Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.29: Master……u w0t

It’s a Moonlight Ball

The veil of night has descended.

begone sun!

Tonight’s sky is beautiful. Lights of civilization, please restrain yourselves. The light that shines upon all these ladies and gentlemen dressed up in beautiful dresses and dignified tuxedos should be the moonlight. There is nothing more appropriate. People are dancing to the historical classical ringing out across this meadow under the moonlit night.

goddamned light pollution

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the moonlight ball.

it started~

“Y, yo Meia! Hasn’t it been a while?”

“It has been a while. Vilmott-sama.”


As can been seen, my master received covering fire from Meia-sama. Since it would serve to help the household, it seems there wasn’t much resistance. And it seems on Nanaki’s rest day they had a bout and the siblings spent the day just the two of them together for the first time for a while. A wonderful sibling love. Nanaki will learn from it.

please don’t

“Vilmott, today——”

“Yeah, I know. As promised, move as you like.”

“I’m grateful. Meia, I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, onii-sama.”


My master and Meia-sama, they will each fulfill their respective roles. That is the same for Nanaki. A personal maid must not loiter around at a dance party. The host, Vilmott Arkahn has already arranged for waiters. Servants like Nanaki are to simply watch from afar.

stand by

The reversal drama since the day we became master and servant has been brilliant. But because of how low his position originally was, even after reaching this stage my master’s disadvantage has not been wiped away. Even with the fact that he was invited by Vilmott Arkahn, it is still a little impossible for him to just go around. So far no one has spoken to master yet.

noble society and their irritating stuffs

Conversely Meia-sama is absorbed by her conversation with Vilmott Arkahn. Let’s see, using Nanaki’s talents, investigate the contents of that conversation. Follow the movements of the lips and replicate it, that’s it. All that is required is eyes that can see well into the distance and ability to comprehend. Then Nanaki shall set forth.

lip reading?

‘If you want to rebuild the Alfred house, don’t you think it’s a good idea to marry me?’

‘Haah. Nanaki……no, was it Nana? Come.’

‘Oioi Meia. The servants are at the opposite side. No way she will come.’

speak of the devil

Funny you should say that because here’s Nanaki.

and she will come

“Did you call, Meia-sama?”



You are as scared of Nanaki as usual, Vilmott Arkahn. Wouldn’t it be better to maintain appearances at least in front of the one you love? Meia-sama is a wise person so she might see through it immediately though.

effort is important though

“I’m sorry for surprising you, Vilmott-sama. Our maid is special.”

special maid

Yes that. Special. Extraordinary Nanaki.

homete hmete~

It really can be said that Meia-sama properly understands Nanaki. Nanaki has proven she is special and Meia-sama has understood that. She has recognized that Nanaki is special without jealousy and said that I am special as if boasting of her servant. It can finally be said that Meia-sama has placed her trust in me.


This puts even Nanaki in a good nanakimood. Moon-sama that shines brightest among the stars the fills the whole sky. The starring role is not Nanaki’s but let us grace this stage with a beautiful smile.

nanaki’s starring role is here

Nanakismile that fills the whole sky. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

universal nanaki

Now, please state your will, Meia-sama. Provided master doesn’t call, Nanaki has no work for now. That is not good. Nanaki that is special must not waste time. People live approaching death, so before you die you must accomplish as much as possible.

the sun begins setting as it rises

“Here you go. You can go back.”

that’s it?

Ninjin. (Carrot)

“Then I will excuse myself.”


That means I was called to serve as something like a restraint for Vilmott Arkahn. As long as I am useful any reason is fine. Nanaki is the Master Maid serving the Alfred house after all. But still, this carrot. Rabbitnanaki is already gone Meia-sama.

back to wonderland

“That’s the wrong reply, rabbit-san.”



I hopped back.



The moonlight ball proceeded without incident.

nanaki didn’t cause trouble?

Nanaki, probably the only person in this place not suitable to be here, worked hard on hiding her presence. I have no intention of shaming my upbringing in the mother nature. Those days are Nanaki’s pride. But I have no intention of denying the rules of civilized society. Nanaki is Nanaki. Aristocrats are aristocrats. As long as our paths don’t collide.

in which case die

Fio-san and Akiha-san are not here. They serve as servants not in the role of maids but as knights. They are probably stationed somewhere on this meadow to ensure the security of this moonlight ball. Of course there is only one action for Nanaki to take when assailed by boredom. My master.

…..actually said like that, not translation flaw or anything

Watch over my master dancing with girls dressed in beautiful dresses.


That is the forth person. Although no one spoke to him at first, master moved proactively and succeeded in taking advantage of the situation. Once the atmosphere took form, there are no problems. Master’s appearance is to the liking of many girls. Currently a small group of girls has formed centered around master.


Ladies that have dressed up for today.

to find a good husband

Various colorful dresses and pretty accessories. All things that are amazingly unsuitable for Nanaki, Friend. In any case, master has succeeded in making contact with the upper-class nobles. Congratulations, my master. Hm, what’s wrong Friend? What? My face is scary? That’s strange. Nanaki is not angry.


If my face is scary then I just need to loosen it. Squishsquish.


Then once again, moonlit nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

yandere smile

“Are you angry?”

“It is a smile.”

“What, was that it?”

“A break? My master.”

“Kind of.”

too much dancing?

Not a good timing for Nanaki. But that is Nanaki’s circumstances and not master’s fault. To think even master would judge this to be an angry expression, I must continue reflecting.

and learn

“Master. If you would like to take a break there are foods and drinks over there.”

“I’m the type that doesn’t trust other’s waiters.”

“Then I shall bring it.”

job GET

My apologies to the waiters but Nanaki is master’s servant. I shall give you my maximum consideration. As long as it’s not noticed it probably will not count as rude. Quickly gather drinks and some snacks and back to master. The only people in this place that can capture Nanaki’s movements is probably only Meia-sama.

dont spill the drinks

“I have brought it.”



In truth it should be better to talk to the upper-class nobles during a break like this. Despite that master came all the way to the shadows where Nanaki is to rest. A bad move. It might be better to advice him here.

but master always has a plan


cloud: nope

The shadows became darkness.

no vision

Not an enemy attack. It is not possible for anyone to slip through Nanaki’s perception and succeed in a surprise attack. When I looked up, moon-sama was covered up by thick clouds. With the starlight it is not total darkness, but there is a large difference compared to before.

starlight is miserable

The ladies and gentlemen that grew up in civilized life are probably not used to this darkness. Of course Nanaki’s night vision is sharp. I had competed with owls to catch mice in the forest at night. In the end even the owls became Nanaki’s meal. See, there is no need to be ashamed of my upbringing, Friend.

nanaki can fly to catch owls~

“The moon got hidden huh. How convenient.”

“There are no enemies so please rest assur——convenient?”


A strange thing to say. It should be more convenient for master for the moonlight ball to proceed without a hitch. With moon-sama hidden like this, the nobles brought up in civilization probably cannot carry out a proper conversation. After all they don’t know who they are talking to.

kinda awkward

“——Let’s dance, Nanaki.”





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