Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.34: Nanaki, that’s overcooked


The one law that has never changed since ancient times, survival of the fittest.

law of the jungle

Humans, be strong. If you have something you want to enforce.

or get out of the way

Like my master, like this Nanaki. Nanaki shall begin proving now. What it means to have strength, learn it with your life. Money, influence, ridiculous. Those extremely impure things cannot stop Nanaki. Strength must be pure. Yes, to the point where it cannot be purer.

only then is it true strength

“This Maidooooo——!!”

(T/N: I had to, I just had to leave it like that, I’m sry.)

I see, it seems if it is an unarmed female, he will attack unhesitatingly. Even while knowing what happened to his comrade’s arm, what great courage. Or possibly he thinks that wasn’t Nanaki’s attack? He seems to be quite happy everyday. Nanaki would like to follow his example.

ignorance is bliss



I refuse.

say no to death

Nanake takes no action against that sword being swung down. Because there is no need at all. With this Nanaki as opponent, instead of putting distance between us, to think you would even close the distance. What happens when you draw close to Nanaki in battle, what happened to Envy’s materialised armor that contains the power of a god, know the answer with that hand.


——lightning strike.


There was no death cry. Just the instant his swung sword was just about to reach, he was struck by lightning. That’s because he ran into lightning himself, how appalling. At the same time as the lightning strike there was a ear-splitting explosion. On the ground was just something black that is human-shaped.


Ah, a horrible smell.



charboiled human stinks

The result won’t change by cowering. I said it, you made just one mistake. That mistake is plenty to become Nanaki’s enemy. Apology is unnecessary. Money is unnecessary. Sincerity is also unnecessary. All I want is your lives. With that life, atone for your rudeness towards my master.

a heavy price

Using greater numbers to surround and drawing your sword on a student. Even if there was a conflict in business, that is a clear declaration of battle. There is no justice or evil in this fight. You tried to cut off master’s finger according to your own will. Then according to my own will I will eliminate you all.

…how do you negotiate then

There is sixteen people remaining in front. Among them, one has lost an arm and probably won’t last more than a few minutes before bleeding to death. Which means fifteen in front. You still have the advantage in numbers, why do you not rejoice? Even though you had such an arrogant attitude just now. Smile like just now.

bettter to die laughing

In that case Nanaki shall smile, you may use it as reference. Nanaki permits it. Today I shall smile, not towards the world, but specially for you all who are about to go on a journey. Reach these men, Nanaki’s smile.

smile of the grim reaper

Judgement nanakismile. Don’t think you can return alive.





it was a trick~

Nanakisonar had confirmed eighteen responses. One has become ash and one can be treated as dead from blood loss. Yet in front there are fifteen. What’s this? That doesn’t make sense. Nanaki has been constantly thinking where one more person is. Because there was someone who got magnificently struck by lightning, nanakisonar’s precision right now is bad.

does that really matter to nanaki?

“I got you, damn maid!!”

dont shout when you do a surprise attack idiot

This damn bastard, excuse me for my rudeness. This is not the place for Nanaki to display my dissatisfaction. Now, I’ve done it.

(T?N: I don’t get this part ;-;  このクソ野郎とんでも失礼。これにはナナキも遺憾の意を表す所存である。やっておしまい。the above is my best understanding based on context)


that’s wy you stay quiet when ambushing

The mithril knife stopped in the air. Yes, there was nothing there. Yet the knife stopped there like it was caught. To them this is probably an impossible sight. They cannot understand what it means for this Nanaki to leave my back exposed. Friend is there. This Nanaki’s best friend.

all calculated

“——would you be interested to talk about god?”

do you have a moment to hear about our lord and saviour-

If you have interest then Nanaki shall tell you about him.


An extraordinary existence that cannot be seen, cannot even be touched by normal people. The final point that humans cling unto. Even if the gods were the ones that destroyed the world, humans still pray to god. But Nanaki is different. Nanaki does not pray to god. Because Nanaki is an equal existence to god. There is no point praying to yourself after all.

all heil nanaki

The weak whose status is far below gods cannot see or touch god. Regardless of that, god can one-sidedly see and touch them, so god can certainly said to be an absurd existence that grants humans trials. That absurdity, Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul, roared.

thunder is the roar of god~

Even if normal people cannot hear that roar, their instincts tells them that death is before them.

even if human instincts are degraded

“Something is……there……?”


