Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.47: Spring Cleaning

 Child of the Ruined World

Our response has already been conveyed.

too late

Nobody here had a mask prepared to respond to that unexpected strike without any large disturbance. If this was planned by Vilmott Arkahn, then that is quite a feat. I don’t know where he obtained that information from, but he has determined that my master knows about that existence.

information warfare is tough~

“Indeed, that is certainly terrible enough to not be written in a letter.”

no thats not much of a msg tho……

Having received a surprise attack and the option of denial crushed, master shrugged.

no point hiding it anymore?

If that existence is exposed, the world will change greatly. But if it  changes now, the ambitions that master bears will not be fulfilled. The other party being discrete is a good thing for master. But Nanaki bears a suspicion, this is done by that Vilmott Arkahn?

well, he kinda is a nble

If he has such a sharp mind, then the current situation should have changed. Now then, what could this be?

a trap?

“Let’s see……can you tell Vilmott ‘come to the same place’?”



Though he showed the act of thinking about it, his response was fast. Now then, this is troubling, Nanaki doesn’t understand what master is thinking. That’s natural, because Nanaki is not master. He probably has a plan of some kind. Nanaki has gained master’s trust, there is no mistake about that. Then I will just wait dignifiedly. Until it is time.

things getting serious….

“I don’t understand what onii-sama is thinking.”

welp imouto is stumped too

Meia-sama whose distance with master is different from Nanaki’s, a servant’s, openly showed her opposition. As I watched, that beautiful face started displaying her bad mood. The cause of it, the servant of Vilmott Arkahn, Akiha-san, is probably feeling uncomfortable. I’m sorry.

not Nanaki’s fault~

“We will discuss that later. Nana, show her out.”

can;t have outsiders listening in~

Details acknowledged. Good luck in your battle.

master’s battle?

I responded with a bow to master who probably has to recover Meia-sama’s mood. He might suffer a little, but it will also serve as a good breather. The relationship between those siblings is extremely good, there is no need to worry. If there is something to be cautious about it would be the carrot missile. Because that is fairly painful.


“Good work.”

being a messenger is tough

Since master is not apologising, Nanaki cannot apologise. So these words are fine. There is no way Nanaki’s friend, a person of character, Akiha-san would perceive these words in a warped fashion. This is proof of trust.

err….i think its more of understanding

“He is more majestic then the last time I met him. It is almost like a different person.”

he developed

——that is surely because he killed Aina Aina.

kill a few and you are a murder~ kill thousands and you are a hero

Master and Nanaki both won’t cover it up. Under master, Nanaki killed. That spirit has already become something I have no objections to calling that of the strong. Thus his bearing looks far more imposing than before. And what has changed is not just appearance and manner. While Nanaki was unconscious, master negotiated with the six great nobles, no, five great nobles.

yeah, one died

That was a negotiation for the still distant, but definitely waiting, future.

lay a strong foundation

When Nanaki wasn’t looking, master made the first step towards the throne of ‘hero’ he desires.

proactive master

“Yes, I am proud of it.”

and Nanaki’s pride is the most important thing to her

Thus Nanaki will be proud of it. Because Nanaki is master’s servant. Because I saw the instant he became one of the strong, when that pride was born. Thus it should be fine for me to be a little elated.


“……could it be you fell for him? The quality of your smile is clearly different.”

“Please don’t joke. I am a servant, Akiha-san.”

….so did you?

She said something unthinkable again. Akiha-san and I have completely opened up to each other, but this is a different matter. Nanaki intends to fulfill my role as a servant. If there is to be anything, it will be after that has all ended. But I have no intention of revealing that.

its kinda obv tho

“Then if you were not a servant?”

“…………I am a servant.”

“What an easily understandable relationship.”


Nonononothing like thanaki.



Humans are creatures that sleep at night.

teenagers excluded

No matter how busy, once moon-sama begins ascending, master returns to this mansion. Because this is his home. Master and Meia-sama, Fio-san as well as head butler Ridolf. Including Nanaki, five people lives in this house. Enjoy the peace on soft bedding. That is also good.

but not for nanaki?

However recently, I feel like becoming the guard of peace.

so just a guard?

