Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.31: 1 Nanaki for Breakfast Pls

Summer Begins

——Dear Mother.


It’s summer.

welp, get out the ice

Summer has arrived, Mother.

and heat

The season where the blue Mother loved shines has come. Once people get sick of this roasting air and look up at the sky, this blue should benefit them. Under the wide blue sky, today Nanaki is still living. Excuse me for this being from the aristocrat’s town Freyline instead of the forest I lived with Mother in.

new home

Recently the amount of time I have to think of Mother has decreased a lot. I apologise for being an unfilial daughter. But I hope Mother is happy. This long-delayed report is no other than to say that Nanaki’s present is fulfilling.

(T?N: この久闊はナナキの今が充実していることの報せに他ならないのです, tasukete)

I have not visited Mother’s grave in a long time but can Mother see the current Nanaki? To Mother does the current Nanaki seem even a little more grown-up? If that is so, I want to be praised. Even if knowing that cannot be granted, Nanaki will wish for that.

good job Nanaki

As proof of an unending, unforgettable love.



Summer has come even to this Freyline where it is not an exaggeration to say it has existed since ancient times. The sun beats down with an intensity that scorches the ground. Farewells to cool mornings for a while. Live well.

see you when autumn comes~

“Good morning Nanaki-sama.”

“Good morning. Fio-san.”

hierarchy established

When it is still the time when it is early for people to wake up, I exchanged my usual greetings with Fio-san. Recently I’ve been able to get Fio-san to completely open up to me. My praises to her who trains and sweats beautifully every morning. Even if it is natural to work hard, to continue working hard is a difficult thing. Fight.

fiato faito!

“If you don’t mind, would Nanaki-sama like to join in too?”

more fun tgt

As usual Fio-san calls me Nanaki-sama. And the season is nanakisummer. Nanaki’s summer, summer’s Nanaki. Midsummer nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki. I offer you a summer postcard. Please be careful of the summer’s fierce heat. I will pray for your well-being.

i dont have summers tho ;-;

“I have some free time. Then I shall intrude on the warm-up.”


warming up is important

Since I was invited Nanaki chose to join in. That you must not neglect warm-ups was Envy’s teaching. The king of the wild, Nanaki, must never neglect preparations to secure prey at any time.

(T?N: これを推したいところだ, cut out this part at the end, bcos not exactly sure what it means, anyone knows?)

Okay now then, first stretch the arms and legs. Ligaments are important.


“One, two, three, four.”

“One, two, three, four.”

“Five, six, Nanaki.”

“Five, six, Nana……Eh……”

(T/N: seven=nanaki)

I continued conscientiously. If those were not Envy’s words I might have went through it halfheartedly. Nanaki believes in the words she said for Nanaki’s sake. There is that much of a bond between Nanaki and Envy. Even if we are separated now, that will not change.

sisterly love trumps all

An intensely shining sun and intense calisthenics while smiling. Unfortunately Nanaki is strong against the heat. Although I don’t like this baking heat that is different from that of in Mother Nature, I am definitely not weak to it. If the sun is dazzling then Nanaki shall shine. Shining nanakisummer, peace to the sun.

my eyes!

“Now then……”

“I will be in your care!”


After the calisthenics is a bout. She has not been directly told of Nanaki’s identity, but Fio-san’s movements completely treats Nanaki as the Lightning Empress. With all the strength she can muster and without any restraint in her blows. Wonderful, this way there is worth in lending her my chest.

no deep meaning again




(T/N: O=√ basically. original was batsu and maru but I think X and O work fine)

If footwork can make it then X, if I have to block with my hands then finally O. But although O may be a telling blow, it is not a fatal blow. You must have a follow up after O. Constant feints will only buy you time at best. The demerit is that you will just display your swordsmanship and let it be seen through.

generally not a good idea

“Then I shall attack.”

nanaki’s turn

Offensive and defensive roles swap. Nanaki sets forth.

here comes nanaki~

Taking into account her ability, use movements slightly superior to Fio-san to attack. Nanaki apologises for being bad at proper swordplay. Silver and Salia were often scolded me for using heretic swordplay. It can’t be helped, Nanaki’s swordsmanship is self-taught. I name it, Wild Nanaki Style.


“The end, thank you very much. The matter seems to have been decided.”

“……thank you very much!”

ur wlc

Stop the deciding blow and end, thank you very much.

morning exercise done

“Now then, I will return to work. I will see you again at breakfast.”

