Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.24: Akiha Conspiracy

That Person’s Love

“It seems we have arrived, master. Pyon pyon.”

“It seems so.”

“That is so. Pyon pyon.”

“……got it, I’m sorry Nanaki.”


The result of continued energetic protests towards this morning’s betrayal is Nanaki’s victory. If you pyon pyon in a horse carriage, people will apologise. Victory Nanaki. But in truth Nanaki is not that angry. Nanaki likes master’s smile. Nonetheless this time I have been a bad servant that has troubled master a lot. Reflect.

revenge complete

Shift change from rabbit to human. I have returned, everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

maid nanaki is back~

Since I have returned to being a Master Maid I must accomplish my duties. Quickly descend from the carriage, go around to the opposite side with the fastest nanakistep, open the door and take master’s hand. Receive the bag and leave a three step gap before following. Has Nanaki finally exceeded the empire’s servants? Perfect Nanaki.


“Yo, Zean.”

“Morning, Vilmott.”

so friendly?

The one that stood before master like he had been waiting was Vilmott Arkahn. Master is splendid for not having a reluctant look at having met him first thing in the morning. As expected of Nanaki’s master. I discreetly waved my hand at Akiha-san that was standing by Vilmott Arkahn’s side. Wavewave.


Akiha-san responded along with a smile. How kind.

great friend

“Ah……what was it, it’s that.”

“How unusual for you to be so hesitant, Vilmott.”

“Shut up! It’s that, Meia returned right?”

“Even though it was just yesterday, how fast. She already cleared her graduation requirements apparently,she’s an amazing sister.”

(T/N: fast in terms of Vilmott knowing……stalker?”

Oh, an unexpectedly normal conversation is being carried out. It seems Vilmott Arkahn somehow knows Meia-sama. To make a person with such a twisted personality like him carry out a normal conversation, Meia-sama’s existence might be something amazing. It can be said to be as expected for master’s younger sister.

charm skill is high

“A change of heart from Nana to Meia?”

“I have no fetish for monsters.”


I am used to the monster treatment. Besides he would never be someone that Nanaki’s chastity can be given to. Naturally, Nanaki shall ascertain the one who carries on prideful Mother’s bloodline. I must pass down all that I have received from Mother. One day I shall find a good person.

one day…

“Looking closely she has no breasts either.”

……..*runs away*

I’ll fuckin————I will fucking kill you.

….no cancel

You bark well before this Nanaki. How absolutely foolish, purging is required. A head that decides a woman’s worth on just one point is unnecessary. Now try saying it again, I shall make that empty head a comrade of the stars. It is the birth of the Arkahn star, celebrate. Nanaki can do it.

team arkahn is blasting off~

“Na, Nana-san, please calm down.”


Regardless if it is the request of my friend, Akiha-san, this cannot be yielded. That utterance is an insult towards Nanaki. I was merciful towards Meia-sama since she is master’s family. But Vilmott Arkahn. You are no good, absolutely unforgivable.

preapre for death

Listen well, people are not equal.


If those with hurts those without, then they must also be prepared to be hurt.

…with what?

“A woman’s worth is not in her chest. Nana is a beauty.”


Resplendent nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s beauty Nanaki.

….mood swing

As expected of my master’s words. This is what is known as ability, Vilmott Arkahn. Be grateful to my master. Despite both being nobles there is this much of a gap. Nanaki has once again affirmed that this is who Nanaki should serve.


In the first place there should be many men who finds Nanaki desirable based on appearance. That is because Nanaki’s face and figure is exactly that of beautiful Mother’s. If Mother were still alive, we would probably be famous as the mother and daughter beauties of the forest. People don’t come to that place though.

so…not famous?

“I don’t care about that chopping board maid.”

you were just saved……

Say what you want. Humans that do not understand the true nature of others are not bad. Humans that do not even try to understand the true nature of others are bad. That means you are the latter, Vilmott Arkahn. A fool should remain as such. That is fitting for you.

