Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.26: How to scream cutely

Nanaki’s Rest Day

No matter what happens, morning will come.

the sun will never rise again

Gentlemen that are rubbing their sleeping eyes. Ladies that are still resting. To all early-waking gentlemen and ladies that should wake up, good morning. It’s morning. And it’s Nanaki. It is the moment the sun rises, meaning Nanaki’s day has started.

nanaki gender discrimination?

Quickly breakaway from the soft and fluffy bedding, and put on work clothes——not.

not today

What I will wear is the imperial knight uniform I have not worn since that day. Excluding work clothes, Nanaki doesn’t have any other clothes anyway. Not having had the time to shop might be an excuse. But with Nanaki’s speed, any amount of time can be squeezed out somehow.

so why?

Of course there are reasons for wearing the imperial knight uniform today.

not a whim?

Today is Nanaki’s rest day. Yes, that means today Nanaki is not a maid. I think Meia-sama’s one sentence can explain how it came to this. Having heard that Nanaki has still not received a rest day, Meia-sama said this to master with a ghastly expression.

imoutos are scary

“If she sues us, we can’t win!”

preventive measures

After that was a sad story that makes both listener and speaker cry. One must not carelessly tread upon that. Today is Nanaki’s rest day. What is important is that that is one reason. Up to here is it fine, Friend? A good answer. Then let’s continue. If there is anything that you don’t understand ask only after you’ve heard everything.

but sensei….

First, the news of the imperial capital that I’ve been hearing recently. This is one reason.


Since Nanaki is the capital’s enemy, I cannot cooperate with them. But there is something I am a little curious about. Accordingly, Nanaki is thinking of heading to the capital. I promise to keep it fast and short, I will just take a look at only the point of interest and then leave the capital immediately. Even including the Five Emperors, they can’t catch up to Nanaki’s speed anyway.

just run

And another reason is the prophecy. Since I probably don’t have the time to investigate in depth, just find out what I can. Nanaki might get that time if the Five Emperors are tricked by Nanaki’s camouflaged mana though. The next step depends on whether I can get through those four.

try negotiations?

Somehow I can’t calm my uneasiness. That prophecy makes me feel very uncomfortable about something.

the end of the world?

For now that is it. Friend, do you have any questions? What? Meals? For something like that I can just catch a rat or something along the way. There is quite a distance to the imperial capital. There should be a few forests along the way. Although I have gotten used to civilized life, do not forget that Nanaki is still the king of the forest.


Ignoring other forests, in the forest where Nanaki grew up, all the animals would run upon seeing Nanaki. It would be troubling if you underestimated this extraordinary Nanaki who has exceeded the summit of the food chain. Most things excluding primates can serve as Nanaki’s meal. This Nanaki will never be troubled for food.


Now then, since the problem has been solved let’s set out already. Use the sheet that got dirtied the day I fought Envy as a makeshift cloak. Now from afar the imperial knight uniform won’t be easily recognised. I have confidence in my movement. It works if it buys me a few seconds.

and poof nanaki is gone

“Well then, let’s go.”

to the capital!

In the end, you never know what might happen.



Under the ocean blue sky were arranged black pentagons that were unusual in this age. The overlapping pentagons stacked within each other with the most exalted beings on this continent in the center. The multilayered pentagons each have their own class and only more superior humans are allowed to advance to the inner pentagons where it is safer, more convenient and success awaits them.


This is the final destination of talent. Filled with those known as geniuses and their family. And also the chosen people whose residence is allowed due to some achievement. It can be said that ordinary people are rarer.

whew, bye then

“It’s easy to change the contents——of the entry pass——“


There is an array of detection and anti-air magic in the skies above the solid pentagons. It would be easy to break through those but Nanaki did not come here to start a war. I shall enter openly through the front entrance. There are eight imperial knights at the only safe entrance to the pentagons. Merchants, local nobles etc, everyone is checked regardless.


It would be easy to break through with a speed that cannot be seen. But from here on, if Nanaki uses magic even once, Nanaki’s presence would be known through out the capital. Right now I am camouflaged well, but they are not opponents that would miss it if I’m revealed for even an instant.

always o alert

Then what to do? It’s simple.

walk in


“What’s wrong?”

