Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.20: taboo words

Thunder Wall

“Nanaki, bring me a towel. I won’t forgive you if it is not fluff————”

“I have brought it.”

“Polish all my shoes. I don’t know how many hours you nee————”

“I have finished. Please confirm it.”

“Nanaki, bring some tea. Ask Ridolf for my preference.”

“Ai habu pept bu faifing” (I have kept you waiting)

go Nanaki

Shining. Nanaki is shining right now, Mother.

shiny nanaki

It has been made clear that Nanaki and Meia-sama’s compatibility is extremely good. Meia-sama understands that Nanaki is a special human. Nanaki doesn’t know about other maids. But I am Nanaki, which means that the amount of work I should have been in charge of should have been this much to be appropriate.

overworking nanaki is impossible.

No, it is still slightly lacking. My master and head butler Ridolf should rely on Nanaki more as well. It would be a suitable amount only after having work from all three of them, my master, Meia-sama and head butler Ridolf. That would then be worthy to be proof that Nanaki is special.

not easy to prove you are special

Nanaki must not slack off in preparations to be able to respond to Meia-sama’s next order. Doing what you are told is something anyone can do. That is not special. While doing what you are told, prepare for the next order that is probably coming, and in the breaks be prepared to do other work. This is what can be called special.


To accomplish something that is not doable by just anyone is why I am Nanaki. If one is not special, she would not be able to grind out this work efficiency. Most of all, one must first have the reflexes and talents to work at this speed or they are out of the question. Friend, as expected, Nanaki is special. No, reply is unnecessary. Nanaki already knows.

then why say it to Friend

“Are you satisfied, Meia? Nanaki seems extremely satisfied though.”

“Nanaki-san really is smiling a lot.”


Transcendent Nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.


“Certainly she is excellent. I will admit that.”


Thank you very much, Meia-sama.

nothing to be thanked for~

The root of this situation is when Meia-sama had doubts about Nanaki’s skill as a maid. There is no meaning in convincing her through words, since Nanaki is right before her eyes, she can just test Nanaki. Meia-sama seemed to have the same thoughts and soon after Nanaki shined like the sun. Sunshinenanki.

my eyes!

“Yes, I will admit that she is excellent. But I’m sorry, Nanaki. The current Alfred house does not have the leisure of employing an excellent maid like you. Ridolf, bring Nanaki’s contract.”

no worries

A problem of money. The contents of the contract has been decided through mutual agreement. Nanaki has not requested for more than the necessary salary. But there is also no meaning in Nanaki speaking out here. Confirming by taking a look yourself is important. Meia-sama is the type of person Nanaki likes.

nanaki approves

“No need to worry about the salary, Meia.”

“Stay quite onii-sama. I don’t know where you picked her up but please choose a maid with lower capabilities.”

so you can find fault?



But there is no fooling this Nanaki’s eyes. On the surface Meia-sama seems sharp towards master. But Nanaki has judged that in truth she loves her brother, my master, so much that she can’t help it. First is her eyes. When she looks at master, her eyes grow sharper but deep within them I can see her love.


Conversely, her eyes when she is looking at Nanaki. Those are the eyes of one looking at garbage. Of course a corresponding amount of enmity is present, but beyond that Nanaki can feel a strong rejection of Nanaki’s existence. Probably, the reason is that Nanaki is female. There is no way of fixing this. At best the only method Nanaki has is to try changing the way Nanaki speak.

(T/N: I don’t know how to convey it but for that last line and next few she switches to a more masculine tone….more like she tries to and fails, she just shortens some words and adds ‘ze’ at the end….feels like Marisa. I’m not putting it in but just read the next lines with ~ze at the end)

How’s it Friend, does it fit me?


Friend is guffawing as he points as Nanaki. Don’t laugh at Nanaki.

(T/N: she stops after this part….a shame.)

“I have made you wait, Meia-sama. This is it.”

the blood contract

Head butler Ridolf returned with documents in hand while Nanaki was arguing with Friend. Un? Back to normal? It’s because you were roaring with laughter so Nanaki stopped. Even if you make such a disappointed face Nanaki won’t do it again. Nanaki has tried Nanaki’s best. But no matter how much Nanaki tries, Nanaki is still a girl.


“Hmph, just how much are you leeching a month————cheeeap, are you an idiot!?”


