Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.19: Strongest Sister

Sister Violent Assault

————-Dear Mother.


About a month has passed since the day Nanaki left the capital. Nanaki has not visited the grave where Mother rests in a long time. Nanaki apologises for Nanaki’s lack of filial piety. But Nanaki will go to meet Mother after Nanaki fulfills all the promises. Nanaki apologises for being a self-centered daughter.

come whenever you want

It seems that summer is about to arrive at the aristocrat’s town Freyline, recently it has been raining nonstop. Nanaki has gradually gotten used to Nanaki’s current life and feeling happiness in this daily life is not rare. As expected, it is as Mother said, Nanaki thinks the world is beautiful.

you have found your own path

A while ago, Nanaki crossed swords with a person that can be said to be Nanaki’s soul sister. After the prophecy, next it seems Nanaki shouldered a curse. Mother would probably have handled this better. It is embarrassing that Nanaki still so inexperienced.

you’re only 16

But this is the path Nanaki chose. Nanaki does not know if that was the right choice. But Nanaki does not regret it. The answer to that choice has not come out yet. Nanaki does not know when that will be, but Nanaki will make a report in front of Mother’s grave when the answer comes.

looking forward to it

Since it has been raining constantly, Nanaki does not know, but is the sky filled with blue where Mother is? Nanaki is an incompetent daughter, but please let Nanaki pray for Mother’s peaceful sleep. Nanaki shall report again soon. Until that day, good night.



Come to think of it, that day it was raining too.

a sad day

That day that Mother passed away, it was cold and raining. Clinging to Mother who had died after making the promises, Nanaki cried for many days. Nanaki kept watch constantly after making the grave to make sure animals don’t dig it up. Day after day after day. Those days without any warmth passed.

the ice age

And then six years ago, I met you Friend.

best day~

That day it was raining too. Somehow it seems that Nanaki is liked by the rain. There is no need to worry, Nanaki is not depressed. Just that Nanaki was remembering the days with Mother and our separation a little. Now Nanaki is no longer that Nanaki back from when Nanaki couldn’t do anything but cry.

a grown up~

“Is there something outside the window?”


At some point master has come beside Nanaki. Not good, Nanaki really might have been a little too immersed in sentimentally. To not notice master’s presence. Nanaki will reflect on this.

learn from mistakes

“No. I just thought it was raining heavily.”

“It’s that season after all. It seems there wasn’t something like this in the ancient past. Seems to be one of the scars of the god world war.”

global warming?

Nanaki lied to master. But Nanaki thinks this is probably fine. It is not something for others to hear. At least, it is not something to be spoken of between master and Nanaki.

not for master’s ears

“Then, what were you really thinking?”

“As I said, that it was raining heavily.”

“That means you were so distracted the rain that you missed the sound of the bell?”


What have Nanaki done.

messed up

“M, my apologies master!”

forgive nanaki

Prostrate, kowtow, top speed headbutt.

dont break the floor

Even if Nanaki was immersed in sentimentality, being distracted by the rain does not excuse Nanaki from failing to fulfill Nanaki’s duties as a maid. What a failure. Friend, hit Nanaki’s head hard later. If you do that, Nanaki might be able to wake up.

…don’t casually ask a  god to hit you…

“So, what were you thinking of?”

“……Can it be passed off as a secret?”

“Well, fine.”

“I am grateful.”


Nanaki has to admire Master’s ability. Compared to that, when it comes to Nanaki, it can’t be said that Nanaki is a special human. Nanaki must work hard to be a servant fitting of this good master. Nanaki shall make up for it, immediately.

redeem thyself

“What need did you have of me?”

“Guests……not really but people are coming.”

“Then it seems they have arrived.”


The number of presences within the grounds of the estate has increased by two. If Nanaki had not been spacing out, there should have been time to prepare. This is a major failure.

would Nanaki be fast enough…?

“How fast……even though the message just came.”

“I shall prepare to greet them.”

“Nanaki didn’t come so I left it to Ridolf.”

“……my apologies.”

“Leave the reflection for later. My maid is not allowed to have such a miserable expression in front of others.”


nevermind, nanaki not needed

That’s right, Nanaki must be dignified. If Nanaki failed, then Nanaki just needs to redeem myself. Fortunately, it is a failure that can still be made up for. As master said, let’s leave the reflecting for later. Right now Nanaki must fulfil my duty as master’s maid. And thus Friend, please lower that fist that you have raised. Nanaki is sorry for saying something selfish.


In order to greet them, Nanaki walked behind master as we moved to the entry hall. But the doors of the entry hall opened faster than expected. And quite violently.


The double doors opened with a loud noise. Since the doors were vigorously pushed open to their limit, of course they bounced back and started closing again. And there was a girl with an angry expression who kicked open those doors with her thin leg. Golden hair and sapphire eyes. No matter how you look at it it is master’s relative.


