Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.33: Force > Money

Assault on the way Home

“Shall we return, Nana-san?”


end of leisure time

It is about time for master’s lesson to end. Accordingly Nanaki and Akiha-san shall move from the rooftop, solemnly. As we walk down the corridor together, many gazes turned towards us. On one side is Vilmott Arkahn’s servant who has won continuously. On the other is rebellious Zean Alfred’s servant. Our respective masters are enemies.

is this thing still on readlightnovels?

Despite that why are we walking together is what those suspicious gazes are asking.Without even thinking about it, the reason is very clear and simple. There is no need to think deeply. Nanaki thinks people pursue reason too much. There is not enough instinct. Thus I shall answer you all.


We get along well, that’s it.

just pure simple friendship

Friends are great things. For Nanaki who never liked being aloof, human warmth is a welcome thing. Of course Friend’s existence helps Nanaki. So don’t sulk , Nanaki’s best friend.

sensitive god

“Thanks for your efforts. My master.”

“Aah. There is a lot I want to do today, let’s go back quickly.”

there is work to be done

After confirming the end of the lesson, I entered classroom and thanked master for his work. Receive the bag and follow that back. In order to rebuild that Alfred household that was on the brink of ruin, master doesn’t fail to work hard. In this situation where he cannot depend on another, he is shining. That is why Nanaki thinks he is the real thing.


I made eye contact with Akiha-san as I passed by. Let us meet again tomorrow. For some reason Friend made eye contact with me too, your protests are cute.

cute god

The distance to the carriage from the classroom isn’t that long, but we finally arrived only after being called out to seven times. All the contents were business dealings so Nanaki remained reserved. As expected of Nanaki, a splendid maid. I definitely did not stay quiet because I didn’t understand the contents.

nope, ofc not

Open the door of the carriage, respectfully support that hand then board. Once I gave the signal to the driver uncle, the carriage slowly moved out. Recently I haven’t seen Shiel-sama. That war of words with Meia-sama seems to have had an effect.

rip shiel

“By the way Nanaki.”


“Why are you receiving carrots from Meia?”


Somehow it seems he is bored. Master asked Nanaki a random question. No, to Nanaki this is quite an important issue though. Hm, let’s entertain master by mixing in some jokes as well. Nanaki has a little confidence in her joke sense. Rest assured.


“She found out I am a resident of wonderland.”

“It might be hard to say because of position but you can tell her if you don’t like it.”

“I do not mind. If I minded I would have bounded away already. Bounded.”

“Are you trying to say it’s because you are a rabbit?”

“Hopped……Ah yes……”


Can you comfort me, Friend?

(T/N: me too, I have no idea how to convey this. At first Nanaki used だあーっと(Daaatto) as an onomatopoeia, then when master asked about the rabbit part she realised 脱兎 is also だっと(datto), where 脱兎 means escaping with the words literally meaning ‘escaping rabbit’.)

save me

now then

Due to Nanaki’s lacking ability, the atmosphere in the carriage became heavy. I wanted to restore it but the current Nanaki does not have the means to do so. And thus Nanaki proposes that a change in subject is necessary. Fortunately the subject has come on its own. Is this good luck or bad luck?

its fate

“My master.”

“What is it?”


Master immediately noticed upon hearing Nanaki’s voice. He wasn’t particularly taking note of it though. He really is a wise person. Neither anxiety nor impatience can be seen in master’s expression as he corrected his posture. Only a strong will to not miss anything in the coming conversation can be seen. That resolve that abandons the option of escape, well done.

a brave man

“I want to ask one thing.”


“Have you poked at something in your recent businesses?”

“……I have a few inklings.”

you do?

Since just now there has been two carriages tailing us as if stuck to this carriage. To have the exact same route that twists and turns this much would be extremely unlikely. Most of all the presence of people in the carriages behind has something dangerous mixed in. That is not good, it would be better to not head towards Nanaki.

or you may die

“How many?”

“Two carriages behind. And some more distance further back there is two more carriages. Sixteen people, no, eighteen. Based on their killing intent I think they are about to attack, what shall we do?”

“Destroying the carriage would be the most troubling. We are poor after all.”

“Then let us alight.”

take initiative

It was as if he had no fear for his life. This is something I want to show those local knights in that academy. This is what trust is, this is what a master and servant is.

nanaki is a great confidence booster

After telling the driver uncle to return to the estate first, I alighted with master. Seeing this, the two tailing carriages stopped and coarse men began coming out from within. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki.


“Zean Alfred, can I have you come with us?”

“Could you tell me for what business?”

“No need to say unnecessary things. Next time you talk without permission I will be taking one finger.”

not an eye?

A skinhead that was acting like the leader pointed his sword at master.

welp, he’s dead

An oppressive attitude. Something that is difficult for Nanaki to understand is that thing known as mob mentality. Somehow when people form groups they are enveloped in a strong sense of security and their attitude gets more arrogant. Indeed, certainly advantage in numbers does exist. But is that not only for if ability is the same or somewhat close?

otherwise its pointless

“What bad guys to threaten a student. It’s not my business if you receive divine punishment.”

“What a stupid kid. I will start from the thumb.”

pinkie first lah

He swung his non-existent arm.




Divine punishment is swift.


Now then, I have an important report. It involves all you gentlemen here so listen quietly. Nanaki is unaware of the circumstances. That does not matter. Who is correct, who is wrong, right now that doesn’t matter. Only one thing does, gentlemen.

you were fools

——you pointed your sword at master.

now die



I had thought he had the resolve to lose an arm or two but somehow it seems he too had mistaken the sword for a toy or the like. Pointing that at people is nothing but a one-sided proclamation of war. You cannot pass it off as a joke. From that instant you gentlemen have become Nanaki’s enemy.

no mercy

“How should it be done?”

“Being followed around is irritating. Get them to the negotiation table.”


….i dont agree on using violenc though….

I once again confirmed that master really is deviated. I cannot see any disturbance despite a person losing an arm before his eyes. Even though he definitely isn’t used to it, he has considerable bravery. Those eyes are properly looking at this world. He has feelings as a human, but he knows which opponents and which situations those are to be used for.

and when not to

“The ones who jumped off the stage for conversation is you. Please draw your swords.”

and prepare to die

Because from now on words are unnecessary. There is no need to insist on justice or evil. It is something done to live so Nanaki will not deny it. You gentlemen probably require money. For that you oppress and kill the weak. That’s fine. Do it as much as you like.

just dont get in nanaki’s way

Your mistake was just to bite at the wrong opponent. If you pointed your swords at Nanaki the stage for conversation might still have existed. But by pointing it at master then you are beyond saving. No servant would not be hostile if you pointed your sword at the master. Yes, you are enemies.

which means

“Nice to meet you for the first time, followers of money.”

you are dead

Get them to the negotiation table. Isn’t that Nanaki’s field of expertise? For irresponsible existences that cannot be saved, words are more fitting that swords. Now, foolish followers of money. Please bear witness. This is the power that humans first obtained. Not dishonest impurities like money and influence, but something pure without any contaminant.

(T/N: yes the original does say words > swords, no it is not a mistake)

“Please bear witness the the military might of Zean Alfred-sama.”

the end

Hecate is a NEET now

holiday job has ended and have rested over weekend, now let’s see how far I can get in my short remaining amount of holidays and not get distracted by gaming and reading



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