Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.44: TT^TT

Contract of Rebellion



That surprised me.


When I realised it, the world had become sideways, this is a sensation I have not had in a while. It seems I fainted at some point. For this Nanaki who has never completely fallen asleep as a habit from childhood to lie down on the bed completely defenseless. If this were that forest, Nanaki might have died. Nanaki of the sleeping forest.

Nanaki fainted!!!????

First there is a need to organise my thoughts. It’s okay, Nanaki is always good at waking up. And good morning, Friend. Did you protect Nanaki? Thank you.

what happened?

First, this is Nanaki’s room. I think either head butler Ridolf or Fio-san carried me in. I have caused them much trouble, I must compensate for this failure through work. Outside the window is black, it seems the veil of night has descended. I will do the apologising tomorrow.

rest first

The reason I fainted is probably anemia and fatigue. I feel light-headed too.

stay down

For now, let’s eat something. Because of the excitement during battle it is hard to notice, but currently Nanaki is severely lacking blood. My body has never been this heavy. Let’s head to the kitchen as soon as possible. I believe that head butler Ridolf will understand once I explain the situation.

can you even stand?

Now then, Nanaki sets forth with lightning spe——

no dont run…



Steering failure. Ouch.

for once go slow

Condition is worst, high speed movement forbidden. Apparently my body is more worn-out than I imagined. If I move with my usual sensations I crash immediately. Nanaki is fine, but it would be bad if I headbutt master again. For now I will obediently walk. Ah, this is amazingly shaky.


You will help? No, I will accept just your feelings, Friend. Maybe if it’s a situation where I’m cornered but Nanaki has not fallen far enough to easily borrow the hands of others in a relaxed situation. That is the actions of the weak. Nanaki must always be one of the strong. Borrowing the hands of others is only for after I expended the last of my desperate effort.

no, that tends to be too late

Then once again, to the kitchen.

bon voyage

With my hand on the wall, shuffling Nanaki. Fufu, certainly this might seem unsightly but this movement method actually has good efficiency. The burden on the body is reduced. Additionally the time is at night, the chance of someone walking around is low. This body was overused for master’s sake, it is not something to be ashamed of, but Nanaki also has some decency.

nice cover up

The name of the former Five Emperor Lightning Empress Nanaki is not light. Even master should have some kind of image of Nanaki. Nanaki does not want to destroy that. Bluntly speaking, this is Nanaki’s obstinacy. I don’t know why, but Nanaki wants to remain cool before master.

i wonder why?

Accordingly shuffle along sneakily. For this special Nanaki, this is nonaki problem. Even so, I really expended too much mana in one day. To exhaust Nanaki this much, it can be said to be as expected of the Five Emprerors. But Nanaki was the one that won. Walk clamly. Shuffleshuffle.

….such dignity



I fell.


No, not yet. Nanaki will still tough through it.

just accept help already…

I am grateful for Friend who offered a hand, but Nanaki still cannot give up. I will admit I am acting strong. But Nanaki can still keep trying. Crawl along the floor and drag myself to the kitchen. What a sight, I definitely cannot show other people.


A little more to the kitchen, try hard, Nanaki. Tryhardingnanaki.




Floor, Nanaki is the floor. It’s not exposed, there is still a chance.

no way

“……what are you doing?”


Don’t look at me.



“I have caused you a lot of trouble……”

“No, don’t mind it. In fact I’m sorry for overusing you.”

and it had to be master too~

I want to dig a hole to the mantle. And then fall in.

and burn i lava?

Of all people it had to be master walking around. Master lent a hand to the crawling Nanaki. If it was going to become like that then I should have obediently accepted Friend’s hand from the start. When I looked, Friend was pointing and guffawing at Nanaki. Remember this for when I recover.


“I will prepare something you can currently eat.”

“I cannot make master do something like that. I will prepare at least my own food myself.”

“Aren’t you so exhausted you can’t even stand properly. It’s not like you will be punished for relying on me a little.”


I see, he has spotted it well. But unfortunately Nanaki is ready to respond to that. I have recovered a little from sitting on the chair. I can at least prepare a meal.


“It seems you are mistaken, master. I shall prove it——Gyau!?……prove it now.”

“I really thought you were cool for not withdrawing even after falling. So please give in.”

master too good with words~

Ah, what a sight I am. No, is this where I should send my praises to the Five Emperors who managed who managed to corner Nanaki this far? I cannot deny that I was toyed with by the power called science. Indeed, if said that is a power that will change the world, it could be. Certainly that is, too strong.

the true moral victory

Because anyone can use it.

power of the masses

“I think I will leave it alone for a while.”

let nanaki recover

Maser muttered that as he prepared the meal. With even saying it, he is probably referring to the man-made satellite, basically the exposed existence of science. It seems I managed to properly convey that before fainting. I don’ remember at what point I fainted, but it seems I managed to convey the necessary information.

job done

“——Just that, the existence of science is also necessary for us third generation humans. After all, everyone wants to live long.”

