Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.38: What could it be?

Something is Missing

If I open my mouth a carrot will fly in. Just being in such a strange dimension is enough. The situation is not progressing at all and Meia-sama’s mode just keeps getting worse and worse. Master is desperately trying to convince her but Meia-sama’s eyes sharpen just at the mention of Shiel-sama’s name. Was sibling love this terrifying a thing?


“If you may excuse me Meia-sa——ngu.”

no, shush

A carrot really flew into my mouth. Delicious.


“It’s my fault her life is targeted. I cannot abandon her.”

“Nanaki is going along to the negotiations. Calling her over won’t make her any safer.”

“There is a genius that is going to be an imperial magician in the future. And her servant.”

“Onii-sama really has it convenient.”

he really does

It might be natural, but when master opens his mouth a carrot shot is not fired in. So it can be presumed she doesn’t want Nanaki to speak up here. Meia-sama has Meia-sama’s own way of thinking. I understand that well. But there is no time today. If we are to move we need to do it fast. We do not have the leisure to waste time like this.

end it!

And thus Nanaki must make some wind. A tailwind for my master.

(T/N: make some wind/風を吹かせる means smth like take action, I left it as the literal meaning to sync with the second part~)

“If you may excu——se me, Meia-sama.”

carrot incoming

Instantly finish eating the carrot that came flying. Thanks for the meal.

just eat it fast

“How strange, rabbit-san is speaking human words.”

“I came from a strange country.”

(T/N: wonderland~)

My apologies to Meia-sama but honestly speaking, those carrots that come flying are nothing more than snacks for Nanaki. Throwing them into Nanaki’s mouth with unparalleled accuracy is all nice and well but it would be troubling if you thought that would stop Nanaki forever.

nothing stops nanaki

If I speak while I eat Envy will kil——get mad at me so I stopped. But it’s fine if I finish eating. This Nanaki’s recent favorite food is carrot. To stop this Nanaki, a suitable amount would be required. Even like this Nanaki is still growing. This is the swell of potential.

stomach?, it cant be chest right?

Now then Meia-sama, is your stock of carrots enough?

it never will be

“Meia-sama, this Nanaki will fulfill the promise. Thus please remain as your cool self. This unsightliness does not fit Meia-sama.”

…that way of convincing?

Meia-sama told Nanaki to protect everything. Nanaki will fulfill that promise. Because of that I want Meia-sama to pay the price for that wish too. If she says she cannot yield no matter what, Nanaki will accept it. But she has not said that. So Nanaki will not recognise it as such.

do not put words in others mouths~learn from nanaki

Nanaki thinks Meia-sama is a likable person. Because of that I cannot allow this unsightliness. Humans have words, if you cannot yield then say it openly. Meia-sama’s arrogance is preventing her from doing that. Without words, humans cannot understand each other. If you want to be understood you must make an effort.

i like communicating without words though

Nanaki asked with both a look and words.

its fun

Fortunately, carrot shots didn’t come flying.

they wouldn’t have helped anyway

“……seriously, you’ve hired a spiteful maid. Onii-sama.”

“It just means luck hasn’t abandoned me.”

you almost died though

Meia-sama snorted like she had given up. Can this be taken as consent? Then leaving explaining the situation to Shiel-sama to Meia-sama, master and Nanaki must make preparations to enter enemy territory. It seems that man has somehow safely accomplished his role.

he’s back alr?

From a place where only Nanaki can see him, he dropped a scrap of paper and quickly disappeared.


“A letter has arrived, my master.”

you’vwe got mail

Not a love letter but a challenge.



The meeting place is in a warehouse district. I had laughed with master about how it was such a fitting atmosphere. Without anyone’s guidance, with just the directions in the letter, Just Master and Nanaki alone walked towards that place. The pace is as usual, master three steps ahead, Nanaki three steps behind. This pace has continued since that day. Nanaki likes this distance.

close yet far enough

“Six people. In front, close by.”

nanakisonar activate

While I was enjoying a small amount of happiness, those presences that can’t read the air made me open my mouth. Don’t intrude. Punska.

(T/N: Punska/ぷんすか , basically an onomatopoeia indicating anger~)

“……that’s disturbingly few.”

its a trap!

They probably cleared out other people in advance. I cannot feel any presences other than those six. Since it’s unthinkable that anyone can deceive this Nanaki who is confident in perception, they can be said to be considerably brace. Did he properly convey Nanaki’s name? I don’t think that are other people with the same name though.


