Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.37: How to defeat Nanaki Method no.2

Decisive Morning

“You pray for the ones you killed?”

“It is better than no one praying for them.”


The remains of the seven who perished were laid to rest at a forest path near Freyline. You obeyed your master’s, Aina Aina’s order and fought Nanaki. The battle has ended. You are no long Nanaki’s enemy. So I will pray for you. For you who, while foolish, were also brave.

god blesses you~

It’s not which is wrong, it’s that both had paths we couldn’t yield. Then it is inevitable for the weak to concede. This Nanaki is strong. I will advance with you as sacrifices. Be proud. You have become a part of Nanaki’s pride. Nanaki will not feel apologetic upon this path that I advance down.

no regret

That is the responsibility of the strong that killed you.

take responsibility for actions

“Once the arrangements have been made I will come to report……but please don’t attack suddenly like this time.”

“Come report yourself. I will cut down anyone else.”

“Really scary……”

better safe than sorry

It can’t be helped. Nanaki doesn’t know who is Aina Aina’s subordinate. I can’t let them make the first move by letting them approach, misunderstanding that they are coming to report. Nanaki made a promise with Meia-sama. With this pride on the line, breaking that vow is unforgivable.

no trickery

“Then I will go make the arrangements. I think you know already but I cannot stop Aina Aina.”

“We will respond regarding master’s fiancee, Shiel-sama. But you must work hard too. Slacking off is not allowed. Your life is guaranteed only until our next meeting. Prepare the best souvenir you can.”

“I feel like I’m gonna freeze just by seeing a maid for a while……”


That is excellent. Absolutely do not forget, you were enemies with Nanaki once. To display respect to that ability to survive a battle with Nanaki, Nanaki will be on guard against you. If I feel you are no longer necessary, I will kill you anytime. Since you have pointed your blade this way once, I cannot leave you by master’s side.

remove all potential threats

“Ah, oh yeah. Maid-san, last of all can I ask your name?”

do you really want to know?

Which side is better off if I tell him? It’s decided, it would benefit master. This would serve as a proclamation of war towards Aina Aina. Then I will strike her down. Now then, Aina Aina. The first hand is a joker, what will you do?


“——My name is, Nanaki.”


the one and only

I answered the question. There is no need to answer any further. Pray for the dead one last time then turn my back on him. The morning sun is about to rise. I must return to the estate.

back to work

“……maybe I should find a new job.”


That’s a good idea.



Peace to the brilliant rising sun. Ohayonanaki (good morning nanaki). Good morning, sun-sama. Good morning, everyone around the world. It’s morning. It’s Nanaki. A rising sun for you first thing in the morning. For those who are weak to sunlight, please rest assured. I have prepared a different brilliance for you.

shining nanaki

Awakening nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

It’s blinding!

Shining Nanaki. Shining Nanaki’s smile for the morning. Begin the day with a smile. Has a day passed where I couldn’t smile even once? No. Smile even at trivial things. In order to make them plentiful days. Smile guru Nanaki.


It is still too early but I have an important matter master needs to hear off quickly. After confirming his presence moved, knock on the door to master’s room.


“Who’s there?”

“It is Nanaki.”


persmission granted

With permission granted, immediately enter the room. Excuse me, bow deeply at the waist before raising my face. My first though was sleepwear. This is the first time I see master in sleepwear. Although I see it when doing the laundry, this is the first time I see him wearing it. It fits him quite well. Cute.


“Morning, Nanaki.”

“Good morning. I apologise for this being so early in the morning but I have something you need to hear as soon as possible.”

“I had thought something was up from Nanaki coming first thing in the morning.”

“This is something troublesome.”

not good morning news

I’m apologetic for it being first thing in the morning but I reported what happened in the night. How Nanaki moved in reaction to Aina Aina’s decision. Resultingly, how I once again demanded for a negotiation with Aina Aina. And then about how high a possibility there is that danger might befall Shiel-sama. Explain as easily understandably and politely as possible.

dont tink that first part was necessary

During the explanation, master nodded multiple times without changing expression. Without asking a single question, he organised the information Nanaki laid out within himself. I think this person really is deviated. Nanaki has killed seven people. Normal people would criticise Nanaki just for that.

why would they~

Master is surely the same as Nanaki.

one of the strong?

