Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.23: Gong of battle

World’s Strongest Rabbit

The number of presences in the Alfred estate has increased by two.

welp, recently learnt more about thieves that steal tarnslation works

The estate that had felt slightly too vast for three people has become more lively. This is an extremely good thing. Nanaki does not hate quiet mornings, but lively morning are not bad either. To have someone by your side is a very reassuring thing.

I personally don’t mind but this affects other translators and their motivation~

When Nanaki looked outside the window, today is rainy too, but Nanaki’s heart is clear. The weather is rain with the occasional Nanaki. A smile like that of sun-sama that opposes the gloomy rain that continues to fall gently. Good fortune comes to those who smiles. (T/N: a Japanese saying(?)) To live smiling is one way or life, to live crying is also another way of life. In that case Nanaki will live smiling. Nanaki’s smile that lights up the world.

so if you are reading this somewhere where this invis text is visible

Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

please stop reading from that website~

Nanaki’s mood is ‘rising sun’. Come, it is the start of a new morning.

guess I will be putting the above somewhere every few chaps

“‘Unrest spreads after exile of Lightning Empress’, ‘Calls for the full prophecy’, ‘Slight change in Giganos course’. All the news recently are like that.”

(T?N: ‘Slight deviation in Giganos course’=’ギガノス進路に僅かなズレ’???, I’m sry I don’t read jap news, not familiar with jap headlines, actually, I don’t read news period, it’s depressing)

Nanaki’s mood is scowl. It is the start of a gloomy morning.

welp back to my usual inivis stuff

Master was having a staring game with the newspaper after breakfast. The contents being the contents makes it very uncomfortable for Nanaki. Is a strategic retreat necessary here Friend? Ah, come to think of it he is still resting. He has met with misfortune. It is said that words are the source of catastrophe. He can’t complain even if he is struck by lightning.

he deserved it……spare me though

“The capital has been in a terrible state since Nanaki-sama was exiled. When someone that is part of the active combat unit and one of the pair of jewels along with Raicou-sama disappears, the opposing forces would become active. She appears at any time and any place in an instant and annihilates enemies. That fear has disappeared.”

“……has Meia ever seen Lightning Empress Nanaki?”

“Of course not. Unlike Envy-sama, Silver-sama and Salia-sama, Nanaki-sama does not involve herself in the politics of the capital, she is always at the battlefield and rarely appears before us normal people. Her movement are too fast to be seen apparently.”

“……politics is probably not that she doesn’t involve herself but she can’t involve herself.”

I wonder why~

Correct. But that is a little painful.

just learn

In truth, Nanaki doesn’t understand anything about politics. In that case, Nanaki did what Nanaki could do for the capital. Nanaki has strived to eliminate the enemies of the capital together with Raicou. It can be said that 90% of it was Nanaki’s efforts. The reason was that Raicou’s legs were extremely slow. It would be better to purge a little of those muscle armaments.

needless weight

But now Nanaki is the capital’s enemy.


It can be said that the Frost Empire is currently the strongest. Although there are small scuffles, a country that has the military power to war against it does not exist. That is why it has become a matter of erosion from the inside. The loyalty of the Five Emperors is impenetrable but it is easy to corrupt those under them.

small fry

Nanaki has captured people from the opposing forces that were building nests inside capital multiple times. Now that Nanaki who had the best perception skills by far is gone, is the capital okay? It has gotten even on the newspapers so it’s slightly worrying. Even if we are enemies it should be fine to cheer for them in Nanaki’s heart. Good luck everyone.

how kind

“The support of Nanaki-sama from the imperial capital is quite strong. Voices of criticism has risen against the emperor and the Five Emperors for chasing out Nanaki-sama for some prophecy without any foundation when she has been fighting for the capital until now. Not just the citizens but the reactions from the imperial knights is quite amazing. Some people have even taken up arms.”

“Such support assembled for a Lightning Empress they have never seen before?”

“Although she can’t be seen, it has become that whenever lightning is seen in the capital it’s Nanaki-sama. It’s because no matter how small the issue, she comes running and resolves it. She seemed to be a person that clearly differentiated between the weak and the strong. She was strict to the strong and kind to the weak. From Nanaki-sama’s point of view most would seem like weaklings though.”

“Being a Five Emperors would make you think of a more arrogant person though. It really is best to confirm it with your own eyes.”

