Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.40: Okay, this pisses me off

Emperor of the Sword

As expected even for Nanaki, I couldn’t help thinking “why?”.

it was all planned.

No matter if it’s alone Nanaki, it’s not like my perception abilities have dropped much. Despite that, until this instant I failed to detect Silver. For Nanaki to miss the strength hailed as the Sword Emperor, is that possible? It’s almost like he suddenly appeared here.

that can’t be….right?

For now, Aina Aina, I will apologise to you. I am sorry. I have been extremely rude thinking arrogant thoughts until now. Even though Nanaki has said that you have played all the cards you could. I had not thought in this short time you could bring the busiest of the Five Emperors, Sword Emperor Silver from the distant capital.


Now that it has come to this it can’t be helped, I will treat you with respect.

do that from the start~

Curses don’t choose the time and place, I will remember that. Silver.

they dont care





Nanaki dodged. I kicked down the second strike the followed as though knowing the first would’ve been dodged. Then an unleashed third strike that followed. Each of this swings are fatal blows that slices everything in half. I must not receive that blade even by mistake. The part I hit is the sword’s side. Luckily speed is Nanaki’s specialty. You can’t win Nanaki in a battle of techniques.

they will just get countered

But he is Sword Emperor Silver. He probably had no intention of succeeding in a surprise attack from the start. In that case he wouldn’t have called out to Nanaki. He always likes fair and square and tries to achieve that.


“——Sword of Glory.”

should call it victory

Unhesitant armament manifestation. A silver full mail materialised. That dignified face that charms many older women is covered with a helm, that silver armor emphasises that he is justice. The king of the sword reigns here.

and he is not alone


he has a god too

Yes, Silver wouldn’t let this chance escape.

when Nanaki is weaker

Sword of Justice Alsha=Jio. What is his justice? That is a simple question. Sword Emperor Silver determines what is evil and he himself is justice. His justice is simple. And thus it never wavers, never breaks and is strong. It is strong because it is simple. A pure strength that has eliminated all that is unnecessary.

like the sword

“Is that the guy you care for, Nanaki?”

“Shall I introduce you?”

hihi Zean Alfred desu

Regardless of the suddenness, master watched Nanaki and Silver without showing much disturbance. That bravery is great but Nanaki would like you to distance yourself from this place as far as possible. Just armament manifestation might be fine, but this situation where a god is called down is too dangerous for the body of a human.

the very presence of god is dangerous

“Don’t worry, I will take care of him. Because he seals off your annoying wide area annihilation.”

“……You won’t take care of Aina Aina and the rest? That’s surprising.”

“Those are adults. They can decide themselves what to do.”

master is not?

I see, quite right.

who cares about them anuyway

Anyone can see the appearance of a descended god. The gazes of Aina Aina and the other nobles are concentrated on the Sword god that has descended from this summer sky. It probably serves as a reminder, this is the power of transcended beings. Then they must run. They must not be here. They should be thinking that.

or they may die

“Die now, Nanaki.”

“I’ve heard that many times.”

still living~

With that signal, I took distance from Silver. Even without being linked to Friend, the current Nanaki’s speed greatly exceeds Silver’s. If I want to ensure certainty I should buy time until Friend returns, but this time it seems this was all planned out somehow. Were we intentionally separated?

how deep is this plot

If that is the case, it would be better to strike down Silver before anything else happens.

resolve it quickly

“I’m coming, Silver.”

“Fighting with just your flesh? this monster.”

its enough

The twelve giant swords controlled by Alsha=Jio dropped down. In a flash they beautifully bisect the buildings of the warehouse district with a speed unimaginable of their size. I arrive at Silver while avoiding the twelve dancing swords. The risk of fighting Silver within this dance of swords is large. Aim for a short decisive battle.

end it fast

I succeeded in closing in. The distance for Silver’s prided sword techniques and at the same time for Nanaki who is greatly specialised at close combat. Be it gods or humans, be it transcended beings, it has been the same since ancient times. Battle is just a clashing of each side’s own specialty.

to see which is sueprioor

Like how Silver is taking the advantage with these twelve swords, Nanaki has a certain kill technique at close quarters. Without being linked to Friend it can’t really be called certain kill but he won’t get through it uninjured.

Nanaki alone is strong enough

Release lightning.



Nanaki’s AoE too stronk

A lightning field formed in just the space with Silver and Nanaki. If I’m right, this is called plasma? If a flesh and blood human stepped into this they would vaporise in an instant. Even if protected by the armor of armament manifestation, does he have the leisure to conduct close quarter combat with Nanaki in here?

how could h?

