.”


It has become Nanaki’s role to serve the tea due to Shiel-sama’s request. Well the one who prepared the tea was head butler Ridolf. Since it is just before dinner, there was only a small number of tea cakes, it might not be enough for Shiel-sama. In order to avoid embarrassment, Nanaki shall offer seconds herself.


Currently, speed is not necessary. Slowly and elegantly carry it to the courtyard. The figure of the two of them talking under the madder sky is truly that of aristocrats. Just that, the size of one side might be a little, no, very strange.


“I have brought the tea.”

“Ah, thank you very much Nana-san.”

Shiel so polite~

This is Nanaki’s job so there is no need for thanks Shiel-sama. But I shall accept your feelings. I really think she is a person with good thoughts.

….comfortable person?

“Come, Nana-san have a seat as well.”

“No, that is.”


In what world is there a servant that joins in and sits down at the place where the master and the fiancee are talking. I am extremely thankful for her good will, but I shall restrain myself. Even if master gave me permission, Nanaki shall not sit down in that chair. My apologies, Shiel-sama.

how about

“It’s an order, sit Nana.”


It was not permission but an order that came. Sit down, silently.


I must not shame master by disobeying this order. Nanaki has judged that she should help master save face even if that means Nanaki getting the stigma of a shameless maid. Servants must not disobey the master’s orders.

that’s why it’s called master-servant relationship

For a while the two of them casually chatted. Nanaki concentrated only on becoming an ornament. Nanaki is motionless itself. Return the topics that turned this way occasionally with harmless remarks. It might be a little cold, but being in the middle of the conversation between fiancees in the first place is an abnormality.

thus try to be invisible

Stay quiet.

and blend with the background

“Nevertheless, where did you meet such a wonderful servant? Zean-sama.”

“She came flying out of an alley. I almost died.”

“Well, Zean-sama, what a nice joke.”

not really

Shiel-sama laughed. Nanaki could not smile. But master was smiling. I have to admire that broad-mindedness.


“Oh yeah, Nana-san.”


what is it?

It seems that the topic of Nanaki is still continuing. It is slightly uncomfortable, but I must fulfil my duty as a maid. It is too early to whine. Say what you will.

Nanaki’s duty is important

“If Nana-san is fine with it, would you like to become friends?”

“————That is extremely kind of you……but those words are too much for a servant like me.”

“Th, that’s true. Even though Nana-san has her position to consider……my apologies, that was careless.”

“No, that makes me happy. Thank you very much, Shiel-sama.”

friend request rejected

I have not said anything wrong, I think. But for some reason, hearing Shiel-sama’s proposal made me have a gnawing feeling in my heart. Shiel-sama is an extremely nice person. To be offered to be a friend of such a person should have made me happy. But something held me back. No, this is caution? Against what?


Could it be an illness? But Nanaki has confidence in her health. I have never been sick as far as I can remember. Even when there was a nasty illness spreading around the capital, only Nanaki was fine. This Nanaki that has never even seen a doctor is sick?

nono what does the last part have to do with it

“Zean-sama, the dinner preparations are done.”

“Ah, got it. Sorry Shiel, go on ahead. I have to talk to Nana about the earlier task.”

“Understood. Then I shall go on ahead.”

private talk

Would it be better to see a doctor? No matter if Nanaki is a special human, she is not perfect. If it were a nasty illness, it might not be something that can be recovered from. Let’s apply for leave to master before long. I also need to look up the nearby hospitals.

Nanaki is sick?


“——Ah, Yes. Is anything the matter?”

“That’s my line. If it’s about that, then you don’t need to mind. That is the natural answer for a servant.”

you have done well

Yeah, at that time Nanaki should not have been mistaken. Despite that why do I have this gnawing feeling.


“What does master think of Shiel-sama?”

….why do you want to know?

When I realised it, my mouth had moved.

emotional override

“My fiancee and a person with a beautiful heart.”


Nanaki thinks that too. Why did Nanaki ask this kind of thing. There is something wrong with Nanaki right now. Friend, what is wrong with Nanaki? Friend said nothing and quietly shook his head.


“But even I have preferences in terms of appearance.”

“You must not say that, master.”

“Yeah, I’ll reflect.”

but nanaki is glad

Master smiled tenderly. Hooked by that kind smile, Nanaki smiled too.

glad you said that

“Now, if we don’t hurry Ridolf will scold us.”


“What’s wrong?”

“……No, it is nothing.”

“Is that so?”

just a maiden’s instincts

At some point the illness was healed.

the end

Author’s note: Chapter one -end-

Not-author’s note: Bon Voyage! Za ship has sailed!


(Disclaimer: choice of Titanic was entirely coincidental and has no deeper meaning whatsoever.)



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