Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.41: nanakibreak

Friends Foreva

The current Nanaki took a few minutes to get to the estate. I’m expending an enormous amount of mana to continuously do just the healing needed to keep moving, but eventually there will be a limit to this. Before that I need to link up with Friend. And with the condition of not losing too much blood. Seriously, this Nanaki is in quite a state.

not Nanaki’s fault

It is still too early for me to meet Mother once again. Think while moving, Nanaki.

how did this happen

Silver and Raicou, both of them slipped through Nanaki’s perception and appeared. No, they probably didn’t slip through but “appeared”. There is no way Nanaki would not notice two people who have such strong mana. This is not overconfidence, this is something that is unchangeable, an absolute.

Nanaki is absolute~

The only thinkable possibility is teleportation magic.

it really exists?

Even now the research of magic is advancing. The current teleportation magic is basically for movement within the caster’s field of vision. Teleportation magic circles are used for movement in the imperial capital. By setting the magic beforehand, the limitation of field of vision disappears. This is the general recognition. This is strange, neither fits.

what else could it be?

If they used teleportation magic it would have had to be within Nanaki’s detection range. That’s because the caster has to see where he is sending them. I confirmed it multiple times when Silver and Raicou appeared, but there was no other response of magic. Which means it should be the latter but that is out of the question. There is no need to explain why.

ok .-.

In that case, a new magic? Or possibly……Eeeh, what was it?

what was what?


“What is it, master?”

“Didn’t we overshoot?”

“……my mistake.”


He has unexpectedly good eyes.

and he is paying attention

It’s bad that I’ve become unable to think properly. But fortunately we have arrived at the estate. Now I will link with Friend and begin healing. I cannot immediately recover the lost blood. If Silver and the rest chases me then I will have to fight in this condition.

can you?

“We have……arrived. I apologise for my frequent errors.”

“More importantly what are you going to do about that wound?”

heal it

If it’s that then there is no need to worry. I’ve been linked to Friend since we arrived near the estate.

so Friend knows already?

Friend came flying with the expression of a demon. Hey Friend, Thanks for protecting Shiel-sama and Meia-sama. It seems that five hundred rude things came here but it’s good that nothing serious happened. You really are reliable. Nanaki has a request to that you.


I have been put on the back foot. Nanaki is sorry for displaying such unsightliness as your partner. I will atone. Please help this Nanaki. Nanaki must not die here yet. I must be desperate in order to keep living.

no on ecan live relaxed

Nanaki’s kind friend quickly began the healing. In an instant, the pain and the heat in my stomach resided. This is the power of god. No matter how large an amount of mana I may hold I cannot bring about this miracle. He seems to have left his name in books as the destruction god, but he is a really kind god.

history not accurate

Hm? How did it become like this? I’m lost for an answer.Probably because Nanaki’s decision was late. I should have been more suspicious when Silver appeared. Nanaki should have been more confident in my own ability. Look, Friend. This seems to be called a dying breath. Insect Breath Nanaki.

(T/N: dying breath=虫の息, literally insect’s breath)


not the time to joke around


because you have bad humour

“Na, Nanaki?”


If, if you hit a bug it will die.

but nanaki wont

Of course, Nanaki not dying proves that Nanaki is not an insect. I don’t need a second one, it’s fine if you quietly lower that raised fist. Right now I want to concentrate on healing. Silver and Raicou might suddenly appear again.

here comes johnny!

The symptoms of anemia showing is a small cause for concern, but if it’s now I wouldn’t mind if they appear. Nanaki really likes being with Friend. So please stay with me, until the day that Nanaki’s life eventually ends. And then please remember, that Nanaki was here.


“Are you really okay even just stand?”

“Thank you for worrying for me, good master. The bleeding has stopped and the wound will close before long. Not a trace will remain.”

“The people called Five Emperors really are amazing……”

“Have you forgotten, master? I am friends with god.”

and thus have gods blessing

Recovered nanakismile. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

she’s back!

