L.E.M. C.43: That guy is back :D

The Girl that will become God one day

Green light everywhere.


Nanaki and Friend can wield our strength freely. Such good conditions are quite rare, so I want the Five Emperors to properly recognise it. That Nanaki is a special human. The meteor broke and dissolved, the “Lightning of Legend” swallowed the entirety of this blue sky. Don’t expect mercy.

enemies don’t deserve it

“This much……how do you release this much……!?”

pure power

Salia withdrew from this airspace at top speed as she displayed resignation. Even the Five Emperors can only run before the lightning freely wielded by this Nanaki and Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul. This wide-area annihilation that is my specialty, normally I cannot use it since I am restraint by being next to master, but like this nobody can stop Nanaki.

nobody can stop lightning

Yield to my smile and this somethingpulse. Ah, no, nanakipulse. Yes, Nanakipulse.

…..rip emp, all hail nanakipulse

Once I finished releasing it, the blue sky completely changed. The remaining lightning ran here and there. Now then, to check the barrier, I chased Salia who has retreated from this airspace. Silver and Raicou has long since withdrawn from this airspace. The only one I can ask is Salia.

did it work?

“……you really did it, Nanaki.”

“I succeeded?”

“I had been prepared for one……but for all of them to be destroyed……”

huge range~

I tilted my head. It wasn’t one?

there were more!

Somehow it seems there wasn’t only one man-made satellite. If the knowledge Nanaki obtained is correct, I believe making even one man-made satellite is quite troublesome. They made any number of that and sent them into space? It seems that technology perishing was entirely a lie. But for what?

for the greater good?

“Why have you hidden science from the world, Salia?”

“What will Nanaki do knowing that? Change the world?”

“No, I am just curious. That likely has some relation to the prophecy but I already don’t care about it. Thanks to the prophecy I had a good meeting. After that I just need to hold on to my pride and live.”

“How strange……the one being chased, Nanaki looks more free.”

chains of duty

It was a slightly self-depreciating smile. She is probably suffering. It might be because of Nanaki and Friend. But that is something Salia must overcome herself. Resigning is not suitable for the title of Five Emperor.


“Our gods are too different. And against two of them even.”

“Even knowing that, you must kill me. That is fine, I will accept it. Come at anytime, Salia.”

“……I wonder how does one become so strong?”

“That is something to ask yourself. Can you be proud of your current self? If you can be proud then you are fine, no worries.”

“Tough words to the weak……”

then just become strong

That doesn’t concern Nanaki. Nanaki is strong and a special existence. The strong is definitely not kind to the weak. But if the weak seek salvation then I shall save you. Because the weak cannot save themselves. The weak should recognise that they are weak. Then they can request aid from the strong.

in order to survive

But I wish that you would not get used to it and forget even your own shame. That is the curse that changes people into bugs.

when they are no longer worth saving

Then conversely, what would happen if they continue living with pride. Just possibly, they may become god. In that case Nanaki will surely become god one day. That’s right, what should I be called? Hm, what? Friend will decide? That makes me happy. Being named by a senior is an honor.

but he is

Perfect Wall God?

a troll

I will ask just in case, but what? How? Answer after thinking carefully.

or die

I am really grateful you saved my life just now, Friend. But among humans, there is something called dignity. If you trample over that, war is unavoidable. I’ve said it multiple times but Nanaki is still growing. The prospects for future growth is large. That should be considered, this joke of  a god. I will fucking kill you.

pay for thine sins!

I exchanged blows with Friend.


“Wh, what are you doing?”


Excuse my rudeness. I have shown something embarrassing. Reflect.

always improving

“Now then Salia.”

back to business

When I faced her and called her name, Salia took a stance. I know the strength of Sky Empress Salia well enough. Even that cannot win Nanaki. Even knowing that, she has no choice but to fight. Somehow, this also makes me think of the curse. Like Nanaki, aren’t Salia and the others bearing the curse called ‘Five Emperors’?


“Let us meet again.”



Wave my hand in farewell. Wavewave.


