Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.21: Titles feel off

Remnants of Childhood

Chopping board.

taboo words

A cookware that has been used for cooking since ancient times in civilised life. A chopping board has the role of preventing scratches on the table by putting ingredients on it before cutting the ingredients with a kitchen knife. An ancient piece of knowledge that has served a large role in terms of hygiene. The form is fundamentally a thin board. It is also a word that is rarely used to refer to girls with small chests.

chopping board nanaki

Basically, Meia-sama has said this about Nanaki.

a mistake

“This flat-chested girl.”


Mayday Mayday, begin transmissions.

transmissions received

From Nanaki to Nanaki, proclamation of war has been confirmed from neighbouring country. How should we respond? From Nanaki to Nanaki, This proclamation of war is an extreme insult to our country. This is a response to a proclamation of regrettable thoughts. Our country shall accept the proclamation of war and  hereafter recognise them as an enemy country.

gether the troops

That voluptuous arrogance is unforgivable. Now Friend, prepare for war. From now we shall begin blitz warfare. Promptly eliminate the threat towards our country. There is no sin in flatness. The voluptuous oppressors are the sinful ones. There is a need to pass judgement here. Nanaki shall make the decision.



no mercy

To say this Nanaki is flat-chested, laughable. Nanaki is still in the middle of her growth period. Those that fail to consider that and judge based on current appearances must be said to have lacked sufficient thought. That is not something that should have been said carelessly. People fight at a single careless utterance. That blade of words has cut Nanaki.


What an extremely unfortunate thing. Nanaki had thought she had very good compatibility with Meia-sama, that was splendidly betrayed. Fundamentally, Nanaki doesn’t get angry. That is because anger often makes people helpless. But now, anger is necessary. Basically, Nanaki wants to say this, Meia-sama.


I will fucking kil——You must not say bad things about bodily features.


I see, certainly Meia-sama’s that is splendid. The servant, Fio-san’s s also can be said to be plentiful compared to Nanaki. But isn’t that fine. That should have been shut away in your heart. Once you’ve said that, murde——war is unavoidable.

be careful of you words~

A woman’s worth is not in her chest.

it’s in her heart~

Stand countrymen, All Hail Nanaki.


“Don’t go serious, Nanaki.”

master noticed

All members sit, listen respectfully.

to the great leader

“I wouldn’t do something like hurt the younger sister of my master.”

“You were making a dreadful face just now. Even if she is like that, she’s my cute sister, I’m relying on you.”

no worries

What a wonderful sibling love, my master. In deference to that beautiful love, Nanaki shall accept it. Yes, even if this body is called flat-chested or chopping board. Be calm, Nanaki. That is what it means to affirm the world.

accept one and all~

“Understood, my mas——”

“How long are you going to make me wait in the rain, this plank!”




A duel in the rain. The rain mercilessly fell on Nanaki and tried to steal my heat. But right now, that cold is not enough. My master, Meia-sama and Fio-san. This rain is not able to cool these three’s passion. By the way, Nanaki is not getting heated up. Really.


If I got heated up and hurt Meia-sama, Nanaki wouldn’t be able to face master.

be calm…

“Of the sky, of the day, of the night. Bestow upon us the sky’s guidance——“

magic incantation?

Meia-sama was the one that lit the fuse. The incantation she weaved is one that revered the sky. It is probably fine to say it is of the same system as that of Sky Empress Salia. For the transcended being Salia, she can drop a star, so this system cannot be made light of. The servant, Fio-san, charged at the same time Meia-sama stated the incantation.

protect the master

She probably judged from that previous experience that if Nanaki took the initiative she would not be able to react. The unsheathed blade drew near to Nanaki in an instant. There is a world of difference compared to her movements before. It’s probably because this time she had the time to resolve herself. She swung down from above, aiming to kill.


That is good. Your opponent is this Nanaki, things won’t start unless you challenge me aiming for my life. It was a good attack built upon that. Dodging it is simple, countering is also simple. But we will be working together in the estate from now on. If possible I don’t want to attack. Meaning I just need to aim to dispel her fighting spirit.

crush her will

Shine in the rain, lightning finger, and split open, Nanaki’s smile. With respect and friendship I shall establish peace, nanakismile&peacesign that envelops all of creation. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

(T/N: technically the peacesign is just referred to as peace, but since the actual word peace is used here I will be using peacesign to avoid confusion)

And catch.

the sword :3

“With her finger……as I thought, the real one……!?”

yes real nanaki desu

Fio-san stiffened with a pale expression. Peacesign is stronger than swords, remember that. Silver had said that wars are always ended by hearts that dream of peace. And Raicou had said that a smile is human’s treasure. That means Nanaki that owns a smile and peacesign is invincible.

much logic

The heights of a perfect peace thesis. Applause please.

not from Friend

Please watch Friend, Fio-san that was affected by Nanaki’s peace power has lost her fighting spirit. Peace accomplished. This way, once the duel ends, we will definitely be able to build a good relationship. Peace is amazing. With a smile and peacesign, anything is possible.

world domination?

Friend shook his head with an amazed expression.

you need Friend too

Don’t be so cold. How is it, to be able to accomplish peace together here. I know you are a warlike god, but isn’t it fine to try a bite of peace occasionally?

(T/N: Peace? what’s that? Is that delicious?)


pay attention nanaki

While i was arguing with Friend, Fio-san let go of her sword and distanced herself from Nanaki. The reason is plain, it’s because Meia-sama has finished her incantation.

…why did you let her?

“——Meteor arrow, strike my enemy!”

….one level down from star=meteor?

The presence of mana from the distant sky. Unlike Salia’s monstrous meteor, this is a meteor made in imitation. Certainly she can be called a genius. Nanaki does not know Meia-sama’s exact age, but Nanaki estimates that it is about the same as Nanaki. In that case this talent is the real thing.

imouto-cahns are strong

I looked up at the mana in the sky that is approaching at a high speed. The rain is entering my eyes and I can’t see clearly. First of all, the target is definitely Nanaki. The reason for that is that Meia-sama seems to have no intention whatsoever of targeting my master. If directly hit by that thing that is falling down right now, most humans would die.

but not nanaki

Actually, isn’t there quite a high chance she is aiming to kill Nanaki?


But I am Nanaki, nanakismile even in the face of killing intent. Compared to the curse I shouldered recently, this is cute. Come Friend, are you prepared? It’s almost impact.As an extra, first, smile the most beautiful smile I can in this world. And just make peacesigns with both hands.


Now than everyone around the world, master maid Nanaki and Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul sends this to you.


“Here, Pea——-”


Something came out


Lightning that knocked out the star and even wiped out the rain clouds as it ascended into the sky. Hello sun-sama, I’m Nanaki. How are you?

fine, thx

Amazing Friend, lightning comes out when you smile? But, Friend. Unless you materialise normal people cannot see your figure. So from the side it looks like something outrageous shot out from Nanaki’s smile. What will you do if Nanaki’s smile becomes infamous.

smile more




(T/N: What=Nanaki Nani, so first part of it became Na only.)

“What……was that……”


A smile.

The end

Hecate is a cat person:

Earlier, I saw a girl squatting down in front of a stray cat playing cat sounds from her phone. It was adorable. Both of them. :3



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  1. ‘Nanaki is still in the middle of her growth period.’
    You’re already 16 year old Nanaki so its a little too late but please accept the realty that you are fla– OMFG! THERE’s A LIGHTNING OUTSIDE!! IM VERY SORRY!!

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