Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.48: I think its only Nanaki

Only Humans can scold God

——I fell into darkness.


No, this is the sky. Somehow it seems that I lost consciousness. There was a god that looked down on falling Nanaki. The three great gods of legend, one of them, “Igrey=Arairah”. Unarguably a legend that was involved in the closure of the god world war. I can honestly say he is as expected. His legend is not just for show.

he is supposed to be above Iveng=Nazgul


welp, three great gods for a reason

The legend, is almost unfairly strong.


I once again became lightning and dashed through the sky. It seems like even a speed that humans cannot react to doesn’t work on god. Igrey=Arairah’s attack is actually a simple thing where he crushes space using his powerful mana. After crushing where Nanaki can move to, he crushes this body that has lost its freedom. Almost like a bug.

like an almighty being~


teeth grinding~

Of course, I won’t be crushed so simply. The daughter of Mother, Nanaki is fighting together with the Lightning of Legend, Ilveng=Nazgul. Emit Mana and press back. If I relax then I will receive an impact to the head and faint like just now. Seriously, to be killed on sight is quite terrifying.

wanted Nanaki

The opponent is an ancient legend, the very best has showed up, Friend. Of course, did you think Nanaki would lose the will to fight with just this? An admired legend is specially fighting right before me. Wouldn’t it be rude not to devour, destroy, and make it a thing of the past? This will become our food.

a new legend built upon the old one

In a battle of mana, we are probably even. I am losing in reactions. If we are even in mana, then our attacks will work. Because he understands that, he is pouring out such heavy attacks from afar. Ah, that’s right. I would like a little more time, Friend.

come to think of it, Nanaki is close combat specialists

Anyway, endure for now,

…endure space crushing attacks?



Igrey=Arairah repeated that curse again and again. I’m so hated that it ]makes me blush, is Nanaki such a hindrance? Then, god is Nanaki’s enemy. God is also a hindrance to Nanaki. That’s nice, isn’t this mutual love?

how sweet~

An outrageous amount of mana rained down. Precisely determining his aim, he continued crushing this body that has become lightning. My hand was crushed. My leg was crushed. Abdomen too. Back too. It’s okay, as long as I protect my head and heart, I won’t die immediately. As long as I don’t die, Nanaki can recover any number of times.

puts a new spin on the words ‘endurance battle’

Haa, it hurts. Owow.



nanaki broke?

It hurts, because of that, I am alive.

pain is proof of living

Crushed crushed, crushed. Friend heals, Nanaki hurts. Has this already gone on for three minutes? Endure, still endure. Movement cannot be stopped. Even if he sees everything and tries to crush me, attempt various thing. For now it’s fine if I don’t die. As long as I don’t die it’s fine. I’m fine, while it hurts, I’m alive.

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger~

The legend is strong, understood.

its a legend for a reason

“Child of the ruined world, accept your fate.”



This is slow, understood.

….nanaki is slow?

No wonder he is admired, no wonder he is recited as a legend. He is enough to arrogantly declare people’s fates. But, the one who can decide Nanaki’s fate is no other than this Nanaki. It would be troubling if you selfishly insist that is fate. You must assert it. Victory is necessary.

the winner writes the history books

Mana fell like meteors.

legends are just a form of history

Dodge, dodge, endure. Keep enduring. Only what is necessary.

minimise dmg

“Oh demise, sleep.”


An enormous amount of mana concentrated in Igrey=Arairah’s hand at a speed beyond human understanding before my eyes. A bombardment at zero distance, a direct hit would be severely dangerous. This is a legend. This is one of the three great gods. It was stronger that Nanaki. Yes, it, was, stronger than Nanaki.


Both power and speed, understood.

analysis complete

——this is already, enough.

for victory


got you~

I caught that hand. I already caught it.

its over~

“I touched you, god.”

and thats enough

The concentrated mana clashed with Nanaki’s mana and cancelled out, and then with more mana deploy a plasma field. I know, you distanced yourself. After all, Nanaki’s attack works. So, I chased. It was very simple.

just speed up


“Yep, already remembered.”

and matched~

I already know that speed. It’s not that Nanaki couldn’t put out that speed. I just didn’t know how much speed to put out to catch up. After all, I have never seen anyone move faster than Nanaki. So I watched. If it’s that much Nanaki can do it easily.

welp at high speed, if you are too fast you overshoot i guess

Now, I have made you wait long Friend.

time to payback for all the pain

“I will kill you.”


