Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.46: Rabbitpunch!

Rumored Black Rabbit

In order to escape Meia-sama’s questioning, I escaped the office. There was a clear carnivorous will in those beautiful lapis lazuli eyes that said she was going to eat me. I see, this is the feeling of the hunted. When it concerns master, the onii-sama loving Meia-sama releases a tremendous amount of killing intent so it’s quite terrifying.

sry, have been distracted

It’s not very good to leave master’s side, but in place of Nanaki, Fio-san is there. She is also an excellent knight. She will probably take the imperial knight exam at the same time as Meia-sama, with that skill, she shouldn’t have any problems. This world is really overflowing with those people called geniuses.

shame im not one of them

For now I think I will stare at the scenery of the Royal Street until things cool down.

nth better to do?

The main street of the prosperous Freyline. Ladies and gentlemen are currently enjoying themselves with smles. With valuable precious metals, with beautiful dresses. Of course the prices are not something that can be called cheap, but everyone here are real aristocrats that were born in the aristocrat town.

so everyone is rolling in the dough~

And so they use money like hot water. Among that how much is going into master’s pockets? Difficult things like that are outside of Nanaki’s jurisdiction. Then it’s not something for me to pointlessly think about. Even if Nanaki doesn’t worry about it, master will accomplish the resurrection of the Alfred house. He really is a splendid person.

yeah, able to do that irritating thing called business


(T/N: can’t think of a good eng equivalent, maybe a sigh of exasperation?)

But of course, some childish guys who don’t like the look of master advancing down the path to glory have to show up. Even though he majestically defeated Aina Aina straight up. If there is to be any significance, then shouldn’t you come from the front? That is called pride. Prideless insects should just quietly crawl along the ground.

and be crushed

These fools that are releasing disquieting presences in the area of the Alfred Company.

trespassers on nanaki’s turf

There are many that cannot accept that master as Aina Aina’s successor. Good, then this Nanaki will wipe you out. As much as necessary, as many times as necessary. Until they run out. I will have these prideless wills that obstruct my prideful master disappear. These are unnecessary for master.

and so unnecessary for the world

“——do you have business with the Alfred Company?”


Nanaki is lightning, a natural disaster. Fear me, be terrified, tremble and sleep.


“Ge, geh!? Black rabbit!?”


Shift change, mode Rabbit. Jet black rabbitsmile. Guuguu to this insolent person!




Rabbitpunch to the jaw. The insolent person folded over and crumpled to the ground. Probably without realising what happened, he flew to the dream world. There shouldn’t have been any pain. I have no intention of saying anything about wickedness, but choose your opponent better.

there is no good and evil, only motives

“Our work will disappear, Nanaki-san.”

“Slow, Aibus. Could you look up a little?”

“Can you not try to kill me suddenly…….”

aim for the head!

The former subordinate of Aina Aina, Aibus. Along with his remaining twenty something comrades, they are in charge of the security of the area of the Alfred Company. Yes, that means this man managed to get employment from master. By Nanaki’s judgement, his individual strengths are somewhere slightly below that of Akiha-san’s. A great enough man.

isn’t that quit estupidly strong???

His subordinates have also went through quite a bit of bloodshed under Aina Aina, so they can be said to be of a reasonable level. Even still they are not much of an addition. If they have the strength to at least be able to fight against an imperial knight then Nanaki will revise my thoughts though.

the bar is so high~

“So what is the guard leader-sama doing here?”

” I came to deal with that thing on the ground there, but it already got done in by black rabbit-sama.”

and so work disappears

The black rabbit of the Alfred Company.

great reputation

Yes, that is right. This can be said to be all Meia-sama’s responsibility. Without caring about the public gaze, she casually treats Nanaki as a rabbit. Along with the easily understandable carrot. Furthermore there is this conspicuous black hair. By the time I noticed, I got the title of black rabbit. Kuro Usagi Nanaki.

(T/N: black rabbit, was in eng, so I did my usual thing~)

How is it Friend, is Nanaki a rabbit? In that case, this is terrible, Nanaki has eaten hundreds of my comrades. Hm, what, cute? You are an honest god. You are going to make me blush.

what a charmer~

“Please leave some work for us too. We won’t be able to eat like that. Those that have it should give it out.”

no, hoard!

Then give Nanaki some chest——No, never mind. There is no need to request that. Because Nanaki is in her growth period. Because Nanaki is in her growth pariod. I will say it any number of times. I have become a little depressed, but thanks to that I found something I can give Aibus. Please rejoice.

a gift?

“Then I will give you death. Please accept it.”

“I will retrieved this guy and go~”


Yes, then make it quick.



Now then, is it about time Meia-sama cooled down? In fact, I might have waited too long. Resultingly I caught one trespasser so I want to say it’s fine. But such a thing is being spoiled.

accept one’s own mistakes~



Response on nanakiradar. A bearer of a significant amount of mana has come to the Alfred Company. I have already grasped Meia-sama, Aibus and Fio-san’s mana, so it is a new human. Five o’clock, in the worst case it could be trouble. Nanaki will go to check. Gone.



social visit?

