HeroxMaou C.2: Cecilia is cak—cute, yeah, kawaii.

 Demon Lord Brought Home

Oliver, the hero, owns a mansion in the royal capital.

Even if it’s called a mansion, it was for one person so it’s not that big. With two floors and a garden, a western-styled mansion. A little big for one person to live in, but it was convenient so he purchased it.

Fundamentally, the cleaning is done by Oliver, but since the house is often empty due to his job of being a hero, a maid is hired to come clean at fixed intervals.

hero does the cleaning O.o

In that sad, lonely mansion of his—

From today, he lives there together with the demon lord.

…demon lord takeout



now what

Cecilia, who was sat down on the soft sofa, looked at the hero who was humming as he prepared tea.

Why on earth did it become like this……

….no idea

—I was, supposed to be killed.

The extremely hot and painful memory of being cut severely by the hero was revived. Cecilia doesn’t understand why she is still living.

What is certain, is the memory that she should have been killed by the hero—currently Cecelia, never mind wounds, doesn’t even have scars. Just beautiful skin.

all the better for th pervert

“Black tea with lemon or milk, which is better?”



Oliver asked, but Cecilia didn’t answer.

Just when she thought the heavy silence would continue, Oliver lowered himself next to Cecilia without any sign of minding.

bulldoze tactics

“My recommendation is milk. I feel like it fits you.”


Oliver talked as he liked to Cecilia who said nothing. He chose milk because he felt that a light color fitted Cecilia.

It’s not because it was his own preference. In the first place Oliver prefers it straight, he has no intention of talking about which is nicer.

leomn ;-;

“And here, cake. It’s from a store that was just built, it seems to be popular.”

 ….they just came back right?

While smiling, he said, “my party member told me about it.”

ah that explains it

“Ah, yeah. We haven’t done self-introductions yet. I am Oliver. For now, I guess my job is being a hero.”


“Could you tell me your name?”

“…………where, is this?”

oliver’s home~

She asked about the place without naming herself in response to the hero that introduced himself—Oliver.

Without any sign that his feelings were hurt, he made the natural response of “my house”. Meaning, this is not the demon lord’s castle.

yep, you’ve been kidnapped

The high-class elixir that Oliver shook off his comrade’s restraint and used, completely healed Cecilia that was on the verge of death. She didn’t wake up immediately, so Oliver carried her to his own mansion.

Thus Cecilia had awoken on the sofa she is now sitting on.

welcome back to the world of the living~

“……why, was I kept alive?”

because cuteness is justice

Cecilia hugged her legs to her chest and curled up on the sofa. Tilting her head to the side, she turned her wavering eyes towards Oliver.

Looking at Cecilia who naturally ended up looking upwards, Oliver felt his own heart speed up. Until now, multiple girls have flirted with him, but there has never been something like this.

inexperienced hero~


With that thought, ignoring his will, his body spontaneously moved. Reaching out to the demon lord sitting beside him, he first touched her beautiful hair.

The demon lord’s body shook.

what is this pervert doing?



Unable to read the intention behind Oliver’s action, Cecilia was bewildered. That hand moved from her hair and gently touched Cecilia’s cheek. It was a soft touch as if handling a fragile object, but she didn’t notice that.

not in the correct state of mind to do so

“Are you going to—kill me?”

she is in enemy territory after all

Looking directly at Oliver, Cecilia said that in a clear voice.

The one who was surprised at that, is the person in question, Oliver. Opening his eyes wide, he stared at Cecilia’s face. No way I would kill you, were his thoughts.

imprisonment for life tho

“I won’t do, something like that.”

“Why……? Then, hostage? Sacrifice?”

“Those are wrong too. Ah but, let’s see…….Yep, still wrong.”

….he considered it for a moment….

Cecilia thought that not being killed here means that she has some kind of value. A deal with the demons, or maybe a sacrifice for summoning magic.

She has an enormous amount of mana, so she thought she would probably serve as a highest class material.

From the pause in Oliver’s answer, there is no mistake. There is hardly anyone who could say to a girl ‘I will chop up your body and use it as materials for a sacrifice!’ after all.

hero~ you cant pause there~

The reason Oliver paused, was simply because he wanted to monopolise her for himself. He just had the thought that that was a kind of sacrifice to himself.

still a sacrifice, just without the killing

—one day, I will be killed.

Within Cecilia, that was confirmed. Of course, within Oliver, that was confirmed not going to happen.

amazing communications

“Won’t you tell me, your name?”


“I see. Then, since you are cute how about I call you Honey?”

“Cecilia. Cecilia Froosty”

threats work~

When he whispered Honey into her ear with a voice as sweet as honey, Cecilia felt a chill run down her back. She immediately said her own name and moved to the side of the sofa in order to distance herself from the somewhat suspicious Oliver.

good choice

“Cecilia huh, yep. A cute name.”


nanai itteirunda kono hentai

Oliver smiled satisfiedly having managed to hear her name. Repeating “Cecilia” multiple times, he reflected on the name of the person he loved.

This is happiness, he even thought of shouting that in a loud voice.

no go wai this perv

“Oh yeah. Here, drink some tea and have the cake too. It was prepared for the cute Cecilia.”

hero act creeps me out

He presented the cake that was prepared just now, but Cecilia did not try to take a bite.

But that was convenient for Oliver. Cutting a bite-size chunk of the cake with a fork, he brought it towards Cecilia’s mouth.

Ignoring the bewildered Cecilia, Oliver very happily said “Aahn” with a smile.

It took all the effort of Cecilia whose cheeks unintentionally cramped to say “……I will refrain.”

Oliver going way too fast

“Noope. Aren’t you hungry? Here, open your mouth?”

