Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.27: Reward for self-destruct: 1 Nanaki

Envy’s Conversational Course

“Oootoh!? My bad! You alive?”

“…….don’t mind me.”

yes dont mind nanaki

He is somehow still fine after receiving Raicou’s blow. When he collided with Nanaki, he cleanly flipped his body around behind Nanaki and cancelled our momentum. Quite a gentlemanly young man. He probably protected himself at the proper timing with magic.

no wonder he lives

But that is not a power that can be somehow dealt with by that. He is probably extremely specialized in defensive skills.

a tank

“If we are gonna do it, do it in the sky Raicou.”

“How fussy!! Don’t you address me without honorifics!!”

rude brat

Without an apology the two ascended into the sky. This is convenient for Nanaki. The eyes of the people around are following that violent battle. Nobody is looking at Nanaki. Quickly retreat from this place. Hide my presence and walk. If I do not want to stand out I must not rush here.


Nanaki will only start running when the imperial citizens realize the danger and start evacuating. According to Raicou’s words, it seems that young man has attacked the capital multiple times. Even so to not evacuate the instant the alarm was sounded is a bit strange.

they are confident

Anyway, quickly retreat. Ordinary passer-by Nanaki.

blend in

“That cute young lady over there, how about some tea?”


Nono, this is troublesome. Maybe it can be said to be as expected of Nanaki, I received an invitation to tea. That’s right Friend. For now let’s leave this place. Of course, using magic. I have no intention of duking it out with her here. Is that building fine?


“I couldn’t trick you?”

“Impossible impossible. Never mind the other three, but not me.”

envy too gud

I instantly move the the roof of that building. Movement clad in lightning, with this Nanaki’s presence has been made known. The one that caught up after a while was the lady I received the invitation from, Flame Empress Envy. The sister of Nanaki’s heart and also the opponent I crossed swords with a while before.

todays enemy is tomorrows friend

“I am relieved that you seem well.”

“Thanks to you I’m still not back to normal though. I’m glad to see you.”

“Me too, Envy.”

“Just that well, for now I guess I have to ask what is your objective. Even if you are my cute sister, that is, well.”

enemies after all

I know that we are enemies but Nanaki has affirmed this relationship. Then for now I can smile and remain proud.


“It’s not the cute maid clothing from before. What did you come to the capital for?”

“I heard that the public order was bad and came to take a look.”

“Ah, about Leon. Well, he’s the next Five Emperors candidate. Kind of.”

“Raicou seemed to have called him an invader though.”

“Too bad, I can’t talk about that Nanaki.”


Well, that’s obvious. There is our positions to consider. And more importantly——


“Get back Envy!! Trying to do the impossible on your own again!!”

“When Silver is gone of all times……!”


The Martial Emperor and Sky Empress have arrived.


“It has been a while. Raicou, Salia.”



Talking was pointless. That too fat, strong arm drew closer to Nanaki. Anybody can easily imagine the destructive force of a strike made by a 2.3 meter tall body. Add onto that magic and strength of the gods and you can imagine Martial Emperor Raicou’s strength.

strongest Emperor

But just like how Raicou is like that, Nanaki is also a prodigy.

prodigy vs prodigy

“I have no intention of fighting. Raicou.”


As proof I stopped his attack with one arm. Amount of mana, strength of our respective gods and talent. It is reckless for Raicou that is inferior to Nanaki in all this to challenge this Nanaki solo. Did this Nanaki that is Mother’s daughter really seem that frail? If so that is an unforgivable insult.

ready to die?

“What do you mean no intention to fight! To be in the capital like this——”

“——I said I won’t fight. Back off Raicou.”

oooh peace accepted

There are different levels even in the heavens, know that.

nothing is equal.

“…………what are you”


Nanaki has shown her intent. Now just to get it through to him. Since you have the talent to be hailed as a Five Emperor you can see it right, Raicou? If he stills comes on without flinching at this mana,then I will escape quickly. Nanaki really has no intention of fighting in the capital. I will be your opponent when you catch up one day as the curse.

not before


“Nanaki’s mana is more than before……!?”

