Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.25: Carrot>Revival Pot

They Met

“Zean, think carefully. Consider your position.”

“See you tomorrow, Vilmott.”

master so fweindly

Once the day’s lessons have ended, Vilmott Arkahn exchanged farewells of contrasting warmth with master before leaving. Nanaki waved a little at Akiha-san who walked behind him as he radiated hostility around towards his surroundings. Tomorrow is not a school day so the next time we meet would be the day after. Thank you very much for today.

what are friends for~

Akiha-san responded to Nanaki like it was natural. Nanaki likes Akiha-san.

goo taste

“Moonlight ball……can Nanaki dance?”

“If you wish it I will learn but I believe that is unnecessary for a servant.”

“That’s true too.”

nanaki can’t dance O.o

Nanaki’s reflexes are a natural talent. If told to learn it Nanaki shall learn immediately. But Nanaki is a servant. Nanaki is unfamiliar with the world of aristocrats but even Nanaki knows that servants don’t dance at dance parties. As a Master Maid, Nanaki must remain reserved.

maids stay in the shadows

But well, Nanaki’s true feelings is that Nanaki might have dreamed of it a little.


Even as one of the strong, Nanaki is still a girl. Dancing with a lovely prince is something any girl would dream of at least once. Even Nanaki is no exception. But Nanaki thinks that dream will never be fulfilled. Nanaki has walked a bloody path. And Nanaki thinks of that as Nanaki’s pride. If necessary Nanaki shall continue down this path.

no turning back

There is no one who wants to dance with Nanaki who wears a red dress.

and sparking

Nanaki will ask the wonderful person that Nanaki will meet one day. Please dance with Nanaki. Nanaki might be rejected though. Mhm? You finally woke up, Friend. What a sleepyhead you are. What? You will dance with me? You really are a gentleman. Thank you.

missed this whole paragraph

But a dress really doesn’t fit Nanaki.

maid dress?

Work clothes are fitting for the current Nanaki. That’s because Nanaki is a proud Master Maid. And so Friend, dancing with you will have to wait. Until then Nanaki shall practice. Those feelings make Nanaki very happy. Thank you, Nanaki’s best friend.

godly friend

“……Nanaki makes that expression once in a while.”

“Exactly what expression do you mean?”

“Like you are somewhere far away. That kind of expression.”

gods are far away

A strange thing to say. Even though Nanaki is right here.


“Is it related to that secret?”

“No. Just————no, let’s stop here.”

“A secret again?”

“Yes. And there is another reason.”


scariest anime

Please look in front, my master.


“Zean-samaa! Nana-saan!”


The usual.



 “Welcome back, onii-sama.”


Meia-sama stood in front of the Alfred estate with her arms crossed. ‘My mood is bad’ is written across her face. Nanaki would rather it be ‘My mood is nonaki good’. Fio-san, standing by behind Meia-sama is also pale.

(T/N: ご機嫌ナナメvsご機嫌ナナキ, not really sure how to convey nanaki’s random wordplay, anyone good at puns?)

“That’s not good onii-sama, you can’t bring back yet another animal.”


Nanaki is still being treated as an animal. Rabbitnanaki has gone home to wonderland at the same time we reached the school. The one here is Master Maid Nanaki. And thus Nanaki must not forget to appeal Nanaki’s humanity subtlely. Receive my feelings, telepathic Nanakismile. Meia-sama, Nanaki is human. And Shiel-sama is also human.

nanaki kind of counts as human…maybe?


I think…?

As she pierced Nanaki with eyes like she was looking at garbage, she casually passed Nanaki a carrot. My feelings were nonaki delivered. By the way was this carrot prepared for Nanaki? Maybe Nanaki is unexpectedly liked? Let’s think of it positively.


Meia-sama glared at master and Shiel-sama after silently passing the carrot to Nanaki. Meia-sama that loves her onii-sama is facing off against Shiel-sama that loves master. Servants like Nanaki cannot do anything here. Accordingly the three of them will have to settle this themselves. Nanaki is rooting for you, master.

gogo master!

“I’m back, Mei————“

“It’s been a while, Shiel-san.”


