Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.32: It’s a shooting star, Make a wish.

Flat-Chested Ones


whew round 2

It was a roar under the blazing sun. Before that person who adjusted his grip on his sword and charged, Akiha-san simply took a stance without drawing her sword. The stance for the ancient art, Iai. A martial technique from before the God World War. Now then, in this gallery, just how many people can perceive that speed?

rob one

Simply by descending from the carriage to school, I suddenly got to see first-rate techniques. What a wonderful academy. If Nanaki’s social position ever became that of a student, I want to enter this kind of fun academy. Well it will become a question of what I’m to learn though.




Akiha-san quickly let out a small breath. There was a nice sounding echo of clashing blades. As the sound of metal on metal rang out, the sword that was in the hands of the male knight was cleanly broken. A refined single slash. I score it a seventy five, that skill is plenty for a human’s motor ability. Applause.

clap clap

“Wh, when did you……!?”

just now

Panic. Akiha-san whose ability Nanaki has approved of and a prideless local knight, this result is inevitable. Not just strength that is not inferior to imperial knights, but is even able to count as among their middle ranks. Akiha Shinohara, she is another one of those that are called geniuses. It seems the person in question has not realised it yet though.


“Yo Zean. Thanks to you I’m popular right from the morning.”

“Morning, Vilmott.”

“After losing that duel with you, these kind of people who don’t know their place show up occasionally.”

“My condolences for that. Good luck.”

your problem

The challenger and defender. The one who called out to master who has stopped to observe Akiha-san’s duel is Vilmott Arkahn. Basically it’s the usual. You falling to your current position is karma. If you just lost the duel you would probably still have plenty of influence left. What made that vanish was your own behavior.

foolish king

“Keh……acting so relaxed.”

should he not be?

Vilmott Arkahn’s standard attitude doesn’t matter for now. Nanaki cannot speak out against that. I will do it if master says so though. More importantly, a morning greeting to Nanaki’s friend is necessary.

important for maintaining friendships

“Good morning, Akiha-san.”

“Good morning Nana-san. Today is hot too.”


A pretty smile as usual. Even if it was decided in an instant, it was a serious duel with her pride as a knight bet upon it. The corresponding tension seems to have wet her forehead with sweat. In that case it is the Master Maid’s turn. Do not forget follow-ups not just for master but for friends too. As expected of Nanaki, a splendid maid.


Quickly prepare a towel and drink. The drink is limited to normal temperature. A cold one would lower her body’s capabilities and a hot one would burn her tongue.

learnt from past experience?


“Sorry for troubling you.”

so polite~

Akiha-san properly bowed to Nanaki and then accepted Nanaki’s good will. Isn’t this what a friend should be? Friends with god and friends with humans. Nanaki is a happy person.

a good life

Nanakismile of happiness. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.


“……when Nana and Akiha stand together they look like sisters.”

not all asians looks alike -3-

Master muttered that as he looked between Nanaki and Akiha-san. It’s probably because of the same black hair and similar skin colour. Age and height is on Akiha-san’s side so Nanaki is probably the little sister. But Nanaki is already Envy’s little sisters so this is a little troubling.

an affair?

“Because both are flat.”


We whispered about whether to kill him. To kill won seven to three.

because seven=nanaki

“Both are beauties.”

nice save

We peaced back to back. Same race double peace. V.



“——Seemed to be something like that. It was quite popular as a national sport.”

“I want to try it sometime. Sumoh.”

(T/N: sumo)

It has become customary to talk about our sunken homeland while our respective masters are having lessons. The stage for these sad tales is the usual roof top. With nobody on the rooftop under the blazing sun, it feels a little like we monopolised it. Today as well, we sat in the shade of the water storage tank and chatted.

girls talk

The talk of Jahpen’s national sport, sumoh is interesting. It seems it was a strange sport where nothing except the soles of your feet can touch the ground. The yell you make as you slap especially interests me. I feel the urge to try shouting that characteristic yell, or rather, I will do it. Rikishi Nanaki.

(T/N: Rikishi was in katakana so can be either 力士/pro sumo wrestler or less likely Rikishi)

“Dosukoi! Ah……”


Friend became a shining star in the noon sky. Fastest shooting Star=Nazgul.

Team Nazgul is blasting off again

“Something wrong?”

“No, nothing wrong.”

no problem

with Nanaki.

you sure?

A sad incident that definitely would never have happened if Friend was a little more calm. If he was more calm like Nanaki and Akiha-san and sat down, this would not have happened. It’s his fault for loitering around. Luckily Akiha-san cannot see Friend. Let’s act like nothing happened.

