HeroxMaou C.1: Hero actually doesn’t have a girlfriend (yet)

1. Meeting of the Demon Lord and the Hero

The sound of thunder rumbled through the forest.

The hero’s party has found the cave and is in the middle of performing the final checks before the demon lord subjugation battle.

last boss

“Hey, Oliver. This is all our recovery medicine right?”

“Yeah. One highest-class elixir, and ten high-class recovery potions. For now, I guess we should pass most of it to defense main, Aorith.”

that act doesnt seem like much

While shaking his dark red hair, the hero distributed the recovery medicine to his party members. Showing such an innocent smile might be to help reduce the pressure in the coming battle.

a good leader

His name is, Oliver.

Said to be the strongest in the world, the youth chosen as the hero. His sword techniques are amazing and nobody can read it. His mana is also large and according to his own personality, he can use various useful magics.

It is as if he has no gaps, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the perfect human.no, he is a perv

“But, for there to be lightning right before the final battle is unpleasant.”

the scene has to be set

The archer girl who uses the bow as her main weapon said that as if looking for consent from Oliver.

“I’ll catch a cold before fighting the demon lord” she laughed. But the magician man nodded as if denying it.

….confusing, pls dont nod to deny

“At any rate, once you go to the demon lord’s castle’s territory you would be obstructed by a barrier of rain. Endure it a little more.”

“I know, but the rain is a bit depressing.”

“That’s just you. For me, it’s the same as usual……”

no you are getting wet this time

“How boring” she said as she pouted.

The hero’s party members consisted of five people. Excluding Oliver, the man in charge of defense, Aorith, the magician Rhine, the girl in charge of recovery, Elna, and the archer Irina.

5 on one is never fair for the demon lord

—With this members, they now go to subjugate the demon lord.



“……it’s warm.”

better than the cold rain outside

Bathed in the soft sunlight, Cecilia dozed next to the window.

Dressed in a loose shirt and hot pants, she had one leg raised and rested her head on it. Always ready to take an afternoon nap, one might laugh at her as such when looking from the side.

afternoon naps are great

The light blue hair speckled with gold is tied in a loose braid. She enjoyed playing with the tip with her finger, so she is often touching the tip of her hair with her right hand before she notices it.

Those sleeping eyes are changing from blue to grey. The one who had praised that to be like dawn, is her already deceased father—the previous demon lord.

sad family

Her name is Cecilia Froosty.

The current demon lord.

just a job

She is 152cm and her appearance is about that of a 15 year old.

But the reality is that she is a demon that lives up to more than 200 years old. After her father was slain by humans 130 years ago, she has succeeded him as the demon lord.

Well, even if that is so—

what does a demon lord do?



The job called demon lord is actually quite boring.

If something can be called her work, it would be to massacre humans. But Cecilia who has no interest in that leaves it to her subordinates and demonic creatures and doesn’t involve herself.

If she said she doesn’t resent the humans that killed her father, it would be a lie. But Cecilia thinks of it as inevitable since its between two violently antagonistic races.

Certainly, he was killed by humans, but father himself also killed many humans as the demon lord.

if you kill must prepare to be killed

—am I indifferent?

just bored I think

For example, even if told how many humans the demonic creatures defeated, Cecilia honestly doesn’t care. She believes there is no understanding to be had between the demonic and the humans.

Because of that, she also thinks that eventually humans will attack here (the demon lord’s castle).

just waiting for it

“If I remember correctly there should’ve been a rumor of a strong hero…… But I’m not strong like father anyway.”

so no point

And that father who was so strong was done in by humans.

It’s quite impossible to think this delicate Cecilia could match the hero. Although just in terms of mana, she has a lot, if it becomes a physical battle, she won’t stand a chance.

…..kinda sad



—If only the hero wouldn’t come……

If she could wish for it, she wants to be allowed to live in peace.

the world is such a bitch

Was it bad to think like that?

A large explosion rang out through the demon lord’s castle and a subordinate came to report that someone has invaded.


“………….the hero?”

“I believe so……The demonic creatures within the castle are all being killed. Those guys are like monsters, they are terribly strong.”

sowhat do you want cecilia to do?

The legs of the goblin subordinate that came in a hurry to report were shaking.

The demons are split into two categories, the demonic creatures and the greater demons. Demonic creatures like the goblin and greater demons that take the form of humans like Cecilia.

