Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.39: Hubris

The Nanacon God

“Is there something funny, Nanaki-sama?”

yes, you

Did she not like this highly popular nanakismile? Aina Aina’s expression twisted. A smile that comes off at just this much is not the real thing. If you have confidence then you should remain dignified. Aren’t you one of the strong in this town of aristocrats? Aristocrat Aina Aina.

you should act accordingly

“If you have something to say go ahead. I think the results are clear already though.”

you think?

Can’t stay calm, she seems like that. Humans who are confident in their advantage won’t let out those words. Seizing Meia-sama and Shiel-sama in order to avoid battling this Nanaki, wonderful. Certainly that point can count as a heart to Nanaki. There is no shame in targeting weak points. She played all the hands she had available to her. She should be proud of it.

demo murige deshita~

The amount of time she had after learning that her opponent is Lightning Empress Nanaki should have been only a few hours. Despite that, even if not perfectly, she managed to take this many measures. That ability and connections are worthy of praise. With an unshakable will she has resolved herself for the current war. Is this her pride as a merchant or pride as an aristocrat? Either way, that is great bravery.

Aina Aina turn end

“What shall we do, master?”

master’s turn

This is the final confirmation.

r u ready?

Nanaki is the servant and sword of my master Zean Alfred. The former is my will and the later my strength. Needless to say, this body is powerful. If this strength is to be wielded here, that choice must be made. By the own will of my master, Zean Alfred. Be resolved, with that confirmation, Nanaki will become your sword.

now choose

“Nothing has changed since the start. Aina Aina alone is the target.”


the choice has long since been made

The decision was made. Bow to my prideful master and fulfill my role as his sword. This sword made of lightning is a legendary sword that can burn and cut through everything. Think of it as an honor. This is one of the things that has once slaughtered many gods.

sword of Ilveng=Nazgul

“Wha……!? You intend to fight!? Zean Alfred!! Do you understand!?”

do you?

Aina Aina as well as the other nobles showed evident panic. That this is different from planned.

plans never work

“That is my line. Aina Aina.”

this line always pops up


just shows how everyone is human

Zean Alfred is this Nanaki’s master. Accordingly, he correctly understands what that means. Compared to that, Aina Aina who has more years under her belt than master is constantly displaying her agitation. This is also a proof. It just means the time has come for her to relinquish that seat.

musical chairs never ends~

The powerless are stolen from, this is truth.

you cannot remain seated forever

Because she knows that, she colluded with the rest of the six great nobles and obtained reinforcements. Then that should be enough. Although not perfect, she has played all the cards she could and probably had the confidence to one-sidedly refuse in the negotiations with master. Than let the war begin.

the music has begun

“Who you have turned into your enemy, do you really know? Aina Aina.”

“I have your sister and fiancee in my grasp you know!? If you say you will fight then they——”

“Have you confirmed it?”


“Have you really secured them within your grasp?”

and around you go~

Aina Aina’s face paled at master’s words. That is her lifeline, even if jokingly, hinting at failure must not be done. In just a few minutes, from a triumphant smile to a pale lifeless face and a sweat-stained brow. Maybe because her makeup is starting to become ruined, her face is becoming a little scary.

no magic sweat resistant makeup?

I have a remark.


“——You are an ‘excellent merchant’. Aina Aina.”

but that’s it

This one sentence says it all.

a merchant is not suited for battle

The plan that the merchant Aina Aina came up with to oppose Lightning Empress Nanaki is quite something. Considering she had no time, that ability should be highly praised. As expected she has the skills of one of the strong who is controlling this aristocrat town Freyline where fortunes move. But you really were mistaken.

some deals should not be considered

From Nanaki to Aina Aina.

just cut them off

With exactly what unit did you measure this Nanaki?


Did you not say it yourself, Aina Aina? Did you not say Lightning Empress Nanaki? Certainly that is true, there was a time Nanaki lived as Lightning Empress Nanaki. Now I am Master Maid Nanaki but that is trivial. The reality has not changed in the slightest.

arent you growing?

Nanaki is nanaki. On top of knowing that, you were mistaken. Aina Aina.

fatally so

“……A, Aina Aina! I can’t contact the assault team……!”


they are gone

Kindness should not be brought into war. But I will just speak my gratitude. Thank you Aina Aina. Thank you six great nobles.

for your naivity

——For treating me as a human.

you messed up

It would have been effective. That plan was sufficient. If your opponent was not this Nanaki. I am Nanaki, one of the transcended beings that has brought down even god solo. From the point you used your own unit and measured Nanaki in the framework of a human, you miscalculated. Aina Aina.

there is a reason they are called transcended

You are a superior merchant. But merchants do not know the battlefield. In this world that has ended once, there exists strength that is called transcended. That is something that humans cannot imagine, thus you are not at fault. You just didn’t know, that’s it.

ignorance is bliss

The aristocrat town where fortunes move. It sounds good but it is a remote place far from the capital. Master said something about death matches but compared to life in the imperial capital that has many of fierce battles, the days are peaceful without any stimulation. Due to it being an ancient town with an ancient lifestyle, the common sense here is terribly old.


It may be presumptuous but this Nanaki will conduct an answering session. This is one of the methods of transcendent beings. Watch carefully.


Solo nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.


You probably cannot see it but since yesterday, Friend that should be by Nanaki’s side is not there. He who has always been with Nanaki since the day he became friends with Nanaki is not by this Nanaki’s side. Because of that I’m actually feeling quite lonely. Alone Nanaki. How is it, was the results of the answering session good?

it was very informative~

Listen well, Nanaki is a special human.

still a girl though

You have made light of this Nanaki, the daughter or beloved Mother and friend of Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul. If this body can dash a kilometer in an instant, I can also become friends with god. Nanaki has relied on my lifelong friend. He who hates humans has accepted it for Nanaki.

anything for Nanaki

Before the Lightning of Legend, five hundred troops is the same as nothing.


The Alfred home has the divine protection of the terrifying yet kind god known as the Lightning of Legend. To try to break through that with a mere five hundred troops is just wasting lives. This Nanaki understands his strength the most. After all this Nanaki couldn’t kill him.

ultimite proof of strength

“Checkmate, Aina Aina.”

game over

Nanaki shall proclaim the end here.

but not yet

You’ve ran out of cards to play. To make up for her lack of military power, Aina Aina has fought using her assets and connections. By no means did she run from Nanaki, she showed the will to fight to the end. Then Nanaki shall give you a suitable ending. A strike of praise.

sometimes Nanaki gets too arrogant

“……Na, Nanaki-sama.”

well, noone’s perfect

Will she beg for her life? Then for what did she resolve herself to fight Nanaki for? Please remain like one of the strong to the very end. Goodbye, Aina Aina. Be proud that you are becoming food for Master and die.


“…….Checkmate——is mine, Nanaki-sama.”

the plot never ends~

Possibly from a change of heart, Aina Aina smiled wickedly once again. Or possibly she still has cards left to play? But unfortunately they won’t be in time. The end is right before your eyes, Aina Aina.

but there are 4 people that are fast enough

There is no point going along with her nonsense. Swing down the ending blow——


“——to think you would be alone, Nanaki.”



Arrogance is always a weakness of the strong.



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