Being unable to see the appearance of Friend opening his mouth and laughing with a dreadful expression might in a sense be a blessing. Don’t eat him.

its raw

Anyhow, like this the preparations are complete. Thanks Friend. Then we shall ask that person to be our messenger. In order to prepare the inevitable negotiations table.

welp at least he lives

“I have made you wait, my master.”

preparations took a while

I must apologise for making him wait long. With the preparations complete their words are no longer needed. So I mowed them down with lightning. The weak can end that way. This Nanaki shall pray for this few seconds. Goodbye Nanaki’s enemy.

rest in peace

“It, it can’t be……”

why not~

That scene seems to have scorched both his comrades and his heart. Excluding transcended beings, there is no way for the human body to dodge lightning. To be in shock at the inevitable conclusion is disappointing. Where did your previous attitude go? The one who wished for war was you. This is the conclusion you wished for.

you had it coming

“What is this……what the hell am I seeing……”


Ah, that is simple. Nanaki will answer.

something that cannot possibly be real

“——a nightmare.”

just wake up~

Welcome to the dream world. Nightmare Nanaki.



“Aina Aina’s men huh.”

“A famous person?”



Things carried on smoothly after the battle. The one survivor properly understood. The fact that you must not make my master enter the battle phase. You should conduct negotiations. Definitely not retribution. But if you still comes then Nanaki shall be your opponent.

which would be pretty bad~

“I will explain so even Nanaki can understand easily.”

“Thank you very much. Good master.”

……lets just ignore the implication

Bow my head at the kindness I received. But I wonder why, I feel like there is a nuance of me being stupid. No, it is unmistakably my imagination. I must not suspect master. I will listen as a good servant.

….loyalty….is good…..right?

“Freyline where huge fortunes move around. It sounds good but the truth is it is a death match between the rich. Work with someone, kill someone, how to earn. It’s always that. Aristocrats are so ugly.”

“Is that not fine? If that is their nature then they can have pride in it.”

do not deny your base nature

For some reason humans smooth things over too much. How about living more honestly? It basically means money holds the same meaning to you as food for Nanaki. Isn’t that fine, you should keep hoarding it. Even if you steal, even if you scavenge it, even if you make it, do as you like. What is wrong with that?

stupid morals

That is all necessary for living. If you cannot stay an aristocrat unless you do that, then there is no other option. Just boldly gather money. Even if it becomes a death match. Humans, even Nanaki, live in the result of death matches.

way of thwe orld

Everyday we eat meat. That is the lives of weak animals. Basically it means that. There is no need to cleanly label them one by one. At least, not between Nanaki and master.

nanaki and anyone actually

“In Freyline there are six famous people like the Five Emperors. One of them is Aina Aina.”

“You have poked a large one.”

“It has started becoming an eyesore for my ascension.”

so get rid of it

Those were quite nice true thoughts.


The world is full of competition. Do not lament it, bless it. What stains human hearts, what makes the world so painfully strict, is what is necessary for humans to evolve. Convenient and pure actions and words. A world kind to everyone. If there was something like that, humans would long since have been eradicated.

strife is necessary

“Do you think I’m bad?”

“I have no interest in good and bad. Please ask someone else.”

“Then what do you have interest in.”


Maybe, master.

the end

Hecate is definitely not a morning person.

Or at least not when I’ve spent the past 2/3 days sleeping a lot.

I think this is the one chapter where I spaced out the most (so far).

Welp things are heating up~



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  1. thanks a lot—-!
    yeah, go nanaki! uwah, and nazgul was there too! so cool! i rea—lly don’t ship nanaki and that master of hers. i hope they just remain friends….hah…oh well! nazgul and nanaki are still super cool!


    1. I too don’t ship Nanaki and her master. For now at least, because I still don’t really know what think about Zean. I want to see things from his perspective for once so that I could know what he’s thinking and what he’s doing.


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