Although they are demonic creatures, fundamentally, they all get along well with Cecilia and adore her, so—

don’t fight

“Please hurry up and escape, Cecilia-sama! We will somehow slow down the heroes, so please run somewhere—”

“I can’t. Because, I am the demon lord……”

“No, Cecilia-sama! Please, please don’t think like that!!”

the other job of the demon lord

She took out a mantle that completely covers her body and put it on. She clasped the mantle shut with a brooch ornamented with golden wings.

She took down the momento of her father that was hanging on the wall, the demon lord’s mask, and put it on. The mask which has just one horn growing out of it is filled with an abundant amount of mana from the demonic creatures and it insights unpleasant feelings in humans.


The goblin begged for her to run with tears in his eyes—but there is no way she can do that.

“I’m fine. You on the other hand, should escape.”, Cecilia said that while kindly smiling at the goblin from under the mask.

the demon lord’s final job

“I am, the demon lord.—I cannot, run.”

to face the heros

With her face covered with the mask and her body wrapped in the jet-black mantle.

Her lovely figure gone, no matter how you look at it Cecilia’s appearance would’ve splendidly become that of a demon lord’s…..just that, unfortunately her stature is 152cm and still lovely, so dignity is somehow lacking.


The mantle swayed as Cecilia walked.

She walked straight down the corridor covered with a red carpet. The place she was headed to is the demon lord’s throne. The demonic creatures of the carpet saw Cecilia walk as the demon lord and trembled.

ot quite in awe

From the sides of the corridor, they immediately knelt and presented the highest salute—not.

this is not something to be celebrated

“Cecilia-sama, what are you wearing!”

“Didn’t goblin tell you to please escape!?”

“The hero has come! Demon lord-sama is the target, please hurry and escape!”

such faith

“We will stop them here!!”


Cecilia must live!

All the demonic creatures told the demon lord—Cecilia to escape immediately.

run, cecilia!

“I am the demon lord. I will not leave the castle, leave everyone to escape.”

“Cecilia-sama……But, we want Cecilia-sama to escape.”

save yourself!

We want you to live, is what the demonic creatures appealed to Cecilia.

They won’t say it directly, but they are basically saying they will stop them even if they die and to escape then. As demonic creatures, there is no way they can defeat the heroes.

Of course, that is also true for Cecilia though……

so escape!

“……I can’t. Let me, do the job of the demon lord.”


Cecilia’s voice which should have spoken indifferently, shook.

Anyone loved everyone. That is why although the demonic creatures didn’t want Cecilia to die, Cecilia also didn’t want the demonic creatures to die.

Under the mask, Cecilia squeezed her eyes shut, and took a deep breath.

….she is resolved

—I’m fine.

in that case

“……I’m going.”


good luck

Shaking off the voices of the demonic creatures, Cecilia arrived at the demon lord’s throne room.

Opening the jet-black doors, she advanced into the room lowered herself onto the chair in the deepest part of the room. Waiting here for the hero, is the last job Cecilia can do as the demon lord.

…and be defeated?

—Today, I will be defeated by the hero.

why must this happen?

Even though she doesn’t want to die, she doesn’t tremble.

Even though she should be scared, she managed to remain dignified and hold her head high as she looked in front.

fate can be a piece of shit

The hero’s party has already entered the demon lord’s castle.

The throne room is very quiet, so much that it is hard to imagine that fighting it going on. But as if to force the truth upon Cecilia, the grand doors to the throne room slowly opened.

everyone has their motives


why must good be better?

That mumble leaked from Cecilia’s small mouth.

The door opened and revealed the hero Oliver carrying the sacred sword. Behind that, his four party members tensed.

Their clothes were dirtied here and there and they were injured.

but not enough

—Everyone, tried their best.

She can no longer meet the defeated demonic creatures. Suppressing the tears that threatened to overflow, Cecilia welcomed the hero.

what a joke

“You are the demon lord…… the lord of all the demonic creatures.”

“……what about it?”

“Nah. I will say it just in case, but I’m the hero. So I haven’t killed a single demonic creature in the castle.”


….a true hero?

I am different from you, I will not kill needlessly.

He seemed to be saying that. But right now she doesn’t have the leisure to care about that. Cecilia opened her eyes wide at the hero’s words.

It cannot be seen because of the mask, but a small tear fell from the eye that was like a pretty dawn.

at least no one else needs to die

—Everyone, is alive?

then you will die alone for everyone?

