Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.28: Master so Charming

Each of Us has Something Important

“Nanaki……could it be Lightning Empress Nanaki……?”

the truth is out!

Indeed it is Nanaki. Nice to meet you shitty bastard. Nanaki shall beat you up now so prepare yourself.


“How many times have I told you not to use that vulgar tone before people, Nanaki. What was that tone just now?”


Nananki doesn’t really knonaki what you are talking about. It could be said that I do not understanaki.

(T/N: Nanaki be panicking XD)

The sister of my heart is in a bad mood. This is not good, Envy’s pretty face is marred by anger. Nanaki thinks that a smile really fits Envy better. And so it might be presumptuous but Nanaki shall serve as an example. Put a little effort into my smile.

awkward nanakismile

Come to think of it I might have never shown Salia and Raicou my smile. When I think of it, I spent most of those days as Lightning Empress Nanaki. The only exception was probably Envy. In that case I will have you know the real Nanaki.

coming out

Look, Envy. Look, Raicou. Look, Salia. This Nanaki’s smile that trumps three emperors. Nanakismile of creation. Nanaki shall now open a new path. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki. And those of the Five Emperors, this is the real——



“You can’t laugh it off.”


shot down

Guilty Nanaki. I honestly apologized with a sorry.

good girl

“It really is the real Lightning Empress Nanaki. Is this fine, Envy nee-san? On top of being a traitor she killed her fellow countrymen. Isn’t it bad to get along like this? Why is Salia Sis and Raicou also staying quiet. Isn’t this person an enemy of the empire?”

“Undoubtedly, that is correct. Five Emperors candidate Leon.”

but also mistaken

Nanaki shall answer that question. Nanaki is undoubtedly an enemy of the empire. Five Emperors candidate Leon, you are not mistaken.

…he’s not?

“Despite being a former Five Emperor you killed your fellow countrymen. What kind feelings did you have as you killed them, Lightning Empress Nanaki?”

“Five Emperors candidate Leon. Where do you want to go?”


“Nanaki is at that place. Nanaki will not step aside. Nanaki will not let you pass. What will you do?”

“…………What are you trying to say?”

will you fight?

Will you give up on that path? Abandoning that pride and turn back without even fighting. If you are like that then there is definitely nothing to be gained for either of us even if we talked. Nanaki has sufficiently conveyed what she wants to ask you. That word is certainly comfortable. It is relieving.

a word I don’t believe in

If you have a just cause, any and everyone will be your ally. Isn’t it fine, use that privilege as much as you like. Nanaki has already affirmed and accepted this world. This will and body are together. That is why I am Nanaki. Fight as much as you like. Nanaki is here.

nanaki shall face you

“Do not question this Nanaki about justice. Five Emperor candidate Leon.”


That is the logic of your world. I’ve said it many times, Nanaki is deviated. Nanaki feels no value in that. What is that, if I have it will my enemies be defeated? Will I advance down my path? Wrong. That is cowardice itself. Humans are fearful of that which is different, humans are fearful of change. Then they will never become strong.

justice is not strength

“Then you don’t think anything of those that you killed?”

“——Any number of people. Dozens of people. Hundreds of people. Thousands of people. They should just die. If they become my enemy.”

even if it is the world

What’s that face. Did you think I would spout kind words? Or did you think I would repent? Naive. This Nanaki will affirm this world rampant with prophecies and curses and live. I cannot be the same as others. If I do that I will stay in the same place as them.


“I have a reason to live. I have worth in living. That is enough reason to kill my enemies. Any number of them can just die, I will kill any number of them.”

“……you’re crazy.”

“A coward that doesn’t value his own life should not push his opinions upon this Nanaki.”


you stand before a god

What can you protect with beautiful and comfortable words. Can you prove that anger to this Nanaki? That justice is the one that can overthrow even this Nanaki? It’s impossible, you do not have that strength. You are just saying things that cannot be attacked from a position that cannot be attacked. I’m jealous, it seems easy.

easy life

Nanaki has always asserted her own worth. I always say it, Nanaki is a special existance. And I have constantly proved that. I have proved I am special, I have proved I am strong, I have proved I have strength. Yes, Nanaki is already done with proving. If you have complaints then prove it. With that justice of yours.

weak life

In the end who is crazy? Nanaki does not know. Because I am deviated.

so nanaki cannot judge

“Now, follower of justice. Are you Nanaki’s enemy?”

are you prepared to die?