The documents flew at Nanaki’s face. Nanaki will not move just because of being hit by some papemyeyes!!?




I, I, I, I endured i,i,i,i,it Mother. Please praise Nanananaki.


Even if it is Nanaki, since Nanaki is human, weak points exist. Hitting the eyes is unreasonable. That is why these tears are not because Nanaki is weak but due to the structure of the human body and so Nanaki is not crying. Hasn’t Nanaki already done well by not screaming, Friend? Pet me later.

headpets heal all

“What are you thinking onii-sama! To hire a maid with a salary unfitting of her skill……if we revived the family like that we will just be laughed at!”

“I had thought Meia would say that.”

“Obviously!? To hire a maid with an unrsuitable salary, what do you intend to do if Nanaki went around and talked about it!? It’s fine if you cannot hire a skilled maid, but to hire a skilled maid with an inadequate salary is out of the question!! Don’t you have pride as a noble!?”

not really

Nanaki as well as head butler Ridolf cannot speak up. Particularly since this problem concerns Nanaki, the chances that Nanaki is not allowed to have a say is high. Even if Nanaki says Nanaki had accepted it, Meia-sama probably would not accept it.


“If it is necessary I’m fine with being laughed at. For now.”

“……as expected I can’t leave the Alfred house to onii-sama.”

can”t be trusted

A difficult problem. Master who is fine being laughed at for now in order to triumph. Meia-sama that boldly aims for the top without allowing any criticism. The former has the power known as Nanaki. The latter has great suffering. It is not a problem of which one is right. Surely, both are the same path. Just that there is friction between the two on how to walk that path

different prides.

Both of them have things they are not willing to yield.


Then it is logical for the solution of this situation to naturally become that method. No matter how much wisdom humans gain, the end destination is the same. The two of them that was brought up in civilisation unlike Nanaki are just giving in to the heat of the moment. Nanaki thinks that is fine.

the rule of the world.

The weak conceding is the logic of the world.

law of the jungle

“It’s a duel, onii-sama. I give you another loss.”

“Perfect. If I, who has always been laughed at, can win against Meia, it will serve as proof.”

“Yeah, if you can win.”


Master who is attending a regular magic academy and Meia-sama that attends an imperial magic academy. Honestly speaking master has no chance of winning. If he desires a one-on-one duel. Master looked at Nanaki. Nanaki does not think this is cowardly. That is because Nanaki and master are master and servant. This Nanaki is your sword, that is what Nanaki swore that day.

nanaki is strong

Which means he has obtained power.

and power should be used

“She seems to be quite skilled, but I have a servant too. Fio!”


I choose you! Fio!

Having come to this point, Nanaki finally learnt her name. In truth Nanaki had been a little troubled since we had not been introduced or greeted each other. She might have been an introverted person. Or maybe she resents Nanaki for hitting her at the roof on that day. That seems quite possible. If possible Nanaki wants to get along.

better to be friends~

But, that is all for after the duel.


“Knights were originally there to protect a magician. Isn’t it troublesome to protect onii-sama who can’t use any proper magic, Nanaki?”

“A sword is for protection. But then, I am a maid.”

“I see, then regret this.”


Nanaki will work hard on that. If Nanaki has to.


Now then Friend, unfortunately this time you won’t have a turn. So stop being so excited and calm down. You are too strict to humans other than Nanaki. You must understand that Meia-sama has something Meia-sama wants to make clear. She is definitely not insulting Nanaki.

she means no har-

“Hurry up and go to the courtyard, chopping board maid.”


It’s war.

the end

Hecate’s secret thoughts:

Well not really secret, but still kinda embarrassing when exposed like that.

So I randomly  realised that you could read this translation on , that is fine, I don’t mind since I just want to share this series that I love and it’s not like I own anything.

The problem is the ctrl c ctrl v function ;-; thanks to that a certain something is no longer so hidden on that website. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just move on and ignore this~ well thanks to that when I tried reading it on that site it’s so hard to read ;-; in combination with that the version there doesn’t reflect the edits I have gone back and maid (e.g. jappenise)….so it kinda feels like black history….

So all in all its kinda embarrassing and hilarious at the same time for me

…have I actually accidentally done some anti-copypasta measures?

and also

could thunder wall be referring to Nanaki’s che——*zapped*

Editted(12/1/2017): Huh forgot about that, prob gone by now, don’t really care though.



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