Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.36: How to defeat Nanaki

It was seen through in One Glance that I am not an Ordinary Maid.

The night of civilised life is bright.

light pollution

Of course there is moon-sama floating in the night sky, but it is mainly due to the man-made lights humans birthed lighting up various places. Largely different from within the forest overgrown with large leaves. Night in that forest was dark. Nanaki learnt how to live in that abyss that moonlight did not reach. It might not be comparable but it was quite a humble beginning.

tarzan style

There are eight disgusting incompletely hidden presences in the garden. Somehow it seems the messenger was not able to accurately convey his message. Or possibly this is the last confirmation? With this Nanaki as opponent, what lax preparations. Instead of preparing a place for conversation, an eight-person group with dangerous presences was prepared.

bad idea

That is Aina Aina’s decision, can I interpret it that way?

why not

“Welcome to this house. May I inquire as to your business?”


just a visit~

I jumped down from the roof and welcomed them. Nanakismile for them who are all displaying their surprise.  Are you prepared, trespassers? Whose permission do you have to step foot onto this Alfred grounds? I don’t care if it is Aina Aina’s orders or what, that does not concern Nanaki.

Eight in all. Less people than in the day but somehow it seems relatively skilled people were gathered. I will not assess them. They will disappear soon after all. The time is midnight, the time good children are sleeping. It’s no good to be awake at this time.

its dangerous

——it’s not my fault if a monster comes out.

a wild nanaki appeared!



The man with the most mana among the eight muttered. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki. Will you begin the journey first?

to hell~

“I heard there was a scary maid but……I didn’t hear about a monster.”

nope, just a maid

A rude thing to say to girl, is what I would like to respond with but the current Nanaki has no interest in going along with pointless chatter. And now that you have understood the difference in ability what will you do now? You are Aina Aina’s assassins, escape is probably not allowed.

better to live though

“Hey, Maid-san. Can’t this be resolved through conversation?”

“I’ve given you enough chance for that. The one who came was you. It is disgusting to just keep saying convenient things. How about obediently resolving yourselves?”

dont waste nanaki’s bed time

Master and Nanaki has properly sent a message. Prepare the stage for conversation. Aina Aina’s response is this scene before me. Rejecting master’s demand and pointing a sword. That is war already, trespassers. This Nanaki has planned this out after all.


“If you are fine with money I can prepare as much as necessary. Can’t you overlook this? It’s a job that will end in a few minutes.”


Absurd. Did you think something like that can sever the bond between Nanaki and my master? This is an extreme insult. As expected of the enemy country, that uninhibited provocation can only be said to be splendid. Then Nanaki shall respond to that provocation with this. Be happy.

an honour~

“I have said that this is not a place for conversation. Prepare yourselves.”

its pointless~

War begins.

negotiations broke down

“How scary.”

yes very

Even while saying that, the one who moved first was him. He came to Nanaki’s side with the least steps and aimed a fatal blow at my heart. Ah, this comfortable killing intent makes me remember my childhood. Yes, in order to live, come and kill me. There is nothing mistaken in that. Thus master and Nanaki will rebel against Aina Aina too.

for self

Seven people followed behind him, all of them can be said to be skilled.

but not enough

Each of them approached Nanaki with the intent to kill. They are humans that are probably known as geniuses. There are too many geniuses in this world. That is why Nanaki will show you. And then redefine it. The real thing is here.

there is always someone higher


and nanaki is at the top

I made only a simple movement. I made lightning into a sword and swung it. With just this movement, lives were lost. The fresh blood reminded me how extremely fragile this world is. Three left on a journey from the probing strike. Indeed, they are relatively skilled.

to not be wiped out instantly

But in the end, it was just relatively.

relative to normal people

The remaining five opened up some distance. Any disturbance at their comrade’s sudden death cannot be seen. What a nice relationship, those comrades that have passed on are probably proud too. Now that they are dead, they won’t hold the rest back after all. Now, let’s continue. No time to stand around. This is war. Bet your life and fight Nanaki.

and ose it

“Here I come.”


too slow

I won’t listen.

no need two

Kill two people on the first step, kill one on the second. Two left. For them who are almost unable to respond to Nanaki’s speed, they have no chance of winning. You made a mistake, Aina Aina. Just one.

fatal one

“Don’t casually kill people off you monster maid! Listen to me!”

“You are my enemy.”