Thanks Friend, now Nanaki can still fight. This time let’s fight together. After becoming alone for the first time in a while, I realised Nanaki really hates being alone. I couldn’t find anything good. Nanaki might still be immature.

rabbits die of loneliness

“Now then, having retreated once is nice and all but what do we do now……”


Nanaki is so worthless, constantly unable to take the initiative. Unacceptable, truly unacceptable. The results Nanaki presents must be special. With this pride on the line I have vowed to Meia-sama. That I will protect everything. Nanaki direction has been decided. Then I shall give advice. That person is harmful to master.

should be removed

“Conclude it with Aina Aina. The speed of her string-pulling is a threat.”

“The Five Emperors will likely show up again but how are the chances of victory?”

“There is just one thing I do not understand. But if I can break through that I can present you victory.”

“Try saying what you can. Two heads are better than one.”

share your thoughts

You probably don’t have combat experience, my master. But for one, master is currently a magician-in-training attending a magic academy. He might know magic Nanaki does not know. As master says, I won’t get the answer alone, then with nothing to lose I might as well ask. Thank you very much, good master.

insight incoming

“The truth is——”


a scream?

An absurd volume.

my ears

I had thought it was an enemy attack or something but nothing pulled at Nanaki’s detection. When I looked, Shiel-sama was looking as master and Nanaki through the window. How do you do, it has been a while. Shiel-sama. Excuse me for the distance. Bow.


“Na, nanana, na, nanana-san……b,b,b,b,blood…………fugo.”

oh yeah

The huge body wavered.

Nanaki did bleed alot

Instantly move to behind Shiel-sama who has fainted. Support that large body and quickly lay her down on the bed in the guest room. She is this heavy, just by collapsing her body will receive quite severe damage. Thankfully I made it.

Leave that place after bowing my head to the fainted Shiel-sama once more.

grabity is a bitch

“You broke your promise, Nanaki.”


These words of Meia-sama awaited Nanaki when I returned. I can’t see anger in her expression, what could she mean?

nanaki did it right?

“Excuse me Meia-sama. But I——”

“I said everything. Of course that includes you.”

“I am deeply sorry.”


My thinking was insufficient. Without thinking anything I was about to deny Meia-sama’s words, how wretched. I have no excuses, prostrate bow.

nanaki has failed….wow

“So, what is the situation. I get that Aina Aina is a troublesome opponent, but it’s been troublesome here too with lightning falling here and there for some reason.”

“Then simply put”

no time, sum it up

Explain to Meia-sama with just the main points. Aina Aina’s preparations, the two Five Emperors, the mystery teleportation magic that allows sudden appearance. Additionally mention how the original teleportation magic woks. And this is also important.

don’t leave things out

That I am slightly anemic.

perfect information is necessary

My abilities and thoughts are more shaky than usual. But now that I have Friend, this time I can exchange blows properly even with the Five Emperors as my opponents. I’m relying on you, Friend.

…dont push yourself too hard

“Is that teleportation magic not something the Five Emperors are using?”

“Yes, there is no mistake. If it was a distance within their field of vision I would have perceived it first.”

“In that case the possibility of a new magic is high……”

“If it is that, the chances of victory drops. It would become dangerous even to daily life so I would have to fulfill my promise.”


The promise master and Nanaki made that day. thinking about it now feels nostalgic, but Nanaki properly remembers it. just that, I have no intention of leaving here. A hard fight of this level, being able to break through it and laugh is what proves me able to affirm the world.

break through everything

Resignation does not exist for this Nanaki. Nanaki has given up on giving up. Nanaki has not lived such a soft way of life until now that I would give in to a curse. I will accompany this unending curse to the day my life ends. What will I do if I can’t laugh it off?

dont consider that

“No, it is teleportation magic.”

but hiow?

Meia-sama declared it.

genius at work

“——It’s just a probability but I think I understand the identity of that magic.”




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