“Well, it’s her growth period. Rather it will keep growing. You might’ve forgotten but she is still sixteen after all.”

not just mana will grow

That’s right. Nanaki is still sixteen. My mana will keep increasing and my height will increase too. And my chest will become bigger. And then Nanaki shall no longer mess up the speech learnt from Envy. Isn’t that quite a good thing. I definitely should become like that.

good student

“……Anyway, let’s stop fighting Salia, Raicou. Do you think the three of us can defeat Nanaki?”

“You’ve grown timid, Envy!!”

“Because I got beaten black and blue when I challenged her. I know Nanaki when she gets serious.”

“That in the capital was not serious……?

“That magic had the power to wipe out the capital. Hiyent=Helios took a week to revive from that power. If she uses that, we are done for.”


The conversation is progressing a little. Sure, I might be able to wipe out the capital but for this wide an area I can’t fire it immediately. Can I take this as you giving me a chance to talk it out, Envy? If so I am thankful for that kindness.

thanks sis~

Having heard Envy’s words, Raicou and Salia exchanged glances and eventually relaxed their stance.

peace is best

“I do not have any intent to fight. I only came to take a look at the capital’s condition. I intended to take a look secretly but I was discovered by Envy.”

“Why do you care about the condition of the capital you abandoned.”

“There is something I am curious about. Salia.”

“That is——”


This is……Ah, that guy just now.

he’s back again?

“Don’t run away Raicou!! What kind of Martial Emperor runs from the enemy——”

“Be quiet a bit.”


welp gone again

The young man from just now, Leon I think? Envy instantly caught and restraint him who has come chasing after Raicou. He who could not be caught by Raicou’s speed was immediately caught by Envy. I think stepping was a little much though.

“Owow……Hm, the mantle from before……?”

“The conversation is going to get complicated so won’t you sleep Leon?”

“Don’t say such cruel things, Envy nee-san. If that is an enemy leave it to me. I will rip off that mantle immediately.”

“Amazing confidence despite being restrained by being stepped on. Fine, that’s an enemy. Hurry up and catch it.”

“Roger, Salia sis.”

(T/N: he used anego instead of nee-san for salia……salia scarier than envy? dk)

Five Emperors candidate Leon. From what I can see it seems he doesn’t have a god following him, like this he intends to compete with Nanaki? Certainly his build is good, but he still has a lot of issues. It is too early for him to challenge Nanaki.

come back in a thousand years

“——Where are you lookinaah!?  Why could you dodge……”

bcos nanaki

To be accurate there is no need to look. I see, his true speed is quite fast. Up until now was he lowering it to match Raicou? Then was that really just training? But if he is happy about being at that level he will never become a Five Emperor. There is always someone above.

that’s nanaki



Nanaki shall also test you. If you can touch Nanaki just once within one minute, you might have a slight chance of becoming a Five Emperor. I shall give you a handicap. Nanaki will not use any lightning. Magic too. I will be your opponent with the limits of movements allowed for humans.

…is that really human?

“Kuh! Just……a bit more!”

so close yet so far

Thirty seconds remaining. As expected it’s impossible. Should I just end it already? I will not use use lightning or magic, I shall retrain you while keeping that promise. Avoid all the attacks by Leon and grab his arm. Then fling him away and it’s the end.


“Just one finger……!”


His final pointless struggle was a magic that could be said to be self-destructive. You know quite disgusting magic. And to use it unhesitatingly is the worst. My apologies for you who used it with the resolve to die, but Nanaki is uninjured. Ah, But the sheet I was wrapped in was burned to pieces.

nanaki revealed

“…….Uooh, an amazing beauty……but also an amazing chopping board.”

“This shitty bastard, I will fucking kill you.”

“Oi Nanaki! Your tone!”

(T/N: the few situations Nanaki loses her very polite tone~)



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  1. “…….Uooh, an amazing beauty……but also an amazing chopping board.”

    *Raises the deth flag* Good bye, Leon… your life is short but know that it provide us with huge amusement :’D


  2. Since you have the talent to be healed as a Five Emperor you can see it right, Raicou? ->
    Since you have the talent to be hailed as a Five Emperor you can see it right, Raicou?

    Where is master? we need master’s compliment so that the capital can survive Nanaki’s wrath xD

    Thank you for the translation :3

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