“To not even break a sweat……as expected.”

“Thank you very much.”

even in summer?

Literally breakfastnanaki. Hm? Wrongwrong, not Nanaki for breakfast, Friend. It means the Nanaki before breakfast. Remember that.


After that display Nanaki’s prowess satisfactorily in the usual laundry and cleaning. With pride in my chest, do away with the hateful dust. A maid’s archenemy, the battle never ends. Don’t think you can beat Nanaki in a battle of endurance. I will exterminate you without leaving a single speck.

merciless as usual

As I thought that, there’s the sound of the bell.

dust is saved

Suspend operations, retreat. A clear ringing tone, in conclusion, this is the sound of Meia-sama’s bell. Quickly wash my hands and gargle, step into the garden to drop off the dust, spinningnanaki. Then speedily adjust my appearance and knock on the door. Meia-sama, it’s Nanaki.

you called?

“Come in.”

“Excuse me. Good morning, Meia-sama.”

Meia wakes up early…?

The Master Maid has arrived, please state your will.

give me your power

“Morning. Do the usual preparations.”


not fio?

Recently Nanaki has been in charge of Meia-sama’s morning preparations. It’s no trouble leaving everything from choosing the outfit to changing to Nanaki. Something of this level is not even work. When I finished quickly, accurately and efficiently, Meia-sama unexpectedly smiled, Nanaki smiles too. All that’s left is peace.

after war only peace is left

“Good work.”


The usual ninjin (carrot).


A mountain of carrots towered on the table in Meia-sama’s room. That thing that doesn’t fit the room’s atmosphere to a lethal extent is probably prepared for Nanaki. Strange, even though I’ve shown my true abilities to this extent, Nanaki has not become human at all. Seven mysteries of Nanaki.

(T/N: once again nana=seven~)

“Then I shall excuse myself, Meia-sama.”



Master called just as Meia-sama’s preparations were done. It’s the recent rhythm of the morning. Nanaki shall go with lightning speed. Gone.


“Good morning, my master.”

“Morning Nanaki.”

its breakfastnanaki

Master is dignified as well today. Even though it is early morning, he doesn’t show a sleepy face, both his posture and expression radiate dignity. Yes, the master of this Nanaki must be like this. Not just working hard when before someone. Unless you truly become what you are evaluated as, it is meaningless.

dont just fae

It is approximately one week since that night of the moonlight ball. There isn’t any change in Nanaki and master’s relationship. Without any unease in Nanaki and master’s master and servant relationship, the usual days continued as if that day’s incident never occurred. Both of us do not have a personality which would drag it out.

just leave ot

If there is a next time, cross that bridge when we come to it, master is probably thinking that way too.

enjoy the present

“Hm,this is……”

a problem?

A loud heavy sound rang out.


Hearing the loud noise,master opened the window and leaned out. It’s dangerous so I would like you to stop that. Well, even if he falls Nanaki can catch him so I will just warn him later.

dont lean out of windows

“Look Nanaki.”

“Yes……could this be.”

an attack?

A lump of metal floated in the blue.


“A vehicle from before the god world war……for one of them to still work, I’ve seen something good.”

“An age where something that big is needed to fly in the sky……it seems inconvenient.”

“The result of pursuing convenience being this world is also something to consider though.”

u guys went too far

I watched the iron cage race across the blue sky with master. The ancient relic drew a white line across the blue that Mother loved as it flew off. The iron cage advanced under the blazing sun, I watched that awfully slow thing with master until it couldn’t be seen. Only the blue sky was left, people really revere the sky.

the sky’s the limit

——Summer begins this year too.

the end

Hecate is busy clearing LoL ranked provis and watching maru

Sorry if the chapter is a bit choppy, it was done in between league games whIle in queue in parts.

Well, jokes aside, kinda busy (and tired) so don’t expect much until next week at least.



17 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.31: 1 Nanaki for Breakfast Pls

  1. A world of sword and magic and jumbo jet. Also it can’t be heigenice to just leave a mountain of carrots on a table. They’ll rot.
    Thanks for the chaper despite your busyness and have a joyous holiday.


  2. And the season is nanakisummer. Nanaki’s summer, summer’s Nanaki. Midsummer nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.
    ~I miss the nanakismile

    Literally breakfastnanaki. Hm? Wrongwrong, not Nanaki for breakfast, Friend. It means the Nanaki before breakfast.
    ~I think of something weird when I read this one!


  3.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year


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