It seemed like he still didn’t understand so I announced it. The enemy of this Nanaki. That must be defeated. Regardless if they proclaim justice or express evil. And so you will die here. In order for master and Nanaki to live.

i personally prefer more peaceful approach

I took the last step. It ends here.

well, that’s why I’m weak

“——I’ll sell information on Aina Aina!! So don’t kill me!!”


The man threw his sword away and shouted in a loud voice.

desperate times call for desperate measures

“…………you throw away your pride? Scum.”

“I don’t happen to have such a fine thing.”


The seventh man crumpled to the ground in a heap. If his proposal were slightly later I would’ve had his neck. Seriously, not laughable. For this Nanaki to be done in. This man is not stupid. Even if for an instant, Nanaki couldn’t kill this man.

a feat

That means in a fight with our survival bet on it, this man has won over Nanaki.


Regardless of the details, he has won over Nanaki. Even if he is a human of the enemy country, that exploit must be celebrated. It was good thinking. It seems he has a good head on his shoulders. Next time I will aim there.

good idea

“I will celebrate it. It’s your victory.”

“Thanks for that. Can you give me a reward?”

“Keep that life. That is your reward.”

“I’m so thankful tears are coming out……”

he lived O.o

It was lost originally. Don’t ask for too much.

no greed

“Aina Aina is irritated by Zean Alfred gnawing at her.”

chomp chomp

As far as I’ve heard there is a considerable difference in power. In that case I guess anyone would be irritated by being bitten and injured by some small fry. That is not strange. Nanaki was often bitten and irritated by rats too. Nanaki nomnomed those rats. If you bite at me I will devour you until only bones are left, that is Nanaki’s way.

meat for meat

“Zean Alfred’s fiancee is also being targeted.”

“When is that?”

“If things aren’t cleaned up by today, Aina Aina will come and crush with her full strength”

just do that at the start…..

What’s that. Isn’t that like some small fry. Why didn’t she use her full force here. Both master and Nanaki have not considered Shiel-sama. You have lost your first and last weak point, Aina Aina.

that’s why you don’t send men to die

“Tomorrow, no, it is already today. Contact Aina Aina to prepare for negotiations by today.”

“Me? Why?”

“I will guarantee your life as promised. But I do not remember guaranteeing your limbs. Right arm or left arm, which would be better?”

“Please let me contact her with all my ability!”

best convicncing

There is a chance that it is a lie to escape this place. But this man is smart. He will not move without calculating in the risk of what would happen when we eventually meet again if he breaks the promise. Through the battle he can probably anticipate that Nanaki views revenge and retribution as natural. Yes, humans are too unnatural.


“Then I will go now.”


“……do you think I lied and am going to escape?”


then what

More than that, something important is left.

not right?

“Bury the corpses.”

“Why do I have to……”

“They were your comrades. Give them this last consideration at least.”

honour the dead

That is the responsibility of the living.

of nanaki

——Isn’t that right? Mother.

the end

People have nightmares about monsters, Hecate has nightmares about my fan catching fire.

It was bizarre. It was also terrifying.



20 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.36: How to defeat Nanaki

  1. Huh, fan on fire is a spectacular thing, to be honest. It’s the motor that catches fire, so it seems as if there’s a campfire at the top of the rotor. Pretty unfortunate sight to wake up to though, from my experience.


  2. jumped down from the roof and welcomed them. Nanakismile for them who are all displaying their surprise. Are you prepared, trespassers? Whose permission do you have to step foot onto this Alfred grounds? I don’t care if it is Aina Aina’s orders or what, that does not concern Nanaki.

    ME: I’m not a trespasser I’m just here to take picture of a flat chested maid


    1. Fan catching fire in the scalding hot summer… Does Hekate live in Australia or Argentina? In any case, it reminds me a dream about gas water heater I had in elementary school. You could see flames inside the heater that hang over the bathtub and there was some problem with it. Consequently, in my dream there was this enormous heater with hundreds or thousands of flames inside (it has gas pipes with holes, and a flame for each hole), and making ominous sounds.


      1. ok I realised how stupid a reply that was. Just a small fan I keep by my bed (right next to my head which is why it catching fire is terrifying), my previous fan sparked occasionally before it died so I think that’s the source of the nightmare


  3.      ∩_ ∩
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Nanaki Love!!!
        /  l |    Nanaki Life!!!


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