The answer is no, unable to endure it, Silver tried to leave that place.

tactical retreat

The end. Nanaki won’t let you escape——




denied again

Again. What’s the meaning of this.

what is going on

“Exactly where did you appear from? Raicou.”

difficulty up

The muscle tank charged into the field Nanaki formed without caring. The giant with the most destructive force in each strike and incredible stamina. Martial Emperor Raicou.

when his flesh can endure the lightning

“Sorry Raicou.”

“Hmph! You are still young, Silver!”


Two of the Five Emperors. And he appeared suddenly again. There is a need to change my thinking. This is bad.

2v1 is tough even for Nanaki

“Silver, Raicou.”

what to do

With that decided, Nanaki is fast.

in the face of danger?

“I am out.”


A bow, farewell.

better to live another day

Leave that place at the fastest speed I can currently. It is dangerous here. I cannot understand their plan at all, but if even Envy and Salia appear at this rate, it will be too late. Fighting the four of them without Friend is too dangerous. Nanaki cannot die. Because that is my promise with Mother. Because Nanaki wants to live.

death is nanaki’s greatest enemy

Without knowing what is happening, it is dangerous to keep going that way. In that case there is no choice but to run. They probably hope I would get heated up and keep fighting like that. For now in order to resolve this solo state, I will head to Friend. This is the quick switching of gears of a human who has experienced intense battles.

sound judgement

Just that that is the same for them. Nanaki must be resolved.

Five Emperors are strong too

There is a condition Nanaki must clear to leave this place. That is master’s existence. If I take master and leave, a gap will form for Nanaki. No matter what that will be aimed for. Then Nanaki will accept it.


“——Excuse me, master. It will get a little dirty.”


Intense pain. Stomach is hot.



what have you done!

That was Silver becoming speechless.


If I block badly, my arms or legs will be chopped off. That would be the end for Nanaki. If it’s just that then getting stabbed is definitely better. The burning heat and intense pain that makes me feel like I’m going to die. Even if I was prepared how is this so really fucking painful I will definitely fucking kill you later remember this you piece of shit.

welp she borke

Ha, I felt like my consciousness blacked out a little. This is not the time to stand around.

nope th happened

Nanakipunch into that small gap of Silver’s that formed for an instant. Don’t you think it’s over with this.

she willstill fucking kill you


I will too

The sword stabbed in my stomach. It really is better not to pull it out but it is quite heavy so I pulled it out. It would be extremely bad for my speed to drop now. Nanaki used all of my enormous mana to conduct healing but Nanaki’s strength is that of a human and not a god. I must quickly rejoin him. While I can still think.


If this blood loss continues, I won’t be able to think. Hurry, I must hurry.

nooo nanaki

“We are escaping from here. Please hold on master.”


“What is it?”

“Don’t die.”


not type

I cannot die yet. Not until I ascertain master’s future.


Envy is great.

BUt SiLVeR nEEdS TO gO aNd DiE fOR HIs sInS



22 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.40: Okay, this pisses me off

  1. This reminds me of the Splinter Cell (one of them) reviews done by Zero Punctuation.
    “Hey, the man who can stop our plan is in another country, in hiding and does not give a fuck about the state of the country currently, LET’S GO TRY TO KILL HIM TO GIVE HIM REASON TO KILL US ALL”

    Btw, just a thought.

    I think Envy’s name is actually just Enbi.

    Based on how she apparently is ‘similar’ to Nanaki and ‘en’ is one reading of flame kanji, she might have Japanese ancestry.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The original is literally Enbi (エンビィ) but the names are always in katakana so I can’t tell but you might be right about the kanji~
      I considered leaving it as just Enbi but I chose to make it Envy which would also be pronounced Enbi in japanese (bcos no V sound) to avoid some people reading Enbi as An-bye instead of An-bee.
      Besides, Enbi looks strange as a name .-.
      P.S. She does have red hair so I’m not sure about the Japanese ancestry 😛


  2. This chapter in emojis, starring usa-Nanaki!!!

    “Nanakismile. Hello everyone in the world, this is Nanaki.”


    “Nanaki, outtie.”


    “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

    /(=✪ x ✪=)\

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What is with these pricks they always appear from nowhere and didnt nanaki beat a god when she was 11 or something….she should be able to kill these guys with no problem. Seems the author is just strecthing this out

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Uh…
      Did you forget that these guys have beaten God’s as well?

      Nanaki defeated all of them in the past, but she had the support of Nazgol then. Doesn’t have it right now.

      To be honest, I like the fact that Nanaki got hurt and is in a pinch lol. She hasn’t really been in one uptil now. So this makes the story interesting. Good job Silver!!

      (Runs away before the pitchfork army attacks me)


  4.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year


    1. self fulfilling prophecy. nanaki is not antagonistic, she reacts to attacks with her own attacks.
      the only reason Nanaki would destroy the world is a person that offended her required that much power to defeat.

      Liked by 5 people

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