I will give you a chance. Prove it. If you succeed then be proud. That is because that is proof that you have accomplished something great.

in beating Nanaki


“Nanaki. You said you didn’t come to fight. Then can you go back already?”

“……that was right. I have been terribly rude. Envy.”

“You intend to let her escape like this!? Envy nee-san!!”

“We are having her escape. Leon. It’s embarassing but this is the gap between us and Nanaki.”

“Even Salia Sis……Raicou!”


After waiting for Raicou to silently shake his head, I bade my farewells.


“Now then Envy, Raicou, Salia. And Leon. One day, let us meet again on the day when all is to be decided.”

nanaki shall face you then

Now, let’s go home Friend. Because of various delays I couldn’t accomplish half my objectives, but there was some gains. I don’t know if it can be said to be meaningful but I saw a nostalgic face. To Nanaki that has made it quite a good rest day.

stuff as done

“Lightning Empress Nanaki……I will defeat you……”

you can try

Then before that ascertain your own worth. Be more valuable than this Nanaki. Let us meet again on that day. Nanaki’s enemy by the name of justice. If you have pride in that way of life, come before Nanaki to enforce it.

with resolve

I will sink you with respect.


or intermission

“I have returned, my master. My apologies for having taken a break today.”

“No, it’s I who should be sorry for before. ……why maid clothing?”

“Because I am a Master Maid.”

she said it out lud O.o

Everyone around the world, I have returned, it’s Nanaki.

welc back

As expected unless I wear these work clothes nothing will start. It is already the time when it is fine for me to be confident that I am a Master Maid in body and mind. In that case I must seriously consider my advancement to the kitchen. How can I break through the strong enemy known as head butler Ridolf? This is what it means to be itching to put my skills to use.

what skills? killing? poison?

“Can I ask where you went?”

“To the imperial capital a little. I met some nostalgic faces.”

“Oioi, was it alright?”

“It was just a little argument. I also saw the face of the new Five Emperor candidate.”

“Which means the Lightning Empress will finally disappear.”


to the history ooks

It was just four years but I will not forget the pride in shouldering that title. I will probably leave my name in history as the worst emperor. If I can ask for it, I want at least one person to remember the name of Lightning Empress Nanaki as the one who fought for the capital alone. Is this extravagance, Friend?

nothing it too much

“Good work.”

nanaki deserves it

That surprised me.

no need

“……I did not think I would receive words of thanks.”

“It should be fine for there to be at least one person who thanks you. I think you are doing enough work for that.”

….charming master

Work, huh? That was also something done according to Nanaki’s will, if asked whether there is justice in that the answer is no. That is the duty and responsibility of Nanaki as the Lightning Empress. That is why gratefulness is foolish, words of thanks really might not be right.

just accept them

“My master.”


“I will kill people to protect master. If it is not an acquaintance I will kill them unhesitatingly to save master.”

“You say that like it is a bad thing.”

“No. But I was asked about justice.”

“My judgement is lower than the word justice? What a cruel servant.”

“By no means, justice cannot be eaten.”

“Your basis is that?”

food is important

As expected, my master and I are deviated. I am used to being excluding from the world. But it was never as two people, so I am a little nervous, no, is this excitement?

looking forward to it

“The one who advances is me. The one who decides is Nanaki. That is the thing called value in our relationship.”


“Then correspondingly Nanaki is my sword. You said that. Save me even if you need to kill.”

“As you will it.”

master knows just how to treat Nanaki

Ah, it really is here.

te place where nanaki belongs

My home.

The end



20 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.28: Master so Charming

  1. So, Nanaki here doing her impression of a supposed-to-be-enigmatic Final Fantasy character, but we see it from the other side for once which is nice. By that I refer to the ‘used to be good but disappeared for a while and returns as evil but never explains properly themselves’, character trope from JRPG’s and other places.

    Also, ‘Justice cannot be eaten’ – too right; Lysaer go eat a dick you sanctimonious douche.


  2. Just binge read up to this point. I have to say I absolutely love Nanaki and your translations representation of her. I feel like you completely captured what the author intended. Keep up the amazing work please!

    Liked by 1 person

  3.      ∩_ ∩
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Nanaki Love!!!
        /  l |    Nanaki Life!!!


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