“N, no, nevermind.”

just your imagination

I openly walked through without any tricks.

confidence is key

This is not speed. This could be said to be the first thing Nanaki learnt in order to live. To protect myself, to ambush. Creatures that cannot hide their presence cannot survive in that forest. Back when Nanaki was still weak, I hid motionlessly until Mother came back. By now I have become able to hide my presence even while walking.

stealth nanaki

People have abandoned science. Because they pursued magic, antiquated surveillance cameras do not exist here. Each and everyone recognizes people by their amount of mana. Even if seen by the eye, if there is no sign of mana there, one will not see anything. That could be said to be one weakness of magic.

even magic is not omnipotent

Once I got through inspections, there laid the outermost pentagon.  According to class, it is the lowest floor but it has the largest population. Many people are busily coming and going. It’s a nostalgic scene. Nanaki’s former home. I must not be noticed but I couldn’t help smiling spontaneously.

a nice scene

Espionage nanakismile. Everyone in the capital, it’s Nanaki.

….no response?

Of course nobody realises that Nanaki is Lightning Empress Nanaki. The people of the capital walks every which way. Blend into that with my presence hidden. After walking a little, let out a little presence and with a little natural seasoning, now I’m a splendid imperial citizen. Nanaki passing by.

don’t mind her

On the surface it could be said to be peaceful. But the reality is that a certain number of people have been stationed on the pentagon’s walls. Any invasion will be through the sky, that is natural. But the capital also understands that weakness and thus many interception systems exist.

cant intercept nanaki though

With that, the reason for stationing this number or personnel on the walls is probably——


“Enemy attack——!!”


Together with that shout, the capital’s anti-air magic spouted fire.

why not lightning

An uncountable number of anti-air magic extended into the sky. The target is just one person. That person’s hair is the same as Nanaki and Akiha-san, jet black. He brilliantly dodged the approaching anti-air magic and magnificently dealt blow after blow to the pursuing imperial knights.

a jappenise?

“Hahaha!! I’m back Raicou!!”

wlc back

How much time has passed since the alarm was sounded? That’s too slow Raicou. It’s natural to be faster than normal people. It is also natural to be faster than great people. At least get on the level to be comparable to Nanaki before giving up.

(T?N:諦めるならばせめてナナキと比べる段階になってからにした方が良い, grammar ;-; hlep)

“You again!! That’s why I hate brats!!”

but they are cute

Martial Emperor Raicou. Unparalleled in pure strength alone. His weapon can easily be seen to be just his own body. His combat doesn’t rely on long-range magic at all and is purely melee. His height is about 2.3 meters, a giant proud of his muscle armaments. Even Nanaki has had a hard fight against that striking power.

slow tho

“Come Raicou! Today is the day I beat you and become a Five Emperor!”


stop breaking into my house!

Another radical young man has appeared. I do not want to think it’s Nanaki’s fault so I will quickly leave this place. If you are a going to challenge a Five Emperor, I think you should bring along a god or two though. I can sense talent in those movements but it is far from reaching Raicou.

too weak

“Like a fake-invader brat like you can become a Five Emperor!! Catch him already!!”

“What do you mean invad——Gueeh!?”

you let your guard down

A direct hit. I offer my condolences.


Now then, Friend. What should I do about this corpse coming towards Nanaki. What? It might be alive? It wouldn’t be strange if it died since it’s Raicou’s fist. Well more importantly. What will happen if Nanaki makes some flashy movement?

if you are fast enough nth?

In any case, iIt’s right before Raicou’s eyes. Even the person in question seems to be regretting having punched without checking the surroundings. Yes, Raicou is slow. Which means the corpse colliding with Nanaki is unavoidable. At the very least I will disguise myself by letting out a cute voice. Raicou would never think that Nanaki would let out a cute voice.

….kinda sad

3, 2, 1, impact.




On the other hand, Hecate’s screams upon getting ambushed by random bugs can be embarrassingly high-pitched.

Welp I’m back, new com has been set up, back to translating. I guess if I forgot to trasfer/reinstall anything I will have to find out the hard way.



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