We are fundamentally largely different. They kill because they have no choice. They make the excuse that they had no choice. Conversely, we kill to kill. If still asked for a reason Nanaki feels a hard to explain disgust. Something is wrong with people raised in civilisation. Disgusting.

the world is deviated

Nanaki that kills to kill and them who apologise as they kill.

who is the strange one?

Which is natural and which is unnatural, even though it’s clear at a glance.

so why criticise nanaki

“As expected of Aina Aina. It probably was no trouble to find out about my fiancee.”

earth to Nanaki

Oops, no good. My thoughts digressed.

back on topic~

“Anyone will see her with how she was coming to pick you up everyday. Once she asked she probably found out immediately.”

not really a secret

Which means although the method of saying it was strict, Meia-sama’s point was correct. If she had contacted master in a slightly more modest fashion a little more time might have been bought. Either way it is only a little though.

so no diff

“I guess I need to beg Meia.”

all powerful imouto

Master resolved himself upon the danger to his fiancee. Yes, he has the means to protect her. But just as master said, that would require Meia-sama’s permission. Without Nanaki’s advice master got it. But the opponent is Meia-sama. Even if it’s Meia-sama that loves her onii-sama, I don’t know how things will turn out once Shiel-sama gets involved.

all hell breaks lose

“The situation is as it is. If we are going to move we should do it fast.”


“Nanaki go prepare tea and come to Meia’s room. As fast as possible.”


prepare for battle

I will head there as quickly as possible. So please stop with that miserable expression. It’s not that I don’t understand how you feel but Nanaki’s master must not have that kind of miserable expression. I bow my head once more as encouragement and headed to the kitchen.

quickly quickly

“Good morning Nanaki-san. Preparing tea?”

“Good morning, head butler Ridolf. Yes, for both master and Meia-sama.”

“Good work.”

before master hp hits 0

Morning greetings with head butler Ridolf who is preparing breakfast. It seems today he has begun preparations earlier than usual. Is he already practicing the cooking from the book he was reading yesterday? Once Aina Aina’s case is cleared up Nanaki will also study cooking. I will quickly catch up, head butler Ridolf. Fufufu.

….not likely

As I declared war at that large back from inside my mind, I prepared tea.

just do it faster and save master

Once I am done preparing, I headed to Meia-sama’s room while licking ice. Now then master, Nanaki sets forth now. In the end I do not know if I can serve as your strength but I will support you with my whole heart. Quickly arrive before Meia-sama’s room with the tea. Knocking Nanaki.


“——!! Then——in the first place——!!”

…..turn around

An angry voice can already be heard. This is bad, my master is having a hard fight. Did they not hear Nanaki’s knock? Despite that I will not stop my assault. Beyond this door lies a battlefield, prepare myself. Prepared, Nanaki charge. Doohn.


“Excuse mafuh!?”

instant hit

Carrot missile to the solar plexus. Even though I’ve said multiple times that Nanaki is also a human so vitals are no good. Owow.

don’t drop the tea

“Master, Meia-sama, I have brought the deuoo!?”

RIP tea


the end

Hecate likes that assassin guy.



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  1. So… Meia’s carrot missile is stronger than Nanaki? or more like it seem like Meia is Nanaki’s weakness, its thrice already that she injured her. :’D

    PS in case there are those forgot, the first time was using Nanaki’s employment contract to the eyes

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  2. Awakening nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.Shining Nanaki. Shining Nanaki’s smile for the morning. Begin the day with a smile.
    Smile guru Nanaki.

    I’m fully awake and that carrot missile is so hilarious that it hurts my solar plexus 😀


  3. Thanks for the chapter~!

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