“As I said she can’t be seen.”

she’s right here

Nanaki is a special person, so be useful to more people. Nanaki has acted out Mother’s words. Nanaki never asked for any compensation. That’s because the weak relying on the strong is a natural thing. So there was no need to to show Nanaki. There was also no need to claim credit. Swiftly solve it and move on to the next one.

in a flash of lightning~

But Nanaki had thought that was fine.

it was

Nanak is happy about the feelings of the imperial citizens that was just conveyed by Meia-sama. Maybe Nanaki really wasn’t mistaken. But then why must Nanaki leave the capital? It’s obvious, everything began with the prophecy.

who the hell made it anyway

Nanaki knows nothing about how the prophecy was made. Nanaki wasn’t allowed to know.


Everything started suddenly. Even though Nanaki wanted to ask the emperor, before that the Five Emperors stood before Nanaki. Nanaki did not hide Nanaki’s despair of that world and left. But now, although Nanaki has no basis, there is one thing Nanaki can say.

Nanaki’s predictions

————I have a bad premonition.

mistakes were made

Although Nanaki doesn’t like to say that it was thanks to the prophecy, Nanaki managed to meet master. And head butler Ridolf, Shiel-sama, Meia-sama, Fio-san. And also Akiha-san. Nanaki has experienced happiness in Nanaki’s current life. That is exactly why Nanaki’s instincts is saying that. This instinct that was trained up in the wild would not be off at this kind of time.

wild instincts

Maybe Nanaki should not have left the capital at that time.

too late

“Come to think of it, I remembered because we were talking about Nanaki-sama. But Nanaki, could you be————”


It finally came.

the time has come

Nanaki immediately switched Nanaki’s train of thought. Nanakichange from Lightning Empress Nanaki to Master Maid Nanaki. Lastly add on a smile and Master Maid is completed. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

NAnaki ga kita!

“a former imperial knight. And a quite high ranking one. No, possibly a Five Emperor candidate?”

all wrong

Meia-sama raised her inaccurate suspicions.

just make the obv guess….

Not everyone is great like Nanaki. That can’t be helped. But did you not say it yourself just now, Meia-sama. That her movements are too fast to be seen. Even by coincidence a maid with the same name and approximately same speed is here at the Alfred estate. This is not good, it’s too inaccurate.

must correct

Master, head butler Ridolf and even Fio-san can’t hide their wry smiles. As such there is no choice but for Nanaki to say it herself.

the truth is

“Meia-sama, I am ra——”

“Nanaki could be the real Nanaki-sama you know?”

(T/N: Lightning empress=雷帝=rakutei (I think))

Oops, not good, I overlapped with master.

master save

“If she were the real Nanaki-sama then I have been greatly disrespectful. Maybe I should cut off my head.”

“————-bbit, I am a rabbit. Pyon pyon.”

“Ah hello rabbit-san. Wherever did you come from?”


Nanaki promptly used Nanaki’s hands to make rabbit ears and hopped (T/N: pyon pyon). The price of this emergency avoidance is large. To think this prideful Nanaki has to imitate foodstuffs. Nanaki of wonderland.




My master, you laughed.


Nanaki has seen a terrible betrayal. Even though Nanaki has become a rabbit in order to protect master’s little sister’s life. Nanaki does not think that she is really serious, but in the million to one chance, Nanaki must not expose master’s little sister’s life to danger. Nanaki cannot have you laughing at a servant who has worked so hard.


Pyon pyon of protest. Rabbit Nanaki.

im dying

“By the way, what sounds do rabbits make?”

“Mainly they cry guuguu. When in danger, they cry giigii.”

“Oh my, as expected of rabbit-san. So well-informed.”

i can’t breathe

Nanaki has grown up eating many of them. Incidentally they were very tasty.

I can’t breathe

“But I’m sorry. I don’t really like animals. Shall we chase out this black rabbit onii-sama?”



the end

Hecate is dying of laughter and can’t say much else.




24 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.23: Gong of battle

  1. This clearly reminds me of Narberal Gamma from Overlord lol~ A maid with a tremendous lightning power and control coupled with an image of wearing the “Rabbit’s Ear” equipment…….. truly such vision overlaps with this one ahahahahaha !

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  2. thanks a lot!
    ooh! i’m so glad there are people supporting her in the capital! prophecies are utter nonsense, especially in this case! well now, rabbit nanaki is kawaii!

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    1. its ironic how they are trying to stop the prophecy but are actually pushing it forward, by exiling nanaki you are removing your greatest weapon, causing civil unrest, making it easier for foreign countries to set up spy networks, etc.


      1. lol you’re right, that is exactly the problem with prophecies. when you believe the prophecy and take action based on it, you’re actually pushing the prophecy to be even more liklely. prophecies are nonsense in the first place.


  3.      ∩_ ∩
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Nanaki Love!!!
        /  l |    Nanaki Life!!!
    I lol at Nanaki’s cute problems.
    And also I advice you to get your own hosted WP site so you can at lease do some of the ways I posted on the translator’s chat to counter those thieves.


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