Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.42: Fossil Nanukei

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Meia-sama pointed at the sky and said.


“There it is, a relic from the old world that can see anywhere in the world.”

“……are you serious? That was made around 2000AD you know?”


Everyone looked up at the sky at Meia-sama’s words.

no, no way that is visible from the ground

A  product of when humans still lived with science. Nanaki also has the knowledge of what kind of thing it was. Certainly if it is that, they would be able to grasp the terrain and utilise teleportation magic from outside Nanaki’s detection range. Plainly speaking, what is necessary for teleportation magic is image. There is no limitation that says it must be with the naked eye.

then do picutres work?

——man-made satellites, that might be the identity of the new magic.


“Just that, it is hard to think that things from more than a thousand years ago still remain, and even harder to think that they are still working.”

space debris is painful

As a matter of fact, that is right. That is acceptable. But, that conclusion is reached only because it cannot be confirmed. There is Nanaki here.

….nanaki going to space?

“I will go to check.”


Nanaki can do that. If it’s just the stratosphere, I’ve been there many times after being captivated by its beauty.

stratosphere is now for sightseeing….

But I think this is likely just the entrance. Because this is something that would never be imagined, so something like this appeared. This is probably something the world was hiding. It might be something we mustn’t know about. For some reason the uneasiness I had felt at the imperial capital is taking shape.

a third power?

Beloved Mother, is this something that we can come into contact with? This foolish daughter does not know. But I think this has something to do with Nanaki’s world changing. Nanaki might be right before the truth of the prophecy.

u lost me

“——hey, is science really destroyed?”

…is it even useful against magic?

Meia-sama, no——we have come into contact with that.



It is said that technology was destroyed.

in the god world war

When that world that has ended was still prosperous, I heard that the human population was about 7.4 billion. An outrageous number. Who can imagine that many humans on this earth? Even though there was that many people, the world ended.


In just one day that human population dropped to 2 billion, a thousand year after in the distant present, there is about 200 million.

less than 0.5%

Many died caught up in the battle between the gods, more died reaching out to a new power in order to live but were unable to adapt to it. It seems that humans becoming able to use magic was a mere hundred years ago. Humans finally evolved in the long period of nine hundred years with many sacrifices.

how did they even live for 900 years

Adaptation to mana, after that the current age finally arrived.

but its not over

Many techniques of science were lost, it seems that there was not enough knowledge. Thus humans pursued a more efficient energy and prioritised that, begining research. Resultingly, the power known as science was never restored. Because they thought the energy known as mana was almighty.

but it was mistaken

After the fatal truth was discovered, many of the weak wished for the revival of science.

magic has flaws

That is why, this is probably Pandora’s box.

but it has already been opened

Even so, the three of us decided to open it. The key is in a place higher than this blue.

in the black

Thus, I dashed through this blue.

to even greater heights


hte box?

At these times, I am slightly bitter that I had no education. I cannot think of anything but cliched words. A strange world with nothing but blue and white, the earth has long since been swallowed up by clouds. Above this, far above, there might be something that originally must not exist. If it exists, then the capital will undoubtedly collapse.

for their sincs

The rage of the weak will be contagious.

such that even the strong cannot stand against it?

There are the Five Emperors. Suppression will be easy. But even Nanaki knows. If it comes to that, the capital will no longer function. The emperor’s power will drop like a rock. It would be like losing money for humans other than Nanaki. There is only value because others believe in that. If nobody believes in it, then it is just a coin.

a strange analogy

It would be nice if this was all a groundless fear. That magic that allows for sudden appearance is extremely irritating, but if I am with friend, we can somehow respond to that. So it will be nice if it is all a groundless fear. Better than the capital falling into chaos.

peace if always better

Even as I thought that.

but pandora’s box really exists

“——what are you protecting, Salia?”

the key

Sky Empress Salia just stood on the boundary of blue and white.

on the clouds?

“Is that so. There really is something.”

“……we cannot win Nanaki. So we used it.”

“Everyone other than me knew about it. That there was something like that.”

“Because Nanaki is a child.”

too young

The existence of science was confirmed by Sky Empress Salia.

it is not gone

Nanaki is one of the strong. I will not make a fuss like the weak. It’s not like I wish for justice. The world is always strict. If you want to complain about it, then take action. I would like to say something arrogant like this, but this time this is inconvenient for Nanaki as well.

so nanaki will take action

I don’t know what else there is, but that science alone is a hindrance.

a hindrance is an enemy

If it remains, I cannot stay by master’s side.

enemies will be murders

“Here I come, Nanaki.”

“Let’s begin. Salia, Silver, Raicou.”

wait there are 3?