This time a place for conversation was prepared. But to not prepare anything else at all because of that would be way beyond mere carelessness, that would just be stupidity. From master’s and Meia-sama’s reactions I had received the impression that the person known as Aina Aina is quite able though, or was that a groundless fear?

not likely

“……I see.”

the truth?


okay this is slightly liberal

Seeing the six people waiting in the open, master smiled bitterly. Nanaki does not know what that means. Is the condition advantageous or disadvantageous, do we advance or retreat? All those decisions must be made by master. Meaning Nanaki can only trust. Leaving things to master is Nanaki’s expertise.

(T/N: ….last line feels strange こと主に対してはナナキの得意分野だった did I mess up???)

“Nice to meet you Zean Alfred. I am Aina Aina.”

“Nice to meet you Aina Aina. My best regards.”

to you too

The one who stood in a way that asserts her presence was quite a beautiful woman. Her age is probably around thirty. That bearing is beautiful but it is not suitable for battle. It seems she has no experience as an officer. The five around her are the same. For now it looks fine.

suspicious though

“Please sit.”

trap chair?

A table and chairs were placed in the middle of an open space in the warehouse district. It’s very surreal. They probably have some aim by intentionally setting the location to be outside instead of preparing a room somewhere. I will watch out for a long distance snipe. But it’s hard to think someone can do it from beyond the detection Nanaki’s sonar. Caution.

whats the range of nanakisonar

“Your demand is to do business in my area. And large-scale too. Is that right, Zean Alfred?”

“That might be right.”

“Then I will assume so. And based on that I, Aina Aina will let you hear my response.”

to the point

No pointlessness. Nanaki likes that. Nanaki is bad at this kind of talks but basically it should be something like a sudden answer. That is good, peace or resist to the end? Nanaki doesn’t mind either.

choose as you like

“I refuse. A child should know his lot like a good kid.”

“Yeah. I had thought you would say that.”


Negotiations broke down, now what will master do?


“All of the six great nobles are conspiring together, you probably can’t just say yes.”

peer pressure?

Six great nobles. I heard a name that doesn’t really sound delicious.

no dont eat it

“As I said. In this town there are six people like the Five Emperors. All those here are them.”


Oh yeah, I remember hearing that. He said they were like the Five Emperors so I didn’t expect this to be all of them.

Five Emperors dont gather?

“They are comparatively free.”


nth better to do then come challenge nanaki stupidly

Master laughed.


As a Five Emperor there was a mountain of things to do so it was normal to be unable to have a proper rest day. Having the Five Emperors gather as five is extremely rare unless there is a large incident. At most it’s only during the matches before the emperor.

the final authority

“My greetings. Lightning Empress Nanaki-sama.”


Oh, you are aware. That speeds things up, that’s really good.

so why havent you ran?

“Thanks to Nanaki-sama the miracle of the six great nobles acting together occurred. You are too large an opponent to face alone after all.”

“They probably just came to protect themselves because if Aina Aina was done it they would be next.”

“Is that bad?”

not necessarily a good choice either though

No. There is nothing bad about it at all. In fact I even think it is wise. In this short time, AIna Aina has done a lot. She really is an able person as per the rumors. Very well done.

but not enough

“There is no one here because everyone was funneled to your estate, Zean Alfred. It’s not that many because it was sudden but I gathered five hundred. It is impossible to stop a former Five Emperor in battle. So I have to target the heart. Your sister and fiancee, they are already within my grasp.”

….good plan

Aina Aina is acting triumphant. What she says is right. It seems she has learnt from the previous two sacrifices that fighting Nanaki is a mistaken choice. Aina Aina made an ugly smile. I see, the dead possessed by money smile like that. I have learnt.


Then as thanks Nanaki shall show you a model.

how to smile 707

Holy nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

offer thine prayers

Begone impurities. Saint Nanaki.

exorcise them~

“……why are you smiling?”

i wonder

Why do you think?


Hecate got distracted for 3-4 hours watching a league stream with Rem cosplay.

Rem > Emilia

Btw, is the Re:zero novel good? should I bother reading it? I only watched the anime, didn’t really like it, only reason I kept watching was because Rem.



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  1. “Now then Meia-sama, is your stock of carrots enough?” reminds me of a line from Fate Stay Night:
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