HeroxMaou Prologue: Merry Christmas~

Prologue: The Hero Dotes on the Demon Lord

Author’s note:

Prologue so it is a little short.

It would be nice if you enjoy this but I am uneasy if hero will be accepted well.

“Cecily, is there something you want to eat? Is cake good? Or would cute and fluffy marshmallows like Cecily be better?”

“It’s Cecilia. There is nothing in particular I want to eat.”


Once again at the hero’s home, this bright conversation never ceases……

The demon lord, Cecilia Froosty, is being quite extremely loved by the hero, Oliver. So extremely loved that he kidnapped her from the demon lord’s castle and locked her in his own mansion.

there can never be too much love!

“Are you hungry? If so shall we go shopping for dinner?”

“I’m reading so please don’t mind me……”

but love must not interfere with reading hai

Cecilia turned a page with sleepy eyes.

Her short build of 152cm strongly stimulates Oliver’s protective instincts. It makes him keep thinking that he must protect her.

Those grey eyes flecked with green are like the night sky but it doesn’t really reflect the contents of the book. Her blue hair flecked with gold is tied into a loose braid and she played with it idly, twirling it around her finger.

She was wearing a loose shirt with a long hem with shorts. Feeling that those thighs he can occasionally peek at are lovely, the train of thought of Oliver is deplorable too today.


While feeling slightly lonely at the cold reply, Oliver poured black tea for the reading Cecilia.

Even though she said it was unnecessary, he did not forget to prepare cookies together with it. Even if she says she won’t eat them, once they are prepared, somehow or another Cecilia will eventually reach out for them.

can’t resist

But, those thoughts were only for a brief moment.

Noisy voices came from around the mansion. In respond to that which has become like a neighborhood nuisance, Oliver sighed, “Again?”


“Exactly, how long would it take for them to stop?”

“If you release me, won’t they settle down?”

“I cannot do that.”



With the lightheartedness as if going on a walk around the neighborhood, Oliver smiled at Cecilia and said “I’m off.”. It was as if ‘I will be back soon so wait’ was written in those blue eyes.

Sheathing the hero’s beloved sword to his waist, Oliver leisurely left the room.



don’t let your happiness escape!

Having become along in the room, Cecilia sighed. Curling up on the sofa, she rested her head on her own knees.

In truth she quite likes this posture, but when Oliver is present this would result in him staring bluntly at her so she can’t do it.

can’t relax around him

When she peeked out the window, there were a lot of soldiers.

They have come from the castle under the orders of the king.

royal troops?

—all to capture and subjugate the demon lord, Cecilia.

no, shoo

But the one who doesn’t allow that is the hero, Oliver.

Originally he should have defeated the demon lord and became the hero of the world. But instead he saved the demon lord and even brought her home—!

The members who had formed the party with him to subjugate the demon lord were surprised but immediately tried to stop him.

why didn’t they

But—nobody could match the strength of the hero, Oliver.

welp, he is the hero for a reason

“The hero, what does he want to do with me……? Does he intend to use me for something?”


Oliver brought demon lord Cecilia home after falling in love at first sight but unfortunately those feelings have not reached her.

Honestly speaking, they have been conveyed but they have not been taken seriously.

Tilting her head with a “muu”, Cecilia considered the possibilities.


“Could it be a living sacrifice for some kind of ceremony? I am the demon lord so I should quite a good medium for summoning.”

he already has what he wants, no need to sommu

Although she had lost to Oliver, Cecilia is very strong. She has a huge amount of mana and ignoring her insensitivity, her intellect is excellent.

But until now she still cannot understand why the hero would bring her back to his home.

nope no idea


no way the human could really love the demon lord right?

—He should just kill me already.

Then there wouldn’t be such uneasy days.

The hero trying to favor and pamper me as if plotting something. He is thinking that since one day he will eventually do something cruel, he should try to win her over for now, no mistake about it.

alot of mistakes

“As I though, making me a living sacrifice would be the most likely……”

well….living sacrifice would not be that inaccurate

Cecilia made her conclusions, but unfortunately her clear pretty voice would not reach Oliver.

If it did he would probably call her cute while spinning out lines like “I won’t make you something like a living sacrifice, my darling” and other lines so sweet that it makes you vomit sugar.

too much!

The person that would say that is outside the mansion.

With the sounds of the soldiers and explosions, a superhuman battle unfolded. A hundred soldiers against Oliver. The figure that continues fighting without a moment’s rest can be seen from the window, but unfortunately the loved demon lord is not looking.


—In the room, there is only the sound of Cecilia quietly turning the pages.

But the amount of tea and cookies placed on the table has reduced slightly.

cuteness intensifies

Author’s note:

Next up, the incident of the hero marching into the demon lord’s castle.

The real story starts from the meeting of the demon lord and the hero!

Hecate’s Christmas Gift:

Merry Christmas ❤

This is just a short (adorable) series I’m doing for Christmas/New year, well I’m just going to go along relaxedly so don’t expect much~ L.E.M. still takes priority.



16 thoughts on “HeroxMaou Prologue: Merry Christmas~

  1. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3 loli demon king eh… no wonder the hero kidnaped her 😄


  2. “The demon lord, Cecilia Froosty, is being quite extremely loved by the hero, Oliver. So extremely loved that he kidnapped her from the demon lord’s castle and locked her in his own mansion.”

    And this is the line that convinced me to add this to my reading list. Thank you and goodnight!

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  3. thanks—!
    aw, so cute—! hehe, i like it! oh, so she haa noticed it, but not taken it seriously…that’s good enough for me!


  4. The only sacrifice she has to be concerned about is her virginity, which is unlikely to be for a long while.

    I’m looking forward to how long it takes for the Hero to finally break past that barrier of denseness, followed by how long it takes her to actually fall for Hero.


  5.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year
    Lol the Maou got kidnapped lol


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