Flagship moderately damaged after just one sentence. Master’s words were forcibly interrupted. It has become a one-sided affair since the battle began. Please recover quickly, master. At this rate, your fiancee, Shiel-sama, will come under concentrated fire. Nanaki cannot save her. There are no reinforcements.

you are on your own

“Oh my, Meia-san! It has been a while. Have you been well?”

“Yes, very. Shiel-san seems well as usual.”

“Wel, well let’s not stand around talking. For now let’s go insi————“

“Onii-sama, can you keep quiet a little?”


Flagship sunk, battle is lost. Having made her cry yesterday, he probably can’t speak out too strongly. Having become like this, the two of them will have to settle this themselves. A salute within Nanaki’s heart to master who has fought hard and lost in vain. The battle continues onto the final stage.

the end is in sight

“I apologise since you have come all the way here but there are many things I must speak of with onii-sama so could I ask you to leave? We will also be unable to provide satisfactory hospitality.”

“Ah, there is no need to mind me. Meia-san.”

first blow parried

Faced with Meia-sama’s words which can be translated to ‘you are in the way, go home’, Shiel-sama most likely just honestly thought ‘don’t mind me’.  I see, this is extremely bad compatibility. From Nanaki’s point of view, since both are important people to master, Nanaki would like the two of them to get along. But that would seem difficult.

love rivals

“I’m saying we cannot host you with appropriate hospitality to avoid shaming ourselves as hosts, Shiel-san. Or must force be used for you to understand?”

….sudden escalation

Master looked at Nanaki. Respond with a bow.

message received

In the face of this sibling love that can be said to be a little extreme, somehow it seems Shiel-sama, the fiancee, has been completely recognised as an enemy. But there is also a limit for everything. Meia-sama’s mana is rising. If it becomes a situation that might result in physical injury, it’s Nanaki’s turn. Friend, prepare.

lightning smile ready

“Ah, how could I……I am sorry Meia-san. I did not think that far……excuse me.”

“And also I have heard from Ridolf but it seems recently you have been going to meet onii-sama everyday. Is this not slightly inappropriate before the official marriage?”

“My apologies……we could not meet for a while so……”


Looking at this, she looks a little pitiful. But if Nanaki had to choose one, then Meia-sama might be right. Being on good terms as fiancees is an extremely good thing, but you can never know how others would think of her meeting master everyday. If they were not nobles, it would probably be a large issue.


“I will reflect on it……Zean-sama, my apologies for intruding on you every day. I shall return for today.”

“Ye, yeah. I will contact you again.”

“Thank you very much. Zean-sama.”

no secret meetings

Shiel-sama’s back as she left looked smaller than usual……Nanaki must not lie. That back is extremely large but sadness can be seen from it. With that said, this is a problem between the people involved. It is not a problem where Nanaki the maid can butt in.

totally not avoiding it

“I’ll return first, onii-sama.”


Meia-sama snorted as she returned to the estate. Once that figure could no longer be seen, master let out a big sigh. Your happiness will escape, my master.

alr gone

“And now I must talk to her about the moonlight ball……”

good luck

Nanaki had totally forgotten. That seems like it would become quite a troublesome conversation. Nanaki also cannot help with that issue. Nanaki who claims to be a Master Maid is powerless. Nanaki will at least clear this gloomy air. Nanaki can do that much.

for master

Begone negativity, haloed Nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.


Laugh and bounce back from adversity. Please show that much willpower, my master. With that said, repair is necessary for the sunk master. Nanaki is able to help with that much. Please become lively with this.

accept my gift

“Master, here.”

“………….just your feelings is fine.”


Carrot is out. Even though it’s delicious.

the end

Hecate hasn’t been translating much recently ~sry~

Typical various reasons etc, but main one is got new com bcos old one was dying, this will be last chapter from old com.Will take a while to transfer stuff and reconfigure. Not sure when I can revive~ I want a carrot revival pot too.

On a side note I got youjo senki books 1-6, arifureta books 1-3 + 2 more from black friday(weekend?) sale :D, whether this serves to distract me from translating is yet to be seen.

Edited(21/1/2018): took me more than a year to finish up to book 6 of youjo senki……or more like I’m on book 6 right now, I keep swapping to other stuff then coming back then swapping again…..



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