“It’s been a while, Onii-sama.”

“You’re the same as ever, Meia.”

(T/N: onii-sama and onee-sama are two terms I will definitely never swap to english)

Meia-sama. Since she calls master onii-sama, she is probably the younger sister. The girl standing by behind Meia-sama is probably a servant. I was a little surprised at that familiar face. It is the woman I had caught in on the roof on that day thinking she was an enemy. It’s been a while, it’s Nanaki.

nice to see you again~

“To come home so suddenly, did you drop out of the capital’s magic academy?”

“I came back because I already cleared by graduation requirements. Unlike onii-sama, I am a genius. I will stay at home until the imperial magician exam in October.”

ooooh, genius imouto

If that was true, then she really is a genius. There are a few magic academies in the imperial capital, but they are all impossible for those of average knowledge and ability to enter. And she says she has even cleared the graduation requirements. To be able to clear the graduation requirements so soon, her talent is probably the real thing. As expected of Master’s younger sister.

runs in the family~

“So that’s the maid.”

yes, it’s Nanaki

For some reason Nanaki was glared at. A Nanakismile for Meia-sama that drew closer with a scary expression. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki. Nanaki has been working at this estate since about a month ago. Nanaki calls myself by the title of master maid but for today Nanaki has relinquished it. Nanaki shall retake it tomorrow.

today is normal maid nanaki

“You hired another pretty maid again. How indecent.”

“You keep saying that……”

perverted master

Nanaki was praised. The tone was a little sharp but she might actually be a good person. No, it is the younger sister of master. She is definitely a good person is what Nanaki wants to believe. Nanaki shall work hard to do that.

hard work is always the answer

“Nice to meet you, my name is Nanaki.”

not nana nana?

First, greetings are necessary. That natural action is always important.

never forget to greet


sound familiar?

Nanaki hesitated a little, but she is master’s family. Even if Nanaki lied here, eventually it would be exposed. Thus Nanaki has judged that there is no choice but to speak the truth.

but will imouto-chan accept the truth?

“Despite being just a maid, what an outrageous name. To have the same name as Lightning Empress Nanaki-sama.”


Yes, Nanaki is that Nanaki-sama. Hm, Nanaki-sama? When Nanaki left the capital, Nanaki fought the Five Emperors to enforce her pride. To call that Nanaki with a sama? What has become of Nanaki’s treatment back in the capital? Nanaki should have been removed from the Five Emperors though.

kicked out

“You seem to have quite some skill Nanaki. For my servant to be unable to do anything.”

“I am grateful for your words.”

“Heh, you won’t be humble.”

why should nanaki?

Yes, Nanaki will not. Because Nanaki is strong. But Nanaki has no intention of announcing that to Meia-sama so please forgive Nanaki.

it would be rude

“Don’t argue so much, Meia.”

“Shut up talentless onii-sama. I will become an imperial magician and revive the Alfred house. Then I will be come the head of the family. Onii-sama can just stay quiet and leave the family stuff to me.”

a new challenger has appeared!

Quite a fierce person. Master that is being spoken to rapidly is making a tired face. Could it be their sibling relationship is not very good?

ambitious imouto

“So there is no need for onii-sama to marry that pig. It’s fine to just break off that engagement already.”

“Haa……Shiel is a person with a beautiful heart, Meia. Speaking that way is not good.”

“Huh? I just said what I saw though? Am I mistaken? Is that not a pig?”


say something

You must not be quiet there, my master.

defend your fiancee

“While I am in this house, I will not let that pig take even a step into this estate.”

bye Shiel~

Shiel-sama really is a good person with a kind heart. But that figure is really holding her back. Nanaki knows it is not good to judge people by their appearance. But Nanaki also knows that it is said that appearance is a part of someone. It just won’t work out.

no one is perfect

It makes Nanaki want to do something like step beyond Nanaki’s bounds and tell them to get along better since they are brother and sister.


“And Nanaki, I will be watching you. I will chase you out if you are deceiving Onii-sama.”


Wait, could it be she loves her onii-sama?

the end

Hecate’s paradox: Holidays starting, less free time

As a student I get to have this great wonderful thing known as holidays, unfortunately I have a holiday job (job? feels more like volunteer work to me, but meh I’m getting paid) starting tomorrow for about a month so I will have a lot less time to translate~




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  1. (T/N: onii-sama and onee-sama are two terms I will definitely never swap to english)

    this is what a true translator is to me. when translating, there are some words that should or should not be change or swap to another language due to it’s inherent meaning or the likes.


  2. thanks a lot!
    well, the little sister?! ah, but she’s so mean to shiel! shiel—! well, ‘nanaki-sama’ is indeed odd! could it be that the public doesn’t know?


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