….forgiven? O.o

“More importantly, next week I’m hosting a moonlight ball. And so I will invite you to it, Zean.”

“Vilmott will invite me? What’s your aim?”

ulterior motives

Moonlight ball. A word that Nanaki does not know has come out. But I am Nanaki, if I don’t know then I just need to learn. As Master Maid I must not forget diligence. And so I will ask Akiha-san. Friends are important.


“Something like a dance party where you dance under the moonlit night. It’s done on a meadow or something.”

“Thank you very much, Akiha-san.”

“No, I don’t mind if Nanaki relies on me anytime.”

…sry bad eng

Same race effects are strong. It seems that the jappenise sense of cooperation is particularly strong. But Akiha-san is a bearer of a wonderful personality, so I think she would definitely help even if it wasn’t Nanaki. Mother, Nanaki has been blessed with a wonderful friend.

how lucky~

“To you who was on the brink of ruin and never invited to a ball, it should be a very tempting offer Zean. If I, the Arkahn eldest son, invites you, people’s views of you should change.”

“There’s a catch.”

“Of course. Bring Meia.”

“I have no intention of handing over my sister to the current you.”

become worthy~

In fact Meia-sama likes master, her onii-sama, and so might not have interest in other males. It might be a slightly too strong sibling love, but I understand why one would want to be beside the person that you love. Nanaki also has someone that can be called the sister of my heart. Although it is my selfish thoughts, I intend to have strong sisterly love.

….no yuri

Is Envy doing well?

bright as the sun~

“I will use anything I can use……was my intention but I recently made my sister cry. I’m reflecting a little.”

“I don’t care about your situation. I’m just saying to bring Meia if you don’t want to be ruined.”

oooh threats

I can’t tell if it’s lust or love, but somehow it seems Vilmott Arkahn is quite infatuated with Meia-sama. But for master this is a a chance to soar. The decision is for master to make. If I think that master has erred in his path Nanaki shall correct it. Nanaki’s pride does not allow me to be degraded to a maid that just remains by the side.

no bystander nanaki

Nanaki is by your side, master. Please proceed confidently, down the path you have chosen.

do not turn back

“If Meia is accepts, I will bring her.”

“If she doesn’t?”

“No need to invite me.”

“Aah!? This me is inviting you you know!? Are you an idiot!?”

prideful idiot

What a low boiling point.


Vilmott Arkahn reached an arm towards master. Hostile action detected, being deployment.


Hello, it’s Nanaki.


I stepped between master and Vilmott Arkahn without a moment’s delay. Defender Nanaki. If you attempt to inflict harm upon master, this Nanaki shall come forth. If you still prioritise your emotions and face me, then take a step forward. Nanaki is not merciful to bugs.

just step on them



Hm, he is more shaken than expected. Did the attack from before have this much effect? It wasn’t even a direct attack but just the shock wave though.


“O, oi Akiha!?”

“……Nana-san has just stepped in. I feel there is no danger towards Vilmott-sama currently.”

“A, a servant dares talk back to me!? Who do you think pays you money!?”

“I only had interest in the monster Vilmott-sama spoke off, meaning Nana-san. I don’t mind if you dismiss me anytime. Money can’t buy loyalty, Vilmott-sama.”

“…….Each and everyone of you!!”

good lesson

Jappenise are cool.


Akiha-san directed only her gaze at Nanaki and secretly made a peacesign at an angle that only Nanaki could see it. Same race effects are really strong. Nanaki also responds, friendly nanakipeace. V.


“Looking down on me looking down on me looking down on meee!!”


Ignoring the Vilmott Arkahn mad with anger, Nanaki and Akiha-san exchanged feelings of friendship.

the end

Hecate’s friends are few:

…….at least it’s not zero 😀



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    but anyways, i wanted nanaki to beat vilmott, tch! just a bit more, you know!


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