“Do you understand that that is a dangerous path? My master.”

“I will use anything I can use, do you remember me saying that?”


answering questions with questions…..its come to this

It seems that his mind is already fixed. In that case Nanaki must be resolved. The path that master has chosen must not turn back at Nanaki. The one step master made towards glory that day, right now and here, the ending point of the prideful road will be decided.

it is a hard path

There will be difficulties.

it is a long path

There will be suffering.

it is a painful path

It will be next to impossible.

but there is Nanaki

Despite that master wishes to become a ‘hero’. Nanaki did not think that the pride he held that day would shine until now. That is not average bravery. That is why he is said to be deviated, my master. But if he wasn’t, he might have shrunk back at the size of this.

only the crazy can do the crazy

“Don’t you think the main characters of stories have no desires? Many of them are indifferent, put badly, they put on airs.”

humans always have desires, those are fake

Certainly, in the adventure stories I borrowed from Salia most of the main characters were that type. Many of them have strangely steady courage. Yet they have no desires. This is Nanaki’s personal opinion, but it seems to be the image the weak would have of the strong. Nanaki can see a complain, a complain that it would be nice if only it were like that.

only those with strong desires can be strong

“Not just for my households resurrection, but for myself, I want fame.”

personal greed

Yes, the main characters of stories lack this humanity.

base desires

“I want to end my life as a human who has accomplished something. Like a human, I want to be greedy.”

as all humans are

Dignified, Boldly.

take it

There isn’t a single shadow of back when he was one of the weak, there is only the figure of the man who has become one of the strong and craves for the seat of the hero. The path to glory he walks has produced this answer. Clear exploits that can be easily understood by anyone has appeared as that path’s end point.

the birth of a hero

He really can be said to have good luck. But, this good luck might kill master. That path to a hero signifies rebelling against the capital. It would be a proclamation of war to all that exists in this world. That is the condition of becoming a hero.

to fight the world

A great amount of courage is needed to advance down that path.

but if its master

Despite that——

he can do it

“Help me, Nanaki. For my sake.”

in the face of difficulty

Yes, he smiles. A smile like that of a child, strikes Nanaki. What a splendid sight. Without becoming subservient to his own powerlessness, he tries to advance towards the too grand exploits that appeared before his eyes. For that he has boldly requested the assistance of this Nanaki. Cool, it makes me think that.

this is why Nanaki obeys master

I see, this is not it. Mother.

the real one

“If it is fixed, then I will vow once again. That I will be your sword. Thus please, show Nanaki the real world.”

so that nanaki can fulfil her promise

In order to affirm it.

and show that nanaki is indeed special

“Well, I need to solidify my own strength for a while though. There is a mountain of things I took over I need to process, it’s so troublesome.”

“Then you need to not mind this maid, and work hard.”

“Well yeah. I still have some words I want to say though.”

final orders?

Master served Nanaki the cooking he has made. The volume is a little small but it is deeply appreciated. Maybe because of thinking that and distracted by the cooking. I couldn’t dodge it.

the hand

“Thank you. And really well done.”



the ultimite praise

And then he gently stroked.



well, isn’t that nice, nanaki

Before I can put anything into words, master left the kitchen. That is not bad. In fact considering position, it can be said to be natural. Because no master would stay to care for the servant. But Nanaki will say it. Let me say it.

master thanked you

——what a selfish person.

for your hard work

It was just an instant, a moment in time that ended immediately. But for some reason Mother’s kind face came to mind and tears spilled over. How strange, this didn’t happen even when patted by Envy. Ah, I see. Even though I didn’t intend it. At some point there was a small hole, and by now it has become large.

Nanaki’s wish

Because I am a special human, I had always thought to prove it. And then I continued proving it. Resultingly, just as Mother said, everyone has accepted that Nanaki is special. That is why nobody, nobody patted Nanaki’s head. Because Nanaki is special, because that is natural.

is finally granted

I see, Nanaki always——

just wanted



——wanted to be praised.

the end

Author’s note:

Chapter three -End-

what a way for me to end christmas….




19 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.44: TT^TT

  1. Let me say it.
    ——what a selfish person. 😀
    It was just an instant, a moment in time that ended immediately.

    She’s too honest with her feelings. hahahaha
    Thank you for the chapie \ \ \\٩(。•ω•。)و // / /


  2. Nanaki is so adorable!!

    Am I the only one who dislikes the Master though? He reminds me of the bad guys in manga’s, who take advantage of the feelings of ithers to make them work for him.


  3. So she only wanted to be praised by her mother but her mother died … And nobody evem ones praised her as Nanaki and not one of the 5 Emperors … Kinda sad being 1 of the strong T_T


  4.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year
    Praise the Su-… errr… Nanaki!


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