I will no longer be put on the back foot. This time I noticed the two presences that suddenly appeared once again. The situation is different from before. Master is not here. This is the large sky where I won’t trouble anyone. And now, Nanaki and Friend are fighting together. Do you understand what that means?

twice the enemies

Now then Friend, let’s fight to our heart’s content.

and repay them

Try receiving this blow by the Lightning of Legend.

not poossible




Wide area annihilation lightning. The only direct hit was on Raicou. I sympathise a little with him who became charred and fainted. That is why I told you that many times it’s better to be able to move a little faster. Maintaining flight magic while fainted is a little cool. Next time Nanaki will try doing it while sleeping.

well even if she falls she’s fine

Silver narrowly managed to escape the area of effect. Well done. But you must pay the price for keeping your life. If you make an impossible movement like that, a gap will form. Nanaki also paid that price. That really hurt, are you prepared?

now die asshole

Our respective swords passed each other.

pay for your sins

That skill is brilliant enough to be called Sword Emperor. It is simple and pure, so it is strong. The speed is sufficient, that tempered mana will slice through everything. The Sword Emperor needs no sword techniques, everything is decided in a single blow. Then Nanaki will also abide by that style. The human sword, or the heretic’s sword. Heretical, the one who said that was you, Silver.

sword emepror prob has the skills even if he doesnt need them


welp its not enough

Sword Emperor, downed in one slash.


Without clashing a single time, his dominant arm was chopped off. With the power of a god he can probably reattach it, no need to worry. And Silver, you stabbed something outrageous into Nanaki’s stomach. You should’ve been prepared to lose an arm or two.

more than that

With this Silver is out of the fight. He probably needs at least a few months to get back his original senses. I removed my gaze from the falling Silver. He can no longer return to this battle. Then there is just one more person.

where is Envy

“Now there is Salia only.”

“——oh shooting star.”

grant me a whish

She didn’t lend a year to Nanaki’s words. Even though I borrowed books from her a lot, a shame.

interesting relationship

The monstrous shooting star that is the specialty of the Sky Empress fell. If this fell onto the earth, then the earth’s geography might change. That is bad, this Nanaki shall promptly eliminate it. Are your preparations ready, Friend? Then come, charge.

full speed ahead!

Because an arrow of lightning and pierce through the shooting star——can’t, this is hard.


I stopped in the middle due to the unexpected hardness. What a blunder. From the side this may seem like stupidity that has never been seen before in all of history. That alone would be bad.

yep, not good indeed

Yep, I’m in stone.


How about I just destroy the man-made satellite like this? I read about it in a war book I borrowed from Salia. If a huge amount of lightning is produced at high altitudes then science will be destroyed by a pulse of something. If it were Nanaki and friend, can that be reproduced?


I don’t know where the satellites are, so I will do it with just enough force that the lightning doesn’t reach the ground. Charging charging, zapzap acceptable. Squeezesqueeze and compress my own mana, further compress it with Friend’s mana. After that just release the mana at full force all at once.


Now then, are you ready, Friend? Then together.


——Nanakismile of creation. Everyone of science, it’s Nanaki.

the one time people not happy at seeing Nanaki.

Crumble, science, for master.

the end

Hecate is not feeling that well today (Just allergy or smth, not sure but happens occasionally,not sickness) so, sorry, but not much for today.

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34 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.42: Fossil Nanukei

  1. I must say that the five (or four now?) is really stupid. Nanaki just living quietly with her master, minding her own business and making friends. So they think it’s good idea to attack her?


    1. She’s just sixteen years old. She lacks education. She possesses Friend, speed and wild instinct. She’s really just a child… with incredible motor skills.

      Or are you mad at their actions after the prophecy hit? In that case, yep… I totally get you. Envy’s influence should have been the most viable measure against that prediction. Though (trying) to kill her would be second best move.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So she shot herself into the meteor but got stuck inside the middle of it because there wasn’t enough power to go through or destroy it…so then she decides to nuke it into pieces, and that burst would create an EMP that can reach and disrupt the satellite she’s trying to destroy? That’s how I picture it so far…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes.

      To be more precise EMP will ‘fry’ the circuits by overloading it with large amount of electricity.
      It’s not just disrupting it, it’ll outright makes it impossible to use without replacing all the fried parts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And with the world so removed from our science like that, finding part is basically impossible. You find better chance building it from scratch with magitech.


    1. The teleportation magic use vission to target the destination of teleportation, and they use the satelite for that. Just think it like when Tatsuya use Gram Demolation of the USRC fleet that is going to attack japan at the end of Yokohaman Incident ark. sorry for the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Spoiler


    2. Nope. Here’s the thing… Teleportation magic require visual confirmation to be successful but the visual doesn’t necessarily mean the person has to be there. The satelite is used to extend the range of the visual by taking picture of the destination, then project it to the receiver like a television. The teleporation magic user in theory would then be able to teleport anywhere.


  3. So… the weak seek science, the thing that could even make the weak powerful. but science powered by one thing that at the same time also it’s weakness, electricity. The science people feared that nanaki will destroy science since it has become something like a curse. Even nanaki called it “The Pandora’s Box”. So to prevent that, the capital use the 4 Emperors to defeat nanaki, gaining a safe foothold for the emergence of science. which probably going to fall again at the second War of Gods

    Liked by 2 people

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