“Ah, sto…..nnu”


Propping his empty left hand on Cecilia’s cheek, he gently opened her mouth. In that gap, he filled the reluctant Cecilia’s mouth with the cake.

Even while frowning, she had no choice but to eat the cake forced onto her. Obediently closing her mouth, she chewed and ate it. In truth, Cecilia loves this kind of sweet cake with plenty of delicious whipped cream.

At that deliciousness, she unintentionally let out a smile.

cecilia loves cake that much?


ah, there was that pervert

Naturally the hero, Oliver, was knocked out by that cute smile. He looked at Cecilia as she covered her mouth and blissfully ate the cake.

sorry english doesnt have three ways of writing cute


No matter how many times he says cute, it’s not enough, Oliver’s breathing became rough. Even while considering what to do with this urge, he desperately feigned calm.

Cecilia was so cute that he wanted to just eat her up as is.


“……Ah, that’s right. I have to prepare Cecilia’s room and clothes. Unfortunately in this house there’s nothing for girls.”


why not do that bf shirt thing

—My, room and clothes?

For now, she understood that she wouldn’t be killed immediately.

well…that’s kinda true

“There’s nothing yet now, but once you have more things, it would be better to have a room right? Or, would you prefer to share a room with me—?”

“Please prepare a room.”

good choice

Cecilia’s immediate reply was extremely vigorous. Oliver smiled wryly at this which made her previous slow pace seem like a lie.

(T/N: スパンと効果音が付きそうなほど爽やかに、セシリアは即答した onomatopoeia is hard ;-; any good way to convey this in english?)

As expected even Cecilia thought ‘absolutely not the same room’. And gradually, she ended up thinking whether this hero is a pervert……

yes he is

“Unfortunate. I don’t have anything but simply furniture so I will try to match Cecilia’s taste. Is there anything you like?”

“……No. If I can sleep alone then there is no problem, so it is fine as it is.”

emphasis on alone~

Shaking her head, Cecilia said “no need”.

But then it wouldn’t be fun for Oliver. That’s because he thinks a lovely room with a lot of lace would fit her.

There is no need to be so reserved. He thought it disappointing.

who would ask her captor for a lot of stuff

—In that case, I will arrange it for her.

Cecilia didn’t say anything, so he can just prepare it such that it doesn’t inconvenience her.

While considering what would be good to have, he listed the necessary things in his mind. Furniture, clothes, cosmetics and general goods. There are many things to buy so it seems it will be quite busy for a while.

just dont get doll, those can be creepy

That moment, an unexpected clinking noise reached Oliver’s ears.

Cecilia had reached out to the tea, and drank a sip.

he gave in O.o

“……letting it go cold, would be a waste.”

“Yeah. It’s delicious right?”

tsundere cecilia!!!!

Food must not be wasted, Cecilia says that but—In reality she wanted to take some distance from Oliver,

He was slowly closing the distance on the sofa. Since she had escaped to the side, she had nowhere else to run. She had thought that if she at least had a dink in her hand, he wouldn’t come too close.


—isn’t this hero, kind of strange……?

This hero is unmistakable a pervert, but Cecilia cannot declare that. Thus she tried to at least maintain some distance.

Well a small part of it was that she wanted to drink the tea though.

tea with cake….errr….welp people have different tastes

Oliver smiled, saying “The cake is delicious too, so eat a lot.”

His sleek wavy dark red hair and blue eyes that did not let go of Cecilia. Those handsome features are well suited for pampering a girl.

….what kinda looks are those…dad?

“…………Thank you, very much.”

dou itashimashite~

Saying her thanks in a small voice, Cecilia reached out for the cake as well.

That humble figure was so cute Oliver almost succumbed to the urge to hug her—but, in Cecilia’s hand was the cake that she finally took a bite of.

After finally making a step towards a good relationship, he hesitated to interfere with her eating. While thinking it unfortunate, Oliver satisfied himself with watching Cecilia eat enjoyably.


“If there is something you want, just say it………….Cecily”

“……It’s, Cecilia.”

petname rejected

Oliver tried to act natural and call her by a pet name, but he was immediately corrected.

Even though she wouldn’t respond to normal conversation, at these times her response is fast. But that is also cute so it can’t be helped…….Oliver didn’t seem like he could stop grinning.

Happy new year~

Will try to get out a Nanaki chapter later today~

Oh and another series by this author was picked up~

The villainess is being doted on by the crown prince of the neighboring country

(disclaimer: that’s just how I would translate the title to eng, the people who are actually translating it left it in romanji so idk .-.)

It’s cute, it’s adorable, I would actually have done that one but didn’t think I could handle two longer (?) series at once, so I satisfied myself with this short one.



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  1. So cute and funny~
    And tl-san’s hidden comments are funny as well
    Btw, you said his eyes were blue in the previous chapter and now you said green


  2. When will he snap and leap upon her like a beast?!?

    Will the TRUE POWER of the Maou emerge to save her from the pinch?!?

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and I hope you have a great New Year~~~~~~


  3. thanks—-!
    ufufufu, the hero’s got perseverance, keke! all the best, hero, i’m rooting for you! cecilia is quite wary, so she might as well take it at her own pace, huh? however! at least she’s being insistent on the important stuff,keke!


  4. dafuq… if every chapter like this, maybe i need a cup of espresso to negate this sweetness, yare yare daze.

    our hero fallin into a lolicon but the lolicon it self has life more than hundred years. its legal loli or lolibaba?


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    1. even if one rises from a different family line, dissent will come from supporters of the original maou family line. And I am assuming that she is the only member of her family line left. Keeping the Maou hostage would be perfect in keeping the demons in line.

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      1. I think this is a case of “Accidental strategy” lol I wonder if he will ever find an excuse like that, or if he will give the more truthful but unsatisfactory(to the people) excuse “she is so Cute!!!”


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