Swing my legs from atop the roof. Good evening, moon-sama, I apologise for my rudeness a while ago. (T/N: how many people act rmb what Nanaki is apologising for? :3) How is your mood today? Seeing as how you are not hiding, I think it is not bad. The single light that shines upon this world without science is beautiful today too.

it would be pure darkness otherwise~

People sleep at this time, but animals begin their activities at this time. Now, it cannot be said that the Alfred household is on the brink of ruin. The queen of money Aina Aina was taken down and her fortune was transferred over. I don’t care about jealousy or envy, but for those that cannot accept it, this is the best time to make a move.

not that it would work

Thus recently, Nanaki has been staying up late voluntarily.

night watch



I ended up singing even in this moonlit night. What I hummed is of course the song that Mother sang a lot. The song I love of which I do not know it’s name. A quiet concert in the cool summer night.

and you have an audience~

“——child of the ruined world.”

stage name?

Maybe drawn in by Nanaki’s singing, a strange one came. Having too beautiful a voice is a problem.

welp its a book so I cant judge

“That makes me sound bad, god.”

black rabbit is better?

It has the shape of a human. Despite that, it is not a human. A knight’s armor sprouting exaggerated wings. Is this an angle, or a knight? I don’t care either way though. Nice to meet you god, I’m Nanaki.


“The omen of demise must be nipped in the bud. You, will end here.”

“What a dangerous god.”

welp not a fan then

Seriously, they keep coming one after another. Even if I accepted it, a curse is an irritating thing.

welp its called a curse for a reason

There are gods in this world. It’s just that normal humans cannot see them, but there are existences in this world who have mana that cannot be compared to that of humans. They do not even have a biological body, is this something called a spiritual body? Humans call those gods.

the absolute powers

Since there are various gods, if there are gods like Friend that hates other gods, likewise there are gods that show up in order to protect the world. Despite destroying the human world, there are gods that protect humans. They are certainly gods. After all they are selfish.

that’s how you get strong~

“By the name of Igrey=Arairah, I will bring peace to the world.”

who the hell is that and wtf is that name

A name I’ve heard before. Isn’t he one of the famous three great gods. What a thing, in terms of status, it is a god above Ilveng=Nazgul. For something like that to come, Nanaki really might be a threat to the world. How strange, Nanaki is also a guard protecting peace. Limited to this estate though.

well….that’s enough….?

I became lightning and dashed through the sky.

not running

I confirmed it in the previous battle. The battlefield should be limited to the sky. If I am fighting the god before me that is pressuring me with that air of intimidation, then even more so. He overtook even this Nanaki’s high speed movement. Just as in the legends, a considerable god. But to appear before Nanaki only now, somehow doesn’t it seem too convenient?

something is stirring

“Could you tell me the relation between the Empire and gods?”

what’s the conspiracy~

Nanaki’s head is not so empty to think this is a coincidence.

Nanaki may be ignorant but not an idiot

“Perish, child of the ruined world.”

….what is that name???

He is not even listening. Fine, then let’s begin battle.

he may be stronger than nanaki or Ilveng alone

After brushing off the Five Emperors, a god came next. Doesn’t it seem like an awfully convenient timing for the Empire? And it’s not the weak god I see occasionally, but such a big-shot. Same as Friend, isn’t it one of the gods who are spoken of in legends?

so truely legendary

Possibly, not just science, but magic and gods as well.


“Let’s go then.”


Friend nodded vigorously. There is no point worrying here.

think later, fight fist

In the legends, a god who had a role in bringing an end to the god world war. The mana I feel might be the largest I have felt until now. Despite that I don’t feel fear, and I don’t feel like I will lose. After all in that age, Nanaki was not there. Nanaki would be troubled if you boast of such an ancient thing.

a thing of the past

Yes, my meaning is simple.


“——that legend, is out-dated.”


Happy new year~

Starting the new year with Nanaki clearing out some old stuff~



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  1. Meh. I really don’t like Zean for Nanaki (not as master-servant relationship). The guy has his brocon sister and fiancee already. Too bad there’s actually no one else for Nanaki in the story. :/


  2. ZZzzzzzzzz….₍ᐢ-, – ᐢ₎ <コ%———- o(-`д´- 。)

    Nanaki sleeps the sleep of justice!!! Carrot missile launch!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


  3. “……could it be you fell for him? The quality of your smile is clearly different.”
    Oh yes!

    “——that legend, is out-dated.”
    ~Of course it’s already 2017 and we need the legend of nanaki 😀

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