I tilted my head. Since it’s been a fairly long time since we’ve met, Nanaki’s very happy. But what I am curious about, is why is Akiha-san walking alone? Because of Vilmott Arkahn that Akiha-san serves that this is suspicious in various ways.

cant trust that gguy

“Good afternoon, Nana-san. Today I am a messenger. Can I convey a message to Zean-sama?”

“Good afternoon. Then I will show you the way.”

nth suspicious~

That’s good, as expected even Vilmott Arkahn is not stupid enough to fire someone of Akiha-san’s caliber. It’s good that Nanaki’s friend has met with misfortune. If Akiha-san becomes unemployed, how about being employed at the Alfred house, I had already thought that far. Premature Nanaki.

missed oppurtunity

In reality, Nanaki has been with master at the office a lot recently, so household matters at the estate are being left unattended. I cannot raise my head to head butler Ridolf who is struggling alone. But master is now one of the strong that has gained the wealth to be on par with the six great nobles. It cannot be known when and where someone will target him. Only Nanaki can respond to everything.

master takes priority

That’s right Friend. Nanaki said everything. Because I am special.

including Akiha-san?

“……Zean-sama is quite splendid.”


…such enthusisasm

Without thinking too much about the meaning of the words I answered immediately. Not good, I talked without thinking. That’s almost like I’m a child.

nanaki is a child

“Taking possession of this many areas. Would you like to hear Vilmott-sama’s reaction?”

“I can imagine it. If it’s just complaints, I will listen.”

“Then next time let’s have a meal together. It’s about time I want to vent.”

“Yes, certainly.”

so polite among griends ;-;

I promised to eat with a friend. I want to immediately report this to Envy, but unfortunately she isn’t here. She will surely be surprised and might praise me. Because this Nanaki has made a friend.

a scond one

Yesyes, stop competing. Bleh.

: P

When I lead Akiha-san to the office, the two people who were working stopped. They looked at each other before facing Akiha-san.

what’s going on~?

“Vilmott is absent huh. State your business.”

so direct

After bowing deeply once, Akiha-san opened her mouth.

just the messenger

“I have a message from Vilmott-sama.”

“Message? Not a letter, but intentionally a message……hm”

not safe to write down?

Master corrected his posture. There are no fools in here who cannot pick up on the disturbed atmosphere. When Meia-sam looked at Fio-san, Fio-san made and small nod and nonchalantly began moving a little in order to block Akiha-san’s escape route. If possible, I would like you to get along.

dont fight ;-;

“Then, I shall convey the message from Vilmott-sama.”

what happened this time?

Even though she probably noticed, Akiha-san showed no sign of caring and accomplished her role. First there is no mistake that it will not become a fight. She is a person of character, she has the pride to not obey her master’s order if she is reluctant. Minimum caution is fine.

….too relaxed nanaki~

“——————what have you found out?”

and the gears being turning~

It was a large bomb.

the end

Hecate finally managed to stop reading burikko long enough to translate

Well that aside, the other reason haven’t been translating much is that my holidays are at an end and about to move into boarding~

So yeah, translations will be slowing down and more hectic according to homework~




19 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.46: Rabbitpunch!

  1. I’ve really like reading this story over the last couple days. Sadly, I cannot ever imagine it being well animated, since much of the humor comes from Nanaki’s internal monologue, so an anime is unlikely.

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  2. Hello everyone in the world, Usa-Nanaki here.

    Flying into punish the wicked~~~

    C≡₍ᐢ・༝ ・ᐢ₎C≡≡≡≡


    ₍。_°☆\₍ᐢ-༝– ᐢ₎

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and I hope your New Year is great!!!!!


  3. Vis Wikipedia: “A rabbit punch is a blow to the back of the head or to the base of the skull.” Therefore, you cannot give a rabbit punch to someone’s jaw. Bad Nanaki! You’re doing it wrong! 😆

    … Wait, that bit at the end — she was carrying an actual bomb!? 😨


  4.  _______
    |  THANKS♪  |
    |  NEPU!  |
      ̄∨ ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄
     (  )(  )
    ( )( )( )
      ∧=∧ ∧=∧
    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    Bakamilla is a good novel.. Hopefully someone will pick it up…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t think its possible, like not possible to directly pick it up, because the web novel got deleted .-. if it’s picked up it would have to be done from the light novel, which I have no idea how far it goes since I’m still reading it.
      (I was actually reading the web novel as it got deleted 😦 got cut off at a part right after where it got tled to.)
      I want the original WN though……I find it better than the LN…..LN is still great….just…lacking some stuff (like a lot of the POV switching that I loved)


      1. What about Sometimes a WN never manages to get stored there, but a surprisingly large number of them can be found there. If you still have the address of the index of the WN, try loading it at Maybe a copy still exists.


  5. ╔══╦╗────╔╗───╔═╗──────  ∧_∧
    ╚╗╔╣╚╦═╦═╣║╔═╗║║╠═╦═╦╦╗ ( ・∀・)
    ─║║║╦║╬║║║╚╝╔╝║║║╩╣╬║║║  ノ つつ
    ─║║║║║║║║║╔╗╚╗╚╩╩═╣╔╩═╝⊂、 ノ   
    ─╚╝╚╩╩╩╩╩╩╝╚═╝────╚╝───  し’


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