RIP Nazgul

A salute to Friend who has disappeared into the blue summer sky.

good bye~

After that we relaxed for a while without talking. After entering civilised life I fundamentally don’t spend much time pointlessly, but when I was living in the wild, I took afternoon naps a lot. It was also because that forest has many nocturnal animals.

be with the wild

“Come to think of it, Japan seemed to have a custom called Obon.”


“A summer event where during that period the dead return to the living world.”

“Seems like a dream.”

a midsummer’s night cream

If that were real then there is nothing that would make me happier. But that is a dream. No matter how much mana is used and how much we wish the dead do not revive. People live to die. That is why those who die and have fulfilled their role will definitely not come back, that is something I learnt after losing Mother.

they deserve torest.

“It’s about just the souls returning though.”


In that case it might be a good idea to visit Mother’s grave during this year’s summer. Originally I wanted to visit only after fulfilling all the promises but Nanaki really is still a child. I want to talk about various things before the grave. I want to be spoiled. If Mother’s soul is there, then all the more.

Mother is always with Nanaki

Right, on the next rest day I will return to that forest.

ask Meia for one

If Nanaki’s homeland is Jahpen then that forest is the second homeland. It is packed with many memories. The days I spent with Mother, the day I met Friend, the fight with Ice Emperor Ivaal. And I also met Envy in that forest. Nostalgic.

tarzan nanaki

“It’s quite hot even just staying still.”

“I’m used to it so I am fine.”

“Nana-san’s past seems quite interesting.”

wild life

I don’t have such a great past so I might not be able to respond to your expectations.

being the Lightning Empress is good enough

“People with big chests seem to have it hard in this season.”

“Which means we are the winners.”

“That’s right Nana-san.”

It was absolute victory.

but winter?

It’s not bad to spend the time on random chatter. But I want to question the choice of chests as a topic. That should be a common unfavourable topic for Nanaki and Akiha-san. We won because the setting is summer but it would have been dangerous in other settings. Be careful after this.

sensitive topic

“Ah, but my cleavage is getting a little sweaty——“

“I will kill you.”

“We’ve opened up to each other considerably.”

“Yes, we really have.”

great friends

To the point of being able to stir up the topic about chests. It might be a good time for Nanaki to display a suitable attitude as a sign of friendship. To stir it up just by being a little bigger than Nanaki is ridiculous. Akiha-san is older, which means that does not directly lead to Nanaki’s defeat.


Oh, welcome back Friend. Exactly how far did you fly——what? Pissing contest? What a greeting after just coming back. Well as atonement for having slapped you I will kindly accept that for today. Nanaki has become an adult.


A child’s chest?



“What is it all of a sudden?”


Hecate randomly switches between american and british spelling.

Kinda just realised it, welp I mainly use british spelling, the random american spelling is when wordpress underlines words in red and because sometimes its irritating I just right click and let wordpress have its way.

Sorry I prefer s over z.



19 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.32: It’s a shooting star, Make a wish.

  1. First comment on this novel I think? I agree the internet is completely to be blame for my inability to spell. As you say, those red squiggly lines ain’t half annoying so you tend to just let it fix itself. I wouldn’t mind but I grew up in the great age of the original Nokia 3310, good phone at the time, downside as people old enough to remember will know is contracts where basically useless. They were too expensive with next to no allowances. So almost everyone had ‘pay as you go’ typically UK had 10p a text (£0.10) for 160 characters. Spelling and grammar went to hell pretty quickly, saving grace was I was still in schooling at the time so just about held it together. Took a long time to recover though.

    Well to get to the point, a example sentence you used to look like the following;
    wot r u doin 2day? u wana meet up l8r? im @ gr&mas til 4.
    In English;
    What are you doing today?. You want to meet up later?. I’m at my grandma’s until 4 pm.

    So bad!, fortunately no spell checker or I’d of gone insane. Now I write essays for text messages that no-one bothers to actually read fully… I guess my posts often go the same way 😦


  2. thanks!
    uwah! nazgul! you flew! no way, come ba—-ck!! oh wait, he came back, ahaha! but then got blown away again, pfft! nanaki and akiha’s friendship is nice!
    well, i also mix the spellings up, because i think there being a difference is none of my problem, lolol! but yeah, i also usually use british spelling…


  3. . ∧,_,∧ 
    .⊂   ノ   ・゜+.
    . し’´J  ☆*・ °。。
    .     /\   Thanks!! Nepu!!!
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    .  (_人★人☆人_) /  ⌒ヽ
    .     ̄凵   (人___つ_つ
    Looks like the 2 young masters is courting death!!!


  4. I wish upon a star that nanakichest grows a bit bigger….
    *a star twinkle in a distance (but the true identity of that star is Ilveng=Nazgul)

    Don’t worry nanaki we love them in all sizes 😀


  5.      ∩_ ∩
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Nanaki Love!!!
        /  l |    Nanaki Life!!!

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