——‘Almighty lightning knight – Magia Chevalier’.

she was fighting without that before O.o

I have seen enough of the legend, I have certainly felt the fury of the old world. I have understood enough, so just disappear already. You are probably tired, having continued for more than a thousand years. This Nanaki and Lightning of Legend, Ilveng=Nazgul shall take over the legend.

and the girl finally became god~

You may rest, ‘Old Fashioned God-Igrey=Arairah’


The sword of lightning erased that silver armour. Gradually adjust. Strengthen reaction speed to more than equal. It took time, but if their lives are on the line, humans can do anything. I have sufficiently understood where and how to make a counter spacial attack to cancel it out. This god’s attacks will no longer reach Nanaki.

that’s why you need more than one way to fight….

Only Nanaki’s attacks will one-sidedly reach. Resolve yourself.

death is coming

“You reach into the divine realm with a human’s body?”

yeah…how does nanaki’s body endure it

I cut off the silver gauntlet along with the arm. The opponent is a god, it will regenerate immediately. Regenerate as much as you like, and exhaust your strength. Anyhow Nanaki, a human, cannot kill a god. A human’s body cannot do more then exhaust and make him unable to move for a while.

but nanaki is not alone

But, Nanaki’s friend will kill you.

there is  god-killer with Nanaki

Gods can kill each other. If Nanaki were alone, I would probably be dead, if Friend was alone, he would probably be killed. But Nanaki and Friend are together. That is why you are old-fashioned. God.

god+human is the new trend~

“This is, a human.”

“What, did you not know?’

not just a human~

From that mouth that was only muttering curses, I received words similar to praise. That is why Nanaki will also respond properly. The legend was stronger than Nanaki. But, that complete existence is exactly why it cannot win Nanaki. Nanaki grows. The more humans fight, the more humans live, humans grow.

and get stronger

The completed gods don’t grow. After all you are not humans. Because growth is not necessary. Without suffering and hardship, that is why you don’t have pride. Unlike Friend, gods that do not try to understand humans cannot win Nanaki.

doesnt Friend hate humans?

Because Nanaki is a genius. And more importantly——

a monster?

“——I am, a special ‘human’.”


A single slash as proof, that head was sent flying.


“Humans reject peace?”

err…i would like to say no but….i cant

Even if I send his head flying, humans cannot kill god. Even with his strength exhausted, the old fashioned god opened his mouth.

beheaded villainess?

“No, I think many people surely wish for peace.”

“Then why do you reject it?”

because it’s in the way

I’m surprised, even god has things he doesn’t know. I would understand if it is a battle maniac god like Friend, but for one of the famous three great gods to ask a human. He certainly is old-fashioned, how fitting.

how is that related?

“I don’t like it. That looking down from above, saying I will save you.”

nanaki needs no saving

God asked Nanaki. Of all people, this Nanaki. It would be troubling if he mistakes Nanaki’s words as the opinion of humanity, but the only human that can answer is Nanaki, so I will say what I think. God wishes for peace, is that so, that’s good, do as you like. Nanaki doesn’t care.

as long as you dont get in the way
“At the very least, Nanaki doesn’t need something like your power. Don’t bother me.”

nanaki doesn’t need something inferior~

The god that always stayed by Nanaki’s side is not you. It’s fine to force peace or whatever onto me, but you should be resolved to be pushed back and killed. You came to kill Nanaki for the sake of peace. Then aren’t you Nanaki’s enemy?


Isn’t that quite selfish? Messing up humanity’s world, then saying that you will save us. Indeed, gods have the power to look down on humans. But Nanaki has the power to look down on those gods. Then Nanaki shall act as a representative. Even if it is not the consensus, we should have the same thoughts.

humanity may be weak

Originally humans lived in a world where there was only humans. Even when the gods rampaged and destroyed the world, humans survived. I am extremely apologetic for saying this when you seem to want to say that humans cannot do anything without the power of the gods, but Nanaki will say it.

but humans can adapt~

“You are making light of humans too much.”

like nanaki

Isn’t that right, fellow humans.

the end



13 thoughts on “L.E.M. C.48: I think its only Nanaki

  1. >Isn’t that right, fellow humans.

    That line is probably directed at the group that likely manipulated the gods to attack her i.e. the mastermind in the capital.

    Whether it’s from a self-fulfilling prophecy (by declaring she’ll destroy the world, various forces attack and provoke her into destroying the world) or it’s fake to convince others to attack her (after all ‘what’ gave that prophecy?)

    p.s. It’s a little late, but ch 43 title should be “The girl who became god at some point”, since it used the ‘natta’ past tense and not ‘naru’ future tense. It also explains why Saria mentioned ‘two gods’ (Nanaki and Nazgul vs her + her god)

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  2.    ∧_∧
     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ


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