Nanaki’s objective has already been accomplished. Now that the annoying teleportation magic has been sealed away there is no further reason to fight with Salia. Of course, if Salia pursues in this situation I will have to fight though. Those who would fight a disadvantaged battle of their own will are few.

even nanaki wouldnt

Nanaki will not kill people she does not want to kill.

regardless of what the world does

Nanaki wants to have a girls’ meeting again. Even with Salia, our relationship definitely wasn’t bad. I will wish for the day that can talk again to come eventually. How is it, curse chasing Nanaki? Nanaki will accept everything for the world I wish for. Don’t you think a curse can kill me.

nanaki is immortal

“Now then, after this…….”

final order of business

The long day will end with this. Let’s go do the final job.



The final job is to quickly eliminate Aina Aina.

get rid of that annoying woman

There will probably be no resolution between her and master. There is a need for one of them to disappear from this town, or possible the world. Which one is naturally, which one is the weak one. Then the one that will be consumed is Aina Aina. Master has a strength she doesn’t. Nanaki has swept away the strength called Five Emperors that she has prepared. Although I was forced into a slightly tough battle, in the end Nanaki won.

where was envy though?

Like this she no longer has any cards to protect her.


Yes, that was probably bad. She was constantly concerned with cards to protect herself and never looked at herself. Having assets is a wonderful thing. But, did she have the suitable attitude to utilise that as a human? It seems when pushed to the limits, the true nature of humans can be seen.


“The promised souvenir. How is it Nanaki-sama, this is a way to live even without pride.”

“……I see, I will remember that there is that way of living too.”

one of the rare people who defeated Nanaki

The queen of money, Aina Aina finally came to an end by betrayal. The restrained Aina Aina raised a bitter voice at the foolish man who tried to trespass on the Alfred estate.

he’s back! 😀

“Why did you betray me, Aibus!?”

not albus

That horribly panicked figure is not longer that of the strong.

she has fallen

“Why? Are you seriously saying that? Because of your unreasonable order five hundred of my subordinates died. I told you. Attacking that estate is not a good plan. Everyone died to some strange lightning. Everyone, oi.”


The man called Aibus is mad. I see, after he fulfilled his promise with Nanaki, he returned to his own position. And after once again attacking the Alfred estate, he received Friend’s lightning. But him being here means he once again survived. What amazing vitality.

this guy never dies either

“We are fine with anyone as long as they pay. Even if it’s a kid, a clever superior is much better than an idiot superior.”

“Is, isn’t fighting your job?”

“Did you seriously think it would even be a fight against someone who can kill god!!”

ah, he broke

It seems they each have their own circumstances. Each to their own. Aina Aina was too unfamiliar with the battlefield. If Aibus understoof he should have changed the plan no matter what. In this case, the one who has more strength is justice.

strength dtermines all

“With that said, Nanaki-sama. Can we be hired by your general? I still have about twenty people left.”

“……Understood. I will not guarantee it, but I will introduce you to my master. But——“

“Yeah, yeah. I know what you wanna say. I won’t do anything stupid against Nanaki-sama.”

“Good. If something happens, that I will decapitate that head of yours.”

yep, aim there

This guy has a good head. As long as he has a steady salary he probably won’t do something stupid. More importantly, this man that lives by loss and profit is easy to understand. To this man called Aibus, profit is life and money, loss is to lose those two. Indeed, more of a bug than human, but an easy life.

prideless, but honourable

“Sav……save me, Aibus!? Please save me!!”


The queen of money Aina Aina. One of those feared as one of the six great nobles in the aristocrat town of Freyline displayed her unsightliness. Nanaki doesn’t understand well, but I think an age has ended and a new age has begun in this town. Your death will be the signal.

may the age of Zean begin

You aimed for master’s life, so know that this is retribution. You had the means to live. The one who rejected negotiations was you.

foolish move

“Hii……st, sto——“

now reap your rewards

Goodbye, Aina Aina.

the end

Merry Christmas!!! 😀

Unfortunately I cannot say I have extra Nanaki for today bcos I don’t like banking up chapters to release at a later date. Once I’m done (and kinda checked) I just post it.

On the other hand, have this~

Don’t worry, L.E.M. still has priority, I will only work on the other one when I want to take a break from L.E.M.



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  1. “The strong is definitely not kind to the weak. But if the weak seek salvation then I shall save you. Because the weak cannot save themselves. The weak should recognise that they are weak. Then they can request aid from the strong.

    in order to survive

    But I wish that you would not get used to it and forget even your own shame. That is the curse that changes people into bugs.”

    I love her Philosophy ≧﹏≦

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