With just that, Cecilia’s heart was satisfied.

To her, what was scary, was that all the demonic beasts that were precious to her would be killed. Even though she also felt gratitude to the demonic creatures outside the castle, she at least wanted to save the demonic creatures that remained to protect her.

at least that is granted

“But I was told to kill you, the demon lord—it’s a royal decree.”

is this worth it?

The hero took a step and prepared his sword.

As if in response, Cecilia stood up as well and prepared her staff.

In a corner of her mind, she thought that she had bad luck, but accepted it as the unchangeable truth.

no it’s not

Cecilia excels at magic.

No matter what, Cecilia cannot fight with the sword.

In the first place, it’s the Cecilia that basks in the sun a lot. Three push-ups is her limit and even if she sprints 50 meters it takes her 13 seconds.

She lacks stamina to a hopeless extent. She can’t make any quick movements and of course she doesn’t have something convenient like her body subconsciously moving upon sensing danger.

what an unfair world

Just perfect. Cecilia thought that.

It would’ve been better to train at least a little, but it is too late to think that.

this kind of world

But naturally she doesn’t have the slightest intention to give her life up for free.

should just be destroyed

“……Oh power of darkness, shine!”

“I won’t let you—!”

….oxymoron spell?

Cecilia shouted loudly and summoned balls of darkness magic around herself. With this she will attack the hero’s party but—with a faster speed, the hero rushed into Cecilia.


“Unfortunate. That wasn’t enough, demon lord.—it ends here.”

…too fast

The slash of the sacred sword easily cut into Cecilia’s body.

She moaned at the hot burning pain. Having been cut from chest to hip, she collapsed there.

Cecilia who has crumbled on that spot, felt her own death approaching.

didn’t stand a chance….

“Eeeeeh! It’s gotta be a lie, the demon lord is this weak?”

“Well. That’s wrong, Irina. Oliver is strong.”

“Certainly Oliver is the strongest but……like this aren’t the demonic creatures in the castle stronger?”


—undoubtedly the demonic creatures are stronger.

With her hazy consciousness, Cecilia responded mentally. The past of not having won goblin even once in a 50 meter sprint ran through her mind like a revolving lantern.

If I’m reborn I will train. As she thought that.

yeah, right

“……fuu. The demon lord is at death’s door, so it’s probably fine already.”

“We did it! When we go back let’s feast!!”

“Yeah. Well, might as well take a look at the demon lord’s face……”

good choice

While smiling, the hero Oliver peeled off Cecilia’s mask. But that instant—with the impact of a lightning strike, a shock ran through him.

Cecilia is saved?

—Demon lord is cute!!

On those tightly closed eyes, the long eyelashes are shaking slightly. The light blue hair specked with gold tied in a loose braid reached down to her thighs.

The clothes that can be seen in the gap of the mantle was a short pants that did not seem like that of a demon lord. The tip of her braid covered her thighs and looked strangely captivating.


“……Eh? This is, the demon lord……?”

“It was a girl.”

“A fake?”

“No. The mana behind her darkness magic was strong, so there should be no mistake that she is the demon lord.”

yep, this is the demon lord

The four party members discussed it while peeking at Cecilia from behind Oliver. In conclusion, judging from her mana as a magic user, there is no mistake that she is the demon lord.

no physical strength tho


still stunned?

Oliver slowly took out from the pouch on his own waist, the highest class recovery potion–the elixir. Just as he was about to open the lid, Aorith caught his wrist and stopped him.


“Oi, Oliver. What are you going to do with that. You aren’t injured right?”

“If you are injured, shall I cast healing magic on you?”

ofc not

Even as the worried Elna offered saying “I still have spare energy”, Oliver silently shook his head.

Oliver twisted his wrist and easily escaped from Aorith’s restraint and—

save cecilia whoooo

Without any hesitation sprinkled that elixir over demon lord Cecilia.


“You! That is a very previous and expensive elixir you know!?”

“Why!? Although she is a girl, she is the demon lord!?”


At that sudden action, the party members impatiently reminded Oliver that that is the demon lord and is an existence that should be defeated.

But he didn’t hear those words.

deaf to the world

Hero Oliver, 19 years old.

Fell in love at first sight—……it was his first love.

the end 🙂

This was supposed to be a peaceful comedy/romance thing but this chapter is a bit………

Welp, peace is for the later chapters



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