Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.35: Forever a Rabbit

Hundred Beast Bunny

“It’s not like I was worried though.”

totally not

Meia-sama was the one who said that after dashing out of the estate in a panic as master and Nanaki returned. It seems she had asked the driver of the carriage who had returned earlier about the location of master with quite a terrifying expression. Please rest assured. This Nanaki is by master’s side. You must have the resolve to bet your life and even still it would be hard to break through. Iron wall Nanaki.

solid and fl-

No, nobody said anything about flat wall. Friend, punishment for you later. Pierce you with as much killing intent as possible. Laugh now while you can, Nanaki is serious. Manners even between friends, punishment of death to the rude. Absolutely unforgivananaki.


“I have Nanaki, so it won’t become too dangerous.”

“Even still the opponent is Aina Aina, Zean-sama. From now on please live cautiously inside and outside the estate. Even if it is Nanaki-san, sleep is necessary, that is the most dangerous time”

nanaki is still human after all

The one who objected to master’s words was head butler Ridolf. The head butler advising master in his business is probably more familiar with the situation than Nanaki. Aina Aina, is she such a grand person? Master, the head butler, Meia-sama as well as Fio-san have stiff expressions.

but nanaki doesnt care~

“If necessary I can act without sleep for a week.”

“After that things will get worse though.”

all downhill~

Oh? This is unexpected. Indeed just by knowing about that existence beforehand might give birth to stereotypes. This Freyline is the town where master was born and grew up. In the case it wouldn’t be strange for his common sense to be mistaken. But Nanaki cannot allow that. Those words are not suitable for Nanaki’s master.

must be braver~

“One week is sufficient, my master.”

“Even though we don’t know when they will contact us?”

“There is no need to wait. We can just go ourselves. There is no need to specially give the opponent options, my master.”

“Attack Aina Aina’s headquarters……”

“Is Aina Aina a person that cannot be trampled with this Nanaki?”

prob no

If that is the case that would be interesting in itself. If they have strength comparable to this Nanaki, that will one day pose a threat to master’s life. I will promptly eliminate it. It might be an opponent that can become my rival. I have large expectations for the possibility of an existence that has never existed before.

nanaki is peerless

“It’s come to trampling?”

“Certainly. But if they have the methods to resist the strength that master holds, I will not recommend trampling though.”

not a good idea to step on something spiky

Simply put, war is a clashing of the strength held by each side. As long as Aina Aina does not have a military force that exceeds Nanaki, the war would be a one-sided affair. I will say it multiple times, Nanaki is a special human. The strength my master has gotten his hands on, it will devour even this Aina Aina you’ve feared.


Maybe it cannot be helped to hesitate before a powerful force you know well. But if you are Nanaki’s master, you must remain dignified. Because there is not a single factor that should make you timid. Please be confident. Because this Nanaki is serving you.

ultimite confidence booster

I have no intention of serving someone who doesn’t believe in himself, my master.

do you risk losing nanaki?

“Aina Aina against Nanaki……what do you think Ridolf?”

“To me both of them look like monsters but……Even so I believe Nanaki-san is in a different dimension. But of course this is an amateur’s opinion.”

“Good sense, Ridolf. Nanaki is probably a former Five Emperor candidate, not an opponent a woman who mistakenly believes that she rules Freyline can take on.”

not candidate

Highly reputable nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

that smile sure is famous~

From Nanaki to yet unseen Aina Aina. Be prepared to stand before Nanaki. Because Nanaki must respond to these expectations.

bad choices were made~

“It’s decided.”

it’s war

A good expression, my master.



“Na,na,nanaki of nananaki~♪ Nakkinakkinanaki no nakkinanaki~♪”


Once the plan is decided, today’s meeting came to an end. Thus Nanaki is engaged in cleaning as per usual. To become a Master Maid like Nanaki, one must not forget to enjoy work while having perfect work efficiency and results. Song writer & singer Nanaki. The first and last large hit that spreads in the future.

best song~

“Na,nana,nananaki is nakkinanaki~♪  Nakkinakkinanaki is nakinanaki~♪”

get your tickets now~

Singer Nanaki, onstage in Alfred Estate.

limited stock~

“That cheery rabbit over there, prepare tea and come to my room.”


sold out

Switch to rabbitnanaki. Head towards the kitchen while hopping.


Swiftly prepare tea. State my business and receive permission to enter the kitchen from head butler Ridolf who is investigating something as he stares at a cooking book. I want to quickly become able to freely come and go. It might be better for Nanaki to buy a cooking book too. I will consider it.

good idea

Once the tea is prepared, quickly carry it. Today’s teatime snack is strawberry chiffon cake. Head butler Ridolf’s masterpiece. With this there is no doubt that Meia-sama’s will be in a Nanaki mode. Meia-sama smiling, Nanaki also smiling, the first step to world peace.

especially the nanaki part

“Hai hub mae you hwei” (I have made you wait)

“We can’t talk like this. Go cool down.”

best tea making method


Nanaki still has much to learn

“I have made you wait long. Please order me anything.”

“It’s not really something that needs to be specifically side, but just in case.”

in case nanaki is an idio-

Her tone is full of implication. It is probably about Aina Aina. Does she have some uncertainty regarding Nanaki, or possibly she is mad that master was targetted? Either way, Nanaki can do nothing but wait for her words. Well it’s the Meia-sama that loves her onii-sama, I can largely predict them.

protect onii-sama

“No matter how much of a monster Nanaki is, the opponent is Aina Aina. Not an opponent you can relax against. So without letting down your guard, protect everything.”


not just onii-sama.

When I repeated it, Meia-sama nodded. I see, she really understands well. About this Nanaki.


“Are you saying you can’t? For what do you have that much power for?”

“Since I made the vow to be master and servant, this power is master’s. Therefore I shall do as you say.”

“Use your life to protect onii-sama. Me, Ridolf and Fio too. If it’s you I think it’s possible. Don’t disappoint me.”

orders accepted

Yes ma’am. Reply with a bow.

and a hop skip~

Nanaki is unaware to what extent Aina Aina’s troops are, but I will massacre them without negligent. This promise with Meia-sama, Nanaki’s pride will drop to the ground unless I fulfill it. That is the same as death. I must quickly eliminate those that attempt to kill Nanaki.

even if indirectly

My master, Meia-sama, head butler Ridolf, Fio-san. Aina Aina, an opponent even Meia-sama and Fio-san, who are versed in magic and martial arts respectively, are wary about. What will be the next action? It would be nice if it was not a fool who would still choose battle after hearing of that tragedy.

running would be wiser



“Come here.”


I approached Meia-sama who was sitting in a high-class chair. After a short silence, Meia-sama quietly exhaled. Pushing forward a plate on the table, Meia-sama announced.


“This is advance payment. If you manage to protect everything from Aina Aina, I will prepare something even better.”

more carrots

Carrot salary.

worth their weight in gold

The towering mountain of carrots. Recently I’ve been nibbling at them in place of snacks and they are quite delicious. But Nanaki is more of a carnivore, I’m at an age where I want to eat meat more than vegetables. And most importantly Nanaki is not a rabbit. I must return to human soon.

good luck

“Meia-sama, the truth is, I am human.”

“Rabbits cannot speak human words.”

“Then I am human.”

“If you are human you might tempt onii-sama. I must immediately” prepare for your dismissal.”



I couldn’t become human.



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